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Dickies Pants Styles You Need Know

Dickies are known the world over for being “nice pants.” You can work in them, you can wear them to a job interview, you can wear them on a date. Wear them for casual comfort, for semi-formal events, for work-ready ease. The brand is famous for its pants but even still, you may not know that there are many types of Dickies pants styles to choose from. The brand may be famous for Dickies workwear but there are many different types of fit and designs to choose from. It’s more than a work pant you can trust. It’s an all-occasion pant that can go anywhere and do anything.

Person wearing Dickies sitting outside

Dickies Pants Fits

Dickies pants come in many different types of fit. The fit determines where the pants sit on your waist and how loose or fitted they are through the lower half of your body. Choose the fit you want based on the look and feel you want. 

Loose Fit

Dickies mens Big-tall Loose Fit Double Knee Pant???????????? ? ?? ?????????????????? ??? ???? work utility pants, Black, 58W x 32L US

Loose fit Dickies pants are generous throughout to give you a very comfortable fit. They sit at the natural waist and have a loose fit through the seat, thigh, knees and lower legs. The leg openings are wide enough to fit over boots.

Original Fit

Dickies Women's Flex Original Fit Work Pants, Black, 14

Dickies original fit pants sit right at the waist. They have a straight, somewhat loose fit through the seat and thigh. The fit remains straight over and beyond the knee. The legs are wide enough to fit over work boots. This is a straight, somewhat loose style that is comfortable to wear and ready for work. This is a classic Dickies work pant that can take on just about any job you might have to do.

Regular Fit

Dickies Men's Regular Straight Fit Double Knee Stretch Twill Work Pant, Black, 36W x 32L

In regular fit designs, Dickies sit right below the waist. They have a relaxed fit through the seat and thigh. It has a straight design with a roomy fit below the knees and fits over work boots. These pants fit your body but not closely, allowing for plenty of moving room so they make good work wear.

Relaxed Fit

Dickies mens Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Cargo Work Casual Pants, Dark Navy, 38W x 30L US

Relaxed fit Dickies pants are made to be comfortable and roomy. The rise is just below the natural waist. The fit is relaxed through the seat and thigh. The leg openings are generous past the knee, so these pants fit easily over boots. 

Skinny Fit

Dickies Men's Slim Skinny Fit Work Pant, Black, 33x30

In skinny fit, Dickies pants are very fitted and streamlined. The rise is just below the natural waist and the leg fits close to your leg, closely following the seat and thigh area. The legs taper as they go past the knee to create the classic skinny fit look. Because the pants fit so close to the legs, they will not fit over boots.

Slim Fit

Dickies Women's Flat Front Stretch Twill Pant Slim Fit Bootcut, Black, 8

Slim fit pants don’t fit quite as close as skinny fit styling but they do fit close. These trousers sit just below the natural waist and have a close fit through the seat and thigh. Past the knees, the fit narrows only slightly. The leg openings are wide enough to fit over work boots.

Types of Dickies Pants Styles

There are many different styles of Dickies pants, including different types of Dickies work pants. Choose your Dickie style based on the fit you want and the way you’re going to wear them. You may decide that you need several different styles of Dickies in your closet!

Person standing outside in Dickies pants

Active Waist

Dickies Men's Regular Fit Active Waist Work Pants, Desert Sand, 36 32

Active waist pants have an expandable waist design that’s made to always be comfortable, even after that big lunch. The waist design is made to fit comfortably no matter how you move or bend. Dickies offers the active waist feature in many different fits, including regular fit styles, straight leg and slim fit designs.


Dickies Men's Tough Max Duck Cargo Pant, Stonewashed Black, 32 30

Dickies cargo pants are made with classic cargo pant styling, with large pockets on the legs to carry items conveniently. Dickies cargo pants are offered in several types of fit, including regular fit and straight leg trousers designs.

Flat Front

Dickies Women's Flat Front Stretch Twill Pant Slim Fit Bootcut, Desert Sand, 14 Long

Flat front pants have no pleats in the front. They’re made to fit flat against the body. Dickies offers the flat front feature in a variety of different fits and styles, including the Original 874, cargo pants and painter pants. Flat front styles make good uniforms pants.


Dickies mens Relaxed Fit Carpenter Jean???????????? ?? ??? ???????????????? ???? ??????? ????? ?????'??? jeans, Stone Washed, 36W x 32L US

Dickies also makes jeans, though the company is much more famous for its khakis and its navy blue work pants. But there are many types of jeans with the Dickies clothing name on them, too.

