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5 Convertible Dress Styles You Can Choose From

There are so many different dress styles to choose from, it’s actually literally impossible to count them all. Designers and creative people are coming up with new ideas all the time and inventing new looks and new styles. Convertible dress styles are specifically designed to help you streamline your closet so that you don’t need to have dozens of different dresses hanging up in there…but you can still wear dozens of different dress styles thanks to just one garment.

Woman wearing convertible dress on the beach

Our list of dresses has more than 50 different styles on it. But the style experts say that a single convertible dress can be changed around and styled 100 ways or more. That’s a heck of a lot for one dress to do! Find out more about the different convertible dress styles you can create with just a little bit of twisting, tugging, pulling and a dose of creativity….or maybe a couple of in-depth tutorials that make it totally easy to experiment with different looks! 

Whether you need a bride dress, a cocktail dress, a beautiful formal look or something casual and fun, a convertible dress is the perfect option for whatever look you want to wear.

What is a Convertible Dress?

Also known as an infinity dress or a multiway dress, convertible dresses have become super, super popular in wedding attire. Because these dresses are relatively simple, they can be made in just about any type of fabric in any color shade you can possibly imagine. Thanks to the innovative design of the convertible dress, it can be turned into dozens on dozens of different styles that all look fashionable, pretty and stylish. 

Because it can do so much, a convertible dress doesn’t have to be a bridesmaid dress only, though its popularity as wedding attire is why so many people have learned about this dress. There are so many different styles of convertible dress available, you can find one in any length and nay look you might want to create all kinds of styles with this one garment. That’s going to save you a whole lot of closet space and a whole lot of worry when it comes time for you to pick out something to wear.

All the different options make this a great choice for convertible bridesmaid dresses but it’s perfect as any kind of dress you want it to be. The convertible dress’s entire thing is that it can be worn in any way to any occasion. Wear it in a convertible style to the office during the day, then work a little twisting and pulling magic to create a more skin-baring, sexy look to have a cocktail dress for after work. An infinity dress can be a bridesmaids dress or a wedding dress for the bride. It’s a great look for the entire bridal party.

As you can do so much with it, a convertible dress will work well on any body type. It’s a perfect dress for any occasion, any event, any style you want to play around with. You get to have any option you want when it comes to your own style. It’s a versatile dress that works beautifully for any body shape.

The Parts of a Convertible Dress

For the most part, a convertible dress is made in the same way as many other dresses in that it has a skirt and a bodice. However, convertible dresses are made in a very specific way that allows them to be transformed into many different styles. To better understand how infinity dress style works, break it down into its parts.


The skirt of the convertible dress can be any length. Both short and long styles are popular. You can get these dresses in a midi length as well, which is around calf-length, and mini styles (which are several inches above the knee) are also available. The skirt of these dresses is usually full and somewhat flared out a the waist. Because it fits around the waist and then flares out and becomes full around the lower half of the body, this dress is highly flattering for all shapes. The design makes the waist look smaller and helps hide any heavier areas you may have around the thighs, the rear end or the hips. 


What really makes a convertible dress unique are the two wide straps. They are attached directly to the skirt and they are several inches wide. The straps can be folded or twisted to provide less coverage and help you show off a little skin. Or they can be kept wide to give you more coverage so you can create a more conservative look. It’s even possible to create cap sleeve and short sleeve looks using nothing more than these two straps. The convertible dress design is incredibly simple and yet very effective. 

Types of Convertible Dress Styles

If you can imagine it, you can probably create it using a convertible dress. Though it’s really just a skirt and two straps, the number of different dress styles you can create with one of these dresses is truly staggering. Twist it, turn it and fold it to create a Grecian halter, an open back look, a one-shoulder design, a sleeved design, a strapless look, a wrap dress style, cutout looks, deep V designs and even midriff-baring looks. Start experimenting with a convertible dress and you may not be able to stop.

1. Backless

Women's Transformer Convertible Multi Way Wrap Long Prom Maxi Dress V-Neck Hight Low Wedding Bridesmaid Evening Party Grecian Dresses Boho Backless Halter Formal Cocktail Dance Gown Burgundy Large

Create an elegant backless wrap dress design by pulling the two straps up and crisscrossing them across your chest. Bring them around behind your neck and crisscross them again before bringing them around to the front and back down across the chest. Take the straps around your waist and tie them together at the small of your back.

This will create a gorgeous back-baring design with a high neckline that leaves your shoulders and arms bare. The wrap design on the chest will help to emphasize the bustline and the straps around your waist will help to define this area, making your waist appear smaller to make your whole body look curvier.

This is just one of many, many backless designs you can create with a convertible dress. There are many other ways to create different style options to bare your back in this gown. Start having fun and start playing around with the various ways to create a back-baring sexy style. 

