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How to Style Straight-Leg Jeans (Outfit Ideas)

Jeans are a classic go-to fashion item that look good with just about anything. The problem is, jeans are made with all different styles and colors so you can create all different looks. And actually, that can get really confusing because not every type of jeans looks great with every single style. How do you know what looks good with what? If you’re wondering how to style straight-leg jeans, no problem. Get a look at some outfit ideas and learn more about this classic fashion item so you can always put together fashionable, stylish looks that will show off your assets to their best effect. And of course, we mean your fashion sense! 

What Are Straight Leg Jeans?

Straight-leg jeans have a straight, narrow fit from the hip to the ankle. This creates a straight, clean sweep down the body. This is a flattering fit that can work well on many body types. The straight style of the jeans works very well with lots of different outfits, so these jeans can be worn for a number of different occasions and activities. They pair well with all sorts of different footwear, so you can play with all kinds of different fashion looks.

Straight leg jeans with sandals

Traditional jeans are made with cotton denim, a somewhat thick material that is highly durable, soft and flexible. The first jeans were made with a canvas-like cotton material but then blue denim became the most popular, and iconic, jeans material. Cotton is a natural fabric that breathes well and feels good. It’s non-irritating on skin and soft to the touch. Cotton is also a naturally durable material that wears well.

In more modern designs, jeans may be made with spandex, polyester and other synthetic materials, though cotton is still a common addition in the jeans fabric blend. These materials are added to jeans to create more stretch or create a slightly different feel. 

Straight leg jeans are not a bootcut jean style but they do have a leg opening that is wide enough to fit around many different types of boots. The straight fit of the jean comes down from the leg in a clean sweep without tapering or flaring, so this fits over many types of boots very well, from an ankle boot design to higher stylers. For some types of boots, however, you will need to wear wide leg jeans. Straight leg jeans pair well with lots of types of footwear, including flats and heels. Heck, you can even wear ankle booties.

A Brief History of Jeans

Jeans, as created by business partners Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, were officially patented in May 1873. Strauss was a store owner and Davis a tailor. When a local worker’s wife told Davis that she needed a sturdy pair of pants for her husband, he created riveted pants made with tough cotton material. He bought cloth from Strauss and together, the two created one of the most iconic pieces of fashion in the history of clothing.

Levi Strauss & Co went on to become one of the most celebrated names in jeans and today, the brand is still synonymous with jeans. It has become one of the most successful companies of all time. They’ve made jeans in all styles and colors over the decades, pioneering some designs. Baggy jean, boyfriend jean and other jean styles are released every year through Levi Strauss.

Today, there are all sorts of different types of jeans. Skinny jeans that fit close to all the curves of the legs, cropped jeans that end above the ankles, even so-called mom jean styles are popular in today’s fashion. Straight jean types are very flattering on many types of bodies and look good with all kinds of outfits. Straight leg jeans are a little easier to wear and style than skinny jean looks. Thanks to the way they fit and hang on the body, straight leg jeans are very comfortable and easy to wear, as well as being easy to style.

Different Jeans Fits

Straight leg jeans fit in a straight sweep down the body. They should just hug the thighs and then fall straight down to the ankles with no tapering. But straight leg denim jeans can fit on the waist in one of three different ways. The way jeans fit on your waist affects how they fit and feel overall. A good style tip to follow is to purchase a jeans rise based on your body type and on your personal style as well. If you wear lots of crop tops, that will affect the jeans rise you choose.


LEE Women's Secretly Shapes Regular Fit Straight Leg Jean, Bewitched,18

High rise jeans fit right at or just above the navel. This means they sit right at the natural waist. This fit works very well for athletic body types that have a small waist and hourglass figures that have a tapering waist. This is a great fit for crop tops and tucked-in shirts. Because these jeans sit up high on the waist, they may be seen as “mom jeans.” However, high waist jeans are a great look for lots of different styles and they can definitely be sexy on many body types.


LEE Women's Relaxed Fit Straight-Leg Jean, Meridian, 14

Mid rise jeans sit right below the navel. This is a very flattering fit on all body types and tends to work well with people of all shapes. This fit creates a little structure around the midsection to give you a little bit of belly support to hide that problem area below the navel. This rise works well with all blouse lengths. The mid rise fit is a good style for any body shape.