  • Carpenter jeans are made to hold multiple tools and implements. Carpenter jeans have a loose fit to provide plenty of moving room. They also have loops, pockets and places to put various tools, including the hammer loop that’s so distinctive of carpenter pant and jean styles. 
  • Five pocket jeans have classic blue jean styling with five pockets, a button closure and a zipper fly. Dickies five-pocket jeans are available in a variety of different denim shades and types of fit.
  • Insulated and lined jeans styles are made with an extra inner layer to provide more warmth. These jeans are made to keep you warm even on cold days. 
  • Utility jeans from Dickies are available in several different work styles, including carpenter jeans. Many of Dickies utility pants styles are made as double knee pant designs. This means the knees are reinforced.

Original 874 Work Pants

Dickies Men's Original 874 Work Pant, Black, 36W x 30L

The Dickies 874 work pants have reached icon status as a style staple. These pants are based on the original Dickies cotton work pants. Dickies 874 was created in 1960 thanks to a new fabric recently introduced into the world: polyester. Blending the polyester with natural cotton, Dickies created pants that are comfortable, durable and famous in workwear today. The 874 work pant style is made with a straight leg fit design that fits close to the body but not tightly. The original 874 is available in several variations, including Flex and Flex Cooling.

These trousers sit at the natural waist with a relaxed fit in the seat and thighs. The pants taper through the lower legs. The belt loops are wide to accommodate many different styles. The fabric is stain-resistant, wrinkle-resistant and durable. The seams are reinforced to prevent unraveling. These pants are available in a huge variety of different colors, including khaki and many work-ready shades.


Dickies mens Relaxed-fit Painter's Pant??? ?? ???? ??.relaxed-fit Painter ?????????????????? ?????? work utility pants, White, 36W x 32L US

Dickies offers painters pant styles in bright white and cream in utility styles. These are not fashion pants but they are good work pants.


Dickies mens Relaxed Straight-fit Cargo Pant?????????? ????? ? ?? ?????????????? ?????? ????r work utility pants, Dark Navy, 32W x 32L US

Dickies utility pants are made for work and they’re made in a number of different designs. That includes cargo pants, double knee pants and painters pants. 


Dickies pants are available in a huge variety of styles and different fits using different fabrics. Now that you know more about Dickies pants styles, you may have even more questions about wearing them and caring for them. We’ve got the answers for all the most frequently asked questions about Dickies pants. 

Are Dickies pants in style?

Dickies pants have become iconic in the fashion world. They’re known for being classic and casually stylish, great for all occasions and perfect as workwear. In all styles, Dickies are known for being tough and ready for any task. In other words, Dickies pants will probably never go out of style. These pants are both practical and pretty, which means they will always be a great fashion choice. 

How to style Dickies pants?

Dickies pants work great as casual wear because they can be used to create all kinds of looks. Pair your Dickies pants with a polo shirt or a button-down to create a business casual look or to be ready or a day on the golf course. Top it off with a T-shirt for a casual look that’s perfect for running errands or going out into the world for hiking fishing or any other type of activity. 

Top off a pair with a sweater for a stylish, polished cool weather look. Dickies pants can be worn with a variety of tops, jackets and shoes. Dickies look good with casual shoes like sneakers or professional shoes like loafers. And since Dickies are made to be work pants they look great with all boot styles, from cowboy to work boots.

Will Dickies pants shrink?

Any pair of pants can shrink in the washer or dryer, depending on a couple of factors. Cotton shrinks, so if your Dickies pants are made with any cotton at all, whether it’s 100 percent or just 15 percent, your pants may shrink. Avoid this by washing them only in cold water and drying them with cool or warm air. Avoid heat to avoid shrinking. 

Can you machine wash and dry Dickies pants?

Dickies pants are made to be practical and tough, so of course, they are also made to e machine washed and dried. The whole point of Dickies pants is that they’re easy to clean and care for. Read the label on your pants to look for any specific instructions. For the most part, your Dickies pants will need to be washed in cool water and dried with nothing hotter than warm air. Don’t use hot water or hot air, as this can cause your paints to shrink. 

What materials are Dickies pants made out of? 

Dickies pants are made from a variety of materials, though primarily the different styles of pants are made with cotton and polyester. Dickies uses many twill blends, which are a combination of cotton and polyester. This creates softness and breathability thanks to the cotton, but also durability thanks to the polyester. Classic denim in 100 percent cotton is also used for various Dickies pants styles. 

How can you soften Dickies pants?

All work pants may be stiff when they are brand new. Soften them up by running through the washing machine on the gentle cycle with fabric softener. After they are dried and you wear them for a little while the first time, the material will become softer and more flexible.

What if your Dickies pants are too long?

If your pats fit great on your waist and your leg but they’re a little too long, you have a few options. You can cuff your pants to make them shorter or you can hem them to shorten the length. This is a simple sewing task that anyone can learn.


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