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Where to buy Canada Goose online? You’ll be surprised at all your options

Canada Goose store in Montreal

While there’s a Canada Goose store not too far from me, I buy most of my Canada Goose wear online.

Specifically, I set up an account at and buy everything from that website.

The question remains, where can you buy Canada Goose apparel online?  You have several options.  Here they are.

Canada Goose Jackets

Please note that the stated inventory volumes below may change at any time.  I last visited each of the following websites on November 30, 2021.  I merely mention them as a way to compare the various online stores where you can buy Canada Goose apparel.


While it might seem obvious to start your search for Canada Goose wear at, that’s not always the case.  Some brands don’t sell on their sites and instead only sell via other retailers.  Not so with… it’s a full-fledged ecommerce store.  Overall, I’d say their website is easy to use.  The search options are clear.  The checkout process is smooth.  The individual product pages are excellent with color, sizing and availability made very clear.  Shipping is relatively fast… not one day Amazon Prime fast, but it doesn’t take that long.  All in all, I like shopping on

If you prefer to visit a physical store, check out their store locations here.

Does ship outside of Canada? Yes, it does. It ships globally. In other words, it doesn’t restrict shipping to within Canada.  In fact, you can choose your preferred country version of the site to buy in your preferred currency.


Harry Rosen is one of my all-time favorite stores… both in physical location and online. I’ve bought a ton of clothing from Harry Rosen.  The customer service in the store is excellent.  The website is very well done.  More importantly, offers quite a good selection.  When I visited the site cared 161 coats, 28 hats, 14 rainwear items, 8 scarves and gloves and 32 sweaters and knits.  I found some items there that I never saw on which was kind of cool.

3. sells Canada Goose wear for both men and women.  However, the selection is very limited to 72 items (when I visited) and most of the options are jackets.  It’s worth a look but the number of options is lacking for sure.


Saks Fifth Avenue offers over 130 Canada Goose items for men, women and kids.  What I love about Saks is it really is a premier online shopping store with some of the world’s most iconic luxury brands.


With only 79 Canada Goose items (when I visited) it’s not the most robust CG retailer around despite its lauded name.  Again, worth a look if looking for something specific but not if you want to get a good sense of what the entire product line available by Canada Goose is.


Altitude Sports Canada Goose inventory is comparable to other retailers (other than of course).  It’s in the 130 items range which is decent.  Again, the only reason to shop at a store other than is to hopefully find what you want in stock if it’s out of stock at


Revolve is an interesting shopping website.  It curates individual items from top designers and brands.  Which means while it carries many top brands and designers, it often only carries a few options that it believes its subscribers and shoppers will like. This means if you like what Revolve curates, then it’s definitely worth a look because Revolve goes for a specific look.


Neiman Marcus online carries over 150 Canada Goose items for women, men and kids. That’s a respectable inventory for a retailer so definitely worth a look if you can’t buy what you want at  Generally, Neiman Marcus carries some sweet designers and brands so while you’re checking out CG, be sure to check out the other options.


With 125 Canada Goose items, it’s a decent CG retailer.  The Nordstrom’s brand is excellent.  Like other premium retailers, you can search by “Designer” which is cool.  I love that feature because often I know what I’m looking for.


Holt Renfrew is a premium Canadian apparel retailer.  Unfortunately, it ships only within in Canada which is why I listed this store last.  The Canada Goose inventory is excellent.  The overall brands and designers it carries is outstanding… but let’s face it, there are far more folks shopping online from Canada.

Can you buy used Canada Goose clothing online?

Yes, you can.  In fact, there are a good number of options.  Check out these 13 websites that sell used Canada Goose jackets and clothing.

Why shop and buy for Canada Goose on other e-commerce websites? In other words, why not just buy from

I’ve found that sometimes other retailers may have something in stock that does not have in stock.  This isn’t just the case for  It’s the case for many brands. In fact, last year I was looking for a specific North Face jacket for my wife that was sold out on the North Face website but I found it available in her size on another site (I was very pleased because it was such an awesome jacket).

That said, I always start my Canada Goose apparel search on

I have a Canada Goose website account that tracks all my orders so I can check what I’ve ordered, what sizes I ordered and so on.  Moreover, while I don’t know for sure, I suspect the website has the best selection.  Only if they’re out will I turn to other online stores that sell Canada Goose wear.

Canada Goose Outer wear