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What to Wear with Gray Shorts?

Gray is a beautiful and popular color and if you have been wondering what to wear with the stylish color of gray, or grey, this article will help you out in choosing the correct colors, styles, and accessories to look wonderful with your new pair of gray shorts.

This is a close look at a pair of gray shorts.

I love all of the different shades of the color gray and recently purchased a pair of gray shorts. They are a charcoal gray color and so far I have paired them with a pink top and white tank top with white or black sandals. I wondered what other options are available to wear with great shorts so if you have asked that question also, this article is for you.

Check out our detailed list of what to wear with gray shorts below.

Light gray shorts

For women:

Amazon Essentials Women's Plus Size Brushed Tech Stretch Short, Grey Spacedye, 1X

For men:

28 Palms Men's Relaxed-Fit 11" Inseam Cotton Tencel Chino Short, Light Grey, 34

You can pair a white or black top with gray shorts and you can even opt for a pink, yellow, or navy blue shirt, blouse, tank top, or polo short. Gray shorts, or if you prefer the other spelling of light grey shorts, can also work for men. When it comes to shoes for women with this type of outfit, you can opt for a cute pair of black shoes or sandals and can even match the sandals to the color of top you choose. Men or women may opt for a pair of white sneakers also.

Dark grey shorts

The look for men:

Under Armour mens Raid 10-inch Workout Gym Shorts , Carbon Heather (090)/Black , Large

The look for women:

Source: KÜHL

My charcoal grey shorts would fall under this category of dark grey shorts. An outfit idea for dark grey shorts is to choose a white shirt to lighten up the look or keep it darker with a dark blue T-shirt or polo shirt. Basically, you can match dark grey shorts up with the same shirts you wear with dark grey jeans. You can pair this darker shade of grey shorts with black sneakers, or sandals. White or dark gray socks with sneakers will also work with this look.

Grey Leather Shorts

For women:

Everbellus Casual Wide Leg Shorts for Womens High Waisted Faux Leather Shorts Black Medium

For Men:

Bockle Gray Bavarian Men Leather Shorts Hot Pants Trousers, Size: W29/L30

Leather short trousers for men and women are sleek and chic. You can pair them with a dressy striped blouse or button-up shirt or even a polo shirt. Women can opt for a pair of high heels or short boots while men can opt for dress shoes or high top tennis shoes.

Grey Gym Shorts

For Men:

FLYFIREFLY Men's Gym Workout Shorts Running Lightweight Athletic Short Pants Bodybuilding Training Dark Grey

For Women:

TSUTAYA Seamless High Waist Gym Shorts Womens Vital Athletic Tummy Control Booty Workout Shorts Grey Blue, S

Men or women can opt for a pair of grey (or gray) gym shorts to head to their favorite workout center, gym, or even a yoga studio. They are comfy and allow for plenty of movement. These shorts can be paired with a dark or light black, white, pink, blue, yellow, or even orange T-shirt or crop top for a stylish look that will turn heads while you are working out.

Gray Denim Shorts

For Men:

Levi's Men's 569 Loose Straight Denim Shorts, Black/Black 3D, 38

For Women:

Mavi Women's Rosie High Rise Boyfriend Denim Shorts, Mid Grey London STR, 28

A pair of gray denim shorts look great or men or women. For women, they are sometimes referred to as boyfriend shorts. A crop top for women looks great with these shorts and you can wear a pink, white, yellow, or black top to really set off the gray color. Men can opt for a T-shirt in a variety of different colors and both men and women can choose to add a matching gray denim jacket to make a complete casual outfit for cooler weather or throw on a sweater over top of a tank top. Jean shorts are stylish yet give off an err of relaxation.

Grey Chino Shorts

For Men:

PULI Golf Shorts for Men Stretch Casual Chino Hybrid Dress Flat Front Lightweight Quick Dry with Pockets Grey 36

For Women:

Bakery Golf Shorts Women Bermuda Relaxed Fit Stretch Chino Knee Length Twill Ladies Tech Size 2 Grey

Chino shorts are pretty much in the same category with grey trousers since they are a longer style of shorts. They are sometimes referred to as golf shorts since many golfers where them. They can be dressed down for a casual look or dressed up for a more dressy look to wear to a party or some other special occasion. A pair of matching gray shoes would be awesome and you can even go for a lighter shade of chino shorts with darker gray shoes or even black or brown shoes. This type of pant-style shorts are very versatile.

Grey Suit Shorts Outfits

For Men:

Men Suit 2 Piece Groom Tuxedo with Short Pants Fashion Business Mens Summer Wear Suits Sets 34/28 Grey

For Women:

The gray patterned suit shorts in gray for women from ASOS.

Source: ASOS

If you are in need of a grey suit to wear to a wedding, to the office, to a graduation party, or to some other type of event that is happening during warmer weather, opting for a suit with shorts may be just what you need to turn heads when you make your entrance. Grey suits are a wonderful option for both men and women and can be paired with a white dress shirt or blouse underneath the suit jacket.

A linen shorts style suit would be perfect for a beach wedding or an evening party in the summer months. The type of shoe for women that will look great with the outfit would be a beautiful pair of sandals or a pair of heels while men can opt for a dressy sneaker or a black or brown dress shoe. You can also always try to match up your gray shorts suit with a pair of awesome grey shoes to really top the outfit off.

Gray Bike Shorts

For Women:

Mippo Womens Bike Shorts with Pockets Yoga Shorts Womens Athletic Shorts Tummy Control Compression Tights High Waist Biker Running Gym Shorts Leggings for Women Dark Gray S

For Men:

sponeed Men Bike Shorts with Padding Bicycle Road Biking Pants Gel Padds US X-Large Grey

Gray bike shorts work great for women or men. They have plenty of flexibility for movement and some even have pockets for your wallet or cell phone. You can choose to wear these while you are actually cycling or you can sport a pair for a yoga or cardio class, to simply lounge around the house in, or to wear to the grocery store since these shorts will provide a very versatile look and style.

Some bike shorts even come as padded shorts for extra comfort while you are cycling. A great pair of tennis shoes in black, dark gray, or even a lighter shade of white, pink, or bright orange are great options when it comes to the right shoe to wear with gray bike shorts. A white or black shirt will really top off this style of outfit.

FAQs About Gray Shorts:

What color of clothing goes well with gray?

Neutral colors, such as black and white, always look great and pair well with grey pants but there are also other colors that can add not only more style and sophistication to the gray clothing but a bold pop of color too. You can wear gray with green, which is all the rage right now, or match up with red, yellow, pink, or navy blue.

What colors look good with gray pants?

For a more casual look and style, you can match gray pants with a light or medium blue that will present a more relaxed look and feel. You can even add more color by opting for various shades of green to wear with your gray pants, including emerald, lime, teal, and sage.

You can also go with different colors of reds, such as crimson, burgundy, and, especially if you live in Ohio and are a Buckeyes fan, scarlet with gray. You can also pair gray pants or shorts with a lemon yellow color or even gold or match them up with periwinkle blue, violet, or lavender for a softer look and style.

What is another color for gray?

There are many variations, shades, and hues when it comes to the color of gray and some of those include dark and light gray, Gainsboro, silver, medium gray, dim gray, Davy’s gray, and Spanish gray.