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What Color Shoes Go with Grey Pants?

Check out the different color shoes you can pair with grey pants. With its neutral color, it's easier to coordinate and play with brightly colored shoes for a cheery contrast.

Woman in gray pants trying on shoes.

Grey or gray, either way you spell it, this silvery tone is a popular choice in this time and place. Everyone who is Scandinavian inspired loves gray clothes, for sure, but there is more to this trend than minimalism and restraint.

I personally love gray jeans and gray corduroys in favor of the other more popular options. It’s the urban concrete gray that I find most refreshing. Plus, I love adding a loud pop of color to an oversized neon sweater or bright colored shoes.

See what I’m talking about, with what color shoes go with gray pants.

Gray Jeans and Brightly Colored Shoes

Amazon Brand - Goodthreads Women's High-Rise Skinny Jean, Hi-Lo Grey 28 Regular

If spring is in the air, I whip out my gray jeans that are professionally cut in all the right places, as in, cut and torn with that jagged edge. The Banana Republic jeans are mid-rise grey wash distressed skinny jeans with a sewn ankle hem. I wish they were the frayed hem, but oh well! These shoes are perfect with neon colored strappy sandal heels or canvas shoes, including these eco printed TOMS shoes. Gray denim and brightly colored printed shoes with crazy prints are always in season in my book! 

Brightly colored shoes also extend to running shoes, which are often in some very crazy patterns and loud colors. These Steve Madden Maxima Lime green shoes, for instance, are going to turn some heads. The shoes are super neon green all over with a small patch of black rhinestones. Overall, when worn with gray jeans, these green neon shoes meet their match. I would suggest going with a vintage band tee or a retro and futuristic strappy shirt. Something that is going to stand up to the combo of gray and neon green, for sure!

Gray Corduroys and Gray Corduroy Shoes

Hey Dude Women's Wendy Corduroy Grey Size 10 | Women’s Shoes | Women’s Lace Up Loafers | Comfortable & Light-Weight

Here is the perfect get-up and go outfit for fall–gray corduroys and gray corduroy shoes by TOMS. I know, it seems like a lot of cord! But it’s not, trust me!  See how you have a pop of pink on the sole of these gray shoes? At the end of the day, the grays blend together and you get a whole new perspective on personal style. Forget a tracksuit with matching top and bottom; go with pairing your pants and your shoes this season.  

Check out these super fun FOCO Los Angeles Dodgers corduroy moccasin slippers. They are made for men, but as a woman I’d wear these in a heartbeat. The shoes are capable of being worn outdoors as well, thanks to a 100 percent TPR fabric sole. With the contrasting stitching and the brown leather lacing, these are the coolest gray corduroy shoes I have seen in a minute. 

While I am not a LA Dodgers fan or even into sports, the “LA” embroidery looks very hip and with it. It’s just enough detail to go with the shoes so that you are not completely boring and bland with all the gray corduroys from your waist down. That being said, skip a gray cord jacket when wearing this outfit or it will be overkill. After all, there really is a thing as too much gray corduroy–even though it’s a great fabric.

Gray Leggings and Pink Shoes

Nike Women's Court Legacy Slip-on Sneakers, Pink, 6.5

This is another fun one! If you have a pair of gray leggings, pop on some pink ballet flats like these in wild berry pink by Michael Kors and call it a party! Pink and gray work as a classic combination that is perfect for spring and summer. These shoes by Michael Kors also have a fun twist with the signature MK logo printed in pale pink all over them, and gold tone accents. It’s just enough pizzazz to make gray leggings more than just basic loungewear. 

For another example of the pink shoes trend, here are some simple slip-on Catahoula pink shoes by Sonoma Goods For Life. These shoes feature a seamless look thanks to no lacing or strapping, and I love the slide-on style. It makes getting dressed easier when you don’t have to bend over to put them on! These shoes are perfect with a pair of gray leggings and would be ideal to wear to yoga class or for a stroll. After all, when you are wearing leggings you might as well stretch your legs and get some exercise. 

Gray Printed Pants and Black Shoes

SWEETKIE Boho Flare Pants, Elastic Waist, Wide Leg Pants for Women, Solid & Printed, Stretchy and Soft (Gray 1181, X-Small)

Here is another Michael brand, this time it’s Michael Stars, and the style includes Susie Shibori pants in a light linen tie-dyed fabric. The outfit of gray printed pants and black shoes is very fresh this summer, but I can see myself wearing these in the fall for Halloween thanks to the appearance of webbing in the material. The pants are worn with black flip-flop style leather sandals. It looks sensational, and has no color other than white, gray and black. Yet the print on the pants and the minimal style of the shoes is the ideal combination to create a cohesive look.

For another example of this style option, these Natori Lotus crepe ankle pants feature a large black and gray floral print on the material. They are worn with a very slight pair of black dressy sandals that have two thin toe straps and a small kitten heel with a heel strap. This would be nice to wear to a garden party or a work event where you want to stand out without being too flamboyant. The gray and black is not as blatant in the style, even though you are wearing large flowers printed all over your legs.

Gray Work Slacks and Brown Shoes

Marycrafts Women's Work Ankle Dress Pants Trousers Slacks 2 Silver

If you are going to the office, which I never do as a freelance writer, then you should want to choose a pair of customary gray work slacks. What shoes you wear will make or break the deal in many ways, so this is an important decision. That’s why I say wear gray work slacks with brown shoes, as seen with these wrinkle-free relaxed fit straight-leg pants by Lee. The slacks are worn with a simple pair of brown suede heels.

Something as simple as a warm brown shoe or a camel-toned heel will give just the right edge to a pair of gray work slacks. You are not stuck wearing the same matchy-matchy pants and shoes. Instead, the brown shoes contrast with the gray work slacks just enough to give some personality to the outfit. Yet you are not standing out like someone wearing pink velvet heels or silver rhinestone cowboy boots. It just works. And that works for someone going to work!