2. Off the Shoulder

Women Off The Shoulder Ruffle Party Dresses Side Split Beach Maxi Dress Burgundy US4

Create a classic strapless look by first bringing both straps up and over your chest, then down over your shoulders. Crisscross the two straps across your back, bring them around front, then wrap them around to your back and tie them together back here. Now, gently pull the fabric down off your shoulders to bare them both and create a gorgeous low-cut look. This is just one way to create a strapless look using a convertible dress. Play around with lots of different ways to bare your shoulders using a convertible dress. You will find dozens and dozens of different ways to create looks.

3. One Shoulder

Women Transformer Convertible Multi Way Wrap Long Prom Maxi Dress Halter V-Neck Wedding Bridesmaid Evening Party Dress Adjustable Spaghetti Strap Backless Flowy Boho Beach Cocktail Dance Gown White L

There are many different ways to create a one shoulder look using a convertible dress. Bring both straps up over the chest and down over one shoulder. Once you get to the top of the shoulder, twist the straps together to create a braid and bring it down your back and over to the front of your waist. Tie the excess fabric into a knot or a bow. Try using a twisted strap design and find other ways to play with the look. There are many other ways to create a strapless dress or off-the-shoulder style.

4. Short Sleeves

KOH KOH Womens Long Formal Short Sleeve Cocktail Flowy V-Neck Casual Bridesmaid Wedding Party Guest Evening Cute Maternity Work Gown Gowns Maxi Dress Dresses, Crimson Dark Red L 12-14

Create a simple short sleeve style by draping the straps over each shoulder. Spread the straps so they’re as wide as you can get them, covering each shoulder completely. Bring the straps over the shoulders and crisscross them in the back, bringing them down to wrap around your waist and tie them together. There are many ways to create conservative looks with convertible dresses, too. Sometimes you want to show a little skin and be sexy. And other times, you want to look elegant and refined and covered up. The beauty of a convertible dress is that you can do anything you want with it.

5. Simple halter

Start with a simple and easy halter design. Take the two straps of the dress, which will be in the front, and pull them up over your chest over each shoulder. Bring the two straps together behind your neck and criss-cross them. Twist them over each other a couple of times, then bring the straps down your back all the way to your waist. Now, bring each strap around the waist and back to the front of your body. Tie them together in front of your waist and now you’ve got a gorgeous halter design with bare arms. Your back is covered, your waist is defined and yes, your look will be hot! 

This is one of the simple, standard ways to wear a convertible dress. It’s also one of the easier ways to wear it. To create more styles, you’ll have to do more experimenting. There are many other ways to make a halter-style bodice with a convertible dress, including open back and keyhole looks. Try finding a different way to create a halter style with a convertible dress.

Make Your Own

There are literally more than 100 ways to wear a convertible dress. Start with some basic styles and then start experimenting with different looks and different ways to wear the dress. You will find that you can create new styles and new looks any time you want for any special occasion that comes up.


There’s a lot to learn about convertible dresses and lots of different ways to wear them and style them. So if you still have questions, you’re not alone. We’ve got the answers to the most common questions about convertible dress styles. Once you know the answers, you’ll know much more about wearing convertible dresses and styling them so they’re perfect for every occasion. 

How many ways can you wear a convertible dress?

When it comes to convertible dress styles, there’s no set number on the many ways you wear them because your own creativity knows no limits. Style experts agree that there are more than 100 ways to wear these dresses. But how many are there? As many as you can come up with! 

How can you find different ways to tie a convertible dress?

Want to find different ways to wear a convertible dress? You can find lots of different tutorials online. There are written instructions, video guides and images showing ways to create different looks all over the internet. Start looking and you’ll be overwhelmed by all the many different styles out there. 

What kind of bra do you need to wear with a convertible dress?

Because an infinity dress, or convertible dress, can be worn in so many different ways, you can style it so that you can wear any type of bra or lingerie underneath it. A standard bra will work just fine for many different styles you may create with this dress. For other looks, you may need to try a bandeau, a strip of fabric that functions like a supportive tube top to keep everything in place, or a strapless bra that leaves your shoulders bare. 

But if you want to wear a style that shows a lot of skin, your best bet may be an “invisible” bra. This is essentially two sticky pads that you place right on your skin to support your breast and keep them in place. These bras are made with silicone and they’re flesh-colored so they cannot be seen.

Can these dresses come with pockets?

Some convertible dress styles have pockets built in and you can even find add-on pockets online. If you’re a little bit crafty, you can add your own pockets to these dresses.

Should you pick a long or short infinity dress?

Convertible dresses can be found in any length, from micro-mini to long maxi length styles. Get a few convertible dresses in different lengths and you’ll never have a shortage of things to wear.

How difficult is it to make your own convertible dress?

Making your own convertible dress is not that difficult. With even basic sewing skills, you can make your own dress in pretty short order. All you need is good fabric, such as a cotton or jersey knit. Essentially, all you need are the two wide straps and a circle skirt in the length you want. Attach the straps to the waist and you’re basically done. There are many in-depth tutorials online that can guide you through the process.