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Does Gold Jewelry Go With Blonde Hair?

Gold jewelry is an accessory that can pull off your look effortlessly, even for blonde and fair-skinned individuals. Here's why being blonde should not stop you from wearing gold jewelry.

A set of gold jewelries on a sparkly gold background

Does gold jewelry go with blonde hair? If you ask me, the answer’s yes.  

But I know that the answer can get more complicated than that. Updating your look takes some work. Sure, you can always just pick what you like and not worry about the rest. There’s nothing wrong with that. But maybe you’re like me and want a specific look. 

So, when and how does gold jewelry go with blonde hair? Let’s find out. 

Too Much Matching? 

Fashion is complicated. Just think about all the colors you can use. Should you match your colors, or should you have more of a contrast? 

That’s the heart of the “should blondes wear gold jewelry” question. If your jewelry is gold, it’s going to match your hair. At least a little bit. And is that a good thing? 

Yup! Hear me out. Let’s say that you have a matching jewelry set: a gold necklace and a pair of earrings. The fact that they match is what ties the whole look together. So why not think of your hair as an extension of that jewelry set? You’ve got those gorgeous gold locks, so you might as well make them work for you. 

If you really want a contrast, you can add it elsewhere. Other accessories, like headbands and scarves, give you lots of opportunities to use dark colors. 

How to Make Your Gold Jewelry Stand Out 

A blonde woman with a black and golden tattoo combination

Okay, but what if you want to make sure that your jewelry stands out? Is gold still the right choice, or will your hair overshadow it? 

It depends on the shade. Gold jewelry isn’t just one shade of gold. You’ve got yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and more.

And blonde hair has even more variety than that. You may have a cool platinum tone, a warm golden tone, or something in between. With so much variety on both sides, you can totally pick gold jewelry that stands out. 

Another way to make that jewelry shine? Pick bling with some extra sparkle. Gold earrings with gemstones will catch more attention than your classic gold hoops. 

Or do something like this model is doing. See how she combines black and gold here? The color contrast adds dimension. 

Still worried about your hair taking center stage? First of all, I envy you. Second of all, no problem. You can always sweep your hair up into a fancy updo. Or if you want something more casual, there’s always the classic braid or ponytail. 

It’s All About the Undertones 

“Okay,” some of you are thinking. “If gold jewelry goes so well with blonde hair, then why couldn’t I pull off those earrings?”

For one thing, there’s a really good chance that you pull off those earrings better than you think. I’ll bet if I could see those earrings in person, I’d tell you how awesome you look. And I don’t just say these when I don’t mean them. 

But since I’m not standing right in front of you, let’s say I take your word for it. Why aren’t those earrings working for you? It probably has less to do with your hair and more to do with your overall coloring. It’s the same reason why you look great in red but can’t wear yellow.

Or why a gray shirt looks awesome on one person but washes another person out. It’s all about those undertones. Which is something I wish I’d learned before I bought all those gray blouses.

No, I’m not bitter about it. Anyway, moving on! 

You’ve got to think beyond your hair, is what I’m saying here. For example, take a look at the picture right above this paragraph. Now scroll back up to the first picture in this section.

Both of these models are blonde, but they look very different from one another. The kind of jewelry that works for the first model may not work for the second one, and vice versa. 

Even Healthline agrees with me here. “Understanding your skin’s undertone is key to finding the right foundation and choosing the best color palettes for your hue,” says Kristeen Cherney. That principle isn’t just for foundation.

Use it to pick the right jewelry, and you’re golden. (Sorry.) 

Does your skin have warm undertones or cool undertones? What colors usually look good on you? And as cliche as it is, what “season” are you? Not every blonde person looks the same.

A blonde can be an autumn. Or a winter. Or whatever. Once you figure that out for yourself, you’ll have a much better handle on which gold jewelry will work for you. 

Do YOU Like What You See? Good!

Here’s another thing I wished I’d learned a long time ago: don’t overthink it. What matters most here is that you like your jewelry and want to wear it. So put on that necklace and look in the mirror.

Do you like what you see? Okay, great! No further questions! Now is not the time to start second-guessing yourself. 

The bottom line? Yes, gold jewelry goes with blonde hair, but the details make all the difference. So go forth and wear that gold jewelry, you beautiful blonde human. It’s your hair, it’s your jewelry, and you get to choose how to rock both of those things.