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17 Different Types of Summer Dresses

From floral summer dresses to the summer version of the little black dress, our list of the many different types of summer dresses will help you to add the best styles, colors, and designs to your summer wardrobe in plenty of time before summer completel kicks off in June.

A woman wearing a white summer dress walking at a field of grass.

Whether you are headed to a summer wedding or you just want a cute summer dress to where why you drink Pina Coladas on a beach this summer, you want to have the perfect summer dress for you and your sense of style. This year’s summer dresses have it all, from cute and frilly to sexy and sophisticated, there will be a dress for you someplace one hour list of different types of summer dresses.

Skater Dress

A close look at a woman wearing a colorful patterned Skater Dress.

This shorter style dress both a fitted waist that highlights your figure in a skirt that flares out into an A-line shape. It is offered in an array of different colors and prints to suit anyone’s taste and there are even versions of this dress for little girls too.

Floral Summer Dress

This is a woman wearing a colorful floral summer dress with matching accessories.

This shorter summer dress that features a floral print will look great on any woman or girl, whether you are short, tall, or somewhere in between, you will rock this style of a floral dress.

Sleeveless Dress

A woman wearing a sexy blue sleeveless dress paired with blue shoes.

If your arms are fit and trim and you like to show them off or you just like to stay cool during the hottest part of the summer, a sleeveless dress will become your best friend. Sleeveless dresses are available in a multitude of different colors, styles, and lengths. You can choose to wear a sleeveless dress that is short, medium, or long in length, depending on where you want to wear it and what the temperature will be that day.

Extra-Long Summer Maxi Dress

This is a woman wearing a patterned and colorful Extra-Long Summer Maxi Dress.

Maxi dresses are very popular right now and are very unique in beautiful option , especially for women who are tall. A maxi dress will be floor length and is available in a variety of colors and styles. From ruffled and flowing two more body hugging styles, a maxi dress is a great option to wear to church , a graduation party, or a wedding.


This is a close look at a woman wearing a bright yellow Sundress.

Sundresses have been around since I was a young girl because I remember that my favorite one was purchased on a trip to Greece when I was only nine years old. A sundress can be purchased in a style that is dressy enough to wear to a fancy event or you can buy one that is more casual to simply where to the beach.

Wrap Dress

A woman wearing a brown Wrap Dress paired with heels.

A wrap dress can be long or short, formal or casual, depending on your style and the places you want to wear your wrap dress. This is a very versatile and safe style that can be dressed up to look more professional or you can throw on a pair of strappy sandals to give off a more casual vibe.

Midi Dress

This is a woman wearing a silky beige Midi Dress.

A midi dress well hit just below your knees and is a very good option to wear to Easter Sunday service or two of the of the wedding shower. If you do not care for the long summer dress but do not want to wear a mini dress, the midi dress might just be the right option for you.

Denim Dress

A couple of women walking while wearing denim dresses.

A denim dress is a great option for summer and comes in a variety of styles. While many people may think that denim fabric is better suited for winter and colder weather, that is simply not so as there are amazingly beautiful denim options in sundresses, mini dresses, and even options with a plunging neckline.

Since denim is offered in an array of different colors, blue still seems to be the shade that many women choose for their denim dress, even for summer. You can opt for a sleeveless version then take along a denim jacket in case the weather cools down in the evening if you are going to be outside for dinner, at a party, or while attending an event.

Slip Dress

A model walking the runway wearing a blue silky Slip Dress.

A slip dress is just like the name implies: a dress that very much resembles a slip. A slip, or the old style petticoat, is normally worn under a woman’s dress, especially if the dress is made of a more sheer material and can become see-through in the light. In today’s world, women opt to wear dresses that look like slips and are also made of more sheer material.

This cute summer dress usually boasts spaghetti straps and traditionally cut at the bias. It may look like an undergarment, but the slip dress is made to very much be seen by all. It is a pretty dress that is not only sheer but is usually trimmed in lace. These dresses are available in a variety of colors and styles to suit any woman’s taste and preferences.

Shift Dress

This is a woman wearing a black Shift Dress with red and white accents on the side.

