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30 Stylish Wigs with Parts

People purchase wigs for many reasons: thinning hair, a bad haircut, or just for a change. Wigs come in real human hair or synthetic. They come in comfortable lace caps or in open weft caps. They come in all colors, cuts, and lengths. You might find the perfect wig here.

A woman wearing a long brunette wig with bangs.

What does human nature mean to you? Does it mean changing your look just because it’s a change? Does it mean striking out in a different direction in order to have an adventure? Maybe it means breaking the chains of a path rigorously planned for you. Whatever the reason, style plays a large part in any change. Perhaps a wig might do the trick.

Table of Contents

LA Wig Company

Regular Human Hair

Have you ever wondered where the hair cut from your head and lying on the floor of the hair salon goes? It goes into regular human hair wigs. A real human hair wig can be cut , washed, blow-dried, and styled just like your own hair. You have a choice between Raquel Welch and Jon Renau regular human hair wig collections:

1. Raquel Welch’s Applause Lace Front, Monofilament Human Hair Wig

Applause by Raquel Welch from LA Wig Company.

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Every woman in the world has seen a movie, TV commercial, or interview with such stars as Emma Watson, Halle Berry, or Carey Mulligan and marveled at their hair. We immediately ran out to get ours cut that way. Why bother when you can have a wig cunningly arranged to look like the stars’ hair?

You’ll stretch the lace cap onto your head into which each hair, called monofilament, has been 100 percent hand-tied. Lace front caps are lightweight and offer a natural appearance. Monofilament wigs look exactly like hair growing out of the scalp and can be parted to look even more natural.

The cap size is average with a five-inch crown, four-inch side, and quarter-inch nape. This wig makes the Top 25 because its easy, breezy look frames the face, gives substance to the do, and flatters women of all ages. It comes in shades from gray(ish) to blonde to black to brunette.

2. Jon Renau’s Blake Petit Lace Front, Monofilament Human Hair Wig

Blake Petite by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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Now we’re taking a look at hair that lies just at the shoulder blades or hangs prettily at the breast. It’s been a thing since time immemorial that long hair is sexy. So let’s take a look at hair beginning to grow long (think models draped across cars, horses, or on dance floors holding glasses of wine.)

3. Jon Renau’s Carrie Monofilament, Human Hair Wig

Carrie by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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What do Kim Kardashian, Rose Byrne, and Amy Adams have in common? Their locks hit right around the collar bone, the style is full, and they’re worn in dozens of different ways. What you notice most are the cheekbones that stand out, the wide eyes, and Mona Lisa-esque smile. Can hair really do that for a girl? You betcha!

You’ll stretch over your head a lace front cap into which has been 100 percent hand-tied monofilament human hair. The wig is 11 inches at the crown, ten and a half inches on the sides, and seven and quarter inches at the nape. The lace front cap is completely invisible and can be worn in every conceivable style. It comes in blonde, red, brunette, and black in any shade of these that best suits you.

Why did this particular wig make the Top 25? In a world of Zoom meetings complete with masks that obscure our exquisite makeup jobs, we all need that extra touch to get noticed. With a wig imparting some mystery to the wearer, you’ll get noticed. And hey, what girl couldn’t use some mystery in her look?


Remy Human Hair

1. Beyonce Hairstyle 100 Percent Indian Remy Hair Lace Wigs 20 Inches Silky Straight

Beyonce Hairstyle from Wigsbuy.

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Remy hair differs from human hair in that Remy still has the cuticle on the hair shaft. The cuticle is the dead skin cells that wrap around the shaft to protect it from damage. It’s still real human hair, but this makes the hair softer and more natural-looking. It’s also the most expensive.

You’ll place this lace front cap with 20 inches of hair on your head. It’s available in every shade of blonde, one shade of copper penny red, a bit of brunette, and jet black.

