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All About the Infinite Infinity Dress Styles

Bridesmaids wearing infinite dresses

Infinity is a word that means infinite or for ever. And the infinity dress is truly designed to be the dress you wear for ever. It’s a simple design but it’s such a versatile dress, it’s like having a closet full of dresses. The infinity dress is designed to be convertible so that it can be worn in a bunch of different ways. Twist it up, slide it over, pull it through…there are lots of different infinity dress styles to try. It’s a great party dress, bridesmaid dress, formal dress, cocktail dress…to put it simply, this dress can be any style of dress you might want it to be, whether you’re dressing a bridal party or yourself.

What is an Infinity Dress?

Bridesmaids wearing infinity dresses

The infinity dress is an extremely popular bridesmaid dress design. It’s also known as a multiway dress or multi-way dress. The infinity dress is literally made to be worn at least 100 ways. There are lots of different looks that can be created with this one dress. The infinity dress is particularly popular in wedding attire because it’s typically made in a lightweight, comfortable fabric that can be dyed in any color. 

Types of Infinity Dress Styles

Let’s jump right to it.  Here’s an example of an infinity dress and all the different variations it can be worn:

Women's Transformer Convertible Multi Way Wrap Long Prom Maxi Dress V-Neck Hight Low Wedding Bridesmaid Evening Party Grecian Dresses Boho Backless Halter Formal Cocktail Dance Gown Burgundy Large

Infinity dress designs are available in both long and short styles. But within this framework, the infinity dress can take on all kinds of different bodice and sleeve styles. The two long straps, or ties, that are used to create the front of the dress, can be wrapped and twisted in any way you want.


IBTOM CASTLE Women's Transformer/Wrap Solid Maxi Cocktail Dress (Medium, White)

There are many one-shoulder looks you can create with an infinity dress. Let the straps slightly overlap each other to create one wide strap and bring it up across the chest and down around the shoulder, wrapping the straps around your waist to finish.

Open Back

Open back bridesmaids dresses

Designing the front of an infinity dress is just half the style. What you do with the back of the dress is all up to you, too. Wear it backless, wear it with skinny straps, wear it with wide straps. With an infinity dress, you’re really not limited. If you can’t come up with great ideas on your own, the internet is loaded with different images to help you get some inspiration.

Plunging Neckline

Below is a very good example of an infinity dress and all the variations it can be worn.

72STYLES Bridesmaid Dress,Womens Long Prom Dresses Infinity Dress with Bandeau, Convertible Dress, Bridesmaid Dress, Long,Short, Plus Size, Multi-Way Dress, Twist Wrap Dress Burgundy

The infinity dress is essentially a skirt connected to two wide straps. These straps can be moved around and twisted and placed in all sorts of different ways. Use it to create a plunging neckline and from here, you have a few more options.

  • With sleeves. The infinity dress can be styled so that it has a deep plunging neckline and short sleeves. 
  • With straps. Pull the straps up over the bust and from here, twist the straps to make them skinnier, turning them into thin straps, and bring them down in a criss-cross in the back to create a sexy, nearly-backless design. 
  • With wide straps. Pull the straps over each breast in a deep V neck design, cross them in the back and tie the excess around your waist to create a pretty, elegant look with wide shoulder straps.
  • Around the neck. Bring the strap up over the bust in a plunging V design and wrap them around your neck to create a stunning backless look and design a perfect dress for turning heads.


Ever-Pretty Women's Off-Shoulder A-line Strapless Bridesmaid Dresses for Wedding Burnt Orange US6

You can even create a sweetheart neckline and other types of necklines in a strapless design with infinity dresses. 


It’s very easy to create multiple types of wrap dress styles with an infinity dress. Bring the straps up and across your chest to create the wrap look and from here, you can style the traps any way to give yourself sleeves, a strapless look, a more halter-style neck or anything else you can come up with. 


There’s so much you can do with an infinity dress and so many different ways to wear it, you may have lots of questions. We’ve got lots of answers. Get the answers to the most common infinity dress questions and get all the info you need to wear this dress well.

How to wrap infinity dress styles?

There are so many different ways to wear and wrap an infinity dress, it’s not possible to list them all, However, there are some simple designs you can create in just a few short steps.

Create a cute one-shoulder look by pulling both straps up over one shoulder and tying them together in a knot at the top. Bring the left strap under the arm and to the front, and the right strap across the back to the front. Bring both straps to the back and tie them, then smooth the straps out in the front.

Give your infinity dress a streamlined, elegant look that’s almost Grecian in design by twisting both straps over your shoulders, then crossing them in the back. Bring them back to the front, cross them and then wrap them around to the back. Tie them in a bow or not in the back and you’ve got a great buckle waist look that is classic and pretty. 

Make a halter-style look by twisting the straps together over your chest and placing them over each shoulder. Cross the straps across your back and wrap them back around to the front. Bring the straps around to the back again and tie them in a bow or a knot. 

There are many videos and pictorial step-by-step guides available online if there’s a specific infinity dress look you want to create. You can also just have fun playing around with the infinity dress and experiment. 

Are there infinity dress styles for pregnant women?

Infinity dresses are very forgiving and easy to wear, even for pregnant women. There are plenty of tummy-friendly styles that expectant mothers can try. The simple neck wrap is especially easy. Bring the straps straight up, over the shoulders, cross them in the back and bring them around the front to create a sash just under the bustline, above the belly. This creates a V-neckline with an empire waistline. Fro this simple technique, many different strap styles can be created. Start playing around with the infinity dress while pregnant and you’ll discover many different styles that you like wearing.

Are there plus-sized infinity dress styles?

Infinity dresses do come in plus sizes. In fact, you can get them in a huge range of sizes, including petite sizes. Thanks to the convertible dress style, infinity dresses can be styled to look great on all body types, from plus-sized and curvy to petite and straight. This dress can be styled to suit any body type and that’s what makes the infinity dress so popular. There’s really no other single dress design that any body shape can wear.

Which infinity dress styles can you wear with a bra?

Infinity dress styles can be adapted and twisted and wrapped in a huge number of ways. Unfortunately, lots of bras aren’t so versatile. Depending on the way the dress is styled, even a strapless bra won’t fit the bill. 

The best solution to be able to wear any style of infinity dress is to go for an invisible bra. Essentially, this is a bra that sticks right to the skin right on the breast to provide coverage here. It has no back and no straps and can be worn as separate cups or one dual-cup design. This will allow you to wear any style of infinity dress, even a deep plunging neckline or a strapless dress design. 

Can you alter an infinity dress?

Most dresses, including infinity dresses, can be altered to be shorted or to fit a little better around the waist. But since infinity dresses are so versatile and can be worn in so many ways, many women find they don’t need to alter them even when their bodies change slightly over time.

Members of a wedding party may need to have an infinity dress altered for a very specific length, as some brides may not want dresses of different lengths in the pictures. The bride may also pick the style of the dress for the big day. Once the wedding is over, however, you can play with that infinity dress and create cap sleeve, sleeveless, strappy and other types of looks whenever you want.

Should you pick a long or short infinity dress?

Choosing between short dress or long bridesmaids dress styles is a huge decision. This choice should be made based on a number of factors. How formal is the wedding? If the wedding is very formal, floor-length gowns may be more appropriate. If the wedding is more casual or takes place outdoors, shorter gowns make a long of sense. It really comes down to the look you want in your photos.

With either option, infinity dress styles are still a convertible bridesmaid dress that can be twisted and wrapped to create dozens and dozens of different looks. Convertible bridesmaid dresses are a great option because these dresses can be worn again and again long after the wedding is over. They also look great with all types of footwear, from heels to flip flops.