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What to Wear with Black Jeans?

Learn to style black jeans for any occasion, even how to put together an office look using these jeans. Choose slimming black as the color for your denim pants to create a casual yet elegant look.

A woman wearing a pair of black jeans, black strappy sandals and a long brown coat.

When learning to style black jeans, it is more important to learn how not to style them. When you learn a few essential dos and don’ts you can put together any outfit easily. You start with a pair of black jeans and build from there.

Always start with the denim first. Your essential, basic black jean can be the only denim you wear in the outfit, or you can pair them with a jean jacket. Silks work well with black denim. A creamy silk button-down shirt with a pair of jet black denim creates a sophisticated, casual look.

Round it out with cream flats or pumps and a matching clutch purse. While the outfit sounds simple, black denim pairs well with nearly every material, providing you the opportunity to create complexity in your styling while remaining casual in the feel. The color black lends an air of formality while denim lets you feel casual.

What Are Black Jeans?

This is a man wearing a pair of ripped black jeans, black shirt and a brown leather jacket.

Any denim pant dyed black qualifies as black jeans. That may sound overly simple, but it is factual. Any rise, any cut, any style, whether for women or men, to call them black jeans instead of blue jeans only requires that they be dyed black.

A Brief History of Black Jeans

Inventor Levi Strauss developed denim pants as work pants. He recognized the need for miners to have tough pants in 1852 but did not introduce his denim jeans until 1873. He worked with tailor Jacob Davis to develop the pants that rather than sewn were riveted together with copper rivets.

While many cuts of jeans exist now, in the 1800s, everyone wore boot-cut jeans. Today, you can choose from the skinny, wide leg, bell bottom, flared, capris, and more. We can choose from three rises, high-, mid-, and low-rises. Jeans in bright colors and black jeans became a fashion item in 2008. Since black jeans have only existed since 2008, it is no surprise that you might want and need a guide to styling black jeans.

Fashion Rules to Follow

A woman wearing a pair of cropped skinny black jeans with gray shirt.

While the bright colors of jeans lent themselves to party looks, like other black clothing, these jeans became a dressy staple. The hearty nature of denim combined with the current trend toward high-waisted jeans makes these a perfect choice for those who want jeans that makes them seem slimmer. This color of jeans dresses up easily for the office and the weekend. You can easily create numerous stylish outfits by following seven simple rules when wearing black jeans.

  1. Wear all black. Make it a monochrome outfit and make sure the shades of black match. Use the color of the jeans like the one to match. If your jeans begin to fade in their shade, you can re-dye them, so they continue to match your other pieces. If you wear a denim jacket, it should match in color.
  2. Choose a cut of jeans that complements your appearance. You can appear slimmer, curvier, long-legged, etc. with the correct choice. If you are overweight, high-waisted, black jeans with Lycra make the ideal choice for you. Choose a boot cut, so it flares a bit at the bottom. This ankle height flare matches the hip, and this creates the illusion of a long leg, making the boot cut a great choice for shorter individuals who want to appear taller. If you have a lanky build, choose slim-fit jeans. Black skinny jeans were made for you. You can wear it like no others.
  3. Avoid wearing both a black belt and black shoes. You will go too monochrome. You should not wear brown either though. You should match your accessories but read the next rule to know how to apply this.
  4. Choose a belt and shoes in contrasting colors, such as white or red. These are the most common two combinations, but you can wear any color. Forest green or a sunny yellow can create a fun look.
  5. Keep your jeans clean. Their black color will not hide dirt better. It will do just the opposite. Spot clean any stains in the restroom using a warm washcloth or paper towel and hand soap or laundry detergent. If you typically spill things when eating, try to avoid wearing them out for meals.
  6. Avoid wearing baggy black jeans. Black jeans should fit your body, so baggy jeans just won’t work. Their unflattering drape makes you look bigger. Choose straight-leg or fitted jeans.
  7. Choose high-quality denim pants that use the best quality materials and crafting. This does not mean you need to purchase haute couture although Versace has made some gorgeous black jeans. You can buy a pair of Levi 501s or 511s. Avoid off brands that use thin denim or single stitching.

Where Can You Buy Black Jeans?

WULFUL Men's Skinny Slim Fit Stretch Straight Leg Jeans/Black/34Wx32L

Shopping for black jeans online makes it easier to find them in any rise or cut and style. You can find these pants at major retailers like Amazon, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Kohl’s, Dillard’s, and Belk’s. Walmart and Target both carry black jeans in their clothing selections. You can shop in stores to try them on which you should the first time you buy black jeans.

That’s because this color of the denim will look different than typical blue jeans. The pants that look perfect in blue or stonewashed will appear strange in black at least on some builds. You may never purchase bootcut jeans but find that they would be your first choice in black jeans. Once you know what each cut looks like on your body when in black denim, you can shop online to build your perfect black jeans outfit.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a full ensemble outfit that includes a pair of black jeans.

Sure, you have the rules now, but you still have questions. Hey, we understand. Here are the most commonly asked questions and their answers.

Can you wear a contrasting color top with black jeans?

Of course, you can. Choose a dressier top such as a button-down shirt in a print or solid color. A solid color polo-style shirt also makes a good choice. Always tuck your shirt into your black jeans though. Only a sweater should be worn on the outside of these jeans, over the waistband.

Can you wear black jeans to the office?

Ultimately, your office’s dress code decides this. Check your company’s personnel manual to see if it includes jeans in its allowed attire. If they do, on a casual Friday or such, choose a fitted, but not tight pair. Jeggings are out.

They are too casual for an office. Choose a summer sweater, sweater, or tucked-in button-down shirt as your top. Pair it with a linen or wool blazer in black or the same color as your top. Avoid ripped jeans, also called distressed jeans, and black skinnies or any skinnies for that matter.

Can you find stretch jeans in black?

Yes, these denim pants with enhanced elasticity prove pretty common. They let you easily stretch and bend in them. They are not the same thing as jeggings or slim fit or skinny jeans. The latter two options refer to the cut of the blue jeans, while stretch jeans can come in any cut. Jeggings refer to leggings made from denim rather than cotton. Stretch jeans usually come in boot cut or straight leg, but not in belled or flared jeans.


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