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What Can You Wear With a Knee-Length Skirt? 

Update your wardrobe with a knee-length skirt that you can style in various ways. Find out how you can have several stylish looks with the right tops and shoes that go with a knee-length skirt.

Woman in sweater and polka dot knee-length skirt posing on the street.

  • Always be in style with unique knee-length skirt outfits suitable for almost any occasion.
  • Learn how to create versatile, stylish looks with a knee-length skirt
  • Find out how to go from relaxed and casual to business formal by pairing the right tops and shoes with a knee-length skirt. 

If there’s one piece of clothing that’s extremely versatile, it’s the knee-length skirt. A knee-length skirt can pull a look together and be used to create many different kinds of outfits. This versatile skirt can take you from a relaxed, casual look to business formal, depending on how you style it. 

Read our guide to see how you can style your favorite skirt so that you always look and feel trendy. 

What is a Knee-Length Skirt? 

Knee-length fuchsia pink skirt with pleated design.

The name makes it quite obvious that a knee-length skirt is a skirt that extends no further than the knee. It may end slightly above or slightly below the knee. A knee-length skirt should not be confused with a midi-skirt, which reaches past the knee and ends at the mid-calf. Knee-length skirts do not extend past the bottom part of the knee. 

Are Knee-Length Skirts in Style Today and Who Can Wear Them?  

Woman posing against the wall in knee-length skirt, sailor t-shirt, and a blazer.

Knee-length skirts are definitely still in style today! In fact, they’ve never really gone out of style yet. There are so many different variations available today, making these skirts appropriate for pretty much any occasion and age. 

A knee-length skirt can look classy and fashionable on younger ladies without making them look frumpy. The same goes for older ladies who want to balance style with maturity. 

How To Style the Different Knee-Length Skirt Fabrics 

The fabric used to make a skirt plays a big role in the style of the skirt and whether it can be classified as casual or formal. The fabrics used also affect the shape of the skirt and what you can pair it with in terms of tops and shoes. 

The thickness and texture of the fabric determine whether the skirt is more suited to a warm, sunny day or colder winter months. 

Cotton Skirt

Popana Womens Casual Knee Length A-Line Stretch Midi Skirt Plus Size Made in USA Size L DT22 Polka Dot

Cotton skirts are affordable, light-weight, and breathable, making them great for casual outfits and warmer days. Cotton skirts can also look great as formal wear, depending on the skirt style, e.g., pencil skirt. 

What to Pair It With: 

  • For a casual and cozy outfit, pair a black floral knee-length skirt with a fluffy, blush-pink sweater, black leggings, and a pair of black flats or ankle boots. 
  • Pair a white and grey striped knee-length skirt with a grey crew-neck, short-sleeved T-shirt, and some nude wedges or sandals for a refreshing and relaxed look. 
  • Pair a blue tribal printed skirt with a silver or gold metallic top and a dark blue fitted cotton jacket for a trendy and elegant outfit. Add some navy blue ballet flats to pull the look together. 

Silk Skirt

SheIn Women's Party Sexy Satin Split Side Basic Zipper High Waist Midi Skirt Small Goldish Brown

Silk skirts look very chic and are super comfortable. They can be formal enough to wear to work but can also put together a casual outfit. They tend to be a bit more expensive due to the nature of the fabric.  

What To Pair It With: 

  • Create a classy, feminine outfit by pairing a silver, ruffled silk knee-length skirt with a baby pink, sleeveless satin top and silver heels. 
  • Wear a black silk skirt with a nude or pastel knitted sweater or jersey and some brown, leather high-heel boots for a chic winter outfit. 

Wool Skirt

Allegra K Women's Plaids Vintage Tartan Elastic Waist Knee Length A-Line Skirt X-Large Green

Wool skirts are such a great option for wintertime when we all get tired of wearing jeans or pants to keep warm. Wool is soft, stretchy, and comes in many colors and textures, making it a great fabric for warm, cozy knee-length skirts. 

What To Pair It With: 

  • Wear a plaid red, grey, and black wool skirt with a white turtle-neck jersey fitted jersey, some black tights, and black boots for a cozy outfit.
  • Pair a beige wool skirt with a red, fitted long-sleeve T-shirt and a pair of brown boots for a casual look. 
  • For another stylish winter outfit, pair a grey wool skirt with a green jersey, some nude stockings, and a pair of white sneakers or black ankle boots. 

Linen Skirt

M Made in Italy Women's Linen Comfortable Skirt-Below The Knee, Navy, Extra Small

Linen is the best fabric for a knee-length bubble skirt because it can easily be gathered to create that puffy, voluminous flare that makes a bubble skirt unique. 

What To Pair It With: 

  • Wear a white knee-length linen bubble skirt with a striped black and white striped short-sleeved T-shirt and some nude or beige sandals for a breezy, casual look. 
  • A blue linen bubble skirt and a white sleeveless top look great together. Choose between wedges or some black heels to complete the outfit. 
  • You can pair a black linen bubble skirt with a navy blue button-up beige or nude top and a pair of grey heels for a professional, business casual outfit. 

