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10 Noteworthy Fedora Hats

This guide features the 10 best fedora hats to help you in your search for the perfect fedora for you. These options come from a wide range of hat fedora brands to help you discover more styles and designs that’ll keep you falling in love with the fedora.

A woman wearing a pink blouse with her light gray fedora.

Fedora hats have been around the hat scene for over a century and though interest in them sometimes fluctuates, it’s safe to say they are here to stay. It helps that there are hat makers keeping the fedora fondness alive with a modern and contemporary design that can be matched with a wide range of outfits. 

Additionally, the fedora is not a favorite just because of its aesthetic appeal – it also offers sun protection. Any sun hat can do this, but the fedora ensures you do it with style. If you’re in the market for a stylish and well-crafted fedora hat, check out these 10 best fedora hats below.

Stetson Whippet Fedora Hat

This is the Stetson Whippet Fedora Hat in black.

Source: Stetson

This fedora hat comes from a trusted hat brand that has been in business since the late 1800s. It features a medium brim with a four-and-a-half-inch crown that’s adorned by a roan sweatband and a grosgrain hat band. The edge is bound and there’s a feather and metal Stetson-branded button to complete the stylish look. 

You can find it in a variety of colors including black, cognac, and caribou. This men’s fedora hat works well with most ensembles, whether you’re wearing jeans or something a bit more formal. You can find the Stetson Whippet Fedora Hat here.

Brixton Reno Fedora Hat

This is the Brixton Reno Fedora Hat.

Source: Brixton

This Brixton classic is a quality addition to any outfit. It’s made from 100% wool felt that’s harvested sustainably and it features embellishments, such as a metal Brixton pin and a grosgrain band with a stylish pleat design. 

The brim is fairly wide and the hat size can be adjusted inside the sweatband to create a better fit. Also, it comes with color options, such as coffee and light grey. Overall, it’s one of those men’s fedora hats that look great with nearly every ensemble you’re wearing. You can find the Brixton reno fedora hat here.

Goorin Brothers Dean the Butcher Fedora Hat

This is the Goorin Brothers Dean the Butcher Fedora Hat.

Source: Goorin

This classic fedora hat style has superior workmanship that will convert you into a fedora if you’re not already obsessed with the fedora. The hat has a nice feel to it and even the name has a nice ring to it. The first thing you’ll notice is the medium-depth center dent crown with a snap-brim that has a medium width, a soft stiffness, plus a smooth finish. 

To top it off, there’s a grosgrain hatband with a pinched bow – all stylish elements that will make you proud to wear this men’s hat. The good news is you can mix it with any number of outfits. You can check out the Goorin Brothers Dean the Butcher wide brim fedora hat here.

Borsalino Felt Alessandria Wide Brim

This is the Borsalino Felt Alessandria Wide Brim in black.

Source: Borsalino

According to Borsalion, this fedora hat combines the classic timeless appeal of the fedora with seasonal trends. In this case, the wide brim women’s fedora hat is the perfect addition to any summer outfit. The sun hat will keep your face nicely shielded, and it comes in a range of colors, such as blueberry blue and turmeric for easier matching.

It’s made from 100% brushed felt with an unlined interior, and a grosgrain hatband. If this kind of trendy look appeals to you, you can buy or check out the Borsalino Felt Alessandria Wide Brim here.

Bailey of Hollywood Marack Fedora Hat

THis is the Bailey of Hollywood Marack Fedora Hat in gray.

Source: Bailey Hats

Balck is always a good look on a fedora, but Bailey also creates this fedora hat in charming colors like olive and oxford mix. The Marack can be described as a snap-brim that’s embellished with the classic grosgrain band. Additionally, there’s a striped ribbon that creates more interest as well as doubled ends for a modern touch. 

You’ll also find a black feather tucked at the side. Overall, the Marack is a solid choice made from quality, water repellent felt that also retains its shape easily. Like most fedoras, this fedora can mingle with several outfits successfully, so it works great for everyday wear. You can find the Bailey of Hollywood Marack Fedora Hat here.

Akubra Hampton Fedora Hat

This is the Akubra Hampton Fedora Hat from Hats by the Hundred.

Source: Hats by the Hundred

This fedora hat can be made to order, but if you want a quick buy, you can still choose from a wide range of colors, including carbon grey, cedar brown, and of course the timeless black. The Hampton has a small brim that’s made from pure fur felt and which features a ribbon band, bow, satin lining and decorative feather combo. It’s also water-resistant, so you can be sure of its long life span.

Overall, the Akubra Hampton Fedora Hat is a popular fedora from a reputable Australian company. You can find or buy this hat here.

Lock & Co. Hatters Tuscany Fedora

This is the Lock & Co. Hatters Tuscany Fedora in brown.

Source: Lock & Co. Hatters

Interested in a fedora Panama hat or straw hat? Then this option might be more up your alley. Like most modern fedora styles, this Panama hat has a wide brim that makes it perfect for its purpose – keeping you cool in the sun. It’s made from a rich and golden pedal straw braid – breathable and lightweight material. 

The design is a refreshing alternative to the classic Panama style. It features a hand-trimmed hatband that contrasts nicely with the brown ribbon insert. Lock & Co. Hatters always work with the best fabrics and are known for creating quality fedoras. You can find the Lock & Co. Hatters Tuscany Fedora here.

Biltmore Chicago Fur Felt Fedora Hat

Biltmore President Eleganza Chicago Hats Coffee-6 7/8

This fedora felt hat comes with many worthwhile features, such as genuine fur felt material, a genuine leather sweatband, color options like coffee and black, as well as a stylish center crease shape. The center crease is deeper than most but this adds instead of detracting from the hat’s charm. The good news is if you don’t like the crease, you can crease the crown to create a style that’s more your preference.

Overall, the hat’s shape and standout, classic design will enhance your outfit and appearance, which is always a plus. You can find the Biltmore Chicago Fur Felt Fedora Hat here.

Fouquet Coyote Rocks Fedora Hat

Nick Fouquet’s fedoras are well known for their outstanding and rugged designs and this fedora doesn’t disappoint. It’s made from 100% beaver felt, that’s been sustainably harvested. It also has the quaint matchstick embellishment and faux feather design on the side. This felt hat will be sure to draw any eye, since it’s not your typical fedora hat design.

Overall, this Nick Fouquet coyote rocks fedora hat is for any fedora hat lover looking that’s not afraid to step away from the classic fedora style.

Barbour Tack Fedora Hat 

This is the Barbour Tack Fedora Hat from Outdoor and Country.

Source: Outdoor and Country

Barbour is another popular fedora hat brand that also makes trilby fedoras. If you’re a lady looking for a traditional fedora style, that’s also stylish, then this option might be for you. It’s constructed from 100% wool and the shape can fit in with most fashion trends, whether you’re pairing it with your casual or outdoor outfit.

For instance, it can really rock with any shirt and jacket. It also has a genuine leather trim that adds a luxurious touch and of course, the signature Barbour branding mark that’s synonymous with quality. You can find it here.