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What should you wear under a cashmere sweater?

Wearing a cashmere sweater close up view

Luxurious cashmere feels soft to the touch and looks great in any type of clothing or accessory but it’s especially beloved in sweaters. Cashmere sweaters look beautiful anywhere and they’re going to make a stunning impression everywhere. But your look is only complete if you choose the right item to wear under the cashmere sweater. What should you wear under a cashmere sweater…and how can you style it to match perfectly?

5 Ideas for What to Wear Under a Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere sweater with multiple layers

You should always wear something under your cashmere sweater. Unlike many other wools, cashmere is not scratchy or irritating on the skin. The material feels smooth and soft and it is luxurious enough to wear against bare skin. However, your skin is full of oils, skin cells, hair and little bits of debris that you don’t want to transfer onto your expensive cashmere.

Wearing cashmere sweaters two people

Wearing a shirt under your sweater will keep the wool cleaner, so you can wear it multiple times without washing it. Adding a layer under your sweater is also a great way to add a touch of extra style to your look. The right layer completes your outfit in just the right way.

Button Down Shirt

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A collared button-down looks gorgeous under a cashmere sweater. This is a look that works for both men and women. To make the shirt stand out against the sweater, choose one in a contrasting color. You want each element of the outfit to stand out on its own and still work well together. Contrasting colors work surprisingly well together in an outfit. Just remember to match the shirt or the sweater to other items you’re wearing.

A handkerchief in a suit pocket or a pair of earrings that match the button-down shirt, for example, will beautifully pull the entire outfit together.

If you don’t want to introduce too many different colors to your outfit, choose a shirt in the same color family but in a different shade than the sweater. Pair a navy sweater with a light oxford blue shirt, for example. Pair a light lime green sweater with a dark forest green shirt. Now you’ve got the idea.

Casual Triple Layer

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Create a warm winter outfit with even a lightweight cashmere sweater by putting on multiple layers. Build a great cool, semi-casual look with a plain white T-shirt, a button-down shirt and a soft cashmere sweater on top. This look really only works with a V-neck style sweater that will allow both layers underneath to show.

Leave the button-down shirt untucked to create a semi-casual, cool look that will wear well anywhere. On cold days, you can wear a blazer or suit jacket on top of your layers to insulate yourself against the temperature.


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To give your cashmere sweater a collar and add a touch of casual style, slip into a polo before you put on your sweater. This adds a great pop of color to your outfit. Polo shirts are made for sporting activities, so they’re lightweight and short-sleeved. This light layer will keep you from getting too hot in your sweater, so it’s perfect for indoor wear.

The polo adds a collar to your outfit as well, which is a great way to make a casual sweater look a little bit more professional. Ths is a good office look.

T Shirt

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A lightweight T-shirt works perfectly under a cashmere sweater on those chilly days that aren’t quite cold enough for a heavier shirt under your sweater. This is a great choice for fall or early spring, when you need something warm but not hot in mild to cool weather.

A plain cotton T-shirt will cover your body’s core and protect your sweater without adding a lot of heat. Cotton is lightweight and breathable, so it won’t hold in a lot of heat and make you too warm. Choose a V-neck T-shirt and it won’t even show under your sweater, so the sweater remains the star of the outfit.


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A lightweight tank top or camisole will work if you just need a little something under your sweater and you don’t want any part of it to show under the sweater. This little undershirt doesn’t provide any coverage or warmth but it will provide you with a lightweight layer to wear under your cashmere.

What should you wear under a cashmere sweater?

Wearing a cashmere sweater fashion look

It’s not just the cashmere sweater you wear. It’s what you wear under it, too. Learn how to style your cashmere sweaters like a fashion pro and you’re going to make a strong impression everywhere you go. After all, there are a lot of sayings about clothing and how important it is. When you know how to layer well, you know what you need to know about style to create eye-catching looks that will set you apart as someone who knows fashion.

Experiment with wearing different items under your cashmere sweater and you’ll create looks that turn heads, catch eyes and make you look amazing no matter where you happen to go.


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