This wig made the Top 25 because the hair looks so much like Beyonce that it’s hard to believe it’s a wig. When something looks that real, you snatch it right on up. While singing All the Single Ladies, of course, and dazzling everyone with your righteous dance moves.

2. Glamour and More Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig by Raquel Welch Couture

Glamour and More by raquel Welch from Wigsbuy.

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Gimme a head of hair, long, beautiful hair, shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen hair (thanks to writers James/Arthur/Galt/Gerome for the perfect song)! The feel of long hair flying in the wind as you gallop on a horse, ride a motorcycle, or dance through the sky paragliding is unexplainable to those who haven’t long hair.

They can, however, have it with this Swiss lace front cap into which the hair has been 100 percent hand-tied. The top is monofilament, also hand-tied. The hair hangs different lengths from the sides, back, and front to give the illusion of real hair. The wigs come in exotic colors like Chardonnay and Cappuccino.

I chose this particular style for the Top 25, because it’s the perfect illustration of long hair. It hits right at the curve of the waist just above the hip. It flows softly, glows brightly, and gives all women a sexy aura.

LA Wig Company


1. Ariana By Jon Renau Lace Front With Monofilament Synthetic Wig

Ariana by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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We’ve discussed long hair with all its advantages. Ladies preferring length to their tresses will appreciate this SmartLace cap. SmartLace is a technology only Jon Renau offers with a cap fitting the head just right. The fibers are hand-tied to the lace offering a completely natural look. The wig can be styled any way the wearer wishes for an on the face or off the face style.

You’ll stretch this lace front cap onto your head and watch as the 19 inch crown, 19.5 inch sides, and 20.25-inch nape falls to your waist. It comes in colors ranging from white or silver to a few shades of red, several shades of blonde and brunette to midnight black.

This wig made the Top 25 due to its quality. The fibers completely resemble real human hair, can be parted like human hair and retains their color and shape without too much ado. Technological advances have made today’s Jon Renau synthetic wigs look natural in a wide variety of styles and colors.

2. Center Stage by Raquel Welch Lace Front, Monofilament, Synthetic Wig

Center Stage by Raquel Welch from LA Wig Company.

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Some girls simply wear short hair better than long. The cut flatters faces of most shapes and can be worn with part of it off the face or on it as the spirit moves you.

This particular wig is made of synthetic fibers. The difference between synthetic and human hair is the fibers. The chemicals that strip hair of its color so that it can be re-dyed and styled in curls or waves aren’t as strong on human hair. Synthetic fibers don’t need all that due to the technology used to make them feel and look like real human hair. Synthetic isn’t as expensive as real human hair.

Synthetic fibers are made of acrylic, polyester, PVC or a kind of plastic, and Kanekalon. Synthetic fibers of low quality are shiny, not as silky smooth to the touch, and don’t move like real hair would move. Kanekalon is the best synthetic fiber, so look out for it when shopping for a wig.

Miss Welch’s gently wavy wig is built onto a lace front, monofilament top with 100 percent hand-tied fibers. The Kanekalon fibers are three and a half inches at the crown, two and half on the sides, and three inches at the nape. The colors range from silver and white through several shades of blonde, several shades of brunette, only two shades of red, but plenty of blacks.

This wig made the Top 25 because there are women of a certain age who can’t stand anything on their necks and/or on their faces. These ladies need an attractive do without the hair falling on the neck and causing hot flashes. Some ladies are simply hot blooded and can’t wear long hair. Others simply look better with short hair. I, personally, wear my medium length locks in a ponytail, because anything on my neck makes me sweat. This wig is perfect for just such ladies.

3. Rene of Paris Amal Basic Cap Synthetic Wig

Amal by Rene of Paris from LA Wig Company.

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For the ladies who prefer their do to softly follow the contours of their faces, we offer the Amal. Cut in a bob and falling gently to the jawline and nape of the neck, this synthetic wig works on a basic cap. A basic cap consists of strips of fabric like cotton or silk woven together like a basket weave. This gives the impression of the hair growing in different directions like in real life.

