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17 Great Sneaker Brands

From Puma to Prada and Gucci to Reebok, sneakers are more popular than ever in 2021. This list of some of the best sneaker brands on the market will help you determine which pair are the right ones for you that will fit your style and your lifestyle.

Various sneakers on display at a store.

Choosing the right pair of sneakers can be a daunting task. I was recently on the hunt for a good pair of sneakers that would work well with my flat feet while I hit 10,000 steps per day. After some trial and error, I was able to find the perfect pair but it wasn’t easy. Hopefully, the list below of the best sneaker brands on the market today and information about each brand will help you in your search for the perfect pair of sneakers you.

Nike Sneakers

This is a close look at a Nike Air Max 270 React 'Bauhaus' White Trainers Athletic Sneakers on display.

Nike sneakers have always been trend-setting. The company was founded in 1964 by Phil King and Bill Bowerman, a track-and-field coach at that time at the University of Oregon. The company was then called Blue Ribbon Sports and Knight was a student of Bill Bowerman’s when he attended college there.

In 1966, the pair opened their first retail store then launched the Nike brand of shoes in 1972. In 1978 the company was renamed Nike, Inc. Nike creates sneakers for men, women, and children and the brand is known for its swish on the side of most of their different styles of sneakers.

The company is very innovative and always releasing new styles, including a Back to the Future style of shoe in 206 that is self-lacing. Nike is probably the most recognized and popular brand of sneakers on the market today.

Air Jordan

This is a close look at a Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG BG white, black and red sneaker.

A creation of Nike, these awesome sneakers were originally created for Michael Jordan, the basketball legend himself, before released for purchase by anyone in 1984. Masses of people loved these shoes so much when they first were released that there was an actual increase of crime throughout the United States because people were being robbed of their Air Jordan sneakers. One of the main attractions of Air Jordan sneakers is the collectible element since there are many special releases and collaborations out there to purchase.


This is a close look at a woman wearing a pair of white Adidas sneakers.

When it comes to the current war of sneakers, the Adidas brand may very well be winning the battle. Several big-name celebrities have worked with Adidas to create their own styles of sneakers including Pharrell and Rita Ora. When I was a kid, my friend Lisa was the first one in our neighborhood to get a pair of Adidas sneakers for Christmas and then we, of course, all followed suit because everybody had to have a pair.


This is a close look at a woman wearing a pair of black Converse sneakers.

These legendary brand of sneakers has been around for over 100 years. Converse sneakers made their debut as basketball shoes on the court to sneakers on the streets in the early 1900s. This brand has several iconic brands including Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers and CONS. Converse offers a wide range of styles including low tops and high tops to sneaker boots and everything in between. The 100-Year-Old Design Icon

Common Projects

A pair of women's sneakers from Common Projects.

Source: Common Projects

Common Projects has been the trendsetter when it comes to making minimalism cool. These minimalistic sneakers offer a modern design with clean lines and a wide range of contemporary colors. The company has been around since the early 2000s when they released their Achilles Low Model in 2004.


A close look at a woman wearing a pair of white Keds sneakers.

A pair of all-white Keds was my very first pair of sneakers when I was only four years old and joined the Tiny Tots and Americettes Baton Corp. All of the majorettes had to have all-white Keds so that everyone’s shoes matched each other and our red, white, and blue uniforms. Keds offers a simple yet chic sneaker that you can wear with anything on any given day. They make sizes for all ages and the company is well-known for its signature brand, Champion sneakers.


A woman wearing a pair of Balenciaga sneakers.

Made of gorgeous Italian leather, Balenciaga sneakers offer a timelessness that is not found in other sneakers. They are very exquisite and can be worn with basically any outfit, including shorts or suits. This luxury brand of sneakers is becoming increasingly popular with both men and women throughout the world so that they can ditch their dress shoes and trade them in for a pair of comfortable sneakers that still look stylish with their outfits.

New Balance

This is a close look at a man wearing a pair of New Balance sneakers by the sea.

Known as the purist’s brand of sneakers, New Balance has been around for more than a century. It may be an older brand but with the company’s mixture of innovative ideas, modern designs, and the latest in performance technology, New Balance offers tons of options in stylish footwear with plenty of function that is keeping up just fine with all of the latest sneaker trends.


This is a close look at a man wearing a pair of chunky white Fila sneakers.

The Fila brand offers an array of quality sneakers for men and women that a comfortable shoe to wear. They are great for playing tennis, running or jogging, and even for walking to hit your goal of 10,000 steps each day. Fila developed their classic sneaker in the 19802 and they were extremely popular then and are making a comeback in today’s market. In other words, they are no longer considered just dad sneakers.


This is a close look at a Reebok sneaker on a shelf on display at a store.

