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32 of the Best Online Baby Clothing Stores (Where to Buy)

Dress up your baby with adorable apparel and acessories from only the trusted and the best online baby clothing stores. Every parent needs to check them out. All price ranges - from economical to luxury.

A baby surrounded with various baby clothes.

Babies need clothing for all the same reasons as adults: to keep them protected from the weather and from potential hazards. Plus, babies just look adorable when they’ve got on little outfits. In cold weather and when babies are premature, they need extra layers of clothing. But babies grow every day. They also spit up, spill food from their mouths and make messes of all sorts. So the last thing you have time to do when you have a baby is to go shopping for clothes…yet, you need new clothes all the time. Make caring for an infant a little easier with online stores that offer durable, washable, affordable clothing that’s easy to shop for and ship. Because nothing about having a baby is easy but online shopping should be!

Online Baby Clothing Stores – Where to Buy Baby Clothes Online

Shopping online eliminates the need to get in the car, walk through the stores, dig through the racks and look for the items you need. You have to search for the size, search for the price, actually get dressed and put on shoes. Any little tasks is much more difficult when you’re also caring for a baby, or soon expecting one to arrive. Online shopping is a great solution when you know where to look for quality clothing, affordable clothing, cute clothing and whatever else you may need for your baby. With the right online baby clothing stores, you’ll always find the right clothes.

Below is a diverse group of our favorite online baby clothing stores where you can buy all kinds of infant, baby, toddler and kids’ clothing.  Some sell cute baby clothers. Others lean toward trendy baby clothes.  Some focus on quality and comfort.  You’ll find boutique baby stores that lean toward the higher price points as well as discount baby stores and everything in between.


=> Visit OshKosh Website

OshKosh baby clothing

Osh Kosh is synonymous for quality clothing for infants, babies and toddlers. It’s a very well-known name in the baby business, with a long history of providing quality children’s clothing and goods that goes back decades.  The website is easy to use and is a great place to buy baby clothes online.

Carter’s and Osh Kosh are reputable clothiers. The Carter’s & Osh Kosh online shopping platform offers kids clothes from both brands. The platform also enables you to shop for items made by beloved and trusted brands while saving money at the same time. You can also make use of the special offers and discounts that the site offers from time to time.

If you’re looking for cute and trendy baby clothes online, Osh Kosh is definitely worth a look.

Zappos Baby Shop

=> Shop the Zappos Website

Zappos baby clothing

Zappos is a true success story. The company started out 20 years ago as an online-only retailer selling shoes. But through offering good fashion at affordable rates, fast shipping and good customer service, Zappos expanded into a huge fashion online store that has everything, including an entire baby store dedicated to dressing the little ones.  You’ll find a good selection of clothes here from known designer labels, with plenty of options to keep you browsing.  With so much to choose from it’s an outstanding place to buy baby clothes online.  In fact, this can be your one-stop-apparel shop for infant baby clothes through to teenager and beyond.

Old Navy Baby

=> Shop Old Navy (Kids & Infants) Website

Old Navy baby clothing

Old Navy’s baby clothing selection is epic and the prices are completely reasonable… it’s well known for a place to buy cheap baby clothes… cheap is in inexpensive, not badly made. Old Navy has a reputation for offering a vast selection of quality and affordable clothes for both adults and children. The children’s fashion here is just as hip as the adult options.

Old Navy understands that kids need different clothes for every season. During the summer season, you can shop for brightly colored and light garments from the brand’s yearly summer collection. The selection changes seasonally so you can always shop for exactly what your child needs pretty easily.

GAP Baby

=> Shop GAP Baby Website

Gap baby clothing

GAP Baby is an infant clothing store and in our view is one of the best baby clothing stores, both online and brick and mortar.  It is among the leading apparel retailers in the world. Founded back in 1969, GAP has become a famous name in shopping. The brand’s clothing combines a variety of classic materials and styling. In recent years, Gap has been making more clothing from organic material and cut-up newspapers.

