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What Types of Shoes to Wear with a Jumpsuit?

Whether you're donning a casual vibe or a classy look, a jumpsuit would give you the perfect outfit without putting in too much effort. Pair them with the right type of shoes and you're good to go.

Woman wearing a red jumpsuit and heels.

When it comes to looking cool and classy without much effort, a jumpsuit is the perfect fashion choice. These garments can range from a sporty look to a glamorous look to a street-wear chic vibe. Jumpsuits come in flared legs, skin-tight cuts, short, and long forms. As a result, the type of shoes to pair with a jumpsuit depends largely on the appearance of the individual jumpsuit and the style preferences of the wearer. 

I love wearing a jumpsuit on a night out or a casual day in town. Since they are only one piece of clothing, they offer the ease of a dress with the comfort and flexibility of pants. There are a few tips that I have picked up throughout my style journey for shoes that go with jumpsuits that I am happy to share in this article.

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Seychelles Women's Antiques Heeled Sandal, White, 8.5 B US

Since jumpsuits are often very airy and roomy, they are perfect to wear during the summer months and hot weather. Because of this, jumpsuits work great with sandals. Strappy sandals such as Seychelles Women’s Antiques Heeled Sandal can add height, stability, and fashion appeal to a jumpsuit, regardless of whether it is wide-legged or tapered.

Sun Valley Sandals

Source: Free People

To stay closer to the ground or keep things simpler, a basic sandal such as Sun Valley Sandals will add a splash of color to your look without overpowering a busy jumpsuit. Patterned jumpsuits are a great style choice, but they are easy to overcomplicate with flashy footwear. A simple sandal avoids overpowering it and lets the jumpsuit be the star of the show.


Steve Madden womens Starling Sneaker, White Multi, 7.5 US

A sporty sneaker such as Steve Madden Women’s Starling Sneaker, sold on Amazon, can bring a sporty touch to a jumpsuit. Sneakers work especially well with more casual styles of jumpsuit, such as a wide-legged cotton jumpsuit or a jumpsuit made of a jersey material. 

Nike Women's Court Royale AC Sneaker, White/White-Black, 10 Regular US

Of course, we could also pair sneakers with a floral jumpsuit for an awesome contrast. A simple, stylish sneaker such as the NIKE Women’s Sneaker in White and Black Regular on Amazon is a great choice for adding a sporty element to a jumpsuit outfit. The plain color makes it so that it will match just about any color, pattern, and material.


Pairing a jumpsuit, whether tapered or wide-leg, with a pair of pumps is a total power move. Pumps will add height and class to a jumpsuit outfit. What’s more, these shoes are sure to make a statement when we walk into the room, letting everyone turn their heads and look at our fashionable jumpsuit.

Charles David Embellished Ankle-Strap Heels

Source: Anthropologie

Anthropologie features Charles David Embellished Ankle Strap Heels, which are a pair of pumps that have a pop of color, a little shine, and a dainty ankle strap. This makes them perfect to pair with a black, denim, or neutral-toned jumpsuit.

Steve Madden Women's Vala Pump, Grey Nubuck, 7.5

The classic style of Steve Maden Vala Pumps in Grey makes them perfect to wear to the office in a jumpsuit. This style will pull a jumpsuit look into a professional space, so you can be comfy and show that you mean business. Of course, you can also pair a jumpsuit with pumps on a casual day at the mall or even a regular date night.


Boots can be tricky to pair with long jumpsuits–especially the wide-legged kind. However, a simple pair of booties can spice of a jumpsuit and protect your feet and hems from the weather. 

Nisolo Dari Heeled Boots

Source: Anthropologie

The Nisolo Dari Heeled Boots on Anthropologie cut low enough that they could work with a tapered jumpsuit. A wide-legged flowy jumpsuit could also work with these boots. The pant legs might just cover the details of the boots. If the jumpsuit is the main event, though, that will not matter too much.

Skechers womens Military Fashion Boot, Black/Black, 7 US

For a properly industrial look, pair a jumpsuit with a low combat boot such as Skechers Women’s Military Boot Fashion. Jumpsuits were originally a blue-collar worker’s uniform, so combat boots are a nod to the style’s origins.

Timberland Women's Kinsley 6-Inch Waterproof Hiking Boot, Wheat Nubuck, 8

We like to play up the industrial vibe with a pair of combat-style work boots such as Timberland Kinsley 6 Waterproof Boot in Wheat Nubuck among other popular retailers. These boots will make you look bad in the best way and add a hard edge to a soft, flowy jumpsuit or bring out the tougher aesthetic of a khaki jumpsuit.