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How to Store a Fedora Hat

You've spent a lot of money on your fedora hat, so you definitely want to protect it and keep it looking its absolute best. Take a look here to learn the best ways to store your fedora hat collection along with several precautions you need to take beforehand.

This is a straw woven fedora on a wooden table.

Hats have always been a great addition to an outfit, but fedoras add a little extra flair. The vintage look provides a lot of styles that is difficult for a baseball cap and other types of hats to match.

For several centuries, fedoras have been a go-to for a wide range of people. They gained their introduction into the world in the late 1800s as a lady’s dress hat.

However, men took up the fashion trend after Prince Edward began wearing the dress hat in the early 1900s. Since that time, people all over have worn fedoras for both style and protection from the weather.

And now, you are carrying on the trend. You are keeping the style rolling and enjoying that classy flair, but how do you keep your fedora in its tiptop and original shape?

How you store your hat can literally make or break — or misshape — it. So let’s dig into some tips on the best ways to keep your fedora looking fresh.

Things to Remember When Storing Your Fedora Hat

Before deciding how to store your hat, there are a few things to understand.

Long Term Storage

Some fedora lovers want to keep their hats out for easy access. They may even decide to display them as a part of their home décor.

However, some like to keep them tucked away for special occasions. And, of course, seasonal styles change needs. For example, if you have a felt fedora, you probably don’t want to wear it in the summer.

If you are storing your hat for a longer period, you’ll want to be a bit more protective. Insects, like moths, tend to burrow and eat away at items you store, so you’ll want to keep some mothballs around.

The good news is that this doesn’t mean your fedora hat has to smell like your grandma’s attic. Mothballs also come in scents, such as lavender to help ease that particular nuisance.


Before storing your hat, you’ll want to clean it up. Brush it or use a lint roller to wipe away any dust and potential stains.

How you do this depends on the material your hat is made of. Sometimes, just a damp cloth can get out stains. However, if you’re tucking your hat away for the season, you might want to do a more thorough cleaning. You can find cleaning supplies for your specific hat material to do so.

Additionally, wipe down the sweatband area. You don’t want to take out your hat for a special occasion only to find that it smells like your gym locker in high school.

Don’t Place It Directly On a Surface

You do not want your fedora to be directly on a surface. The weight can actually put pressure on the brim, impacting both the crown and the brim. To keep your hat’s shape, you need to be sure the brim does not directly lie down on any surface.

Keep It Out of the Sun

Like anything else, the sun can cause your fedora to fade. Whatever storage or display method you choose, be sure that it is not in direct sunlight.

Best Ways to Store Your Fedora Hat

Now that you know what to protect your hat from, let’s talk about how to do that.

Hat Stand

This is a row of panama hats on hat stands.

A hat stand or hat rest is a handy way to keep your brim off of a surface. And there are several types to choose from, which allow you to display your hats on a shelf or help protect them in a container.

A hat stand helps you retain your fedora’s original shape As a bonus, it allows air to circulate beneath your hat to keep it from gathering any undesirable smells.

There are several types of hat stands to choose from. The one you need will depend on how large or small of a space you have for it.

Hat Rack

A white fedora hanging on a hat rack.

Like a coat rack, a hat rack is something you can keep right beside your door to hang your hat when you come in. This works out if your hat gets wet and needs to dry or wear your hat often.

It’s important to remember, though, that how you store your hat can impact its shape. Therefore, you should not just throw your hat on the rack all willy-nilly — no matter how tired you might be when you finally get home.

Instead, you need to be sure to place it on the rack at the back where the tag should be. If you hang it by the crown, you might end up walking around looking like you have an inhuman lump on one side of your head.


An old black derby hat and its box.

When you bought your hat, it should have come in a hat box. This would be a great fedora storage option, especially if the box was made properly.

A “proper” hat box has a wider part at the top of the box. It allows you to turn the hat upside down as it supports the brim. This keeps the weight off the hat, allowing it to maintain its original shape.

If your hat box doesn’t have the brim support, you can get a plastic hat rest to place in your hat box. It provides the same benefits.

Most importantly, your hat box should be hard to keep your fedora hat from being crushed. If you threw out your hat box and can’t find a traditional one, you can always use a sturdy plastic container.

Either of these options is great for storage, especially since you can stack them on top of one another if you need to. Just be sure to keep anything too heavy off of your hat storage containers.

Cedar Chest or Closet

This is a close look at a wooden cedar wardrobe with iron pull handles on it.

Cedar provides a lot of benefits, but three of them are extremely helpful for fedora hat storage. The first is the fact that cedar is great for getting moisture out of the air. As such, you don’t have to worry about your fedoras being ruined by mildew.

The second benefit for your hats is that bugs don’t like the strong smell of cedar. Therefore, it acts as a natural insect repellent, protecting your hats even more.

Another benefit is that having your fedora hat in a cedar closet keeps it out of direct sunlight. With these three advantages, a cedar closet or chest can be one of the best options.

Cedar can get a little expensive, so this may not be something you can do right away. If you are going to be investing in your expensive hats, though, saving for a cedar chest or closet is a good way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are fedora hats still in style?

The truth is that this headgear has never gone out of style. Since their introduction, they have become a popular wardrobe addition for all kinds of people.

Their classic flair makes them great for a wide range of outfits, too. While most people enjoy wearing them with the dressiest of clothes, they can spruce up almost anything.

What are the fedora hat styles?

There are several options of hat styles when it comes to fedoras. You have the classic fedora that everyone recognizes as “the fedora.” There is also the Panama hat, Safari fedora hat, Pork Pie hat, Stingy Brim, the Trilby, the Homburg, the Bowler, the Cowboy hat, the Campaign, and the Boater.

The different fedora hat styles differ in several ways, one of the most important being brim size. For example, the Panama hat has a wide brim in comparison to the Stingy Brim hat.

Where can I find cleaning instructions for my fedora hat?

There is a chance that your hat came with cleaning instructions, so be sure you check your box. If not, it really just depends on the material your fedora is made out of.

For a straw hat, you can usually just wipe it with a damp cloth. There is a specialized cleaner for a wool hat or felt hat, but you can often use a damp sponge. Whatever material your hat is, you can just look up directions for it on the Internet.

Some people do throw theirs in the washing machine or even a dishwasher. This can be a problem, though, as it can impact the shape of the hat. If you feel it needs a good, thorough cleaning, consider taking it to a dry cleaner instead.