Disney Store

=> Shop the Disney Store Website

Disney Store baby clothing

For branded content that’s baby-friendly and also hip, you can hardly do better than the Disney Store. Disney now holds the rights for a huge variety of characters and franchises, including Winnie the Pooh, all those Disney princesses, all the Pixar movies, Star Wars and Marvel. You may have a little Rapunzel or Captain America at home. And they may really need clothing that will show that off. For that, you’re going to have to turn to Disney.

Disney has an absolutely enormous selection of branded baby clothing and an online storefront that’s searchable by all sorts of criteria, including franchise, character, color and size. There’s something for every little girl and boy to love at the Disney store, of course, and many items that will make you feel a little nostalgic, too.


=> Visit Walmart’s Baby Clothes Department 

Walmart baby clothing

Most people know Walmart as an ideal shopping destination for home goods and groceries. However, Walmart is also an exciting online platform to buy cute infant, toddler and kids’ clothing at great prices.  Walmart is pretty much one of the biggest discount infant, baby, toddler and kid clothing stores around (both online and physical locations). The platform lets you browse for the clothes you need based on the brand, character and age. You will also find a good section of school uniform items here.


=> Shop Zulily for Infants & Kids

Zulily stands out from other online baby and children’s clothes stores for its curated assortment of fresh and cute kid’s clothing. When browsing the online store, you will come across a new inventory of clothes made by leading brands such as Stride Rite. You will also find clothes made by niche companies, such as Room Seven and Candlesticks.

The online store operates as a flash-sale site, meaning that shoppers need to take advantage of the hourly offers before the stocks run out. Zulily also offers daily deals and free shipping services on selected items. If you shop smartly here, you can get a ton of great deals.


=> Shop Baby Clothes at Amazon

Simple Joys by Carter's Baby 3-Pack Neutral Sleep and Play, Elephant, Stripe, giraffe, 0-3 MonthsRanked among the top Internet companies in the world, Amazon is a one-stop online shopping destination for a variety of baby products, clothes and just about everything else you need. You will find exciting deals on baby and children’s clothes and shoes on this site.

The online retail giant boasts a recommendation engine that suggests products for customers. If you want to shop for clothes for your little one, the engine will give you recommendations to help you make a wise purchasing decision.

Amazon offers both new and established brands dealing with kids clothing. The prices on the online store are also reasonable. You can even enjoy free shipping deals and other exciting offers that Amazon offers regularly. You will find a review section on each product page where you can submit your thoughts about a product you recently purchased.

Hanna Andersson

=> Shop Hanna Anderson Baby Clothes

Hanna Andersson baby clothing

Hanna Andersson is a 30-year old Swedish retailer known for offering customers quality merchandise manufactured out of organic materials. The retail company usually tests natural materials using strict European certification standards.

We’d be remiss to not mention just how adorable and cute this online baby store’s offerings are.  You can find some the cutest baby clothes here and they are very high quality.

Product prices at Hanna Andersson are reasonable. The Swedish products on the online store are all about vibrant colors and a sturdy design aesthetic. Hanna Andersson offers worldwide shipping and delivery services, including absolute assurance on product returns.

All baby clothes here are made with 100 percent organic cotton that has no harsh chemicals. They’re also designed with protected zippers and stretchy knit designs that make it easy to get baby dressed and undressed. Everything is made with flatlock seams so baby won’t feel them. These clothes don’t fade, either, which is a huge feature.


=> Shop Uniqlo Baby Clothes

Uniqlo baby clothing

Uniqlo is a Japanese online fashion retailer known for its well-designed and straightforward children’s wear collections. The Japanese retailer also boasts of classic Breton-inspired striped trench coats and tees. Uniqlo is also an ideal online shopping platform for wardrobe staples for kids.

The company has been looking for ways to use sustainable solutions in clothing manufacturing and shipping for 20 years. Uniqlo has invested in making clothing from recycled materials and continues to work toward finding more Earth-friendly clothing solutions.


=> Shop Maisonette for Baby Clothes

Maisonette baby clothing

When you want an online baby boutique shopping experience, go here. Maisonette is the online department store offering luxury boutique clothes. It was founded by former Vogue veterans who spent their careers entrenched in spotting, featuring and showcasing the best of the best in fashion. Also, the two founders are both moms.

