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What Color of Shoes Go with a Brown Handbag?

Any color shoes will definitely go well with a brown handbag since it's a nice neutral color. Check out the different styles and shoes you can complement with a brown handbag along with some don'ts that you should avoid when pulling off this kind of outfit.

Woman wearing beige heels and brown handbag.

When you are wondering what color shoes go with a brown handbag, the answer is almost any color. Being described as the “color of the year,” brown is a winner because it is a neutral that goes with so many colors. The best color of shoes to wear with a brown handbag are other colors in the warm-colored family.

That can include orange, other browns, greens, and neutrals like beige and taupe.

Other neutrals like black and ivory shoes will also pair beautifully with a brown handbag. Use this guide to discover how to put these looks together when you are trying to decide what color shoes go with a brown handbag.

Power Up Brown With Black Shoes and Denim

Woman in black shoes and denim sitting on the stairs of a building.

Denim isn’t always a dressed-down look. What you do with it can dress your denim up, or dress your brown bag down. A brown bag paired with black shoes the right way can power up your denim to create a professional but comfortable look.

Black shoes work with a brown bag as they offer a powerful finish to the entire look.

At the same time, if you have a brown bag that is a little more luxe or glam, denim will dress it down. Think of those times you wanted to bring that bag out but thought the occasion was too formal. Dress it down with some denim pants or even a denim skirt or dress, and your look comes together.

Play With Metal Accents

Metal shades are also neutral shades, and fun tones to deal with when you are putting a look together. You can use metal accents from a brown handbag as inspiration to create an elegant look. Gold, silver, and bronze-colored shoes are especially going to be a great look to pair with your brown handbag.

If you have a brown handbag with a logo on it, metal accents in the zippers, on the straps, or on the bag itself, can inspire you to get shoes of the same tone. Silver shoes or bronze shoes with a bag with similar accents will be beautiful. Add other accessories in the same metal family such as earrings, bangles, and a necklace and you will turn heads.

Be Careful With Matching Too Closely

Woman wearing brown shoes, handbag, and a matching suit in an autumn scene.

The phrase “matchy-matchy” makes every fashion expert cringe, and it’s easy to do this when you are building a style around a bag. Brown shoes with a brown bag are excellent, but you don’t want to go too monochrome with brown pants, leggings, and a top as well here.

The goal here is to show off the bag. If you have too much brown in one look, the eyes will be everywhere and the bag gets lost in the look. The shoes might too.

Instead, choose a color of shoes to pair with the bag, and mix the colors up with your pants, blouse or sweater, or a dress. A monochrome look with the rest of your style works over a completely monochrome look that blends the bag and the shoes. Ivory pants with a warm sweater against brown shoes and a brown bag is a striking look you will feel beautiful wearing.

Warm Shoes With a Brown Bag

Young woman in a leopard shoes, brown handbag, and orange hat posing on a velvet sofa.

Warm-toned shoes with a brown bag are the best selection of color choices when you are trying to decide what color shoes go with a brown handbag. Anything in the warm family works. Orange shoes are a stunning selection and will make a bright pop of color with your brown handbag. Other browns will work as well.

When you are choosing brown shoes with a brown bag, you don’t necessarily need to match the shades perfectly. A dark brown bag with camel or caramel-colored boots or sandals pulls a look together.

Warm shades such as green, beige, and taupe, also look amazing with a brown handbag. Being in the same color family, a warm-colored shoe is a shoe that needs less explaining than other pieces in your wardrobe. Some shoe colors you will have to accessorize with other elements of your outfit or match with your sweater.

Warm shoes with a brown handbag will make their own statement seamlessly in any look.

Expand Your Wardrobe With a Brown Bag

Woman in black velvet shoes and brown handbag sitting on the street.

When you are wondering what color shoes go with a brown handbag, you have a lot of room to work with here. As a neutral, brown goes with almost anything and is a winning color this year in every season and climate. Warm and neutral colors in the brown or earth-tone family make a beautiful look.

Expand your wardrobe with a brown bag and you will see you can wear it with almost anything.