When it comes to sneaker culture, Reebok is a name that everyone seems to know, especially athletes. Reeboks are created to inspire people to try their absolute best and many people remain faithful to this brand. It was born in Great Britain and is now a subsidiary of the Adidas brand of sneakers. It is one of the oldest sneaker brands in the United Kingdom and offers many different styles, including its top sneakers of the Club, the Workout, and the Classic for both men and women. The many styles of this brand can be worn to the gym or out on the streets.


This is a close look at a pair of Gucci sneakers on display.

Gucci is obviously a well-known brand when it comes to fashion but the company also produces luxury sneakers, Thanks to creative director Alessandro Michele. the Italian fashion house has set in stone a new standard when it comes to luxury sneakers with their shoes that feature clean minds and gorgeous embroidery that will make your friends jealous when you wear them to an event.


A pair of Allbirds wool women's runners from Walmart.

Source: Walmart

Allbirds sneakers are becoming increasing popular and one of many brands on the market now that are eco-friendly. The San Francisco-based company offers sneakers for women and men and their Smallbirds line is designed for children. They are a sustainable sneaker that has reached cultlike status in less than a decade and are considered one of the most comfortable shoes in sneaker culture.

The company offers a wide selection of shoes, from running shoes and higher rise running shoes called mizzles to skippers, breezers, loungers, and toppers. The colors offered are soft and very easy to match with your outfits. The company was founded by Tim Brown from New Zealand and Joey Zwillinger who is an American renewables expert. The shoes are made of merino wool.


This is a close look at a man wearing a pair of Skecher sneakers with his ripped jeans.

Founded in 1992 by Robert Greenberg, Skechers has quickly become a popular brand in an array of styles since the early days of skate shoes and utility-style boots. These sneakers and shoes are stylish in come in an array of colors, including vegan-friendly styles made of wool.


A pair of white Puma sneakers on display.

The veteran sneaker company, Puma, is keeping up with the latest sneaker trends and offering new and innovative styles and colors. The brand is offered in more than 120 countries throughout the world and boasts fast shoes that are designed specifically for fast athletes but an array of other styles also for men, women, and children. The colors are vibrant and Grammy-award winning songstress, Rihanna, has even jumped on board with Puma to create her own line of sneakers, Puma’s Fenty range.


A man wearing a pair of Vans sneakers with his ripped jeans.

Vans is an old, reliable brand of footwear who creates styles that are popular with everyone, from surfers and skaters to people just walking down the street. The company’s footwear is fashionable yet practical in his been around since the 1960s. They offer a style that is California cool with its designs rooted in skater-boy heritage. Many rock stars in hip hop icons love to wear Vans while on stage.


A close look at a man wearing a pair of Fendi white sneakers.

Fendi is an Italian luxury label and produces some of the most stylish sneakers on the market today. The brand is touted as being high-fashion that are very bold and artistic. From different types of embellishments to cartoon eyes and different styles of shearling trim, this brand offers an array of weird yet wonderful features in their line of sneakers. Shearling trim, cartoon eyes, hits of color, and embellishments are just a few of the weird and wonderful features you can expect when shopping for sneakers with Fendi.


A pair of colorful Prada sneakers on display.

Both men and women will find sneakers they love in the Prada brand’s sneakers line. The brand is known for its iconic amount of sleekness and chicness with quirky aesthetics that people seem to be drawn to for a different look and style when it comes to sneakers. This awesome brand offers sneakers that sport metallic designs, unique prints, and odd-shaped cut-outs.

FAQs About Sneakers

Which sneakerbrand is the best?

Some of the best sneaker brands include Balenciaga, Nike, Puma, and Gucci, depending on your style preferences and the places you will be wearing your sneakers.

What is the most expensive sneaker?

The most expensive sneakers are normally vintage ones that collectors purchase. For example, one of the largest sales was a pair of Michael Jordan’s game-worn Air Jordan 1s. They sold for a whopping $560,000.

What is the most popular sneaker?

Since the election of Kamala Harris to the position of Vice President of the United States of America, her love of Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars has been all the rage. Harris’s preference for wearing non-traditional footwear on the campaign trail and in her role as Vice President on many occasions has increased the popularity of “Chucks.” She was recently quoted in an interview The Cut as saying, “I run through airports in my Converse sneakers.

I have a whole collection of Chuck Taylors: a black leather pair, a white pair, I have the kind that don’t lace, the kind that do lace, the kind I wear in the hot weather, the kind I wear in the cold weather, and the platform kind for when I’m wearing a pantsuit.”

What are the coolest sneakers for 2021?

Retro-style sneakers seem to be making a comeback as the top three sneakers all fall into that category and include 990v5 Sneakers by New Balance that retail for about $175, Reebok’s Club C 85 Sneakers that you can purchase for about $70, and the Nike Daybreak Sneakers that cost about $90.