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What to Wear with White Jeans?

White jeans work great for both men and women as well as children and can be paired with a variety of different styles and textures of tops, blouses, T-shirts, sweaters, and more. Check out our list for some ideas on what to wear with white jeans.

A close look at a woman wearing a pair of white jeans with long brown coat.

Since junior high school, I have always owned at least one pair of white jeans. They are so versatile and you can wear virtually any color of top and shoes with them.

White jeans work great for both men and women as well as children and can be paired with a variety of different styles and textures of tops, blouses, T-shirts, sweaters, and more.

As a rebel myself, I really enjoyed learning about the history of white jeans. A little fashion history lesson teaches us that white denim became very popular when it came to pants for high school students back in the 1950s and 1960s. This happened because rules were made by school administrators throughout the country prohibiting blue jeans to be worn to school by students.

So, these students got creative and started to bleach their blue jeans to turn them into white jeans and that, my folks, is the history of white jeans and we are here for it.

Levi Strauss and Company caught on to this amazing trend and the rest, they say, is history. In today’s market, you can find white jeans for men, women, and children at department stores, high-end stores, and even discount stores or you can order them online for an array of different companies.

Since white pretty much looks great with any color, they are an amazing piece of clothing to have in your wardrobe and should become a fashion staple for you as they have for me.

Check out our list below for some ideas on what to wear with white jeans.

White Jeans Outfit

For men:

The Washed Stone Denim Jacket from Banana Republic Factory.

Source: Banana Republic Factory

For women:

The Acid Wash Denim Jacket from Venus

Source: Venus

Whether you are a man or woman you can pair a white jean material denim jacket with a pair of white jeans to create an amazing and stylish white jeans outfit. You may think the denim trend has passed but that is simply not the case as it is a fashion trend that is here to stay. Owning these pieces sets you up for other outfit options also, including swapping out the denim jacket for a leather jacket of any color or trading your white denim jeans for a pair of blue jeans with the white denim jacket.

The possibilities are endless once you have a white jeans outfit in your wardrobe.

Ripped Jeans

For men:

The Supreme Flex White Blown Knee Skinny Jeans from Rue21.

Source: Rue21

For Women:

The White High Waisted Ripped Ankle Jeggings from Rue21.

Source: Rue21

White men’s ripped jeans look great with a T-shirt if you are going for a more dress-downed look and style or with a nice button up shirt in virtually any color.

For women, you can pair your ripped white jeans with a blouse, mid-drift top, T-shirt, or even a blouse and blazer if you want to dress them up for a more casual day at the office or a night out with drinks.

Both men and women can wear a pair of shoes that go with any of the looks they have chosen when it comes to distressed white jeans, including sandals or tennis shoes.

Skinny White Jeans

For Women:

The Skinny White Jeans from Venus.

Source: Venus

For men:

This is the Skinny White Destroyed Temp Control Hyper Stretch Jeans from Express.

Source: Express

Both men and women can enjoy the slimming effect and leg-lengthening illusion of white skinnies. Women’s straight leg skinny jeans are very similar to straight leg white jeans so the fashion trends for each are similar and will look great with a pair of heels and an embellished tank top which is an outfit that is versatile enough to wear to the office with a jacket over top or to the park after work to take in their child’s ballgame. Women can even wear a summer sweater with a pair of white straight-leg jeans if the weather is less than perfect to wear a tank top by itself.

Men can opt for a clean, crisp pair of tennis shoes and a white tee with a colorful button-down shirt or even a denim shirt left unbuttoned and thrown on top with their white skinny jeans for a casual yet clean-cut look and style. If it is chilly outside, a camel coat will look great or even a leather trench coat.

Cropped White Jean

For Women:

The Cropped White Floral Jeans from Venus.

Source: Venus

For men:

Amazon Brand - Goodthreads Men's Skinny-Fit 5-Pocket Chino, Light Grey 42W x 28L

Women can wear crop tops, tank tops, fitted tees, or blouses with a pair of white cropped jeans. Heels, sandals, wedges, flats, or even tennis shoes will look great with a pair of these types of jeans. They are a wardrobe staple everyone should have since they can be dressed up for a style to wear to a board meeting at work or dressed down to wear to a sporting event.

They are a very easy one when it comes to ways to style white jeans. Cropped white jeans can fit loser or be purchased in a skinny jean style which looks great with a pair of wedge sandals.

Men can definitely boast a pair of cropped white jeans as well as women can. With a pair of loafers or a white or black sneaker and a chambray shirt or striped shirt, these white trousers can become the perfect pair for the man in your life.

White Wide Leg Jean

For Women:

Gloria Vanderbilt Women's Amanda Wide Leg Crop Length Jean, Vintage White - Fray Hem, 6 Regular

For Men:

The white linen riviera pant from Island Importer.

Source: Island Importer

When it comes to white pants and white trousers, wide leg jeans are a great option for both men and women. They can be paired with a graphic tee or a dressier style of shirt. For women, a pair of wide leg jeans with a drawstring tie around the waist are even considered to be boyfriend jeans and can be paired with flip-flops or a flat pair of sandals.

Both men and women can opt for a shoe that is dressy or casual, including boots for men or ankle boots for women. A white shirt can be paired with these white bottoms as one of the many outfit ideas you can choose from but adding pops of color with a bright-colored jacket or top is always good too.


Do white jeans make you look fatter?

If you tend to be bottom-heavy, white jeans can make you look a little heavier than darker pants since dark colors tend to camouflage more of our flaws. Fashion experts say, though, if you learn which pair of white jeans look good on your body type and how to style them with the right tops, jewelry, and shoes, you can rock a pair of white jeans on any occasion that you want to an enjoy every minute of it.

When can I wear white jeans?

You can wear white jeans during any season of the year and it is perfectly appropriate, especially if you already have a wonderful pair of white jeans in your wardrobe from the summer months. There is no need to go by antiquated rules in the fashion area that you cannot wear white pants or white shoes after Labor Day because you totally can if you want to.

Do not let the temperature outside dictate what color your jeans are, in other words. You can even wear white jeans with boots or ankle boots to keep your feet warm in the winter and still look stylish while rocking your white jeans with a darker colored top, including black, brown, or even beige.

Green and Navy blue also are great colors to wear on top well wearing your white jeans on the bottom with a great pair of shoes and this fashion trend work great for both men and women.

Should you size up in white jeans?

Darker colors tend to camouflage that muffin top that you get sometimes if your jeans are a little too snug so, in other words, dark colors camouflage tightness while white does not do as good of a job. This means when you purchase white jeans you should maybe go up a size or two. It is recommended that you take a couple different sizes into the dressing room with you to try on so that you can determine which size looks better on your body type since everyone is made differently.