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What Are Soffe Shorts?

Soffe shorts are a huge shout out to the younger days of many of us. The good news is they are making a come back and are readily available to anyone. Check out this article to find out more about Soffe shorts and where you can find them.

A woman watching a football match wearing soffe shorts.

There are many things that make me think of my teenage years. Some things bring about fonder memories than others. Soffe shorts are one of those fond memories. They remind me of gym class and walking around on the beach.

For those of you that did not grow up during this time, you may be wondering in the world am I talking about. Do not worry; this article is going to explain what are Soffe shorts.

What Are Soffe Shorts?

Soffe shorts are iconic and trademarked for those that are interested. They are known as cheerleader shorts but also worn by gymnasts, dancers, and anyone else that wants to be comfortable. They have been considered the go-to cheer short because they are ideal for tumbling and lounging as well as everything in between.

These types of shorts were incredibly popular in the late 90s and early 2000s; they are still worn today. The Soffe short is even making a comeback as their appeal and market share are rising. They have always been a comfortable and affordable option.

What Do Soffe Shorts Look Like?

This is a close look at a couple of cheer leaders wearing the same soffe shorts.

Soffe shorts have a classic telltale look to them. You can quickly tell these shorts apart from any other type of shorts. The Soffe short has an exposed elastic waistband that is white.

The waistband is about 1.25 inches thick. The waistband can be easily rolled down. To be honest, it is usually always rolled at least once.

These are already short with a 3-inch inseam, and rolling them makes them even shorter, which is much more appealing to the wearer. The authentic Soffe short also has a notch cut in the shape of a V on the side at the bottom. 

You will often see Soffe shorts layered on top of compression pants or shorts. They tend to have a snug fit to them. For them to fit looser, the wearer may want to size up. You can find the Soffe shorts in just about every color imaginable and usually varying shades in each color.

There is no limit to the color choices you will find for these shorts. We would be remiss if we did not mention the words spelled across the backside. Yes, some of these Soffe shorts have something written across the butt of the shorts.

A more modest approach is to have words written across one of the front legs, which is also a popular style. Some schools or teams have banned Soffes because of their short length. 

For many, they are no longer allowed in gym class or during games. You are sure to see people in them after school and during practice. These are a basic and commonplace pair of shorts that were cooler, but not really. They let the wearer give the appearance that they were laid back and did not care what they threw one. 

How Are They Worn?

This is a close look at a group of cheerleaders wearing cowboy boots and soffe shorts.

Soffe shorts are soft and comfortable. They are a cotton jersey blend that can be paired with just about any casual wear. You can match them with your favorite t-shirt.

You can pull them on over your favorite sweat pants in the winter. Yes, that is really a thing, and people actually wear them that way. You can wear layered camis with them. Anything goes with Soffe shorts.

The Soffe brand has grown with the times and now offers different styles of shorts in addition to their iconic originals. Soffe offers other types of clothes, including soft t-shirts that can be worn for any sport. Their original shorts are now available in 44 different colors.

Where Can I Find Soffe Shorts?

Girls Authentic Soffe Shorts from Soffe.

Source: Soffe

Yes, you can still find Soffe shorts, and they are still affordable price. You can easily order them from Amazon in just about any color you want. You can find Soffe shorts on the Soffe website or at various retailers online, such as Kohls and Dicks Sporting Goods. 

Are There Shorts Similar to Soffe Shorts?

Two women wearing tank tops and denim shorts.

While there is nothing like the original, and you will find it hard to get a pair of Soffe like shorts, there are similar ones. Old Navy and other retailers offer short and comfortable shorts with an elastic waistband. You will not find shorts that will be able to replace your tried and true Soffe favorites, but you may be able to find something close.

All you have to do is look around at cheerleading practice to see the favorite cheerleading short. 


What are Soffe Shorts Good For?

The Soffe product are ideal cheer shorts. There is a large selection of junior size shorts for every experience, including lounging at home or just hanging out with friends. 

Are There Other Names for Short Shorts for Cheerleaders?

There are many different names that you will see for the shorts that are worn by the cheerleading team. You may see them called spankies, bloomers, shorties, or briefs. The design of this practice gear is intended to cover specific areas for a kid or woman.

Are Soffe Shorts Good to Wear?

Soffe shorts are incredibly comfortable to wear. They are inexpensive to buy and an inexpensive quality material. They are a thin material that is a bit flimsy to wear.

They are great for hanging out at home or with friends. They are great for summer weather when it is just too hot to wear much. These shorts are ideal for practice, especially when you need a large amount of leg movement.

You may not want to wear them someone where you need a thick pair of shorts. 

Can Men Wear Soffe Shorts?

There is no one saying that men cannot wear the soffe shorts. These shorts are mainly marketed for teen girl and women. They are not usually intended for males to wear. 

However, no one will stop a male if he wants to wear these comfortable shorts. There have been examples of young teenage boys wearing these shorts on the beach to run around in the sand. Soffe is happy to have anyone wear their shorts and be comfortable in them.  

Are Soffe Shorts Only Available in Junior Sizes?

While these short shorts are available to teen girls in junior sizes, that is not their only size range. You can find the shorts ranging in sizes from extra small to double extra large. However, it is important to keep in mind that while the shorts are available in double extra large, these are still junior sizes.

These shorts are intended to fit tightly. If you do not want them to feel too tight, you should size up. If you do not normally wear juniors, you should know that a small in juniors is not the same as a small in women sizes. They do fit differently and this is important to note.