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What is the most popular color for jeans?

Ever wonder what's the most popular color for jeans? We crunched the numbers and put together a jean color popularity chart. Check it out.

Yellow, blue and red jeans

The results are in.

We did some serious number crunching to answer the all-important question “what is the most color for jeans?

And get this, it’s not “blue”.

Answer: Black jeans is the most popular jean color that is searched for online.

Chart setting out most popular color for jeans

Chart setting out most popular color for jeans

PLEASE NOTE, I believe black came out on top because jeans by default are considered blue so fewer people search “blue” with jeans.  Instead, they just search “jeans” so our results are askew.

How did we gather this data?

We used software that collects monthly search volume for billions of online searches.  While the software doesn’t proclaim to 100% accurate, in our experience it’s quite good.  Accordingly, our data is based on monthly search volume for the different colors with “jeans” attached to it.

Yes, it’s a very simple data collection method but let’s face it, what people search for online is a strong indicator of what’s popular.

What’s surprising

What’s surprising is the actual number of monthly searches for green, pink, orange, yellow jeans.  Actually, I think yellow jeans look great… along with red.

I guess colorful jeans adds some color and brightness.

I’m also surprised just how popular black jeans are.  I’m not a big fan of black jeans, but then I don’t look all that great in black.  I’m more suited for blue.

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