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What Colors Does Leopard Print Go With?

If you have a bold fashion choice, wearing clothes with leopard print is best. Here is how you can spice up your style wearing leopard print clothes.

A wardrobe with a leopard print jacket

If you threw open your closet this morning feeling adventurous, look no further than something with leopard print. Leopard print is the hero of your outfit, and it attracts the eye rather like a fire engine red dress.

The key to wearing leopard print successfully is style and, above all, confidence.

However, to answer the original question, leopard print can be paired with almost any color. But before you rush back to the closet to reinvent eighties’ sophistication, let’s backtrack a bit.

What Is Leopard Print?

Leopard print is an imitation of animal print on fabric, and this print is made to resemble the skin or fur of a leopard. It is a combination of off-white, caramel, brown, and black. Leopard print works well with tonal dressing, especially natural colors and textures.

That is not to say that all leopard prints are the same. You find leopard print printed in other colors like pinks and turquoises, where only the leopard skin pattern is used, and the original colors are a fond memory.

The size of the leopard print may also vary depending on the garment, accessory, or shoe. For this article, I will focus on natural leopard print, and unless the fabric is leather or fur, most leopard prints are animal-friendly.

What Is Dressing Tonally?

A woman wearing a leopard shirt fashion shirt autumn style

Dressing tonally is the veritable art of dressing in varying shades (or tones) of the same color, and it is very on-trend now. By adding leopard print to your tonal dressing, you are sure to pop and stand out from the crowd.

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The Safe Colors

Women's Animal Leopard Print Casual Lightweight Open Front Cardigan and Soft Basic Drape Long Sleeve Sweater Coat Made in USA (ANI_Mocha/Khaki/Black, Small)

You and I both know what safe colors are. White, black, and brown (or rust), a veritable triumvirate of safe, staple dressing. Denim blue is also a good option for leopard prints.

Pair your leopard print bottoms or top with any of these colors, and you will be dressed stylishly. Delicate silver or gold accents will jazz up your look.

Pinks and Turquoises

Leopard print works well with pinks and turquoises because the bright colors will elevate your outfit. Consider pairing a leopard print top with dark wash jeans and a pale pink cover-up or cardigan. Alternatively, you can pair bright pink outfits with leopard print accessories that show you can think outside of the box when it comes to fashion.

Pairing your leopard print dress with turquoise jewelry in natural stones works well and gives you a distinctly bohemian edge. Top it off with camel sandals or espadrilles and a hat, and you will be fashion-forward this summer.

Jewel Tones

The great thing about leopard print is that it gives you room to get out of your comfort zone. I find that leopard print works well with jewel tones. Emerald, Amethyst, Sapphire, and Ruby.

I would definitely recommend layering and keeping your accessories neat and your shoes and bag neutral. The texture is also important. Don’t let it overwhelm you.

Leopard print and jewel tones speak of sophistication. If you don’t feel confident, pair your leopard print couture with staples and experiment with striking accessories.

Leopard Print and Red

No matter what adverts you’ve seen this Valentine’s day, please know that leopard print and red do pair well together outside the bedroom. But you will need to choose which is making the statement. Is it red, or is it the leopard print?

A red dress with leopard print pockets or a leopard print dress with a red leather jacket are examples of how to pull off this look.

You can, with caution, pair leopard print tops with red pants and vice versa. An excellent way to make this look work for you is to add some white or black for neutrality somewhere along the line. A red and leopard print combo is always a showstopper.

What about Yellows and Oranges?

These, too, can work well for leopard print, but like with neon green and pink, you are most likely to pair them successfully if they are part of the overall print of the garment. Think kaftans with leopard print and splashes of color. This is a look to take with you on a beach holiday.

What about Leopard Print and Grey?

I would vote against pairing leopard print with gray unless you know what you are doing or the print is gray-toned. Tonally, natural leopard print is warm. Sunset in the savannah while listening to the crackling of a wood fire.

Grey is at the cooler end of the spectrum, and it is generally a mismatch. On the other hand, silver works well as an accessory with leopard print when gold is not suitable or tacky.

Confidence is Key!

Be fierce like the leopard this print is inspired by. The leopard is a sleek, sophisticated, and dangerous predator. For evening looks embody this.

For daytime dressing, pare it down but wear leopard print right, and it boosts your confidence and inspires confidence from those around you.

However, if you aren’t sure, start with leopard print accessories like a scarf, heels, sneakers, or bags to get used to the idea and stay trendy.

To reiterate, leopard print is one of the most effortless prints to wear and pairs well with most colors. Be on the lookout for a leopard print trench this winter season to set you apart and keep you warm in style.