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How Should Flip Flops Fit?

Wearing flip flops makes you comfortable, and it will be more comfy if you know how flip flops should fit you. Learn all about it here.

Fashionable flip flops.

I confess to having worn flip flops the wrong size for me. It’s easy to do. After all, they don’t have any sides to them that restrict how your feet would slip into them.

However, I had issues with wearing flip flops that didn’t fit right that I must warn you about. How should flip flops fit?

Fitting Around The Feet

Female wearing flip flops.

“Check for 1⁄2 inch (1.3 cm) of room around your foot when you try them on,” says WikiHow Staff, a group of editors who have experience in solving fashion problems.

Before I expound on how flip flops should fit, I want to explain examples of times when flip flops don’t fit the way they should. You may catch on from the “bad” examples better than an explanation of how to make them fit. That’s why.

Feet Too Close to Flip-Flop Edge

Woman wearing a flip flop and a shoe.

Now, in the pair I demonstrated in the above photo, the feet come close to the side edges. This may violate the “1/2 around” rule designated by some experts. However, the feet at least don’t fall over the edge of the shoe.

That’s what I most find annoying. I don’t have an image of my own to demonstrate this with, but you can get an idea of what I mean here.

I don’t mind if my feet go right to the edge on the sides of my flip flops, but when the toes stick out past the shoes, that feels uncomfortable to me. I want my feet to at least stay within the shoe’s outer edge.

When Flip Flops Are Too Short

Off white flip flops.

I find flip flops that are too short annoying. I’ve worn them, but I suffered the consequences. My heel stuck out past the back end of the shoes I wore, and it does cause pain and discomfort sometimes.

It also disrupts the walking balance, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Flip flops don’t cost much, and it’s not hard to find a pair that fits. I’m not sure what I was thinking – just stubborn sometimes because I don’t like to throw things away. Maybe I just did it because I didn’t find a pair in a local store though.

Thus, that’s the beauty of online shopping. Am I right? You still need to make sure they fit, however.

When Flip Flops Are Too Long

Young girl wearing an oversized pair of flip flops.

“Several adverse effects of wearing flip flops include blisters, foot fungus, balance issues, strained or overextended tendons, shooting pains, plantar fasciitis, foot swelling and more.”

That’s a quote from a foot doctor. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever wear flip flops, but it does confirm the suspicions I had about wearing ones that don’t conform to the feet or maybe are too long. If they extend out past the length of your feet, that means you don’t have the correct size.

I wore flip flops too long for me a few times, and I learned that one size doesn’t always fit all people. My feet would usually slide out from the thong in front of the shoe that is meant to hold the toes in place. As I’m walking, I’d have to push my feet back into place before I lose the flip flops and end up barefoot.

Flip flops that are too long at the least annoy me personally. I will never do that again. Next time I get a pair – if I ever do decide to wear them again, they will fit the way I am telling you right now they should fit.

Flip Flop Fitting Advice

Crocs Unisex-Adult Men's and Women's LiteRide Flip Flops Sandals, Slate Grey/Light Grey, 8

Kristin Saladino of Women’s Health inspired me. I like some of the flip flops featured in her article. The Crocs LiteRide Flip Flops stood out to me the most.

They make them for both male and female feet, not just women.

This type appears to support the foot arch, but you probably need to find the right size. I may try these soon. I’m due for a new pair of summer shoes I can walk in.

Flat-footed flip flops have gone by the wayside for me right now, and sandals that conform to the natural curves of the foot are in right now – to me anyway.

I even found a pair that have a decorative bow on them, which I’m not used to. However, these come in several colors, including black or pale (neutral, beige). They appear to provide arch support, provided you choose the right size.

I think I could wear these to semiformal occasions.

More Flip Flop Fitting Advice

A group of friends wearing flip flops.

The best advice about flip flops is that you need a pair that provide arch support. That makes sense to me. However, it extends beyond just the overall shape.

Your foot must conform to the insole for best comfort and pain prevention. It may require a bit more research before finding the pair that’s right for you, but I have found some ideas.

The issue with this recommendation: Everyone has different foot support needs, and foot-molding foot beds is one term out there that many vendors use to describe their shoes. It may not always mean the same thing to one seller or buyer as it does to everyone else.

Ultimately, you’re the one who has to decide if  your flip flops fit the way they should. I hope I’ve helped though.