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Where to Buy Hair Extensions Online

Hair extensions are a fabulous way to add to your own hair. Are you seeking ways to add volume, lift, and vibrancy to your hair? Check out these best hair extension websites to find the ultimate addition to your own natural hair. These companies have the perfect match for you.

A look at a variety of hair extension in different colors and styles.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and really wished for different hair? I know I sure have. Some days, I am frustrated with the limited styling options I have with my hair. Some days, I just want luxurious long hair. With a few keyboard strokes, I can have any hairstyle I want by shopping for hair extensions online.

Literally, any color, style, and texture are available to me. You do want to be careful. I could create my own what I think I look like and what I actually look like a meme with some of my purchases. This guide lists the best hair extensions you can buy online to save you from your own personal disasters. Keep reading; your next great hair day awaits.

1. Indique

This is a screenshot of the Indique website.

Indique uses its more than 30 years of experience in the extension industry to provide quality hair extension options to customers. They are hands-on in the sourcing, inspecting, and processing of the real hair they use. They use real human hair from India and South East Asia. The hair is not processed or touched by heat, color, or chemicals. They use virgin hair and guarantee that it remains virgin hair. They offer extensions that clip, ponytail extension, and hair for braiding.

Indique offers multiple collections from which you can choose for your perfect look. The Pure Collection is their flagship and the one that started it all. This hair has not been touched and remains natural. The Bounce Collection is steam textured hair that provides various textures from beach waves, coils, and curls.

The Sea Collection is full of natural and steam textured extensions. The Indique site offers tips and techniques to keep your extensions looking their best. They offer hair bundles. They also have products that are safe for use on all your extensions or wig and pony tail supplies. They offer the ability to make monthly payments for their products if approved.

2. Richy Hair Extensions

This is a screenshot of the Richy website.

Richy Hair Extensions ethically sources their hair from across Europe for their Diamond Collection. They use only virgin hair that is not processed, permed, or colored. They hand-select the hair to ensure it meets their high-quality standards. They are committed to providing hair that is natural and comfortable.

They refuse to compromise on their process and use an extensive process to remove pigment to get to the hair color they desire. This process does not involve bleach. Richy uses a process of cold dyeing baths to maintain the integrity of the hair cuticle layer. Their extensions are created to add length and volume to your own hair.

Richy offers Keratips extensions to seamlessly blend in with your own hair while making it pop. They are light, will last, and contain keratin. Richy has created gentle tips that will not damage your own hair when applying or removing the tips. They come in 27 different colors and five lengths. They use glue to stay in place.

If you would rather use tape, they offer Stickees. There is no heat used when applying Stickees, and it is ideal for delicate hair. The tape is medical grade making it safe from humidity and water while being nonallergenic. They come in 5 lengths and 47 colors. Their Hairflow product is easy to use and does not require heat or professional assistance. They are ultra-durable and can be used with all styling tools and products.

3. Great Lengths

This is a screenshot of the Great Lengths website.

Great Lengths uses human hair from India that is ethical and traceable. They have a factory in Rome where all their hair is processed. Their processing creates extensions that are double drawn and 100 percent, Remy hair. Remy human hair extensions look natural because they follow the direction that the hair cuticles.

This helps to protect it from damage. It remains the same thickness from the tip to the root of the hair when it is double drawn. All of the steps that Great Lengths takes is to ensure their Remy clip and Remy hair extensions are healthy and vibrant. They have experts that blend colors by hand to ensure each hair extension has proper depth and closely mirrors natural hair color and appearance.

Great Lengths offers two types of hair extension options. The GL Pre-Bonded extensions are their most popular. They add volume, length, and color. They are ideal for creating up dos. They have an extensive catalog of colors, including the latest trend of vivid hues. They have a range of lengths, the best you will find, and will even create custom lengths by request. For those seeking extensions that use tape, they offer GL tape in extensions. Their super thin medical grade tape does not add tension to your scalp and sits flat.

4. Dhair Boutique

This is a screenshot of the Dhair website.

Dhair Boutique has been the go-to for extensions among celebrities since it started in 2009. They are also known as celebrity hairstylists. They want to be the hairstylist for every person, not just celebrities. They use 100 percent animal-free natural hair that has zero synthetics and no chemicals.

They pride themselves on the superior customer service they provide and their extensive knowledge and expertise. They believe in providing quality products intended to last, not just look good for a couple of days. They know versatility is important, so they created extensions that flat iron well or keep a nice curl.

They offer a Sea Collection with hair from South East Asia that is double drawn. Their Raw Hair texture is created from hair directly imported from Malaysia. It is healthy with a luster that is medium to high. They have other hair pieces, including closures and frontals to meet all of your needs.

5. Kinkistry

This is a screenshot of the Kinkistry website.

