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What Goes with Blue Shorts?

From pheasant blouses to polo shirts and dress shirts, you can opt to wear an array of different tops and even shoes with blue shorts, including blue denim shorts, turquoise blue shorts, and navy blue shorts, from dressy outfits to casual ones, we have the suggestions for you.

This is a close look at a woman wearing a pair of blue jean shorts and yellow blouse.

Blue is a color that can be paired with many different color combinations. Blue shorts can be worn with a white, black, green, yellow, beige, or even multi-colored top, and each will blend perfectly. You can also use your imagination and try a variety of different colors before finally choosing one but do not overthink it, just have fun with it.

I recently purchased a pair of turquoise blue shorts. They are the same color as a pair of satin pants I used to have when I was in junior high school in the 1980s. Those were my favorite pair of pants and this particular pair of blue shorts reminds me of those and gives me a feeling of nostalgia which is why I bought them.

I know that I can pair them with a white or black shirt but I wanted more ideas so I could be more creative with the looks I can create for this summer. There are many different shades and hues of blue shorts so I feel like I can’t be the only one on a quest to learn more about what I can wear with blue shorts.

Below is a list of different colors of blue shorts made of a variety of materials and options of what goes with blue shorts for both men and women.

Navy Blue Suit

A blue navy suit with shorts from Men's USA.

Source: Men’s USA

Yes, you can have a blue suit for either men or women that feature navy shorts instead of blue pants. One of the popular styles for this summer is a pair of navy blue shorts with a navy blue blazer. Women can pair the ensemble with a white camisole top while men can simply throw on a white short-sleeved button-up shirt.

This navy suit makes a great outfit to wear to a business lunch or more casually for a brunch with friends. You can add a pair of white sandals to complete this ensemble or brown shoes or sandals for men.

Denim Shorts

This is a close look at a woman wearing a pair of distressed jean shorts.

If you love the look and feel of blue jeans but it is too hot outside to don a pair, throw on a pair of blue denim shorts. Much like a pair of basic black shorts, the fun part about this type of blue jean shorts is that you can pair them with anything since most clothing choices go well with blue denim and you can dress them up for fancier occasions or dress them down for more casual ones.

You can even add a denim jacket for those cool nights that you need something on your arms or to dress it up to resemble a shorts suit for a more formal occasion or work-related event.

Blue Linen Shorts

Amazon Brand - Goodthreads Men's 11" Inseam Lightweight Oxford Shorts, -moonlight blue, 34

Blue linen shorts are a great option for men or women during the summer since linen is a cool, clean fabric. You can wear a pair of light blue linen shorts with a white shirt or even a striped top or printed that has the same shade of blue running through it. Slip on a pair of brown or tan loafers and you are ready to roll while making a fashion statement.

Blue Pleated Shorts

Cutter & Buck Big and Tall Classic Wrinkle Free Short Navy

Whether you opt for pair of light blue or grey pleated shorts or a darker shade of blue, color blocking is all the rage right now in the world of fashion. You can pair a bright yellow top with a medium shade of blue and head out on the town donning your new trousers while turning heads. This is a great look for men or women and will add some color into the world.

You can even throw on a pair of black shoes to add some more basic color to your color-blocking ensemble.

Blue Chino Shorts for Men or Women

Blue chino shorts from Uniqlo.

Source: Uniqlo

A pair of light or dark blue chino shorts will look amazing with a pink shirt or some type of polo shirt. You can pair a basic pair of blue chino shorts with a brown belt to help contrast the different colors in this type of ensemble for summer. You can even opt to wear a dress shirt with these types of blue shorts so that you can wear this outfit to a business meeting or an important appointment that is going to propel your life to move forward.

Blue Cargo Shorts

This is a close look at a man wearing a pair of turquoise blue cargo shorts with a button-down shirt.

Put on a pair of turquoise blue cargo shorts with a nice white dress shirt for a casual yet dressy look. You can also get this same look with a tan, yellow, pink, brown, or black top and match up a sandal or sneaker color to match your top. This is a great look and also a very comfortable yet stylish outfit.

Blue Shirt with Blue Shorts

A woman wearing a blue blouse with her blue denim shorts.

You can match up a dark-colored blue top with a pair of blue denim or other lighter-colored blue shorts and make it look terrific This can work for both men’s and women’s outfits. It can be a casual look or a dressier one, depending on the occasion in which you will wear it.

You can add a blue shoe with it or a pair of brown or tan sandals to complete the look.

Turquoise Blue Shorts

Basic Booty Shorts Premium Stretch French Terry Moleton with a Gentle Butt Lifting Stitching in Turquoise Size L

This pair of turquoise blue shorts is very close to the pair I recently purchased. So far, I have paired them with a white top with white sandals and another time, I wore them with a black top with a pair of black sandals. A multi-colored top with this same shade of blue in it would be wonderful to try and I will when I locate the type of shirt style I like to go with them.

Blue High Waisted Shorts

Blue high waisted tailored shorts from Missguided.

Source: Missguided

This pair of high-waisted light blue shorts paired with a matching blazer and light-colored tank top would make a great outfit for work or play. High waisted shorts are not only comfortable, they are very stylish but work mainly as shorts for women rather than men and women. This ensemble would make a nice casual outfit to wear to a party this summer or to work at the office for a business meeting.

FAQs About Blue Shorts and What To Wear With Them

What does the word espadrille mean?

It is a type of sandal that almost always boasts an upper made of fabric and a flexible sole. They are stylish and comfortable. A blue pair of this type of shoe in the same shade as a pair of blue shorts would be very pretty and classy.

What is the point of a capsule wardrobe?

The purpose of a capsule wardrobe is to be able to have a collection of essential and classic pieces in your closet after pairing your wardrobe down that includes pieces that can be mixed and matched. Blue shorts or pants are always a good option to keep on hand since the color can be paired with a multitude of different tops and shoes.

Why is blue a great color for shorts?

Blue shorts are easy to match with an array of different colors and styles. From pheasant blouses and button-up dress shirts to polo shirts and T-Shirts, you can dress up a pair of blue shorts or dress them down depending on the look and style you are going for and where you will be wearing your outfit.