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Glove Sizes Chart: How to Buy the Right Size Gloves (Men & Women)

We’ve all worn gloves at different times, for different reasons. Gloves are used to protect your hands when you are performing manual labor, to protect from chemicals and germs for health reasons, to keep your hands warm, and simply for style and fashion. Regardless of the type of glove you are wearing, it’s important that your gloves fit properly.

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Our Glove Sizing Chart: How to Measure Glove Size

Glove Sizes Chart

To measure your hand, you’ll need a tailor’s measuring tape. This simply means that the tape is flexible, and will easily wrap around your hand. You don’t want to use the type of measuring tape you use for home improvement projects.

You’ll need to measure your dominant hand. The dominant hand is usually slightly bigger. It’s also the one you use the most, so you’ll need a proper fit for that hand.

Lay the hand flat, with your fingers outstretched and together. Bring the measuring tape across your hand at the widest point of your palm, just below your knuckles.

This is your width measurement.

To measure length, start at the bottom of your palm, where you find the first crease on your wrist. Measure in a straight line to the tip of your middle finger. This is the finger length measurement, also known as the length measurement.

Does Size Really?

Do you really need an actual hand measurement? It depends on the type of glove, but generally, yes. If you are purchasing mittens or cotton stretch gloves that only come in a few sizes, you can easily guess the correct size.

However, many types of gloves are designed to fit like a glove, so you’ll need the correct glove size. They are designed to fit your hand snugly, and a size too big or too small can affect the wearing experience and comfort.

If you’ve ever attempted to do any task in gloves that are not the correct size, you probably remember it being a frustrating experience.

If they are too long, there’s extra material at the fingertips, which decreases your dexterity. It’s hard to pick up small objects, and you won’t be able to feel with your fingertips.

If they are too short, there will not be enough finger length, your hands will feel restricted and movement will be difficult. Gloves that are too tight are like shoes that don’t fit. They are uncomfortable and interfere with functionality.

How you plan to buy gloves is also a consideration. If you can go to the store and try on gloves, it’s easy to find the right size. If one size doesn’t fit, you simply try a different size.

However, many people today prefer to order gloves online. In addition to convenience, this gives you a broader style selection.

You also have access to less common glove sizes. If your hands are larger or smaller than average, this makes it easier to find the right gloves for you.

Before you order gloves online, measuring your hand is an important first step.

Width vs Length

What happens when your width and length fall under different sizes? How do you choose?

In most cases, you’ll want to choose the correct length over width. When gloves are too long, you have extra material at the fingertips. This causes a loss of dexterity.

If you are using gloves for protection while doing manual labor, dexterity is important. It’s less important if your reason for wearing gloves is warmth, and you aren’t doing intricate tasks with your hands. However, gloves that are too long in the fingers lose the sleek appearance that a snug fit provides.

Glove Sizes Chart

Use this glove sizing chart to determine your correct glove size once you have your hand measurements.

Men’s Gloves

  • XXS (Size 5) less than 2 1/8 w x 7 3/4 l
  • XS (Size 6) 2 1/8-2 1/2 w x 7 3/4-8 l
  • S (Size 7) 2 1/2-3 w x 8-8 1/4 l
  • M (Size 8) 3-3 3/8 w x 8 1/4-8 1/2 l
  • L (Size 9) 3 3/8-3 7/8 w x 8 1/2-8 3/4 l
  • XL (Size 10) 3 7/8-4 3/8 w x 8 3/4-9 l
  • XXL (Size 11) 4 3/8-4 3/4 w x 9-9 1/4
  • XXXL (Size 12) 4 3/4-5/14 w x 9 1/4 and up

Women’s Gloves

  • XS (Size 6) Less than 2 1/8 w x 6 3/4-7 l
  • S (Size 7) 2 1/8-2 3/4 w x 7-7 1/2 l
  • M (Size 8) 2 3/4-3 1/8 w x 7 1/2-7 3/4 l
  • L (Size 9) 3 1/8 and up w x 7 3/4-8 l

Youth Gloves

  • M (Size 8) 2 1/8-2 3/4 w x 6 3/4-7 l
  • L (Size 9) 2 3/4-3 1/8 w x 7-7 1/2 l
  • XL (Size 10) 3 1/8 and up w x 7 1/2 l

Glove Size Conversions

There are a few reasons that you may prefer to get gloves designed for the opposite sex. The most obvious is aesthetics. If you enjoy the look or feel of a pair of gloves that were made for the opposite sex, it’s certainly possible to wear them.

Another reason is fit. Women’s and men’s gloves are cut differently, and you may find that opposite sex gloves provide a better fit.

Women’s gloves have narrower and longer fingers compared to the palm, because most women’s hands have these proportions.

Men’s gloves will have shorter and wider fingers than women’s gloves, and the palm of the glove may be larger as well.

If you are a man with long slender fingers, or a woman with shorter broader fingers than average, consider gloves of the opposite sex.

When it comes to sizing conversions, the most accurate way to determine your size is to follow the glove sizing chart above. Simply find your measurements and the gender you prefer, and you’ll know your glove size.

Glove Size FAQs

What is the average hand size?

The average male hand size is 7.6 inches long, 3.5 inches in breadth, and 8.6 inches in circumference. A women’s average hand size is 6.8 inches long, 3.1 inches in breadth, and 7 inches in circumference.

How do you know what size nitrile gloves you need?

Disposable gloves are generally sold in sizes from XS to XL for men and women. You can follow the sizing chart to determine the right size glove. Disposable gloves that are too tight can cause hand fatigue, and gloves that are too loose reduce dexterity.

Do leather gloves stretch out?

Leather gloves do stretch. You want them to fit snug. Over a few days of wear, they will conform to your hands for a perfect fit.

Are men’s and women’s gloves the same?

Men’s and women’s gloves have a few differences. Men’s gloves have wider palms and shorter and broader fingers. Women have slender fingers with a longer finger length. Generally, men’s gloves are a size bigger than women’s. A man’s small would be close to a women’s medium in measurements.