Silver Jeans Co. Women's Tuesday Low Rise Slim Bootcut Jeans, Medium Indigo Wash, 29W X 31L

Low rise jeans sit around two inches below the navel. This means they fit more around the hips. People with athletic body types and those who have curvy hips, such as pear shape bodies, can wear low rise jeans very well. If you want to show off a little skin, pair a shorter crop top with low rise jeans. This is a good loo if you have a smaller waist to show off.

Different Jeans Washes

The wash of the jeans plays a big role in how jeans look. It also matters when it comes to styling jeans. As a general rule, darker washes are better for winter wear and evening wear. Lighter washes are good for summertime and for daytime wear. But within this basic framework, there are lots of different jeans washes to consider. Get to know different washes and when to wear them and you’ll know how to style them more effectively.

Dark Wash

Amazon Essentials Women's Mid-Rise Skinny Jean, New Dark Wash, 12 Long

Dark denim has a color that is closer to denim’s natural state. The fabric may be a little stiffer than in faded washes because this denim hasn’t been treated, the way lighter washes have been. Darker wash jeans are well suited to dressier jeans outfits and more classic looks.

Medium Wash

Levi's 527 Slim Bootcut Fit Men's Jeans, Bedside Blues, 32W x 34L

Medium wash jeans aren’t dark and they aren’t light. This jeans wash creates a classic denim look that is very traditionally stylish in a nice medium, classic blue tone that is associated with traditional jeans. This is a great all-around wash that can be worn any time in any season.

Light Wash

Lee Women's Legendary Regular Fit Straight Leg Jean, Inspired Blue, 12

Light wash jeans are a pale blue that looks faded. This is a great wash for summer wear and daytime wear. It has a great casual look to it that is super stylish for laid-back occasions of all types. The lighter wash is often seen in distressed looks, which are always a popular choice in all sorts of casual outfit ideas.

Other Colors

Lee Men's Performance Series Extreme Motion Straight Fit Tapered Leg Jean, Cougar, 34W x 32L

Jeans are also made in different colors, including black jeans and white jeans. You can get them in red, pink, green and any color of the rainbow. However, blue in all washes is considered to be the quintessential, classic jeans look, though white jean looks are becoming more and more common in pop fashion.

You can also find jeans in all different patterns, from stripes and polka dots to animal prints. It’s always fun to play around with different colors and patterns in fashion. Experiment and mix and match different items to play with different looks. 

Straight Leg Jeans Outfit Ideas

Jeans are a classic wardrobe item that everyone owns and everyone likes to wear. But different types of jeans create very different looks. So if you’re wondering how to style straight leg jeans to look glamorous and great wherever you go, no problem. Start with some classic outfit ideas that always work well with straight leg jeans and soon, you’ll start putting together your own creative looks that are strictly your own. Once you get used to wearing straight leg jean outfits, you’ll know how to style them well to show off your figure and your sense of fashion so that you’re turning heads everywhere you go.

White straight leg jeans


Create a boho look with your straight leg jeans by wearing them with a strappy sandal style and an airy, pretty peasant blouse. A woven belt adds a really nice touch to this look, which also pairs beautifully with a straw hat and straw bag. This is a casual, pretty look that works perfectly for afternoon events of all kinds. This look is a little bit fun and still a whole lot stylish. The boho trend and the denim trend can blend perfectly together when you style your look this way.

Find classic straight leg jeans styles at Helmut Lang. These high-end jeans look and feel amazing and they’re great for creating classic fashion looks and stylish outfits. These prices do reflect the designer name but you can find some pretty deep discounts and good sales on items here, so keep your eyes peeled and you just might walk away with a steal on some high-end designer jeans. If you’re in a shopping mood you can find the other pieces for your boho look while you’re here.

Casual Carefree

Create an easy, breezy, great casual look by wearing your straight leg jeans with a classic T-shirt and sneakers. A recognizable sneaker shoe style, such as a pair of Chucks, looks amazing with straight leg jeans and a T shirt. This casual look can go anywhere with you, from running errands to a day out with friends to a walk in the park. Make the look a little more high-end by wearing a T that has a designer logo on it and slipping on a statement bracelet. A cute handbag will put the look over the top. Straight leg jeans that are ankle length allow you to show off any great sneaker style.