This particular wig mimics real life in that the roots begin dark and lighten as the shaft “grows.” The gentle waves fall to seven and half inches from the front, ten and one third at the crown, and four at the nape. The colors range from silver to red and blonde to brunette and black.

I included this wig in the Top 25 to satisfy ladies who like a soft look framing their faces but without the fuss and bother of styling it. Synthetic fibers are good for that, and Rene of Paris uses only the best.


100 Percent Hand Tied

1. Blonde Wavy 100 Percent Human Hair Full Lace Cap Wig

Blonde Wavy Hairstyle from Wigsbuy.

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I have a thing about Goldie Hawn’s hair. I love it. It suits her face, and I love the way it lies on her shoulders and chest. Mine, unfortunately, is naturally curly and can only be cut in layers. Otherwise, it would curl into any style I would want. I couldn’t wear Goldie’s style, but I so love it!

This 100 percent hand-tied full lace cap human hair wig is 16 inches with each individual fiber or hair hand-tied into the lace. The full lace cap fits the head snugly, and the hair falls naturally from cap to ends. The wig comes in several shades of blonde with dark roots, two shades of red, a few shades of brunette, and pitch black.

I included this wig in the Top 25, because we all have someone up on a pedestal. We aspire to look and be like them. My ideal is Goldie Hawn. As she acts, sings, and dances, her hair is absolutely perfect with no tangles or even one hair out of place. This wig would do her proud.

LA Wig Company

1. Jon Renau Sienna Renau Exclusive Lace Front, Monofilament Remy Human Hair Wig

Sienna-Renau Exclusive by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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I know a few women who would read this Top 25 list and sigh in frustration. These are the women whose hair wouldn’t behave if you took a sled hammer to it. It’s fly away, bushy, too curly for any style, or resembles someone who’s been electrocuted. I know. Mine was like that from the time I was four until I turned 20. This wig is for you.

This long, layered wig is 100 percent hand tied into a lace front single monofilament cap. It measures 14.5 inches at the crown, 13 at the sides, and 10.75 at the nape. Being hand-tied means the Remy human hair parts and falls like real human hair. You can wear it in several shades of blonde, red, and brunette.

This wig made the Top 25 for women who crave normal looking hair. Its quality is unsurpassed. Its style is “in” in any season. Its look is completely natural and suits almost any shape of the face. Wear it with pride, ladies!

2. Crushing on Casual Raquel Welch Lace Front, Monofilament Synthetic Wig

Crushing on Casual by Raquel Welch from LA Wig Company.

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Part of human nature is switching up your game. Girls with long hair will sometimes get a wig with short, close-cut hair. They might even go so far as to dye several strands of the wig’s hair pink, blue, green, yellow, purple, or several shades of one or two of them. Trending now is long hair in the ombre style which means beginning at the top with a light shade of one color and graduating shades down the hair until it’s dark at the bottom.

However you decide to color your hair or even if you don’t, this wig is the perfect switch-up for long-haired ladies. The hair is synthetic, 100 percent hand-tied into a lace front cap stretching from the temple to temple monofilament. This allows the hair to be combed off the face and parted anywhere for a totally natural look.

This particular wig offers a Memory Cap III base of Kanekalon synthetic fibers four inches at the crown, one and half inches at the sides, and two and half inches at the nape. If pink hair isn’t your thing, you can choose between silver, several shades of blonde, a few shades of red, several brunette, and jet black.

This wig made the Top 25 due to the sheer amazing quality of Miss Welch’s wigs. Kanekalon is the top synthetic fiber used in wigs. The technology going into the caps and hand-tied hairs and fibers is cutting edge. Unless someone touched the hair, no one would know you were wearing a wig. While all wig makers strive for the same naturalness in their products, Miss Welch’s wigs are the best.

