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Should You Wear Socks with Crocs? If So, How? Which Socks?

Woman wearing socks with Crocs

Short answer: I don’t wear Crocs with socks but you can.  It’s not a style concern because let’s face it, nobody wears Crocs for style. They are not stylish. Crocs are comfortable, practical and functional.  I’m not knocking Crocs; I wear them a lot.  In fact, Iike them so much I have Crocs that are “fur” lined. It’s not real fur; Crocs calls them “Lined” Crocs.  These I can wear in colder weather.

Generally speaking, I don’t wear socks with sandals, Crocs, flip flops or any open footwear.  I don’t like the look one bit (even if it’s pretty much impossible to make Crocs look uglier).

Can you wear socks with Crocs?

Yes, you can technically wear socks with Crocs. I’ve done it here and there.  The scenario could be I’m in the house and need to run outside so I quickly slip on Crocs and go outside. In other words, it’s physically possible. In fact, Crocs typically are roomy footwear so there’s plenty of room to accommodate socks.  My feet feel secure; it’s not like I can’t walk or do all the things I normally do while wearing Crocs without socks.

Another option is if you wear pants with Crocs, which I do.  If the pants are long enough, nobody will see the socks with Crocs. This would be totally fine.

What are the best socks to wear with Crocs?

1. Short socks (as in really short so you don’t see them)

I’m talking about no-show socks.  Here’s an example:

Saucony Men's Multi-Pack Mesh Ventilating Comfort Fit Performance No-Show Socks, Black Basic (6 Pairs), Shoe Size: 8-12

Source: Amazon

There’s nothing more unstylish than any kind of open footwear with long, knee-high socks. It looks so bad.  Back in the day when Tevas were all the rage, far too many people wore them with ugly, white, knee-high socks. It looked terrible.  If you’re going to wear socks with Crocs (unless bombing around the house and you don’t care what you look like), shorter socks are best… so short that they can’t be seen.

2. Thick wool socks look okay with Crocs

Again from a style angle, if you do wear socks with Crocs, you could wear some classic wool socks pushed down a bit for the outdoor look.  That might work well. I don’t do it but it’s more acceptable than dress socks (yikes) or knee-high white socks (double yikes).  Here are the classic wool socks I’m talking about:

EBMORE Wool Socks for Women Hiking Boot Warm Knit Cozy Winter Crew Duty Work Soft Socks Stocking Stuffers Gift for Ladies 5 Pack(Multicolor-V (5 pairs))

Source: Amazon

3. Crocs and sock with pants is fine

That is long pants so you don’t see the socks will work.  In fact, Crocs, socks and pants is a good look.

Should sock color match Crocs or not when wearing socks with Crocs?

Ahhhhh… that’s a tough question actually.  It depends on the statement you want to make. If you wish to conceal the sock, yes (and ensure it’s a no-show sock).  However, if you have navy blue Crocs but want to show the world you’re gutsy enough to don socks with those Crocs, put on some white socks. They’ll show through the large holes.  If I were to wear socks with Crocs outside my house, I’d either match the sock with the Croc color or wear complementary colored socks… neutral with neutral. I have navy blue Crocs and dark green (my lined Crocs are dark green).  For both, neutral-colored socks would work such as gray and blue.

Can you wear Crocs without socks?

By now you probably know my stance on this. Yes, yes, yes you can (and should) wear Crocs without socks. I rarely wear Crocs with socks; the only time I do is around the house when I need to slip them on quickly.  Crocs are ugly enough. They look worse with socks… although a plush wool sock can look okay with Crocs.

What you might not know is that celebrities have been known to wear Crocs with socks

No joke. I’m not suggesting that just because celebs wear socks with Crocs that it looks good… but style is relative.  You might consider extremely flared out bell-bottom pants ugly but once upon a time they were very fashionable.  Which celebs wear socks with Crocs?  Justin Bieber, Lebron James, Pharrel, and Ariana Grande. I’m sure there are more.

Beware of water though

Because Crocs are open and many designs have holes all over, unless you want your socks soaking wet, don’t wear socks with Crocs in the rain or if near water.  In fact, Crocs make for great footwear that can get wet (lakeside, beach, etc.) and in these situations you definitely do not want to wear socks with Crocs.

If you want warm feet wearing Crocs, buy lined Crocs

Crocs Men's and Women's Classic Lined Clog

Source: Amazon

I have a pair of lined Crocs and they do keep my feet warm. Again, they aren’t good if it’s raining or in water, but otherwise, they keep my feet warm and I enjoy the comfort of Crocs.  The downside is they too are not exactly the most stylish footwear on the planet.  Wearing Crocs is like giving the fashion world the middle finger.

Will feet sweat too much with socks and Crocs?

Because Crocs are pretty much rubber encased around your foot, wearing socks might get them a bit sweaty.  Yeah, Crocs have breathing holes but if you wear socks for a long time with Crocs and are active, feet might get sweaty.  Cotton socks would be the worse for this. Socks that wick moisture away would probably be okay.

So where do you stand now?

Are you going to wear socks with Crocs?  It’s not the end of the world; after all, Crocs are ugly to begin with.  You really can’t hope to salvage the look.  Go for it but just know it ain’t pretty.