When you want jeans, go to the original name in blue length: Levi Strauss. Of course, you can find a good selection of straight leg jean styles here. Here, you can find jeans in all sizes and all different washes. The Levi’s store offers jeans in multiple wash options, so you can choose a style you like and then select it in the specific wash you want. Levi’s is probably the best known name in jeans and the company continues to be an innovator in jeans fashion. Jeans here are very affordable and you can get discounts through the online storefront that aren’t available anywhere else, which is a nice little bonus. Levi Strauss has jeans in all styles and colors, of course. Levi’s are among the most recognizable jeans out there.

Classic Cool

Reach for a timeless look and wear your straight leg jeans with a white T-shirt, leather jacket and ankle boots. This cool look has been worn by the sexiest stars and style icons of the last few decades and it’s definitely not an outfit that’s going out of style anytime soon. You can always reach for this classic look to create a go-to casual look that can go just about anywhere. This will work as daytime wear or a nighttime outfit if you wear a darker wash jean. Either way, you’re going to look hot and you’ll look cool and classic with this seemingly effortless stylish fashion choice. 

Look for trendy jeans styles at Aeropostale, where there’s always a good selection o trendy and classic jeans styles. Choose from different washes, pick a distressed look or stick to something simple. The website offers sales and special discounts, including Buy 1 Get 1 Free deals, free shipping options and more. You’ll find plenty of reasons to shop for lots of cool clothing at this website. You can always see what’s trendy and hot in the fashion world here, so you can get style ideas just from browsing on the site.

Comfy Casual

For a fall or winter look, top off your straight leg jeans with an oversize sweater. A pair of sneakers is a great way to finish off this casual, comfortable look. The straight leg fit still highlights the lower half o your figure but the oversized sweater helps hide problem areas around and above the waist. This is a great casual look that can be worn day or night. It’s perfect for running errands, being around the house and enjoying the outdoors. You can always dress the look up a little by choosing darker wash or white jeans and pairing it with a clutch and matching high heeled boots. Wear an updo with statement earrings and you’ve got a casual but glamorous look. 

Express knows all about comfortable, casual jeans. Find a great selection of straight leg jeans here at medium-range prices. These jeans have lots of features, such as four-way hyper stretch, and there are lots of styles to choose from. Even the picky shoppers will find that the jeans here are hard not to love. This is a great source for affordable, trendy fashion that looks great.

Everyday Glam

Style a bit of a glamorous look with your straight leg jeans by wearing a cardigan sweater. A fitted cardigan tucked into the jeans and paired with strappy sandals and a matching belt and purse is a truly head-turning look that’s glamorous but not too dressy. This look is gorgeous for shopping, running errands, a day date, a lunch with friends and all sorts of different day or night activities. For daywear, top the look with some big sunglasses. For an evening look, add a pair of statement earrings. 

Get glamorous with the designer jeans at Tommy Hilfiger. You can always find the latest looks here and there are always great styles at the online storefront. Find them in different washes and distress levels to get what you need to create a great everyday glam look whenever you want. You will be paying a more designer price here but there are sales to help you reduce the final total, so keep an eye out for discounts. You can shop for all the latest styles here and get clothes from a well known, trusted designer brand.

The Professional

Create a look that’s a little bit professional and still very stylish by wearing a fitted blazer over your straight leg jeans. With a plain T-shirt or blouse underneath, this is a great outfit that tells the world you’re a professional person with enough personality to pull off seriously amazing style. Finish it with heels and a shoulder purse for a very put-together look that can double as daywear or evening wear. Style this look with darker wash jeans and you will be very stylish and ready for anything. 

The J. Crew website has a whole denim shop where you can look just for different jeans. Sort them by type to start with straight leg styles and choose your parameters from there. The user-friendly website allows you to look for jeans based on wash, rises, fit and more. J. Crew is a well-known name in style, so you know you’ll be getting the latest looks here. The jeans can be a little pricey but you can sort styles by price and search just for discounts to get the best deals possible.