Leather Skirt

SheIn Women's Striped Knee Length Elastic Waist Bodycon Pencil Skirt Leather Black Large

Leather is a timeless fabric that always looks classy, especially in fall and winter. Leather knee-length skirts are commonly brown or black and have a tight-fitting shape that flatters one’s figure. 

What To Pair It With: 

  • Create a stylish fall outfit by pairing a brown knee-length leather skirt with a white tank top and a black cardigan or blazer. Add some black ankle boots and a black handbag to finish the look. 
  • For a flirty to sexy look, pair a black leather skirt with a white bodysuit and some black heeled boots. Add a denim jacket or a cardigan to complete the outfit. 
  • Pair a brown leather skirt with a plain white long-sleeved knit top and beige boots. Add some gold accessories and a beige handbag to elevate the outfit. 

Denim Skirt 

Anna-Kaci Womens Vintage Stretch Denim Jean Button Flare Skirt with Side Pocket, Blue, Small

Like with jeans, a denim skirt can be great for professional and casual settings. Pair it with a formal top, and you’re formal. Pair it with a blouse and sandals, and you’re casual-chic! 

What To Pair It With: 

  • If you want a business casual look, you can pair a denim skirt with a white silk top and a black or blue blazer. Finish off the look with a pair of black leather flats, a brown belt, and a stylish handbag.
  • You can pair a high-waisted denim skirt with a cropped white vest top or tank top and a pair of purple sandals or wedges for a casual summer outfit. Accessorize with a brown handbag and your favorite earrings or bracelet. 

Different Knee-Length Skirt Shapes & How To Style Them

There are various knee-length skirt shapes for creating the look you desire! The shape of the skirt can make or break your look and take you from classy and sassy to frumpy and dumpy when styled wrong. 

Pleated Knee-Length Skirt

Taydey Women Flare Midi Skirt 50s Vintage Styles Size S White Rose

Although pleated skirts tend to remind us of our school days, they are very fashionable and great for those who want a contemporary look. 

How To Style It: 

  • Pair a pastel pleated skirt with a beige or white frilly, sleeved blouse tucked in at the waist. Go for nude or beige wedges for a more casual look or a pair of black or grey heels for a more professional look. 
  • A buttoned light-yellow top paired with a navy or dark-blue pleated skirt and a pair of black heels creates a very sophisticated look appropriate for work events. 

Full Knee-Length Skirt

Impeccable Elastic High Waist A-line Full Flared Swing Skater Knee Length Skirt (S, Brown)

A full knee-length skirt has a cinched waistband with the rest of the skirt fabric hanging loosely down to the knee. It isn’t tight-fitting, making it the best for gatherings where a bit more modesty is required. 

How To Style It: 

  • Wear a plain blue full knee-length skirt with a floral blouse, a brown belt, and some pink wedges or sandals for a casual, spring outfit. 
  • Pair a black and white polka-dot skirt with a red off-off-shoulder top and some black flats or heels for a classy, business-casual look. 

Bell-Shaped Knee-Length Skirt

Choies Womens High Waist Midi Skater Skirt L,Black

The bell-shaped knee-length skirt is a beautiful style that always looks glamorous. The shape is similar to a bell, with a slight flare that starts just below the waist and falls in a straight line to the knee. 

How To Style It: 

  • Pair a pretty satin floral bell-shaped skirt with an off-white long-sleeve top tucked in at the waist and a pair of black flats for a simple, feminine look. 
  • Wear a striped black and white bell-shaped knee-length skirt with a white button-up blouse and some black flats or beige wedges for a chic business casual outfit.

Pencil Skirt

Urban CoCo Women's Elastic Waist Stretch Bodycon Midi Pencil Skirt (S, Army Green)

A pencil skirt is a fitted skirt cut straight down, fitting tightly around the waist and buttocks, with no flare or free-flowing fabric. 

How To Style It: 

  • For a casual pencil skirt outfit, pair a black knee-length pencil skirt with a loose-fitting, rose-colored T-shirt tucked in at the front and add some black heeled sandals. 
  • If you want a sexy and elegant look, you can pair a white, off-the-shoulder top and a black pencil skirt with some white heels. 
  • Pair a red leather jacket, a black top, and a black pencil skirt with some black heels or ankle boots for a super chic outfit. 

A-Line Knee-Length Skirt

Simple Stretch A-line Flared Knee Length Skirt (S, Knee Black)

The hem of an A-line skirt is much wider than the waistband, making it ideal for pear-shaped ladies who want their waist to be emphasized. This skirt has a tight-fitting waistband, with fabric that flares out gently from the waist down to the knees, without hugging the hips. 

How To Style It: 

  • Pair a white knee-length A-line skirt with a blue blouse and a tan trenchcoat for a cool, trendy outfit. Add some blue suede pumps to finish off the look. 
  • Wear an emerald-green, and a white tank top tucked in at the waist, with some white or beige sneakers and a baby-pink handbag for a casual feminine look. 
  • Pair a burgundy A-line skirt with a red or soft beige long-sleeved top and black heels for a semi-formal outfit.  


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