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8 Different Types of Thigh High Boots

Standing against a wall in thigh high boots

Thigh high boots are a definite show-stopper when it comes to fashion. By making the bold choice to wear this style, you’re choosing to put your boots and your legs at the center of your outfit. But everything from finding the right fit to the right types of thigh high boots to wear can be a bit confusing.

Learn more about the different thigh high boots you can wear and you’ll learn how to style them so that you can create amazing outfits.

Making the Boot

Boots are one of the oldest pieces of fashion. Archaeological evidence shows that people wore boots at least as early as 15,000 B.C.E. Boots were found in the tomb of an Egyptian Pharoah that date to around 1785 B.C.E.

In other words, people have been wearing boots for a long time. These early boots were made with leather and fur, which are still commonly used to make all types of boots. And even from those early, early days of fashion, different styles and different uses for boots developed around the ancient world.

Ancient Greeks wrote of the Scythian horse riders, who came into contact with Greece around 1,000 B.C.E. These horse riders wore plain boots made with leather and trimmed in fur. The boots were lashed to the legs with leather thongs.

Boots and pants were a practical choice for them because they rode on horseback. The look was a huge change from the long, flowing, draping toga styles worn by the Greeks.

Wearing thigh high boots in a crowd

Boots became the footwear of choice for militaries around the ancient world. Roman soldiers later wore boots and spread their fashion across most of the then-known world. Boots continued to be worn throughout the world and throughout history, with multiple styles appearing during the Middle Ages and beyond.

These early boots weren’t just made for practical purposes, though their practical uses were evident right away. Not only were boots useful when riding hoses, they definitely worked well when wading through swamps and harsh terrain, something that famous Roman soldiers faced when they unsuccessfully tried to invade Britain.

But even in those early days, boots were about fashion, too. Military leaders and those of high rank in the army wore boots that were more highly embellished and made with more expensive materials than those worn by lower-ranking soldiers. Boots were used to express wealth and rank.

Soon, they would be used to express personal style, too.

Types of Thigh High Boots

Boots evolved over the centuries until today, there are tons of different styles to choose from. Thigh high boots create their own distinct silhouette. This style of boots gains attention right away.

But there are different types of thigh high boots you can wear and many different ways to style them. Which one of these looks will you try?


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Calvary boots, or calvary jackboots, were tall, protective boots worn by the household cavalry regiment of the British Army, a group that was founded in the 1600s. The boots were made with wood and iron hoops and they formed a tough shell around the legs. Calvary boots had wide openings to allow room for the knees to bend.

Tall riding boots that were inspired by this older design are still worn by the household cavalry regiment today and by other militaries around the world. These boots have short, square heels no more than two inches high and a seamless, smooth leather design.

The calvary boot look is still seen in tall riding boot styles to this day. Tall riding boots made with glossy black leather in thigh high designs are definitely inspired by the calvary jackboot look that was worn centuries ago. This look is still popular not just in equestrian circles but as a sleek, sophisticated fashion choice.

Thigh high calvary boot styles pair well with skinny jeans and lightweight, fitted blouses for a stunning, stylish evening casual look. Add a cropped denim or leather jacket if you need an extra layer and you’ve got a look that’s cool, sexy and sophisticated.


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Thigh high boots can be made styles that resemble the classic cowboy boot silhouette. This means they have a traditional V-shaped opening and embellished stitching along the shafts, along with the short, square heel and pointed toes that create the distinct cowboy boot style.

Tall cowboy boot styles are perfect for casual evenings out. These boots would be a sensation on a hayride, a twilight picnic or an outdoor evening concert. Wear thigh high cowboy boots to any country chic event that’s casual or semi formal with dark jeans or leggings and your look will be a hit.


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Flat thigh high boots have no heel or a very short heel, no more than a half-inch high. Flat thigh high boots can have any silhouette or design. In this style, it’s all about the flat heel so the upper can be styled in any sort of way.

Flat heels are easier to walk and stand in, so this is a good choice if you’re going to a day or night event that involves being on your feet. A trip to a museum or a day of shopping is well-suited to flat heels. Pair your boots with a short skirt or skinny jeans and a T-shirt or tank top and you will have a created a casual look that can go anywhere.


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Fringe thigh high boots are decorated with fringe that goes up the shaft of the boots. These boots are often made in suede because this material works very well as fringe. Fringe thigh high boots may have any style of heel. In this design, it’s all about the fringe. This creates a lot of motion that gives the boots a fun, eye-catching look.

Fringe thigh high boots work well for a casual or semi-formal night out. Pair them with a mini dress or skirt and blouse and let the fringe do its job of drawing attention to your legs! The fringe is a little too fun to work as office wear and you wouldn’t want to wear this type of thigh high boots to a job interview but they’re perfect if you’re going out for a night on the town.


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Heeled thigh high boots are made with many different heel styles. Stiletto, square and slender boots heels are used the most often. Any style of thigh high boots can be a heeled design. With heeled thigh high boots, it’s all about creating lift and creating a sleek, eye-catching line for your legs.