Sassy Style

Keep the focus of the outfit on your lower half and wear your jeans with a great pair of statement heels. This is a pair of bright-colored heels that will draw the eye. Pair this with a long trench coat to have a look that’s glamorous and very stylish. This look works well with a shoulder bag and a pair of dark sunglasses that add just a little bit of mystery. This look is glam, sassy, sexy and very polished and put together. A trench coat and straight leg jeans are a perfect pair. With a pair of white straight leg jeans, this look is very high-end and stylish, though it works great with jeans in all colors and washes.

Look for the latest straight leg jeans styles at TJ Maxx. This website is constantly updated with all the newest fashions all the time, so you can get whatever is trendy and hip in jeans right now. There’s a big variety of straight leg jeans here in multiple types of washes. There are jeans here in all different lengths in every type of style and wash, including many different distressed styles. There are always a lot of options at this storefront so you can always get new fashion to inspire your wardrobe. TJ Maxx offers very affordable style and there are lots of sales here to make it even easier to afford great fashion.


Style a sexy look with straight leg jeans by pairing them with a crop top or a form-fitting tank top. This will emphasize your waist and your bust line, which adds some curves to the silhouette. Showing off the curves up top is a good way to balance out the straight leg style of your lower half. Finish this look off with heels or sneakers, depending on whether you’re styling a daytime or an evening look. Evening looks work better with heels and daytime looks are best paired with sneakers for this sexy style. Add a shoulder bag and you’ll be ready for all sorts of activities and events. In cooler weather, you can add a cropped jacket to put another layer on top of your style. There are lots of ways to create a sexy look and you can definitely ooze sex appeal even if you aren’t showing off a lot of skin.

Guess is a name that’s famous for sexy fashion that looks great and feels great. The jeans here are also affordable, which makes this a great place to shop. Guess has a big selection of jeans in different rises, colors, lengths and looks, so you can definitely find the one that’s right for you here. When you want to feel a little bit sexy in your jeans, Guess is a great place to go to find what you need. This company is famous for making jeans that flatter the body, especially the backside, so this is definitely a good choice when you want jeans that are going to help you display your natural curves.


Create a stylish and sophisticated look by wearing your straight leg jeans with a button-up, collared shirt and pointed-toe high heels. This is a great look for a day date, a casual business meeting or an evening look if you’re wearing dark jeans. This sophisticated look is a great go-to that works for all sorts of occasions and events. You’ll look classic and trendy at the same time, polished and posh all at once. This look is gorgeous with pearl or metal jewelry. Go sparing with accessories and jewelry to maintain that elegant, sophisticated style.

Wrangler is a famous name in jeans and the reputation is well-earned. Shop for straight leg styles here and you can choose from a number of different washes for every style that you like. Wrangler has a great selection and the online store is updated with new styles all the time because Wranlger is always coming out with something new. The prices here are reasonable and there are discounts to take advantage of as well. When you want jeans for a sophisticated look, why not turn to a name that’s famous for making jeans? 


There’s actually a lot to know about wearing and styling jeans. If you still have questions about these jeans, you’re not alone. We found the answers to all the most frequently asked questions about styling straight leg blue jeans to give you all the information you need to know to put together amazing looks. Jeans are an amazing go-to fashion item for any day, any look, any occasion.

Straight leg jean with boots

What body types can wear straight leg jeans? 

No two bodies are alike, of course, but there are some basic shapes that most people fit into. Will your body type even work well with straight leg jeans? After all, not every body type can wear every type of jeans or every type of outfit there is. So how do you know how to make straight leg jeans work…and if they’re going to work?

Hourglass shapes work very well with straight leg jeans. The straight leg helps to balance out the curviness of the hips while still playing nicely against the curvy bustline. Apple shape bodies also look good in straight leg jeans. Apple shapes are somewhat thicker around the middle and have curvy hips, so the straight leg style has a bit of a slimming effect that still shows off the sexy curves.

If you have a triangle (or strawberry) shape, you have a more generous bustline and wider shoulders with somewhat slimmer hips. Straight leg jeans work very well with this body type because it helps to create more of a balance between the top and bottom halves of your body.

How do you wear straight leg jeans with boots?

The great thing about straight leg jeans is that they’re easy to wear with boots. The straight leg ends with an opening that is wide enough to accommodate many different styles of boots, so you can have all kinds of fun playing around with your footwear options and try all different kinds of looks.

