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What to Wear with Camo Shorts?

From Camo gym shorts and crop tops to men and women's white T-shirts paired with a variety of tones, colors, and shades of camouflage, there is an array of different tops of clothing and even shoes you can pair with camo shorts. Check out our detailed list for ideas.

This is a close look at a camouflage-patterned pair of shorts.

Wearing camo shorts might seem more masculine to do but actually, it looks just as good on women as it does on men if you know how to style it and what other clothing items and shoes to pair with the camo shorts. In other words, both men and women can rock a pair of camo shorts or even camo pants. Camouflage print comes in a variety of different colors, from greens and black to pink, different shades of blue and navy, and grey.

Check out our list below of what to wear with camo shorts for both men and women.

Camo Gym ShortsOutfit

SweatyRocks Women's Mesh Trim Short Sleeve Crop Top With Shorts Two Piece Outfit Suit Camo S

Camo gym shorts with a matching crop top is great addition to any wardrobe for a man or a woman. Camo gym shorts are make a wonderful piece to have in your clothing options when you want to workout or just have that look when you are out and about.

Camouflage Shorts and Heels

Women can sport a pair of heels with a pair of camo shorts or camo jeans to wear to work or out for the evening. A pair of heels looks great with the right camo shorts. Since camo comes in many different colors, including pink and grey and you can match a pair od pink heels to go with them.

Camo T Shirt or Tank Top

Camo Shirt for Men:

Men's Camouflage Short Sleeve T Shirts Tees Crewneck Camo Gym Tops Military Shirts

Camo Shirt for Women:

Women Camo Tank Top Summer Casual T- Shirt Running Muscle Workout Shirts Racerback Sleeveless Shirt Tops Navy XL

You can boast a camo T-shirt to wear to the gym or your children’s ballgame. Not only will a camo shirt look great with a matching pair of camo shorts, you can also wear it with a pair of jeans or camo trousers.

Camo Hat and Shorts

Summer Fishing Sun Boonie Hat Camouflage Outdoor UV Protection Large Brim Bucket Safari Cap Breathable Mesh

You can top off any great looking camo outfit with a camo hat to add another layer to this casual look that will work for men or women. You can even throw on a pair of sneakers to give this outfit an even more casual look and style along with comfort. This would make a great outfit to wear on vacation or for a day at the park for a picnic.

White T-shirt with Camo Shorts

This is a man wearing a white shirt with his camo shorts.

You can put a black or white T shirt with a pair of camo shorts for a great look and can even layer it with another shirt or jacket on top of the T shirt. This outfit works for men or women.

Camo Cargo Shorts

Amazon Essentials Men's Classic-Fit 10” Cargo Short, Green/Brown Camo, 40

Camo cargo shorts are a great option when it comes to camouflage trousers for men or women. The added bonus is that these shorts provide you with several pockets that are very convenient for carrying your wallet or cell phone with you wherever you go. Camo cargo pants are a great option for anyone’s wardrobe and will look great with a great pair of sneakers or even a pair of boots. You can pair them with a tee in any color or even a tank top.

White Sneakers with Camo Shorts

This is a close look at a complete outfit with accessories paired with a pair of camo shorts.

You can take the military style you get from camouflage clothing to an entirely different look when you pair camo shorts with a casual shoe, such as white sneakers. This outfit will work for men or women and will look great while you remain comfortable.

Polo Shirt with Camo Shorts

This is the Polo Ralph LaurenCamouflage Shorts from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Source: Saks Fifth Avenue

This look is a good one for men or women. The fun part is that since just about any color of the top can be paired with camo shorts, you can rock an orange polo shirt with camo shorts, a white polo shirt, or even a pink one and have an entire outfit with a street style that will turn heads.

Camo DenimShorts

One Teaspoon Women's Camo Bandit Low Waist Denim Shorts, Camo, Print, Green, 29

Both women and men can rock camo denim shorts with a variety of different tops. From tank tops to tees or a camo jacket, this type of camo shorts will allow you to try a variety of different outfit ideas and are a great camo piece to have in your closet or dresser drawer.

Camo Denim Jacket

This is a close look at a woman wearing a button-down blouse with camouflage patterns.

Both men and women can pair a camo denim jacket with any pair of pants, including a pair of matching camo shorts. This is a great option for those cool spring or fall nights or when you are at the campgrounds sitting around the fire with your family and friends roasting marshmallows or drinking a beer.

Red Camo Shorts and Matching Top with White Sneakers

Aro Lora Womens 2 Piece Outfit Tracksuit Camo Print T Shirt Shorts Set Jumpsuit Romper Casual Sport Small Camo Red

Yes, camo shorts for women and men even come in a mix of red, black, and pink. This gorgeous shorts outfit can be paired with some heels for women or white sneakers for men or women. A great camo piece to add to your camo collection. This outfit for women accents the waist area for a slimming effect.

FAQs About Camo Shorts

Can women wear camouflageclothing?

Yes, women can rock camo shorts, trousers, and tops but there are some things to keep in mind. Since camouflage is considered to be a very masculine type print, women should accessorize more when wearing it. This will help defray the Tom Boy look. Just add some pretty jewelry in silver or gold to dress the camo up a bit and make it more feminine.

You can even rock a pair of high heels with your camo dress, mini skirt, shorts, or trousers, and possibly a cross-body handbag or purse to give your camo outfit even more of a feminine flair. Cute sneakers, flat shoes, sandals, or even a chunky style book will also add a feminine touch to your camo outfit.

Also, keep in mind that camo comes in a variety of color combinations, including navy and light blues, pink and gray, and even black with bold colors throughout the print. Also, do not wear camo head-to-toe if you are not going hunting, camping, to the gym, or some other physical activity. It is better to break it up a little bit, such as pairing a pair of camo jeans with a solid colored top or a pair of camo shorts with a cute tank or crop top.

You can also add some color when you pair camo shorts or pants with a neon top or even some soft pastel colors, including light pink, blue, or neon green although camo also looks really great with neutral colors, including black and white. Adding a pop of color will make your camo more fun and exciting, along with making heads turn when you walk down the street.

Can you wear camo with animal prints?

Although animal prints can look very similar to camo, if you combine the two your outfit might end up looking too busy or the two prints may clash. You should really stick to wearing a solid color with your camo pieces to break up the print a little and so your outfit is not too overwhelming with prints.

Do you tuck in a polo?

Since polo shirts have an even hem, they can be worn untucked but if you are going for a dressier look and style, you will want to tuck your polo shirt into your shorts or pants. This is a look and style that has been coined by golfers over the years.