French Drawn Top

LA Wig Company

1. Jon Renau Cara Remy Human Hair Wig

Cara by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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Now that we better understand how the cap in a French Drawn wig is constructed, you can appreciate these wigs much more. The Cara is 100 percent hand-tied Remy human hair knotted in the French Drawn manner. This gives it this pretty shoulder length bob cut the fullness of two layers of hair that looks natural parted or otherwise.

The cap is ten and a half inches at the crown, ten at the sides, and six inches at the nape. It comes in several shades of blonde, red, and a couple of blacks.

This wig made the list of Top 25 stylish wigs due to the quality of the wig and its cut. The quality is simply outstanding. The cut flatters any shape of the face as well as women of any age. As a former redhead, I can appreciate the shades of red even as I admire a cut that would flatter my own face.

2. High Fashion by Raquel Welch French Drawn, Monofilament, Remy Human Hair Wig

High Fashion by Raquel Welch from LA Wig Company.

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A French drawn cap works in three layers. The first or bottom layer is glass-silk or spun glass resembling fiberglass. These fibers are knotted and hand-tied into the second layer or a fine lace layer. The third and top layer is again glass-silk fibers hand tied and knotted into the second layer of lace. This gives the fibers the fullness and natural movement of the Remy human hair.

Miss Welch’s High Fashion wig is long and layered for that Jennifer Aniston look. The cap size is 15 inches at the crown, 13 on the sides, and 11 and a half inches at the nape. The hand tied knots are invisible due to the layering, so this wig can be brushed off the face or softly brushing the face as the spirit moves you. It comes in several shades of blonde, brunette, and one or two in black.

I chose this wig for the Top 25 because the wig looks like it’s growing out of the model’s scalp. It looks just as real curled as it does straight. Of all the wigs we’ve summarized, and they all look so natural, this is the one that makes me stare the most.

3. The Art of Chic As Designed By Raquel Welch French Drawn Monofilament Remy Human Hair Wig

The Art of Chic by Raquel Welch from LA Wig Company.

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For ladies who prefer a shorter cut but with body and shape, the wig features layers going back to the nape of the neck. The fullness of the top and sides falls gently around the sides of the face and forehead in waves. This cut flatters faces of all shapes and is especially suited to ladies who don’t want hair falling on their necks.

Many hairstyles feature no part at all. The hair can imitate a part without actually having one. This is that type of cut. The cap is lace front, French drawn monofilament with an eight inch crown, six-inch sides, and four-inch nape. It’s available in more red combinations than blonde or brunette, but even the blonde and brunette offer exotic names like chocolate copper, cocoa, and midnight brown.

This wig won a spot in the Top 25 stylish wigs for its quality and sheer style. It’s a fun cut whose knots won’t be visible no matter how you part your hair. It can be worn straight for daytime or work. It can be worn over the forehead and sides of the face for a more mysterious look.

Front Lace

Wigs With Bangs

LA Wig Company

1. Jon Renau Diane Lace Front, Monofilament Synthetic Wig

Diane by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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Once upon a time, there was a hair cut called a shag. It goes in and out of style over the years. It fits many types of face, many ages, and can be brushed back off the face or left to hang on its own. It’s a fun cut meant for the on the go woman or for the woman who doesn’t have time to style her hair every morning. It’s worn by athletic women as well as women in power positions in the business. It’s an ageless, timeless cut.

Jon Renau’s Diane is a SmartLace lace front wig. SmartLace is Renau’s brand of snug fitting lace front tops. It’s a synthetic wig with a crown of seven and quarter inches, sides of five inches, and a nape of three and three-quarters inches. You can wear it in several shades of blonde and red, a couple of shades of brunette, and one shade of jet black.

I chose this wig for the Top 25 for its quality, of course, but also for its fun. So many cuts can be worn into a boardroom or a ballroom, but a shag is for fun. Sure it can look just as good in a ballgown as a business suit, but there’s an aura of mischief in a shag, and I’m all about the mischief!