Kinkistry is being hailed as filling a void by providing numerous curl patterns. The curl pattern void has been an area that has been ignored by many brands. They offer ponytail options, clip ins, bundles, and wigs in curl patterns 2B to 4C. This is a double minority-owned business with a Black woman as its founder and owner.

Their goal is to represent every hair type, with 3 types specifically for 4 types of hair. They offer a special service to ensure you match your hair texture properly. They provide personal texture matching, so you get the right match the first time. They provide bundles with the appropriate length weft. They offer extensive tutorials on their website, along with FAQs and extensive information about the proper care of your extensions.

They offer advice on how to seal the extensions to prevent excessive shedding. They recommend purchasing two sets of clip-ins if you want full hair coverage. One set will give you about 50 percent coverage. They do state all sales are final but provide you every opportunity to get the right match.

6. Extensionology

This is a screenshot of the Extensionology website.

Extensionology was created on the foundation that extension should blend seamlessly into your natural hair. This company was started to provide professional tools to stylist professionals and, over time, have extended their selection to the public. They source their hair from all over the world, using only 100 percent human hair. They use innovative techniques to ensure the quality and manufacturing standards of their extensions.

They have a large range of colors with several different tab options to provide you with seamless coverage. They are easy to remove and offer extra longevity. The tailored tab is 100 percent seamless, and the extensions create a natural look and make it appear as though they are growing from the roots.

The bare has a matte tab providing the ultimate in comfort. It is completely flat but adds style and density. The bare II is advanced with a thinner tab giving a close to invisible look. The canvas provides a custom color option. This is an extension that is dyeable, so you can create any color you would like.

7. Hidden Crown

This is a screenshot of the Hidden Crown website.

The Hidden Crown began as a company that wanted to create extensions that anyone can apply on their own without any assistance. They have become a company that offers quality extensions to the stars. They offer expertise color matching to ensure the extensions blend seamlessly with your own hair. Their extensions are the quality you expect from a salon.

They use 100 percent human hair that is double drawn. Their Halo crown extension is easy to use. There is no glue, clips, or damage to your own hair. The hair is constructed on an invisible wire. It is as easy to remove as it is to apply. The Crown topper has the ability to snap into your hair for a seamless appearance.

This is ideal for a woman suffering from hair loss or hair that is thinning. The Hidden Crown is the best option for those with fine hair. It can add length, volume, and fullness. They also offer Crown clip ins, which gives you an invisible hairline. The Hidden Crown clip-ins has fewer clips and more hair than many other brands.

8. True Indian Hair

This is a screenshot of the True Indian Hair website.

True Indian Hair understands the diverse needs of their customers and provides healthy 100 percent virgin hair in response. Their hair comes from East India and Brazil. True Indian Hair hand selects only the best texture and quality hair. It is sterilized and creates an exceptional quality extension.

Their hair is not processed or treated with chemicals. They do not use relaxer, perm, or color on the hair. They offer natural hues of browns and blacks and straight, wavy, and curly textures. The hair produced by True Indian Hair can be dyed with professional coloring products.

They offer seven different lines and possible hairstyles for your purchase. Their virgin Indian bundles are versatile and available to customers. They are soft, high quality, optimal length, and superior texture. Some of the extensions are from Malaysia and Brazil, featuring exotic and body curls.

True Indian Hair provides good hair extensions that can clip in that are durable and long-lasting. These pieces are attached at the base by fabric that holds the hair tightly. They can be easily removed or attached. The clips used in these extensions will not damage your hair and have no chemicals in them.

9. Mayvenn

This is a screenshot of the Mayvenn website.

Mayvenn uses virgin hair extensions to provide the highest quality hair for their customers. The hair in their extensions is not processed. It is human hair that has not been through any processing. It has not been bleached, permed, bleached, or chemically treated. You can color and bleach it if you choose. Mayvenn uses a steam process that is gentle and creates beautiful, wavy, or curly hair in a variety of textures.

Mayvenn does offer dyed virgin hair if you do not want to dye it yourself. If you choose the extensions that are dyed, you should not further color or bleach this hair. They provide a 30-day guarantee because they want you to love your hair. They also want you to feel like you can make a purchase without risk. Mayvenn offers specialized services with their full-service experts. If you want to buy the hair but not apply it to your hair, their experts will do it for you.

10. LA Wig Company

This is a screenshot of the LA Wig Company website.

The LA Wig Company offers toppers and hairpieces that are classy and affordable. They offer free shipping on all the products, all the time. They pride themselves on their excellent customer service and always want you to be happy with their products. They have numerous options for extensions, which include synthetic hair, human hair, and Remy human hair. The synthetic hair topper does not have many options.