They took their passion and knowledge to launch Maisonette. And while the clothing is high-end, it’s also made to be highly durable to withstand whatever baby can throw at it. Some items here are very affordable, particularly when sales and special events are happening on the site.


Kohls baby clothing

Ranked among the largest department store retailers in the U.S., Kohl’s carries a big variety of clothing for babies. Kohl’s sells clothes from both new and established brands at reasonable prices.

The online storefront is very user-friendly. It displays a full toolbar of search options, displays different colors available for the items shown and it makes it easy to find the sale items, which is always a great feature.


Boden baby clothing

Boden is a British menswear brand that launched its U.S online store back in 2002. The brand has expanded its clothing line to include Mini Boden, which is a children’s wear line. Boden’s U.S online store is among the favorite platforms that shoppers use to get their kids trendy and elegant clothes.

Using their storefront, you can search for clothes by color pattern, activity and lots more options. The clothes can be a bit pricey but you’ll see why. Many of the clothes here have little touches and extra details that really do put them over the top.

Children’s Place

Children's Place baby clothing

The Children’s Place really has all the clothing for baby you might need, everything from sleepwear to outerwear to shoes and accessories. You can fully outfit your little one here and you can actually afford to do it. The storefront offers sales on items all the time and the clothes are already reasonably priced, so you don’t have to spend a small fortune every time you buy a few new things.


Ranked as the second-largest department store retailer in the U.S., Target has its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota and currently runs over 1,800 stores. You probably already know Target. But do you know it also stocks clothing for children among its wide range of products?

Target began its operations back in 1902. Today, it’s a modern store with a strong online presence that’s chock-full of baby items at very reasonable prices.

For good deals and decent selection, Target’s website and physical locations make it one of the top baby clothes stores.


AlexAndAlexa prides itself on being an ideal one-stop online store for brand-conscious buyers. The online store targets shoppers who value quality over everything when buying clothing items for their kids. You will find a great mix of luxurious clothing from world-renowned brands, including Ralph Lauren, Kenzo, Dolce & Gabbana, Chloé and Armani Jr.

Here, you can find clothes for baby ranging from formal wear to casual wear. The prices do match the designer labels, so this site may not suit the budget-conscious. However, you can take advantage of seasonal offers that allow shoppers to get up to 70 percent off on their purchases. This makes it possible to snag a high-end designer piece to make your baby the most well-dressed tot on the block.


Among frequent online shoppers, 6PM is an online clothing retailer known for its exciting discounts on clothing. It’s actually a retail division of Zappos, the online shopping site known for its shoes. There is a huge selection of baby and toddler shoes available at 6PM but you’ll find lots of affordable items on all types of clothes for little ones here, too. This is a great site for bargain hunters who don’t want to spend a lot on their clothing.


H&M believes in affordable, sustainable fashion for all. That includes babies and that’s why H&M has a big selection of cool clothing items for babies and toddlers. Many of the clothes here are made in blends and natural materials that won’t irritate the skin of newborn babies.

The online storefront has lots of cool features that make browsing easier. You can even add favorite items to your list and purchase them later.

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is well-known for providing people of all ages with affordable fashion. There are tons of cute baby clothes here and the affordable prices make shopping a pretty stress-free experience. There are always clearance items available here and it’s possible to shop for items by price, so you never spend more than what you’ve got.


When you take a pair of Levi’s jeans and shrink them down to baby size, they become truly adorable. That’s the kind of stuff you’ll find at the Levi’s online store, along with a bunch of other baby items. They have a ton of branded gear here, including T-shirts and socks so you can style baby from head to toe in Levi’s. The company invented blue jeans in 1873 and has gone on to become of the most trusted names in clothing. Levi’s is known for making tough but stylish apparel, which makes it a good choice for all shoppers.

Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer sells brightly colored clothing for babies and toddlers. If you believe that babies should be dressed in bright, vibrant colors and fun patterns, you need to do your shopping here.
It was around 1959 when Lilly Pulitzer opened up a juice stand in her Florida town. The business went well but her clothes suffered. She went to a dressmaker and said she needed a dress to hide the juice stains she was going to end up with eventually. The dressmaker’s design was brightly colored and the pattern was sort of fun and wild. Lilly loved it and soon, she was selling dresses instead of juice. Needless to say, Lilly’s designs became a hit.

Ralph Lauren

When only designer labels will do for your little one, turn to Ralph Lauren. This famous designer label has been producing clothing of all kinds, including sleepwear, for decades. They have an entire line of baby and infant clothing as well.

You will pay for the designer name but these kid’s clothes are made to be extremely high-quality. There’s a lot of cashmere, extra stitching for durability, soft fleece and other luxury features. And sometimes, you can catch stuff on sale.


Burberry is one of the most recognizable designer labels thanks to the signature plaid pattern you’ll find on their items. This plaid brands clothing just as effectively as any logo. Burberry actually began as early as 1856, when Thomas Burberry decided that clothing should protect people from the weather as much as it should look stylish. From this simple idea, the Burberry brand was born.

This company is still making clothing that is warm and highly stylish. That goes for the baby clothes, too. Burberry was the first to invent gabardine fabric, a breathable and yet waterproof material. This has become the centerpiece of the famed Burberry raincoats.

There’s an entire selection of clothes here, not just raincoats. If you’re in the mood for something very high-end, well-made and durable for your baby, Burberry is a really good choice. You will pay more for the high quality and the designer look but for a special occasion, something designer may just be in order.


Though the company specializes in maternity clothes, Ingrid+Isabel makes several adorable items for newborn babies as well. If you’re in the market for some coordinated onesie sets, cute T-shirts and sleepwear for your little one, take a minute to browse around here. The clothes here are in soft colors and they’re available for affordable prices.

Ingrid+Isabel began in 2001 when Ingrid got pregnant with her first child. She created stretchy and comfy maternity clothing and expanded the label to include baby clothes and postpartum clothing as well.


Peejamas makes nighttime clothing for infants, with designs that are geared toward assisting with potty training. This clothing is affordable and eco-friendly when compared to disposable diapers. They’re also super cute, soft and cozy.

This clothing is made from certified fabrics that are absorbent, safe on skin and soft to the touch. Peejamas makes pajamas, sleep sets, bottoms, trainers, peel-away pads and everything you need for potty training.


If you need affordable, machine-washable, everyday clothing, Bonds is a great option. This clothing isn’t about bright colors and bold graphics and cute sayings. This clothing is about keeping baby warm and protected, which is what clothing is supposed to do, without breaking your bank.

They have a big selection of items here, everything from coveralls and bodysuits to leggings and trackies. Bonds is an Australian company that ships to the U.S.

River Island

River Island has all types of clothes for both girls and boys. They have all the basics, like cute dresses and snug onesies, but they also offer items like complete snowsuits and adorable matching sets.

River Island has been in the fashion business for over six decades. They have stores all over the UK but through the magic of the internet, U.S.-based buyers can now take advantage of their variety of quality clothing. River Island clothes are moderately priced enough to suit most budgets.


PatPat was founded in 2014 by two friends who noticed that clothing for children wasn’t all that stylish or even all that functional. They decided to change all this with their own clothing, which is made to be colorful and great-looking, as well comfortable and easy to take on and off.

Best of all, the clothing here is highly affordable. Items are often available in multiple colors. There are also frequent sale items, so you can save even more money. PatPat has baby boy clothes and baby girl clothes.

Gerber Childrenswear

Gerber has been a trusted name in baby food since 1927, when a mother named Dorothy Gerber began straining foods to make something her seven-month-old daughter could eat. Her husband saw her efforts and told her that it would easier to strain the food at his canning company. When workers in the plant began begging for samples of the food for their own babies, the Gerbers knew they had a big idea on their hands.

But many people don’t know that Gerber also makes a whole line of clothing for baby boys and girls. The Gerber clothing store carries everything from matched sets to sleepwear to accessories. You can shop for organic clothing here, too. The clothing is very affordable and Gerber runs sales on items all the time at deeply discounted prices.