2. Curve Appeal Raquel Welch Lace Front, Monofilament Synthetic Wig

Curve Appeal by Raquel Welch from LA Wig Company.

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Bangs can cover a multitude of sins. Girls with longer faces can use bangs to draw less attention to the length of the face. Ladies with high foreheads use bangs to make the forehead look more natural. Bangs give long hair a break while giving short hairstyles some definition.

Ladies with thinning hair use bangs to draw attention away from the thinning and more towards the face. Senior ladies use bangs to give their short hairstyles a better shape.

Miss Welch delivers with a bang if you’ll pardon the pun. This long cut is layered with soft waves around the face and fall in layered lengths to about mid-back. The lace front cap means that the knotted synthetic fibers aren’t visible where the bangs fall across the forehead or anywhere you choose to part the hair.

The Memory Cap III means that the lace front cap fits snugly and is included in many of Miss Welch’s wigs. You can choose between several shades of blonde, brunette, red, and one or two black.

This wig made the Top 25 list due to the color the model is wearing. The shade of red enhances her skin color, face shape, and looks so real that you just want to reach out and touch it. When a wig can do that for a girl, you can bet it will do it for you, too.

3. Jon Renau Emilia Lace Front, Monofilament Synthetic Wig

Emilia by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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What does human nature mean to the shy girl fresh out of college who hasn’t found it in herself to stride the streets of New York or LA with confidence just yet? What might give her that confidence? Why, a new haircut, or at least a wig. Sometimes only a small change is necessary so that we can step up and take our place in the world with complete confidence.

Jon Renau’s Emilia is the classic shoulder-length bob with bangs. These bangs don’t stand in the way of a part. They don’t mind where you part your front lace capped hair, because it will look like real hair. The bob can be worn for business, put up into a ponytail for a run in the park, or waved slightly for a night on the town.

You’ll stretch the front lace cap across your head with 12 inches at the crown, eight and three-quarters inches at the sides, and five at the nape. It looks amazing in red, but you’ll have a choice of silver and white, blonde, brunette more on the red side, and a couple shades of jet black.

If any wig with bangs deserved to make the list, it’s this one. Bangs are fun, a bob cut is fun, and the combinations of the two are the most fun. The cut goes with any face, any shade of skin, and any personality. Have fun with this one, girls, you’ve earned it!

Full Lace


Pixie Cut Wigs

Pixie cuts aren’t suitable for every face, every age, or every endeavor. Once your hair is that short, you’ve got months before it grows out to live with the consequences. While it’s growing out, it will grow in layers and wisps. If you fringed it around your face, depending on the look you were going for, a pixie might not look so good with a long face or a square one for instance.

Now that those caveats are out of the way, pixie haircuts are cute, whimsical, and the variations are infinite. If you and your hairstylist have decided a pixie suits your face, then let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

While a pixie cut highlights the face, what exactly does that mean? It means your face will be highlighted. Your makeup style will be most visible, so any changes in your makeup style will be noticed first. Your face isn’t all that color changes will highlight. Hair dyed in different colors or whimsically in pastel shades will be instantly noticed. On the other hand, you won’t pay as much for shampoos, conditioners, crème rinse, or hair gel.

1. Short Straight White Full Lace Human Hair Wigs For Older Women

Short Straight and White Hairstyle from Wigsbuy.

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Women of any age can wear this pixie cut full lace cap human hair wig. The hair is 100 percent hand-tied into a full lace cap with back tabs that are adjustable. No part will show anything but hair and what looks like a natural scalp. The color choices are a little smaller with more brunette, black, and red, with a couple shades of blonde and, of course, white.

I chose this particular pixie cut due to its style. It isn’t close to the head for a just barely-there look. It isn’t poufed on the crown for a glamorous Anne Hathaway look. It’s well-shaped, not fringed to death, and you can wear it straight or curly as the spirit moves you.