There is one that comes with a headband or no headband. The human hair and Remy human hair options have two options. They offer an easiXtend option that adds color, volume, and length naturally and easily. This option has a number of clips to attach to your hair. The number of clips differs based on the style. You can apply heat to this extension to complete your look. The other option is easiVolume. This easiVolume is one piece that clips to your hair. The piece varies from 10 inches to 18 inches, depending on the style. It adds body and thickness to your hair with no effort at all.

11. Wigsbuy

This is a screenshot of the Wigsbuy website.

Wigsbuy offers you the ability to change your hair color and style. They have offerings that help you add an ombre style to your hair. They have various options for extensions that include clip-ins, ponytails, hairpieces, closures, and micro loop rings. Any one of these options can enhance your current style.

They offer many types and textures from straight to wavy to curly hair. They have human hair and Remy human hair types. Human hair gives extensions the most natural feel and look. It feels soft and has an amazing shine. Since it is human hair, it moves freely, just as you expect natural hair to move. It can be styled and cut to meet your needs or desires. Remy human hair is the highest quality human hair you can find.

This hair has a cuticle that is intact, making it healthier and gets tangled less. Wigsbuy helps you add length and volume to your natural hair. They are easy to care for and affordable. You can add them quickly to your hair, and it can still breathe. They offer their customers free shipping all the time on all your purchases.

12. Wig

This is a screenshot of the Wig website.

Wig prides itself on being the only resource you need for extensions. They have a full collection of sizes, colors, and sizes from which you can choose. They have short and long options, straight and curly. They also have a full selection of African American wigs and hairpieces. All of the extensions in their catalog are made from 100 percent human hair or synthetic hair. Human hair gives you the most natural look, and the synthetic hair is simple to care for.

Instantly, you are given length, texture, volume, and coverage. The best part is it is temporary. This way, you do not have to commit to any of these options long term. Wigs extensions are sold as clip-ins or in sets. The clip ins seamlessly integrate with your hair and adds volume. The extension kits come in sets of 1 to 3, or sets of 5 to 10. They use a construction of fineline where the fibers are stitched to polyurethane, so the extension lays flat against your head.


This is a screenshot of the Wigs website. offers a large selection of hair extensions that enhance your natural hair and give you something extra. They have the leading brands, and you are sure to find a style you like. They offer clip-in extensions, halo extensions, color extensions, and wefted extensions. The clip-in options give you volume without bulk. They have an edge that is seamless, so it blends in without anyone ever knowing.

The clip-in extensions are synthetic hair that is heat friendly, which means you can use any styling tool you want without fear of damage. The number of pieces you receive depends upon the model you select. The halo extensions give you the option to add volume to your hair with a headband option that you pull your own hair over. Each of these colors is blended by hand with 7 to 11 shades to give the extension a natural look. The color extensions give you the ideal amount of color to give you some pop.

These extensions come in shades of reds and pinks. The extensions are a natural tone with the ends dipped in color, or the entire extension is colored. They have an attachment style that is unique. It combs as a comb or ponytail holder. They also have a velcro strip to create a seamless combination of the extension with your hair. The wefted extensions make your hair look smooth while being lightweight. Hair is stitched into polyurethane to ensure the extension will lay flat against your head.

14. Amazon

This is a screenshot of the Amazon website.

Amazon is known to offer a large number of items in one place. Often time, you can find items on Amazon for the best price. They offer more than 8 brands of extensions. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can get your extensions as soon as the next day without any additional cost.

They offer videos on their website to show how easy it is to add the extensions to your natural hair. They have a wide variety of colors, textures, and lengths. You can find extensions from straight to wavy to curly options. They provide access to a Sassina shop, which offers clip-in extensions and halo extensions. They have hair extensions that are scrunchies, so you can easily add them to your hair.

15. Glam Seamless

This is a screenshot of the Glam Seamless website.

Glam Seamless offers extensions that are sourced from 100 percent Remy human hair. They are ethically sourced in a way that protects people, the environment, and the hair. They have more than 65 colors, so you are sure to find the perfect match for your hair. They offer shipping on the same day to allow you to get your extensions sooner.

They have a wide array of textures and styles to match all types of hair. Their glam strands are mini extensions that tape into your hair. They are small and easily hidden behind your own hair. These come in 18-inch strands. Glam Seamless offers tape-ins, which are a semi-permanent way of adding extensions to your natural hair. They take about 40 minutes to apply, and they are made in the US.

Their clip-ins are invisible and will not cause any damage to your hair. They are thin at the top of the extension, so they blend easily into your own hair. They have weft extensions, both machine and hand-tied weft. The machine wefts are the original and traditional extensions produced on a machine. The hand-tied version is thin, light, and ultra-durable. They are not able to be cut.