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On a Whim I Bought Ermenegildo Zegna L’Asola Suede Loafers… Did I Lose My Mind?

I did it. I dropped over $400 on Zegna blue suede loafers. I just had to get them when I tried them on with my new Zegna slacks. Total impulse buy. Read this review to see what I actually think about them.

Side view of blue Zegna suede loafer.

This year I wanted to buy some really nice trousers for Christmas dinners and parties.

I marched into Harry Rosen in downtown Vancouver and told them what I wanted.

The person helping me looked at me and suggested Ermenegildo Zegna would be my best bet.

She was right.  Hugo Boss is too tight.  The grey Zegna slacks were perfect.

While trying them on, she brought over a pair of Zegna L’Asola navy blue suede loafers.  She said the shoes were perfect with the slacks.

Again, she was right.  Not only did they look amazing, but they were extraordinarily comfortable.  It was like wearing socks.

The slacks weren’t cheap so I said I’d think about the shoes.

Of course, while leaving the store I knew I’d go back for the shoes.  Which I did the next day.

Not only do the Zegna loafers look fantastic with my new Zegna slacks, but they loafers go well with jeans.  I wear jeans most days so I like shoes that go with jeans.


As you can see, this is a sleek-looking loafer.  Much sleeker than the penny loafer design.

The front

They have a long point but not elf-like.

The ridge seam around the perimeter of the top of the shoe gives the shoe some depth which I like.  The stitching for the kiltie shows up, but that’s all.

The kiltie is made of thick black leather which runs across the vamp which adds depth and texture to the shoe.  Check it out:

Top view of blue Zegna suede loafer with jeans on.

The vamp runs fairly high up for a loafer but isn’t uncomfortable.  In fact, the opposite is true.  It helps secure these shoes to the foot.

The Heel

The rear of the loafer is soft like the rest of it except for a vertical strip of stiff black leather which gives the heel its form to fit the foot and prevent slipping off.  Check it out:

The rear view of blue Zegna suede loafer with jeans on.

The Sides

The sides are non-descript and simple which I like.  The front kiltie and heel offer some decorative elements, but not the sides.  The sides don’t rise up all that high in true loafer form.

Check them out:

Inside view of blue Zegna suede loafer with jeans on.

Inside view of blue Zegna suede loafer with jeans on.

Outside view of the Zegna suede L'Asola loafer.

Outside view of the Zegna suede L’Asola loafer.

The sole

It’s a remarkably thin leather sole with a slight heel.  Check it out.

Close up of leather heel of Ermenegildo Zegna A'Sola loafer.

Bottom of sole of Ermenegildo Zegna loafers.

The suede

While I loved the look and color of these loafers instantly, what really got me to buy them is the quality of the suede.  It’s soft; feels like wearing socks.  The shoes are very light as well.

All I ask is that you don’t step on my blue suede shoes.

Are they worth the $400+ price tag?

Yes, absolutely.  I love these shoes.  They look great with slacks, a suit, and jeans.  They’re incredibly comfortable, sleek, stylish, and will stay in style for many years.

My recent Zegna slacks and loafer purchase are my first Zegna apparel products.  I’m definitely a fan.

Buy the Zegna loafers here.

More Photos

Side view of Ermenegildo Zegna A'Sola suede loafers with blue jeans.

Photo of Ermenegildo Zegna A'Sola loafers worn with jeans.

Close-up image of Ermenegildo Zegna A'Sola suede loafer.

Close-up photo of the point and stitching of the Ermenegildo Zegna blue suede loafer.

Close-up photo of the tops of Ermenegildo Zegna A'Sola loafers.

Side top image of blue suede loafer by Zegna.

Rear top photo of Zegna A'Sola suede loafer shoe.

Side view of the loafer.

Notice how thin the leather sole is. Very cool.

A view of the inside of Zegna A'Sola suede loafer shoe.

Top inside view of Zegna navy blue loafer.

Front view of Zegna A'sola suede loafer.

Buy the Zegna loafers here.