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What Color Shoes Go with Red Dress? Red Pants?

Find the perfect color shoes that will go with red dress and pants with these various outfits that scream fiery and hot. Whether it's for a casual date or fancy evenings, we have something for you.

Woman in red dress lying on couch while looking at colorful shoes.

Finding that perfect red dress was simple by pairing it with the right shoes! Then again, who knew it would be so difficult deciding what color shoes to wear with a pair of red pants? I feel like women wear dresses and shoes become an accessory, whereas red pants are harder to pair with shoes of any color.

Red pants are very loud. Therefore, your shoes either need to scream louder or be silent, and it’s hard not to look too Christmasy. So here’s the solution to resolve your red dress/pants dilemma. 

Red Dress and Silver Shoes

Woman in red dress and silver shoes.

The fanciest red dresses deserve a silver shoe. In fact, silver glitter coated Mary Jane shoes, including sparkly heels like Dorothy would wear, fit the bill here. These SAS shoes are of the Mary Jane style but are lower cut and have a snake print in a gray tone. Do silver and gray sort of mean the same color here? I think so!

I personally would opt for a more sporty look using these Betsey Johnson Sidny Sneakers. They are covered in silver rhinestones and have white shoelaces and rubber soles. Nobody said you had to wear silver heels just because it’s a dress! Even though the shoes are technically good enough for sports like tennis, you get away with it because they sparkle and confuse the person staring. That is the reason we dress up to begin with; to distract and attract others.

Red Dress and White Shoes

Woman wearing red dress and white shoes.

Next, I want to share this Nordstrom outfit starring a Free People Feeling Groovy long sleeve midi dress in red with tiny white flowers. It is a super flowing dress that is short in the front and tiered so it gets longer in the back. They show the Free People dress worn with a pair of white Dr. Martens boots. The resulting look is a fresh and flirty finished ensemble. The result is a perfect city or country-friendly outfit for a young or middle-aged woman.

The next outfit is also by Nordstrom and it shows the variation with the use of white shoes with a red dress. Here is the Endless Rose ruffle tie front long sleeve minidress, which looks more like a nightie to me. It’s super short. Like all the way to your fingertips and then it has red ruffles all over it. The dress is also long-sleeved but then nothing else is going on with the material until you get to the shoes. She is wearing thin white heels with that classic horizontal ankle strap and toe strap. I have a pair of these in black and they are by the Banana Republic, and surprisingly comfortable given the lack of shoe material. 

You can also wear white sneakers with a red dress. This gives any dress a more relaxed feeling thanks to the ease of footwear on the person wearing it. Whether you want to be able to walk faster and easier, or you simply need to wear whatever you grab, white sneakers are a shoo-in when dressing in a red frock.

Red Dress and Gold Shoes  

Woman in red dress and gold shoes sitting on the couch.

Gold is one of the easiest colors to pair with a red-colored dress. It sends the message that the shoes are already a star, and they shine more like a gold ring than a pair of shoes. Check out these Stuart Weitzman Aleena wedge slide sandals. They are the right tone of light gold that would be perfect with most dresses in a red shade.

Gold shoes for red dresses sold by dance companies also work well. See these StarLite glitter character shoes that are worn by professional dancers but can be purchased by anyone. The well-made shoe has a 1.5-inch heel and strap and is covered in gold glitter. The glitter only adds to the bling effect, and when combined with the heart-pumping red color of the dress–well! It’s all wham, bam, thank you, ma’am! 

Red Pants and White Shoes

Woman wearing red trousers and pants paired with white shoes.

Now I want to talk about pants that are made of the same bold red fabric. What kind of shoes should you wear with these? Start with a clear winner–white shoes keeping in mind this is a seasonal tradition. You can’t really wear white shoes after Labor Day if you live below the Mason-Dixon line in the Southeast. But can you? Here is a fun choice of red pants and white shoes that is very urban and hip. The tie-dyed white on red swirl and the white slip-ons–for a couple of both genders sounds unheard of, but it’s at Target.

All the same, the choice of red pants and white shoes is very fitting when in season. “Red trousers with white shoes is a very New England-inspired summertime combination. Slip-ons like the ones below will make things a bit dressier, whereas a white buck or casual driver will be more casual,” according to Bespoke Unit. The southerners also enjoy the combination of red pants and white shoes, especially if you are among footballers who cheer for the University of Georgia or other teams that sport red. 

One final option is this BDG Urban Outfitters pair of Pax high-waisted, straight-leg jeans in red with white Dr. Martens. This outfit is more youthful and requires pin-thin legs to pull it off, but the result is unexpected and fun all year long! Dr. Martens has several options for all-white boots, including the Quad platform derby, Oxford, and Chelsea boots. If you want a solid pair of white shoes that will last for a lifetime, these are the ones I would suggest investing in.

Red Pants and Tan Shoes

Woman wearing red pants and tan shoes.

In the fall, a pair of red capri pants or red burgundy corduroys with tan Alpargata leather shoes by TOMS or Manitobah moccasins look outstanding. The colors mimic the natural tones of the season. I love this look for going to a pumpkin patch. Along with orange pumpkins and green grass, this red and tan combo is a smash hit. The color Nantucket red is particularly in fashion for the New Englanders during this time of year, as we know from their choice of red pants and white shoes.

In essence, the choice of red pants with tan shoes also includes beige, light brown, and khaki-colored shoes in both leather and canvas. However, you might also go with warm chocolate brown shoes, pushing the limits on that tan quality, and still get away with it when wearing red pants. It ultimately depends on the tone and shade of red you are wearing in the pants, as well as their material, such as choosing corduroy pants with leather shoes.