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8 Different Types of Jumpsuits for Women

Jumpsuits are extremely attractive and can be worn on almost any occasion. However, selecting a jumpsuit for your next formal event or day date with friends might be difficult. Here are some different types of jumpsuits that may go with your style.

A woman wearing a black jumpsuit.

Jumpsuits are a stylish, fun way to have a complete outfit for women. Jumpsuits are super fashionable, and they are perfect for just about any situation. There is a jumpsuit style for you, whether you are going grocery shopping, yoga class, or a formal event.

Choosing an appropriate jumpsuit for your circumstance requires a closer look at the cut, shape, and fabric used. Below, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular jumpsuits for women and better understand what makes this fashion trend so popular.  

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Overall Jumpsuits

YESNO Women Casual Loose Long Bib Pants Wide Leg Jumpsuits Baggy Cotton Rompers Overalls with Pockets (M PZZTYP2 Dark Army Green)

Nothing looks cuter than a pair of overalls, but overalls aren’t always appropriate for going out to meet friends. Overall jumpsuits give an attractive, updated look that is perfectly acceptable for a day date. Overall jumpsuits feature the traditional jumpsuit look, but with thin straps over the shoulders.

Choose to wear a shirt under the jumpsuit or wear it with bare shoulders. There are many variations of this look, some with thinner or thicker straps and some with different materials, so it is possible to customize your overall jumpsuit completely. Overall jumpsuits can be dressed up or dressed down.

Choose a light, cotton material with a fun pattern for your daytime outfit or an overall jumpsuit with a silky material and wide, flowy legs for a fun nighttime date.  

Short Jumpsuits

A woman wearing short jumpsuit.

Jumpsuits can be any length and aren’t relegated to a pants-only option. Wearing jumpsuits cut short is the perfect look for summer. Sometimes referred to as a “romper,” short jumpsuits are great when the weather turns warm. Short jumpsuits are available in just about any size, shape, color, pattern, and material, so the options are truly endless.

Choose to wear a casual short jumpsuit made of lightweight linen as a beach cover-up, or select a more delicate material like silk for an evening date. Short jumpsuits can be paired with accessories, like a fun belt to give your style an entirely new look.  

Formal Jumpsuits

A woman wearing a nude color formal jumpsuit.

Gone are the days of pantsuits and formal dresses. There are plenty of stunning, formal jumpsuits for women perfectly acceptable for formal gatherings. It is not uncommon to find jumpsuits at cocktail parties, dinner dates, and weddings.

When choosing a dressy jumpsuit for women, pay close attention to the fabric and material used. Cotton and linen fabric tend to be more casual and won’t do a good job conveying a formal atmosphere. Instead, look for silk or polyester blends.  

Pay close attention to the jumpsuit’s cut too. Straight light jumpsuits or baggy jumpsuits will not be formal enough. Find a jumpsuit that fits close to the body, has detailing around the top, and has wider legs that pair well with heels or dressy sandals. Consider jumpsuits with exciting details, like a paired belt, open back, or fun collar. Formal jumpsuits are a great way to bring an extra style element, exuding personality, to your next event.  

Belted Jumpsuits

A woman wearing a white belted jumpsuit.

While wearing jumpsuits is a popular trend, short-waisted people can struggle with this popular look. But, choosing a belted jumpsuit can help solve this problem. Many belted jumpsuits are available, with detailed belt loop stitching around the waist and an included belt made of the same material.

Belted jumpsuits can be dressy or casual, entirely dependent on the material used and the cut of the jumpsuit. It is also perfectly possible to add your own belt to any jumpsuit for women to customize your look and give your style some personality. A belted jumpsuit is the perfect way to define the waist and look stunning in this most recent fashion trend for women.  

Denim Jumpsuits

Levi's Women's Crop Jumpsuit, I'm Not Modest, Large

For a cute, fun look, consider a denim jumpsuit. This look is the perfect outfit for a casual day with friends and family. Denim jumpsuits come in several cuts, ranging from a baggy and comfortable cut to a tight, form-fitting cut perfect for a night out on the town. Denim is a durable yet soft, comfortable, and warm material.

A denim jumpsuit could look great when paired with some sneakers or a complimentary belt. Pull together an entire casual look with a denim jumpsuit.  

Casual Jumpsuits

A woman wearing yellow casual jumpsuit.

A jumpsuit for women doesn’t have to be for a day out with friends. Because jumpsuits are so comfortable, they can be perfect for lounging around the house. Jumpsuits come in such a wide range of options, so it is perfectly possible to find a casual jumpsuit ideal for a lazy Sunday morning. When looking for a casual jumpsuit, find a jumpsuit made with soft materials, like cozy cotton or cotton blend.