Heeled thigh high boots are all about showing off your legs to their best effect, so pair these boots with leggings or a short hemline to make the most out of this boot design.


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Hip boots are a thigh high style but they are not made of fashion. These boots are made with rubber shells to keep you dry and protect you from the wet. These boots are worn by fishers and others who spend a lot of time standing in water. They’re made to be completely waterproof so you can literally stand in water up to your thighs in them.

Hip boots are useful for outdoor enthusiasts who might be walking or standing in very high water for any reason. Pair them with other outdoor clothing, such as cargo pants or overalls, so you’re ready for all kinds of adventures out in nature.


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Platform thigh high boots have thick soles, usually two to four inches high, that give you a lot of lift and make you taller. These boots may have heeled or flat soles. Because of the thick soles, platform thigh high boots are not easy to walk or stand in. These boots are definitely about looking good and not about mobility.

In other words, they aren’t exactly dancing boots. Platform thigh high boots are all about style and they work best if you don’t have to do a ton or walking or standing on them.


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Wedge heel thigh high boots have wedge heels that are thick at the soles and taper down toward the toes in a very supportive design. Wedge heels are shaped like triangles. Unlike more standard types of heels, they are a solid piece that travels down the length of the shoe, rather than a single slim support that your heel is balanced upon.

Wedge thigh high boots are easy to walk and stand in because of the design and they still give you the lift and extra heigh of having high heels. You get support similar to wearing flats but with the look of heels at the same time, which is why many people like wedge heels even when they don’t like wearing other heeled boot styles.

Wearing Different Types of Thigh High Boots

No matter what type of boots you usually wear, there are thigh high boot styles that have all the features you like in boots of other heights. Try wearing thigh high boots and try wearing different styles to see what you like best and explore all the different looks you can create. Have fun with thigh high boots and play around with your style.


There are more types of thigh high boots than you might have first suspected and there’s a lot to know about this distinct style. There’s a lot to know about styling these boots, how they should fit and whether or not they’re going to work for you. We found the most frequently asked questions about thigh high boots and got the answers, so you can be an expert on wearing this style.

Are thigh high boots business casual?

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Can thigh high boots be business casual? If you style them well, thigh high boots work very well as office wear. These boots look very fashionable when you wear them as office wear, in fact. it’s a look that’s a little bit fierce, which never hurts when it comes to the world of business.

Choose boots in neutral and somber colors, such as black and brown, and avoid shiny styles. Simple leather and fabric styles will work best. Stick to boots with simple, elegant designs.

Pair your boots with standard office attire, such as pencil skirts, suit jackets and button-down shirts. Sweater dresses, sheath dresses and other fitted silhouettes work very well with thigh high boots. Add a blazer or structured jacket when you need to make your look more conservative.

How do thigh high boots stay up?

Thigh high boots are designed stay and stay in place around your thighs, even in designs that are made to fit more loosely around the legs. But not all boots fit so well and over time, their staying up power might fail you. If you need your boots to stay up, there are some tricks you can use.

Double-sided tape is the saving grace of many an outfit mishap. Loop tape around your thigh, put on your boots and press the tops of the boots against the tape.

You can also wear thick socks under our boots. Socks alone may be enough to keep the boots in place.

What are thigh high boots made from?

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Many different materials are used to make thigh high boots. Leather, plastic, vinyl, felt, cloth and many other materials are used for thigh high boots.

Do thigh high boots make you look taller?

Do thigh high boots help shorter women look taller? Thigh high boots work best on taller women. Man of these boots are made to fit on longer, slender legs, so shorter women can have difficulty finding a good fit with thigh high boots.Thigh high boots can have the visual effect of shortening the legs on a shorter frame, rather than elongating it.

How should thigh high boots fit?

Thigh high boots, as a rule, should be a hand’s width above the knee or taller. Thigh high boots can be styled with lace-up, zipper, button or no closures at all. The uppers may be made with stretchy fabric designed to fit close around the legs or they might be styled in slouchier designs that have a loose fit around the legs.

How thigh high boots foot is dependent upon the style of thigh high boots you’re wearing.

How do you style thigh high boots?

Women's Over-The-Knee Boots,Women's Over The Knee High Low Block Heel Riding Suede Long Thigh High Boots Long Stretch Soft Blocked Chunky Heel Fall Fashion Booties Black,09

Create a sexual, casual style with a shirt dress and thigh high boots. The short dress and tall boots leave a little bit of visual skin around the upper thigh and that creates a super sexy look. This is a cute casual look that’s perfect for a daytime date or a day out. Carry a small handbag and wear a loose, free-flowing hairstyle to capture that naturally gorgeous vibe.

Sweater dresses also pair beautifully with thigh high boots. The boots give you coverage on your legs, which makes it possible to wear a short dress style even in colder weather. Top all this off with a long coat so you can get the warmth you need when you’re outside.

For hot weather, try wearing shorts, a lightweight maxi dress or a skirt with your thigh high boots.


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