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How Should a Fedora Hat Fit?

Hats are a fun and classy accessory to any and all outfits. It does not matter how formal or casual the event is, there is a perfect hat for you to wear. It matters how you wear your hat. Check out the best way to wear a fedora.

A woman wearing a brown wide-brimmed fedora.
  • Fedoras have been around since the late 1800s and were primarily worn by women. It came into the height of its popularity in the 1920s with gangsters. 
  • It has a wide brim that may have a ribbon around the hatband. There are a few different brim edges on the fedora. 
  • Traditionally, the fedora hat was found in black, dark brown, and grey. 

Fedoras are a simple style of hat that has really attracted a lot of attention more recently. They were once considered to be a hat only for men, but more recently, women have been seen wearing them. Fedoras are a classic style that is perfect for any occasion.

They can dress up an outfit or accessorize a casual look. If you love fedoras like the rest of the world, you may be wondering how should a fedora fit? Continue reading this article to find out more information about fedoras. 

What is a Fedora?

A fedora is a hat that was worn primarily by men but more recently worn by women. A traditional fedora is made of felt, but today, you can find it constructed from other materials. It has a wide brim with a crown that is pitched and indented.

It may have a ribbon around the band. It may or may not have a bow. The traditional felt fedora colors are black, dark brown, or grey, but modern fedoras are made from various colors. A fedora is most often confused for a trilby. The brim of a trilby is smaller. 

What to Consider When Determining Proper Hat Fit

A bunch of fedora hats on display for sale.

There are some key factors to consider when you are trying to determine the proper fit for your fedora. First, you want to make sure you feel the fabric, the proportions, and the hat size chart when you are looking for the right hat and a properly fitting fedora. 

Fabric is important because different types of materials act differently when they are used for a hat. Materials like straw and leather are still and do not stretch much. They are stiff and static.

If you do stretch them, you may damage the hat because that material is not meant to stretch. There are materials such as cotton and wool that respond better to stretching. When a fedora is made from wool, your wool fedora may shrink if you decide to wash it. 

Proportion is incredibly important when it comes to all clothes and materials. This is also the case for a men’s hat. You probably will not wear an article of clothing if it does not fit properly.

The same is true for hats, including a baseball cap or Panama hat. It is important that you know your face shape to pick the perfect fitting hat. If you have a square face, a different hat is ideal for you than if you have an oval face.

If you have a big head, you should consider getting a hat that is bigger than your head. 

Hat Size Chart is an important piece of the puzzle when determining which hat size is best for you. Each style hat has its own size chart. You have to measure your own head before you can determine which hat is correct for your head size.

When considering your hat sizing, you should measure your head, and you find you are between sizes, it is better to size up. 

How Should a Fedora Fit?

A man wearing a wide brim black fedora.

It is important that your fedora fits properly. You want it to be snug but not so tight that it is suffocating your head or leaving red marks behind after you remove the wide brim hat. A snug fit allows your hat to stay on your head even in a strong wind. When your hat fits well, it should sit about a finger’s width above your ears and eyebrows.

You do not want any fitted hat, including a fedora-style hat, to droop far down over your forehead. It should stop just a little bit above the center of your forehead. You can tilt your fedora to the side if you like that style. You can also wear it centered and straight. 

When Can I Wear a Fedora?

A woman wearing a fedora hat while riding a convertible car.

There was a time when a fedora was reserved for formal wear for men; however, now, they can be worn both for formal and casual events. They are also worn by men and women. If you want to wear this type of hat in the summertime, you want to consider a straw fedora hat. They are lighter and allow the breeze to blow through your hat.

If you want to wear a fedora in the evening or during the winter, you want to consider a twill or dark felt hat. If you are opting to wear a fedora with a suit, you want to make sure you wear a fedora that is the same color as the suit. 

Different Types of Fedoras

A close look at various fedoras on display.

There are fedoras made out of different materials, as well as fedoras with varying types of brims. A wool fedora typically has a hat band which is a lovely accent to your tailored suit. You can find a fur-felt fedora to wear with a tuxedo.

When wearing a casual outfit, you can wear a straw hat in a neutral color, which can match just about any outfit. You can even find leather fedoras which may be worn with a t-shirt and jeans. 

You can find fedoras with different types of edges. There are raw edge, or cut edge, fedoras. They are exactly what it sounds like; they have rough edges that are not finished.

A folded edge is one that has the edge tucked under the edge of the brim. After it is tucked under, it is sewn in place. A ribbon edge has a border with a ribbon sewn over the edge of the hat to finish it.

The Cavenagh edge is a vintage fedora that you will not be able to find today. This style has an edge that is felted by hand. This style has a stronger brim even without stitching. 

Parts of a Fedora

A fedora is also called a snap-brim hat and has a few different parts to these fashionable hats.

The crown is the top surface of the hat and it can be shaped in a few ways. It can have a center or diamond crease. It can also have a teardrop crown, which is the traditional look. 

The pinch can be located on different parts of the hat. The feel of the pinch can vary from soft to sharp. The pinch is the place on the hat where you grab it with your two fingers. 

History of the Fedora

This is a white fedora on a black surface.

Fedoras became part of the attire of the wealthy upper class in the late 1800s. However, the fedora becomes more popular in the 1940s when fedoras were worn in movies by gangsters and detectives. They continue to grow in popularity today as more styles of fedoras are being created.

As a result, there is no shortage of classic fedora styles to match your next perfect outfit. 


What is the Difference Between a Fedora Hat and a Panama Hat?

A Panama hat and fedora look exactly the same when looked at quickly. They have similar features and may be difficult to distinguish. A fedora is typically made from felt, whereas a Panama hat is made from a palm-like plant. 

What is the Difference Between a Fedora Hat and a Trilby Hat?

These two hats are often mistaken for each other because they have a strong resemblance. The trilby hat is smaller than the fedora. It also has a brim that is more narrow in the back and has a forward slope in the front. 

What is the Difference Between a Fedora Hat and a Pork Pie Hat?

While they are both fashionable hats, they look different from one another. A pork pie hat has a crown that is pinched in at the top. It has a circular crease that is also known as a telescope crown.

The brim is short and points upward. The fedora, on the other hand, comes in one of six shapes. It has one dent in the center of the hat. The brim points up in the back and down in the front. 

How Should You Wear a Bowler Hat?

A bowler hat should sit on your head so that it is straight across the top of your head. You do not want it pointed toward the back of your head. You can wear it tilted to one side. The front should look different to you than the back of it. 

How Should You Wear a Boater Hat?

You should wear a boater hat when the day is hot and sunny. You can wear it tilted slightly. It can be tilted to one side or to the front of your head, whichever you prefer. If you have long hair, the hat looks best if your hair is pulled back and below the rim of your hat.

How Do I Pick the Right Hat Style?

When considering the right hat style for you, you want to consider the proportions of your body. You want a hat that helps to balance out your body and not draw attention to it. A tall crown or upturned brim helps make you look longer. A brim that is turned down makes you look shorter.