You’ll want to find a jumpsuit with a loose cut so that you can laze around all day. Depending on the weather and your personal preference, you can find a full-length jumpsuit, cute capris length, or a casual jumpsuit short outfit. Casual jumpsuits are also great for vacation because they take up less room in your suitcase than traditional pants and tops.  

Open Back Jumpsuits

COOrun Women's Criss Cross Back Bodycon Tank Jumpsuits Rompers Playsuit Yoga Sport Workout Gym-Navy Blue

Inject some personality into your jumpsuit with fun details like an open-back design. These jumpsuits are perfect for just about any occasion. Choose an open-back design jumpsuit made of soft, flowy material for your next formal event. Or, choose an open-back jumpsuit made from stretchy fabric, like spandex or lycra, for your next yoga class.

Open-back jumpsuits are not only beautiful, but they are practical too. Many spandex-type styles will have integral bras, making them ideal for exercise class or yoga. These jumpsuits are also comfortable and cool, ideal for any weather conditions. Open-back jumpsuits are fun, flirty, and offer a different take on the popular jumpsuit trend.  

Utility Jumpsuit

Allegra K Women's Short Sleeve Collared Cropped Coverall Button Down Tie Waist Cotton Cargo Jumpsuit Large Green

Why not steer into the jumpsuit style with a fun interpretation of the original jumpsuit. A utility jumpsuit is a call back to the traditional jumpsuit use. Originally intended as a uniform for workers, pilots, and military professionals, the utility jumpsuit has an edgy flair that is perfect for your next casual outing.

Utility jumpsuits come in various colors and material options, but traditional cotton in muted colors can summon the original jumpsuit influence. These utility jumpsuits are usually belted and come with an added bonus: POCKETS! Practical, comfortable, and trendy, the utility jumpsuit is a must-have for your spring and fall wardrobe collection.  

Capri-Length Jumpsuit

Amazon Essentials Women's Short-Sleeve Surplice Cropped Wide-Leg Jumpsuit, Mini Cloud Print, Medium

Capri-length jumpsuits for women give the best of both worlds. Have a stylish, comfortable outfit that is both convenient and cute. Capri-length jumpsuits will have pants that reach just above the ankle, offering an excellent solution for those in-between seasons like spring and fall. Capri-length jumpsuits can come in any style, color, pattern, and any material.

While capri-length jumpsuits in denim and canvas are adorable, flowy fabrics like cotton, linen, and polyester can add a bit of fun flair to your outfit. Capri-length jumpsuits can be casual or formal, depending on the fabric and cut you choose. Dress your jumpsuit up or down, with additional accessories, like fun heels, sneakers, or a belt.  

FAQs About Jumpsuits for Women

Many women are hopping on the jumpsuit trend because they are so comfortable, attractive, and fun. But, choosing a jumpsuit for your next formal outing or day date with friends can be tricky, especially with so many jumpsuits for women on the market. Below, let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding jumpsuits for women.

Can I wear a jumpsuit to work?

The landscape of office work is constantly changing, and more fashion-forward outfits are becoming widely accepted. A jumpsuit can be perfect for the workplace, pending you choose your jumpsuit correctly. Look for high-quality materials, like cotton and polyester, that offer some movement. You’ll want a more formal cut rather than a tight-fitting cut. To make your jumpsuit perfect for the office, consider pairing your jumpsuit with a contrasting blazer.  

Are jumpsuits in style for this season?

Yes! Jumpsuits are in style, especially for spring and summer. Because there are so many variations available for jumpsuits, it is possible to make the jumpsuit appropriate for just about any occasion. If you find your jumpsuit looking out of date, consider changing your look with different shoes, jewelry, a belt, or a nice sweater. The options are endless when it comes to jumpsuits.  

Are jumpsuits appropriate for women over 50?

Just because you are over 50 doesn’t mean you can’t partake in the best fashion trends of the year. There are plenty of jumpsuits available for women of all ages, so it is just a matter of finding the right jumpsuit that matches your style. Look for patterns and materials that compliment you the most.

Avoid tight-fitting jumpsuits, and opt for more casual pieces that are perfect for a day out with friends. Jumpsuits can be dressed up or dressed down and paired with fun accessories.

Can I wear a jumpsuit to a wedding?

Wearing a jumpsuit to a wedding, even a formal wedding, is entirely acceptable. Jumpsuits can be very dressy, especially if you choose the right cut, fit, and fabric. Find a material that flows, is formal, and fits well. Usually, solid, dark colors look better than patterns when attending a formal event. You can dress up your jumpsuit with details and features like an open back, low cut front, or stylish collar. 

The type of shoes you pair with your jumpsuit will also largely impact how formal your jumpsuit looks. Be sure to choose dressy heels or sandals to complement your jumpsuit. Formal jumpsuits are appropriate for all types of formal events and can be a perfect substitute for the traditional cocktail dress.