For cold winter and rainy fall days, try ankle high hiking boots. Ankle boots work very well with straight leg boots, so play around with combat boots and other styles of boots to create different outfit ideas. Straight leg styles are great for fall and winter wear for just this reason. You can still wear boots that are ready to handle the weather even while wearing a stylish, fashionable pair of jeans.

Straight leg jeans look great with high heeled boots of all kinds. Try wearing them with cowboy (or cowgirl) boots, stilettos and other styles, depending on the type of look you’re trying to create. With the ay the jeans fall on the ankles, high heeled designed are beautifully displayed. This is also a good fashion hack if your jeans are just a little too long. The slightly longer length and high heels can have an elongating, slimming effect on your legs.

Classic chelsea boot styles, which are distinct for their lace-free uppers, work very well with straight leg jeans. This is a great look for fall weather. The smooth, seamless design of chelsea boots is beautifully displayed with straight leg styles.

How do you style jeans to create an evening look?

When you want to wear straight leg jeans as part of your evening fashion, there are many ways you can dress up your look to be evening-ready. A silky blouse, either a ruffled shirt or a tank top, looks great with jeans. Add a layer, if desired, with a short, cropped jacket. A handbag with a little sparkle on it and some sexy high heels are always great for any evening outfit. Now is the time to wear your sparkling jewelry! A little bling and a little sparkle is a great way to dress up an outfit with straight leg jeans.

Keep shirts and jackets short, no longer than hip-length, so you can show off your thighs. That’s what straight leg jeans are all about. They’re meant to fit through the thigh and hang straight from there, showing off your hips and a little leg curviness.

A cute peplum blouse that has a ruffle of fabric around the waist is a really great companion for straight leg jeans. This emphasizes your curves and makes your waist look smaller, too a combination that can’t be beat. This adds a bit of flair to any nighttime straight leg jeans outfit.

How should your jeans fit?

How well your jeans fit is everything when it comes to how you look. Even in a more relaxed fit design, the waist of the jeans should fit close but not tight. You don’t want it to dig into your skin. The jeans should fit well enough that you don’t have to wear a belt to keep them in place but not restrictive on your body. You should be able to fit two finger widths into the waist of the jeans. 

The butt and thighs of the jeans should fit well, sitting close to the skin. However, you should still have plenty of room to move, bend, twist and squat. You also want the crotch fit well. It should not be a drooping, roomy area. However, you don’t want the crotch to be restrictive. Straight fit jeans should fit close to the thigh and hips, hugging the rear end and waist. From the widest part of the hips or thighs, the jeans will fit straight down.

Can you wear straight leg jeans as a shorter person?

People with shorter legs or a shorter overall height can definitely wear straight leg jeans but it’s not always easy to find that perfect fit. Jeans that sit at or higher than the natural waist tend to end at the right point on the legs, rather than dragging on the ground. You can also search for styles specific styled for short or petite frames. These jeans will have a hemline that matches your height. 

Another styling trick for shorter body types is to wear solid-colored denim, rather than jeans that are faded in spots. A solid, uniform color down the jeans will have a lengthening effect on the body. 

How do you keep the color in jeans from fading?

Experts say you actually shouldn’t wash your jeans too frequently. Unless they become soiled or you have worn them several times without a wash, you don’t have to do anything special to clean your jeans. When you do wash them, turn them inside-out first. Use a color safe detergent. Wash the jeans in cold water on the gentle cycle. This will help prevent fading and shrinking. 

You should also let the jeans air dry. They may be stiff at first but they will soften up with wear. Don’t ever use bleach on jeans and don’t dry them outside in direct sunlight, as this can make the color fade.

How do you style ankle boots with straight leg jeans?

Ankle boots and straight leg jeans are a perfect match. These items look great together. In fact, you can wear ankle boots of all different styles with straight leg jeans. That includes combat boots, work boots, hiking boots, fashion boots, flat boots and heeled boots. The ankle high length works well with the somewhat wider leg openings of straight leg jeans. Most types of boots fit well with these jeans. That means you have lots of different fashion choices and you can experiment with all sorts of outfit ideas.


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