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What Type of Shoes to Wear with Mom Jeans

Mom jeans have a throwback vibe, but they can also be paired with a variety of shoes to create a variety of outfits that can be worn for any occasion, with the exception of a formal dinner. But if you wear the right shoes, you never know!

A woman sitting crossed leg.Platform sandals with solid wooden heels always looked as though they are a little uncomfortable. If you have ever worn platforms with mom jeans, you will know just how comfortable the whole outfit is. Mom jeans do have that retro vibe, but they can also be worn with a whole range of shoes to create different looks that can fit any occasion, except perhaps a formal dinner.

Choose the correct shoes, though, and you never know!

1. Mule sandal with medium heels

Pair your mom jeans with a pair of mule sandals with medium heels for an easy out-on-the-town feel. The shoes look comfortable with the jeans. Pair them with a loose, sleeveless blouse and some chunky jewelry that matches the color of the shoes to complete the outfit.

2. Low cut sneaker

A phtoto of a leg wearing a blue jeans and white sneakers.The beauty of jeans is that they can match any color. Choose a low-cut sneaker in a funky fabric, like leopard spots to wear with your mom jeans. Don’t try to match the look of the sneakers with the rest of our outfit. Keep the look neutral, so that the sneakers say it all.

3. Soft Clog

Just about the perfect shoe to pair with mom jeans must be clogs. Just like the jeans, they have a retro look. Choose a pair of soft clogs with a comfortable bed for your foot. Pair them with a khaki button-down shirt or a loose T-shirt to keep the look comfortable.

4. Sporty sandal

A brown sporty sandal on the sand.Mom jeans are about fun and play, so cash in on this and wear them with sporty sandals. Go for the full-our retro look and choose a pair with gingham straps. You can take it one step further and wear a pair that ties around your ankle with a bow. Pick up one of the colors in the sandal and wear a loose button-down blouse in that color.

5. Slip-on toe mule

A cute pair of shoes to wear with mom jeans is a slip-on toe mule. These shoes that only cover your toes are great to wear in summer, or in winter with pantyhose, or even funky socks. Keep the look clean and plain and the overall feel of your outfit will be funky and fun. Of course, this means you will need to wear a cute crop-top to finish off the outfit.

6. Platform wedge

A platform wedge photographed with a red background.What better way to cash in on the retro look and wear a pair of platform wedges with your mom jeans? The high waist of the jeans and the chunky look of the sandals go perfectly together. You can pick up this look by wearing a couple of chunky bracelets. Keep your top half streamlined, though. Rather wear a slimline T-shirt than something more solid-looking.

7. Floral loafer

Loafers are those shoes that can be worn for just about any occasion, especially with a garment as universal as a pair of mom jeans. If you wear a pair of floral loafers, you can change the look and feel of your outfit. If you want to go for a matching look, then choose a floral top in the same pattern.

This can be a little overwhelming, though, so rather wear a loose T-shirt or a light blouse that picks up one of the colors in the floral pattern of the shoes.

8. Platform boot

A photo focusing the black platform boot.The absolutely perfect retro-inspired shoe to wear with mom jeans is a platform boot. The narrow ankle will fit under the bottom of the leg of most jeans, but can as easily be exposed. Wearing the boots, either way, will draw attention to the heels and give you extra height.

9. Platform sandal

In summer, wear your mom jeans with a pair of platform sandals, to go for comfort and style. Choose a solid, neutral color for the sandals, but then why not wear a loose tunic-style top with a floral style that picks up the color of the sandals? Keep the whole look of the outfit loose, summery and flowing.

10. Classic slip-on

Jeans can either be dressed up or dressed down. The ‘dressing down’ can be achieved perfectly by wearing a pair of classic slip-on shoes. They also look comfortable and keep your feet comfortable.

So, if you are spending time at home, or at a close friend’s house, then slip your feet into a pair of these shoes and keep comfortable the whole day.

11. Open-heeled buckle mule

A close view of womans' feet wearing a biege open heeled mule sandals.Wearing slip-on shoes with jeans can look casual, but it does depend on the choice of shoes. There are slip-on shoes that can give you a slightly more formal look, like open-heeled buckle mule. For a more fun look, wear a pair of fun socks with the mules, just to keep the casual edge in your outfit.

12. Mock boots

Ripped mom’s jeans are a completely modern look. Mix and match them with mock boots in a neutral color and a bomber jacket of the same shade. Try wearing the boots with long, striped socks that feature the color of the boots.

13. Slingback flats

On their own, slingback flats have a semi-casual look. They are similar to more formal shoes but are also more comfortable. If you wear these shoes and pair them with a loose button-down shirt, you will have a look that is just casual enough to be comfortable, but also semi-formal enough to wear to work.

14. Runner trainer

Jeans are all about versatility, so why not take your mom jeans (and yourself) on a walk in the wild and wear a pair of runner trainers. Throw on a hoodie or sweatshirt over a loose T-shirt, or a sports top, and you’ve got the athletic look down.