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What are Lace Front Wigs?

Wigs and hairpieces have been a part of the fashion landscape for much longer than most people realize. However, in terms of sophistication and beauty, artificial hair pieces have come a long way. Today, my favorite style of wig is the lace-front wig. A lace front wig is one of the most natural-looking wigs available today.

A beautiful manekin with a baby blue front wig on.

Wigs and hairpieces have been part of the fashion scene for longer than most people think. However, artificial hair pieces have come a long way in terms of sophistication and aesthetics. Today, my favorite type of wig is the lace-front wig, which many celebrities like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Lopez also love.

What Is A Lace Front Wig?

Cloes-up view of a baby blie lace front wig.

A lace front wig is one of the most natural-looking wigs available today. When you’re wearing a quality lace front wig, it appears as if the hair is growing straight from your scalp, and the wig blends well with your forehead and your skin tone, depending on the color you choose. 

To achieve this realistic look, a lace front wig is made by attaching individual hairs to a thin, almost transparent lace material. Typically, the lace is placed only at the front, extending roughly 4-5 inches behind the hairline (hence the name). This gives the illusion of hair growth down the part.

The lace front feature makes lace front wigs popular, especially among Hollywood celebrities. As Felicity Huffman once said, “ “I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to just put my hair under a wig cap and slap on a wig that’s already done. It’s dress up for your hair!”

The delicate and sheer lace material is strategically placed at the front of the wig, blending effortlessly with the scalp, giving the wearer a natural look.

As mentioned, individual hairs are attached through the holes in the lace mesh panel and then hand-tied. This allows hair strands to swing freely and naturally. Most lace wigs also have wispy baby hairs at the front to add to the natural look. However, the rest of the wig cap is usually made from stronger material to facilitate better handling since an all-lace wig would be prone to tearing.

How Is A Lace Front Wig Different From a Regular Wig?

Comparison of a normal wig and lace front wig.

A lace front wig looks more natural than a regular wig. With a lace front wig, the front part contains hair strands that are individually knotted to flesh-colored lace material. This makes it seem like the strands are growing from your scalp at the front hairline.  

On the other hand, a basic wig cap is made by sewing hair wefts all over the wig cap. There’s a parting seam, but it doesn’t look natural, and the boundary between the wig and skin looks obvious. Regular wigs lack the sophistication of front lace wigs; therefore, they tend to be cheaper.

Lace front wigs generally cost more because they have many benefits, such as versatility when styling, a natural, undetectable look, and breathable construction that keeps your scalp comfortable. This was noted by the European Business Review, which pointed out that lace front wigs have become so trendy.

Types of Lace Wigs

Typically, lace wigs are classified based on the size of the lace area:

Lace Closure Wigs

Wavy black lace closure wig.

A lace closure wig only has lace material that typically measures 5 X 5 inches in size and sometimes 4 X 4 inches. This is different from a frontal, which usually stretches 13 inches along the hairline and about five inches past the hairline. A closure is usually only placed in the middle part to close off your wig or a particular hairstyle. 

Although closures provide less coverage and are less versatile, you can still choose from different styles, including the three-part, free part, and middle part.

Lace Front Wigs

The lace front wig has a lace material attached at the front from temple to temple or ear to ear. This allows you to create a natural-looking parting at any point along the hairline. These are often further categorized based on the size of the lace area, for instance, 13×4 or 13×6 lace front wigs.

360 Lace Wig

Straight blonde 360 lace wig on a manekin.

A 360 lace wig has sheer lace sewn right around the cap so that the whole hairline looks natural, not just the front. This increases styling versatility and allows you to wear the wig in an updo.

Full Lace Wig

As the name suggests, a full lace wig has the entire base made from lace, not just the front edges. All hair strands are individually hand-tied, allowing the wearer to part the hair freely and wear any hairstyle while still looking natural. This is the most expensive type of lace wig and the most breathable.

Lace frontal wigs can also be classified according to the length of the wig, which can be anywhere from 8-40 inches. In addition, the quality of the lace differentiates the wigs. An ordinary lace wig is brown, while a transparent lace wig is less visible and thinner. Finally, you have HD lace, a type of Swiss lace that is even thinner and more transparent. HD lace makes the most realistic lace front wigs.

How Do You Wear a Lace Front Wig?

Chinese woman stylishly wearing a lace front wig.

Most lace front wigs are applied using glue. Before wearing the wig, you need to flatten your hair, secure it, and wear a cap. You then apply an adhesive made specifically for lace front wigs along your hairline. If you’re not planning to wear the wig for long, you can secure it using tape or elastic bands.

The important thing is to ensure the wig aligns with your natural hairline. If there’s any excess lace, trim it carefully using a sharp pair of scissors. If the wig doesn’t have any baby hairs, you can create them by trimming some of the hairs at the front until the strands are shorter. Then, use styling products to create a smooth parting, and tie a scarf over the edges for a few minutes to “cement” everything in place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Lace Front Wigs Last?

A pretty young woman wearing curly brownish lace front wig.

A quality lace front wig made from human hair can last for two years or more. The trick is to maintain your wig properly and avoid washing your lace front wig too frequently. Always use the right temperature and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner with fewer harsh chemicals on wash day.  

Let the wig air dry and regularly oil your wig to keep the strands moisturized, smooth, and shiny. If your lace front wig is made from synthetic materials, don’t use heating tools, as this will reduce the wig’s lifespan.

Can you Sleep or Shower/Swim With a Lace Front Wig?

Yes, you can sleep with a lace front wig on. This is especially true if you’re wearing a wig kept in place by adhesive. It’s best to tie your hair first and wear a silk cap to prevent tangling. 

You can also shower or swim with a lace front wig. But, it’s only encouraged to do so with a quality wig since cheap lace wigs deteriorate quickly when washed every day. Washing your lace front wig strips away moisture that can’t be naturally replenished, leading to shedding and tangling.

If you’re going to take a dip in the pool with your lace front wig, use waterproof adhesive to prevent the wig from falling off your head.

How Do I Choose the Best Lace Front Wig?

You need to consider several factors, such as lace type, cap/wig size, hair texture, length, and color. Research these factors to find a wig that suits your preferred quality level and aesthetics.