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8 Different Types of Lips

Here are the various types of lips according to shape and structure along with a comprehensive instructional guide on how to properly and effectively care for your lips.

This is a close look at the woman's lips with lip gloss.

As one of the most expressive parts of our face, lips play a crucial role in how people perceive us. Different people have different types of lip shapes that were determined by their genetics. Fingerprints are unique, and so are lips.

Growing up, I have always been fascinated with how there are many lip shape classifications and how a person can permanently change their lips.

There are many different lip types like thin lips, round lips, wide lips, full lips, heart-shaped lips often called romantic lips, bow-shaped lips often called cupid lips, lips where the lower lip is heavier than the upper lip, and lips where the upper lip is heavier than the lower lip.

The shape and size of your lips are what determine the type of lips you have. Knowing the kind of lips you have can help you be aware of how you can enhance them.

However, some people feel that they would look better with a different shape, and fortunately, your lip type can be changed. Let us take a closer look at the kinds of lips that a person can have.

These Are 8 Of The Different Lip Types.

Many different types of lip shapes make each person look unique. The primary lip types are. The primary lip types are:

Full lips

Angelina Jolie attended the Berlin Film Festival back in 2012.

This lip shape is said to be one of the most desirable lip shapes. Think of Angelina Jolie and you’ll have a good idea why that is the case. These lips are perfectly proportioned as both the lower and upper lips are pouty and full. Sometimes the lower lip protrudes slightly, but overall, full lips are well-balanced and naturally pillowy.

Heavy upper lip

Liv Tyler attended the MTV Movie Awards back in 2008.

This lip shape can be seen on many Indian women as the top lip tends to be heavier than the bottom lip. The upper lip has a pouty look without any distinctive dip, while the lower lip is thinner as it does not have a lot of volume.

Wide lips

Anne Hathaway attended the Cartier celebration back in 2009.

People with wide lips are said to have an ear-to-ear smile as the lips dominate the face whenever they smile because their lips are wide-set. Anne Hathaway is an excellent example of someone with wide lips. These lips tend to be well-balanced, with both the upper and lower lip being equal in volume.

Round lips

Drew Barrymore attended the Glamour Magazine event back in 2017.

These lips are the opposite of wide-set lips as they are small and do not have much width. They form a circle and have a petite natural pucker. People with these lips are said to be cute.

Heavy lower lip

Kristen Stewart attended a Hollywood event back in 2012.

The shape of these lips is the opposite of people with heavy upper lips. The lower lip tends to be heavier and has more volume, while the upper lip is thinner. The lower lip tends to look plump and pillowy.

Thin lips

Kate Middleton was at the Stockholm ice rink back in 2018.

Thin lips do not have much volume as they do not have any plumpness to them. They are equal in size as they do not have much surface area because both the upper and lower lip does not have any curvature. They often give the person the appearance of having a stiff upper lip or just generally being stern.

Bow-shaped lips

Rihanna attended the Diamond Ball back in 2019.

Better known as a Cupid’s bow, this lip type is a dip in the central upper lip considered youthful or desirable. We all have a slight dip on the upper lip, but the dip is much more defined with this lip type, as can be seen with Rihanna.

Heart-shaped lips

Taylor Swift attended the Billboard Awards back in 2015.

Heart-shaped lips have a well-defined dip on the upper lip, much like a Cupid’s bow. These lips are better known as romantic lips because of their heart shape. They usually have a heavier lower lip, but this is not always the case.

Although these lip types are the most common, other lip types can be found in people. One of these is lips where the upper and lower lip is medium-sized as they are not too thick or too thin. Everyone has different lips that fit well with the rest of their facial features, making us all have unique, different looks.

Can Lip Types Only Be Classified Using The Shape And Size?

This is a close look at the lips of a woman showcasing the lines.

Although the most common way different lip types are determined is by the shape and size, lips have line patterns that can also help classify the different types of lips. In the movies, you may have noticed how there is a lip pattern in the lipstick print left behind on a piece of tissue or a wine glass. These lines are known as lip patterns.

These are just as unique as fingerprints because no one person has the same lip print as another person. Research has determined that there are five lip line patterns that can be found in people. They can be grouped as follows:

  1. Lines branch out like tree branches creating lines that are y-shaped.
  2. Lines intersect each other and cross at various points.
  3. Lines are netlike.
  4. Vertical lines over the whole or part of the lip.
  5. Lines cannot be determined because they are mixed.

Is It Possible To Change The Shape And Size Of Your Lips?

Have you ever fantasized about having a different set of lips or felt like your natural lips just weren’t doing it for you? Fear not; there are surgical and nonsurgical ways that you can change the look of your lips. These are some of the options available to you:

Lip fillers

This is a close look at a woman having lip filler procedure done to her.