Gerber was the company that invented the Onesies brand, which has gone on to become hugely popular. With that kind of legacy, you know there’s good shopping at Gerber.

Life Is Good

Life Is Good carries cute, comfy bodysuits and T-shirts for your little one. These items have adorable graphics and lots of rich colors. The company was started by two brothers who had a simple message: “life is good.” Today, they are a huge, socially responsible company providing quality clothing for people of all ages, including babies and toddlers.

Burt’s Bees Baby

Burt’s Bees was started in the 1980s by a couple who left their big-city lives in Manhattan and San Francisco to go into the wilds of Maine, where they started a bee farm. They began experimenting with ways to use beeswax and created a lip balm that would, eventually, launch an enormous business. The company is well-known now for selling a huge range of cosmetics and skin care products that are all made from natural ingredients with no animal testing, using responsible sourcing practices and shipped in recyclable packaging. But many parents don’t know about the huge line of clothing items for baby from the famous brand.

You can shop for baby’s wardrobe here and get everything you need. There’s a huge range of items, including sleepwear, leggings sets, cute sweaters and adorable holiday-themed stuff. Everything is very affordably priced and there are frequent sales items and store events that offer up big savings.

Tea Collection

Tea Collection provides affordable, good-looking clothes in a range of styles for babies and children of all ages. You can search for items under $10 and under here, so shopping on a budget is a breeze on this site. There are sales happening here all the time, too, which makes bargain-hunting even more fun. The designs here draw inspiration from fashion from around the world to create a global style, hiring designers from all over the world. They practice ethical sourcing and adhere to their own fair trade standards.


Anyone who cares for a baby, even if it’s only for a temporary period of time, ends up with a ton of questions. You’ll have questions about food, bathing, toenails and yes, clothing. There’s so much to know about caring for babies and infants, it can feel very daunting. Start with getting some of those clothing questions off your mind with the answers to the most commonly asked questions about baby clothes.

What about buying used baby clothes online?

The second-hand baby clothing market is huge and for good reason. Once your baby or babies are no longer babies, you don’t need the stuff. Most of your clothes won’t wear out, because the baby will grow out of them before that happens.

If you’re in the market for baby clothes and want to save a bundle, Facebook Marketplace is an amazing place to get used clothes. In fact, you can find people giving away mountains of clothes. If it’s being sold, it’s inexpensive and you get a lot of it. There are also many online stores that specialize in selling secondhand items.

When should you start shopping for baby clothes?

You want to have clothes ready for the baby before the baby girl or baby boy arrives, so it’s good to start thinking about clothes as soon as you know you’ll be caring for a baby and before you have a newborn on your hands. Get some actual physical items into your home in the third trimester of pregnancy, after you’ve done your research and looked for hand-me-downs from associates and online marketplaces.

Even with helpful donations, there will be items you need or want to buy. Start buying about two to three months before the baby is born so you can have several outfits, sleep sets, accessories and outerwear items already. [Source: Gerber Childrenswear]

Is baby clothing flame resistant?

The answer to whether or not baby clothing is flame-resistant is both yes and no, strangely enough. The U.S. federal government does have some flammability standards in place in regards to children’s sleepwear sized for children nine months old to size 14. Sleepwear for smaller and larger children is not regulated and no other clothing items are required to adhere to flammability standards. [Source: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission]

However, some manufacturers make and sell their own flame-resistant clothing to add another level of safety to their products. If fire safety is a big concern for you, seek out clothing that is specifically marked for flame resistance.

What are baby clothing sizes?

Many clothing manufacturers use their own baby clothes size charts, which means your baby won’t wear the same size across brands. You always want to look at the size chart for any item you buy online and then compare this to the size of your baby. Along with the size of the item, the size chart will also contain weight, height/length or both. Choose your size based on your baby’s weight or measurement, rather than going by the actual number sizes.

Where can I donate baby clothing?

There’s practically no limit to places where you can donate your gently used clothing for babies. Charitable organizations like Goodwill are always accepting donations. In fact, these places using have a night drop where you can make donations any time day or night.

