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What Color of Shoes Go with a Black Handbag?

Black handbags go well with both dark and light shades. It's not really that hard to complement it with a pair of shoes. To give you an idea, here are five of the best color shoes that you can match with a black handbag.

Woman in black shoes with a black handbag on the side.

I enjoy a laid-back look, though I occasionally have an eye for a professional and stylish wardrobe.

A black handbag lets me easily wear my style, ranging from bright sneakers to warm-colored boots. While others think that a black bag goes well with only darker shades, I think you can match it with a wider range of color shoes. I believe you can play around with your shoes and create a fun look while complementing your wardrobe and handbag.

My go-to color shoes go well with a black handbag to suit different personalities or settings. They include:

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Woman in white shoes and black handbag crossing the pedestrian lane.

Even though Stephen King once said that the color white is the absence of memory, I am happy that it does not apply to fashion. I already appreciate the style that the white details add to this woman’s outfit. Her bright outfit features red pants, a white top, a striped shirt, and a black and white knitted cardigan.

She finishes her look with a black belt, black handbag, and white shoes. Would I wear all these items at once? No. Do I think she pulls off the look? Yes.

Fortunately, for me, you, and her, fashion depends more on sense and confidence than on the number of clothes. Some may argue that white shoes are a pain to maintain, easily getting dirty and showing it. However, it can create an unmatched appearance by adding darker shades to your outfit.

For instance, I like her white shoes that complement the black bag and red pants, creating a quiet yet noticeable look simultaneously.


Close-up of woman's feet wearing yellow converse shoes.

Yellow, a lovely color that can make and brighten my day. Many others also share my sentiments seeing that Conor Oberst said, “I really just want to be warm yellow light that pours over everyone I love.” Having a bad day? There are always shoes, yellow shoes at that.

I love the casual look that yellow sneakers give. Pairing them with a cute small black handbag allows you to keep things to a minimum. Besides, I love long flowing dresses, and these accessories match well with a neutral-colored dress and blazer to create a more sophisticated finish.

I would also go for yellow when seeking a bold and interesting look. For instance, I can pair yellow shoes and a black handbag with other outfits in warm colors, like blue, green, or orange. Alternately, I can put on an oversized mustard sweater, a white skirt, and yellow boots with a small black bag for a unique look that complements fall.


Woman wearing beige shoes and black handbag.

I love beige because it is so unique that it can turn casual wear into a high-end look with a little tweak to your wardrobe. Beige shoes match well with dark accessories, and a black handbag gives it the perfect blend of subtly and balance. This match attracts eyes to each accessory, meaning people will look at your feet and bag without forgetting one or the other.

Besides, this shot shows how chic the color looks, paired with the beige overcoat and darker vest and jeans. I would also pair the beige heels and black bag with a black official or flair dress reaching mid-calf to add a royal and professional look, eliminating the monotony of black in the office.  


Woman wearing black shoes and handbag walking through the pedestrian lane.

It is difficult to go wrong with black, making it my go-to color on days when my coordinating skills are asleep. This outfit features an all-black theme, from the handbag to the nails to the shoes. The handbag has a metallic handle that blends her boots’ shininess while its black straps match the rest of her black attire. 

Even though many people tend to limit a black handbag to black shoes, I advise against carelessness. It is quite easy to think that any black shoes would match your black bag, forgetting to consider the rest of your outfit. As a result, you may have stylish accessories that do not complement your overall look.

In this example, our model pairs a chic overcoat with stylish shiny boots and a mid-size bag for an ambiguous look. Hence, she can wear this outfit to any setting and fit right in, whether it is a meeting, lunch with friends, date, shopping, or attending a funeral. 


Red and black shoes and handbags against a white background.

I believe red and black go so well together that it is one of the shades you can confidently interchange in your outfit and still look fashionable. Therefore, as the image shows, a black handbag goes well with red shoes and maintains a classy look when flipped. The quilted handbag gives a luxurious feel that complements the plain red shoes.

Although the shoes feature a bronze buckle, whereas the handbag has silver accents, the subtlety in the shoes fosters a smooth overall balance.

Some people may feel that the workplace only needs black and darker shades of blue, brown, or grey for a professional look. However, I prefer red heels to go with black handbags since I feel the combination still creates a professional look without being distracting. Apart from this, the two shades go with almost any other color, meaning it is convenient to wear various official outfits without needing to break the bank looking for complementary accessories.

These five colors shoes are my favorite options when pairing my look with a black handbag. They enable me to create different feels according to my preferences on the day, ranging from the ambiguous all-black outfit to the chic and professional beige. The best part about a black handbag is that it lets you play around with your color shoe options; only ensure it complements the rest of your wardrobe, and you are good to go!