This surgical procedure is usually done by people with thin lips who would like subtle plumpness added to their lips or a little more definition and fullness.

Although this type of procedure varies, depending on the person’s facial structure and own goals,  a lip filler injection of hyaluronic acid is injected into the lips to physically fill the lips and attract the body’s natural stores of water and moisture to create a plumper look.

Don’t worry if you are squeamish about needles because an anesthetic similar to the one you get at the dentist can be applied before or mixed in with the lip filler itself to reduce pain post-injection. An ice pack is used throughout the procedure to ensure that any swelling is minimized, that any bruising is reduced, and make the procedure a little more comfortable.

Throughout the procedure, you will experience tiny pinches in the lips as the lips are getting injected. A light massage is given to the lips so that the injected filler integrates quicker with your lips. An anti-inflammatory lip balm is placed on the lips, and wearing any makeup directly afterward is not advised.

Aftercare is a crucial part of the treatment. One other piece of advice given, apart from no makeup, is to avoid exercise for 24 hours after the treatment. I don’t know about you, but this is the perfect excuse not to exercise.

Downtime varies from person to person. Swelling with any kind of injectable treatment is expected, and particularly with the lips. The initial swelling can usually last between 24 and 48 hours but can take up to a week to fully settle. A complete reversal of the filler is possible using an enzyme called hyaluronidase.

Lip implants

Lip implants are one of the ways that you can permanently enhance your lips. They are made of a very stretchy and natural feeling silicone that gives you beautiful full lips. Incisions are made at the corners of the upper and lower lip, depending on where the client wants the implant.

After the incision is made, little pockets are developed across the lip, using a special small tendon passer. The implant is then inserted across the lip in the pocket created. The implants come in different sizes of 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm.

The implants come with a ruler that is used to measure the client’s lips. A topical anesthetic ensures that the patient does not experience any pain, and local anesthesia is applied directly to the lips.

Fat grafting

This is a close look at a woman having fat grafting procedure done to her lips.

Fat can also be used to do a lip augmentation. The process usually uses the client’s fat that has been harvested from another site on their body. This fat is then processed to ensure that only the healthy fat components are used. The living fat cells are then injected at the hole created at the corner of the lips to ensure no visible scarring.

The fat is injected carefully across the lip in tiny amounts to provide an excellent even augmentation. The swelling can usually be seen immediately, and the lips take on a plumper look. The swelling usually goes down within a week. The procedure is not permanent, but it does last for some time.

Lip reduction

This treatment is usually done by people that feel that their lips are a little bit too full or protrude a bit too much. The natural aesthetics of the lips are preserved by measuring the patient’s lip ratio.

A local anesthetic is administered to the lips, and the marked section of tissue and fat of either the lower lip or top lip or both are removed. The reduction leads to the volume of the lips being reduced, meaning that you will have smaller lips.

You can naturally enhance the size of your lip.

A woman puckering her lips and whistling.

There are several ways in which your lip size can be changed naturally. These methods are less expensive and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Lip exercises

The natural production of collagen in your body can be stimulated by doing lip exercises. This production of collagen will give you plumper, fuller lips. Some of the exercises recommended are:

  • Whistling will activate the lip muscles making your lips look pouty.
  • Pucker up like you would for a kiss and stay in this position for several seconds before relaxing your lips. Repeat this exercise 5 to 10 times for results.
  • With your lips pressed together, move them side to side and rotate them clockwise and anti-clockwise several times to help boost collagen production.

Regularly exfoliate your lips.

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Exfoliating your lips like you do your face is a great way to make them not only look good by getting rid of flaky skin but also encourage more blood circulation, which will give you a temporary pouty look. Exfoliating can be done using your toothbrush. As lips are sensitive, it is recommended that you scrub gently and immediately moisturize with lip balm afterward.

Use natural oils

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Peppermint oil and cinnamon oil are great ways to get naturally plump lips. Peppermint oil will cause your lips to swell, giving you a full lip look. Microcirculation is also enhanced, meaning that your lips will have a rosy look.

Because cinnamon irritates the skin, it will lead to some inflammation when the oil is mixed with your lip balm. The inflammation will increase the blood flow of your lips and give you pouty lips. Although the changes will not be permanent, they can be repeated as and when needed.


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Another great way to give yourself fuller lips is to use a lip pencil. Makeup is a well-known way of defining lips and exaggerating their size by overdrawing the natural line of your lips. You trace the pencil just outside the natural line of your lips and apply lipstick that is the same color as the liner used.

Ways To Take Care Of Your Lips.

A woman taking care of her lips in front of the mirror.

Because of how much more thinner the skin on our lips is, it is far more sensitive than the rest of the skin on the body. Our lips are more susceptible to damage like being chapped or getting cracked because, unlike the rest of the body, they do not have any glands that produce oil and sweat, which means that your lips only get moisture from your saliva.