The name shift dress is given to any dress there is shorter in links and hangs straight down from the shoulders of the woman wearing it with clean in simple lines . Most of the time , a shift dress is sleeveless although there are short sleeve versions as well as off the shoulder options. A shift dress definitely hangs very loosely from the body and does not have a fitted cut to it.

Mini Dress

This is a close look at a women wearing various Mini Dresses.

A mini dress can be fun and flirty or sexy and sleek, depending on the dress style you prefer. Many dresses were first made popular in the 60s and 70s and still remain just as popular among women of all ages in today’s world.

Off the Shoulder Dress

Romwe Women's Casual Floral Print Off Shoulder Trumpet Sleeve Swing Dress M White

An off the shoulder dress can be flirty and flattering or sexy and sleek, depending on the style that you choose. It is a great option to wear to the beach or a night out on the town for drinks with your friends . You can also opt for a more formal version of the off the shoulder dress that is very sophisticated looking and great to wear to a formal event, such as a wedding or charity fundraiser.

No matter which style you choose, an off the shoulder dress looks very flattering on pretty much all women’s body types, shapes, and sizes.

Shirt Dress

BTFBM Women's 2020 Casual Crew Neck Short Sleeve Ruched Stretchy Bodycon T Shirt Short Mini Dress (104Blue, Small)

A shirtdress is pretty much just like its name implies. It is a dress that looks like a large men’s button up shirt or you can opt for a T-shirt dress which is made of the same material as a T-shirt and resembles a long T shirt. This option is normally a pretty casual dress that can even be paired with a white pair of sneakers or even ankle boots.

Cold Shoulder Dress

HAOMEILI Long Sleeve Women's Cold Shoulder with Pockets Casual Swing T-Shirt Dresses XS Print White

You will definitely garner some attention if you add a cold shoulder dress to your summer wardrobe. The unique design is it combination of an off the shoulder dress as well as a sleeveless dress and is cute and stylish. I prefer this type of dress because my arms and always bin a little on the flabbier side ‘so I am not comfortable in a sleeveless dress so a cold shoulder dress is a great option.

Sheath Dress

This is a woman wearing a white Sheath Dress.

A sheath dress is fitted to the body and has a very straight cut. It is, many times, nipped right at the waist but without a seam in the waistline area. This type of dress puts the focus on the waist area and the skirt part of the dress is more fitted. This type of dress hits about at the knee and normally sports short sleeves so it is a great option for the summer months. It is available is several different patterns and colors.

Little Black Dress

This is a couple of women walking down the street wearing Little Black Dresses.

Every woman should own at least one little black dress. From a nightclub or a bachelorette party to an office party or a black tie affair, the little black dress is a great option to wear just about anywhere. There are options of several different lengths but a short dress is usually the most popular choice for most women.

Baby Doll Dress

This is the Hayden Tiered Babydoll Dress from Garage Clothing.

Source: Garage Clothing

The baby doll dress actually began in 1942 as a shorter style nightgown that was created by designer Sylvia Pedler to help lessen the impact on the fabric shortage that happened during World War II. The baby doll dress was created from this concept but is obviously not made of the same type of material as the nightgown version.

FAQs About Types of Summer Dresses

What is a flare dress?

A flare dress boasts a fitted bodice and a flared skirt that is adorable and looks great on all body types, even if you have some curves. Many sundresses will fall into the flare dress category, as an example for you.

What is the difference between an A line dress and a fit and flare dress?

An A-line skirt or dress is fitted at the hips and gradually widens towards your hips while a fit-and-flare dress is normally snug at the waist before it flares out into a larger, more full skirt.

What style of dress is most flattering?

Belted styles, including drop-waist and swing dresses, are very flattering on nearly all body types. If it boasts an embellished top or an empire waist, all the better because both of these characteristics work great. An A-line dress as well as wrap dresses look great on pretty much everyone and help to hide the tummy area.

What dress to wear if you have a big stomach?

A great way to hide a larger tummy in a dress is to choose one that is made in a trapezoidal dress style that does not have any tight-fitting areas. High-waisted dresses are always a great option, too, for a larger tummy.

What kind of dresses make you look slimmer?

To have a slimming effect, you should choose a dress in a fabric that is thinner, such as silk, satin, chiffon, or crepe, and one that is in a darker color since darker colors are more slimming. You should avoid a neckline that is too deep, especially if you tend to be top-heavy.

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