You can also turn to local churches, which are often (if not always) accepting donations of all kinds. Search for local parenting groups as well. These groups may hold regular clothing drives where they ask for secondhand items that can be sold or given to expectant caregivers.

Why do babies eat clothes?

You may notice your baby attempting to “eat” their clothing, or at least to appear to be chewing on it. While this may feel alarming since those clothes are not meant to be a toy, baby mouthing is extremely common behavior that almost all healthy infants practice, according to Healthline. They’ll put anything in their mouths, even another baby’s foot. Usually starting at around three to five months of age, infants will begin to put anything they can in their mouths and making chewing motions. This includes their clothing, your hand and literally any other item within reach.

Children do this for a number of reasons. This is a common symptom of teething when babies chew on things to relieve the pain of growing new teeth. They’re also hungry all the time because they’re growing so rapidly, so they are searching for food on a primal level. Chewing or sucking on items is also a form of self-soothing.

Mouthing is scary because you have to remain constantly vigilant to be sure children do not put something in their mouths that is harmful. Small items they can potentially choke on, toxic items that can cause them harm and hot or cold items that can cause them pain are all constant hazards. But don’t try to discourage mouthing. This is actually a natural way that babies build their immune systems. As they come into contact with everyday germs, the immune system naturally responds to these unwanted critters. The mouthing process helps condition baby’s body to recognize bacteria and viruses and through this, the immune system learns how to fight these bad dudes off.

Provide baby with a healthy way to practice mouthing by providing them with items made for them to chew on. Teething rings and teething items are available in most places that sell baby items. Always keep at least one chewable within reach of baby so they have something healthy on which to literally cut their teeth.

Why do babies take their clothes off?

At some point, pretty much every parent is going to know the frustration of getting the little one all dressed and ready, only to find the child completely naked soon after. Babies usually start taking their clothes off between ages two to four, though it can happen earlier or later as well. It’s weird and it’s embarrassing when it happens in a public place or in front of a guest but it’s also very normal. Children do this because first, they’re practicing the new skill of undressing themselves. Second, they’re pushing boundaries to see what they’re allowed to do. And third, it feels pretty great to simply be naked. That’s true at any age.

Children grow out of this behavior. Like many other oddities you will notice during their development, this will pass. So take it all in stride. If you aren’t going anywhere and there are no guests around, consider letting them stay naked for a bit. If not, try explaining to them that they need to be dressed while in front of people but that they can be undressed at certain times when they’re home. Dress them again and try not to have much of a reaction. Remember, it will pass. [Source: What to Expect]

What baby clothing do I need?

Babies need a lot of clothing and will continue to need a lot of clothing as they grow. When you’re just starting out, you want to have several items for baby. The baby will spit up on their clothing and make messes on their clothes, so they will need fresh outfits often. You may not have a lot of time for doing laundry, so it helps to have lots of clothes.
Try to have four to six bodysuits and four to six one-piece outfits they can wear. You also want to have around five T-shirts, at least, and two to four pairs of long pants. Don’t forget socks or booties. You want to have at least four pairs of these. [Source: Parents]

How much clothing should baby wear at night?

The amount of clothing your baby needs to wear at night while they sleep depends on the temperature in the environment where they are sleeping. According to the American Association of Pediatricians, babies should wear a single layer of lightweight clothing in environments that are 75 degrees F and above. A diaper does not count as a layer but a bodysuit or one-piece romper does. If the environment is cooler than 75 degrees F, add another layer. Babies can also be swaddled, which means wrapped up and tucked in, to a blanket. The swaddle should fit close around the arms, not too tight, and be a bit looser around the legs so baby still has room to move. Once babies are old enough to roll, around two to six months of age, stop swaddling them. [Source:]

How much will you spend on baby clothes a month?

Babies are expensive! They require all sorts of special items that can be costly, such as a crib and and car seat, they use a lot of disposable products you will have to constantly replace and don’t forget the toys, clothes and shoes. According to Investopedia, caregivers should budget around $50 a month for clothing for the first year of a baby’s life. Smart shoppers who hunt for bargains can make do with less but some parents will spend this much on a single item, so where and how you shop definitely affects this budget.