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Do Leopard Print Tops Go with Blue Jeans?

Leopard print can definitely be paired with your trusty old pair of blue jeans. In fact, that's one of the best ways to wear this sassy-print top!

A lady lies on the floor in a black backdrop wearing a colorful hat, leopard print top and jeans.

I love a leopard-print look. It’s fun, vibrant, and a little bit sassy all at the same time. Best of all, I usually always have something that goes in my closet with it. After all, leopard goes with everything. 

That’s why leopard print can definitely be paired with your trusty old pair of blue jeans. In fact, that’s one of the best ways to wear this sassy-print top! 

Blue Jeans, Baby!

We can’t deny that blue jeans are one of the prime pieces to pair with your leopard print. It’s really amazing how versatile those blue hues look. They can go from daytime brunches with your best friends to fantastic nighttime parties featuring high heels and dangly jewelry. 

Ripped & Ready to Turn Heads

You’ll already be catching attention with your sassy leopard-print top, so why not spice it up with a ripped-up pair of jeans? Whether you like doing DIY-ripped pieces at home, or if you prefer to snag a pair from your favorite store, ripped jeans are a fun way to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

I love how the leopard-print top in this pick from Amazon is paired with an equally interesting ripped pair of blue jeans. The two contrasting textures really complement one another, and the chunky designer belt takes this style to a whole new level of sophistication. This look would be great for shopping with your friends, partying with your pals or grabbing dinner on a date with your latest dating app match.

RAMISU Women's Casual Sexy Shirt Leopard Printed Raglan Short Sleeve Soft Blouse Leopard M 8026

And if you’re in an even warmer climate, no worries! Leopard print looks just as good with an even more ripped pair of blue jean shorts. I think this outfit, featuring an adorbs long-sleeved peplum top with some cut-off blue jean shorts, is a perfect piece to wear to your next summer soiree or even while out running errands. After all, what if you bump into someone you know at the grocery store? You’ve gotta be looking your best at all times! 

Cheetah Print Blouse by Hippie Vibe Tribe

Source: Hippie Vibe Tribe

All The Leopard Looks

A lot of people think that the only leopard prints out there are brown and black — but that simply isn’t the fact! If that’s outside of your color palette, or maybe you just want to branch out and add more vibrant pops of color to your closet, I’ve got you covered. 

This dark-blue leopard button-up takes the loop to a whole new level. And paired with a stunning pair of blue jeans, it’s even better! This outfit is so chic, I swear you could even wear it into the office. Put your hair in a bun, strap on your best work heels, and get ready to kill it during your next client meeting.


Source: VICI

Another girlier leopard look that I love is this green leopard peplum top. Everything about it is just adorable — from the flattering cut to the delicate puff-sleeve details on the arms. It’s another fantastic way to wear leopard differently and has especially sweet energy to it while a lot of other leopard patterns come across as sassy.

It pairs well with an awesome pair of mom jeans and chunky boots, which makes me love it even more! 

Collar Detail Leopard Smock Top by Nasty Gal

Source: Nasty Gal

Not Your Basic Leopard Look

There are a lot of ways to wear leopard. I’ve seen everything from long maxi dresses featuring the pattern, to teeny-tiny crop tops that carry this spotted print. No matter how much material you wear, you’ll still be wearing an amazing look. 

If you’re looking to branch out from your blue jeans and try another look with your leopard top, you can wear matching sassy pants. Pleather pants and skirts are having a major moment right now. From skintight leggings to long midi skirts, to flared leather pants. It’s sassy, saucy and so so cute! 

A few leopard print fans will even pair a leopard print with something wild like another wild pattern! Fashion is all about taking risks and having fun. You only live once — who cares if your patterns clash? If anyone questions you, you can just say they aren’t as “en vogue” as you. 

The Verdict? 

The reports are in: leopard is back, and it looks amazing with everything — but especially blue jeans! No matter how you rock your blue jeans, or what shoes you pair with them, you’ll be sure to look amazing when you’ve got your leopard shirt at the top of the look.