Lip care is important. Lip care is not something that everyone includes in their daily routine but should. Knowing how to take care of your lips is important. I mean, who doesn’t want nice, soft, plump lips? So, how do you take care of your lips regardless of the type?

Make sure that you keep hydrated.

It is important that you keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water. Not drinking water is one of the main causes of dry lips. As recommended, drink eight glasses of water a day to ensure that you are sufficiently hydrated.

Avoid picking and licking your lips.

Avoid picking at your lips with your hands. Picking at your lips is bad for you because you are bringing bacteria to your lips. Avoid constantly licking your lips. It may seem like a great idea when your lips are dry, but you are taking away any moisture and causing your lips to dry up even more. Licking your lips can also lead to discoloration of the lips.

Find a lip balm that works for you.

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Find a lip balm that works for you to ensure that your lips are sufficiently moisturized. Because everyone is different, a lip balm that works for someone else might not work for you. However, avoiding certain lip balms is important.

Make sure to check the chemicals in your lip balm. Avoid any lip balms that contain paraben or alcohol, as these can make your lips dry. Look for lip balms that contain SPF so that your lips have protection from the sun.

Regularly give your lips a gentle scrub.

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Although lip balm is helpful, sometimes it just puts a glossy layer over dry lips. For your lip balm to work effectively, you have to take care of the dryness. One way to do this is to do a lip scrub regularly. A lip scrub can be easily done in your own home using brown sugar and coconut oil.

Mix these two ingredients and gently scrub your lips. The mix will remove any dead skin and produce collagen by stimulating blood flow to the area. The lip scrub will help your lips to stay plump over time and continue to produce volume so that you do not lose lip volume as you get older.

Home remedies that work better than expensive creams.

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Unfortunately, sometimes even a lip care routine may not prevent your lips from drying up and getting chapped in the winter. Creams that help with this can be expensive, and their effectiveness may not be guaranteed. Home remedies tend to be cheaper and more effective. Some of these are:

  • Coconut oil has medium-chain fatty acids making it one of the best moisturizers to use on your lips because it gets absorbed easily. Applying coconut oil on your lips will create a protective film on the lips that will lock the moisture in to protect your lips from dehydration.
  • Aloe Vera is a great natural option. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it the ideal solution for irritated, cracked skin as it speeds up the healing process and prevents further dryness.

Using it on your lips is easy. Either cut a fresh leaf or buy one at a store. Remove the pulp inside and store it in a container or bottle. The pulp juice can be directly applied to your lips whenever you need to. It doesn’t exactly taste great, but it works wonders for cracked lips.

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  • Honey has been used since ancient times for many reasons, especially for skincare due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is an excellent natural remedy as it locks moisture in.

When applied regularly, honey will heal your chapped lips and keep your lips smooth and soft. Apply and gently rub and massage the honey on your lips. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes before removing it. It is always best to go for organic honey as this will give the best results.

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  • Castor oil is another home remedy that is great for your lips as it contains fatty acids and vitamin E. As a natural humectant, it will keep your lips moisturized longer than lip balm will.

Castor oil can be very beneficial to the skin of your lips as it can provide deeper nourishment because it can easily penetrate the layers of the skin, and since the skin on our lips is thin, this means that your lips will be in good hands.

Castor oil works best after a lip scrub. Lightly massage the oil onto your lips and leave it to hydrate your skin. Only use organic cold-pressed castor oil for better results.

Do Your Lips Reveal What Your Personality Is Like?

This is a smiling woman with chin resting on her hand.

Some people believe that your lips can reveal a lot about the kind of person you are because we use our lips to express ourselves verbally and non-verbally. It would be great if you could take a look at someone’s lips and immediately be able to tell what that person’s personality is.

Can you imagine seeing heart-shaped lips and knowing that person is creative and intelligent or that someone with wide lips is assertive, bossy, and a perfectionist with natural leadership qualities? Wouldn’t it make our lives much easier knowing who we can avoid and who we will get along with from the get-go?

Studies on lip prints are continuously done to determine if there is any correlation, but as it stands, there is no concrete evidence that shows that the type of lips that you have is directly related to your personality.


Everyone has unique lips that define facial aesthetics. If you feel like your lip does not suit you, there are many ways you can change the shape, whether it be naturally through lip exercises and makeup to getting the shape changed surgically through lip augmentation. Knowing what suits you is important before getting anything done.

Lip care is as important as any skin and hair care. Ensure that you find a lip care routine that works for you. Natural remedies tend to work better than expensive store-bought products. Although it would have been excellent to find out what a person’s personality is through a quick peek at their lips, there is no evidence to back that there is any correlation between the two.


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