2. Short Straight Full Lace Pixie Cut 100 Percent Human Hair Wig

Stylish Short Straight Full Lace Pixie Cut from WigsbBuy.

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This wig is what most women picture when they think of a pixie cut – the Julie Andrews in Sound of Music pixie cut. It’s close to the head with minimum fringing, bangs if you want them, and it can be parted anywhere. It’s the perfect cut for the athletic girl as well as being perfect for a woman of any age.

The wig features a full lace cap with back tabs that are adjustable into which the hair is 100 percent hand tied. The colors range from several shades of blonde to red to brunette and black.

This wig made the list due to, of course, its quality, but also because there are women out there who hate messing with hair. This wig is a comb it and go wig. No-fuss, no muss. As with all of these wigs, it looks completely natural.


When you read the word capless, don’t panic. You’re not to imagine a random hank of hair attached to your head. Capless simply means an open weave of wefts or rows of hair. The wefts are spaced farther apart for maximum breathability. Also called open caps, capless wigs are machine-made, so they’re generally cheaper.

LA Wig Company

1. Jon Renau Elite Open Cap Synthetic Wig

Elite by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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If you’ve ever wanted to look like a movie star, this is your chance. Audrey Hepburn wore this tapered, elegant pixie cut to best advantage and made quite a splash with it. The cut flatters many a face of any color or age.

The wig is of capless design with a crown of three and three-quarters inches, sides of two inches, and nape of one and three-quarters inches. The pixie cut wig comes in white, silver, gray, several shades of blonde, a few auburn shades, and a couple shades of black.

This wig made the list, need I say it, because of its quality. The colors are beautiful, the quality is unassailable, and the thought of looking like Audrey Hepburn just does it for a lot of women.

LA Wig Company


This kind of cap means that every single hair is hand-tied into a lace cap by hand. It exposes the scalp so that the wig looks even more natural. You can part the wig anywhere, and it will mirror normal hair.

1. Raquel Welch Simmer Lace Front, Monofilament Synthetic Wig

Simmer by Raquel Welch from LA Wig Company.

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Some naturally curly hair can only be controlled by cuts into which they can’t curl. I, for instance, could only wear my naturally curly hair in layers, so it couldn’t curl into the style. This wig is for the ladies whose hair could use a style the curls can’t defeat.

This layered wig is eleven and a half inches at the crown, nine at the sides, and six inches at the nape. It comes in silver, several shades of blonde, brunette, a couple of red, and black.

I chose this wig for the list due to my own frustration with curly hair. The layers in this wig can be worn in dozens of styles and the “roots” are dark, so it looks very natural. The quality is unsurpassed, so grab this one while you can!

2. Jon Renau Exclusive Sophia Lace Front Monofilament Remy Human Hair Wig

Sophia Exclusive by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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Some women want the look of their favorite movie star. One popular look is Meg Ryan’s messy, hasn’t combed her hair since her days on As The World Turns, sort of curly cut. The style fits most face shapes of women of any age.

The monofilament cap of 100 percent hand-tied Remy human hair is seven and half inches at the crown, five and half at the sides, and five and a half at the nape. It comes in a few shades of blonde, one red, a few brunette shades, but no black.

The wig made the Top 25 list due to its quality and its imaginative style. Miss Ryan might even like this one.


1. Monofilament Top Best 100 Percent Remy Human Hair Long Straight Black Wig 24 Inches

Long Black Hairstyle from Wigsbuy.

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Some women prefer the long hair shown in shampoo commercials. You know the type with shimmering hair flowing around the model’s back and hips. It’s sexy and definitely gets your attention. This wig has bangs which softens the face.

The wig is 24 inches of human hair in a monofilament lace front cap. It’s available in several shades of blonde, red, brunette, and jet black.

This exceptional wig made the list due to its quality, its color, and just because it reached out to me. I was born a redhead, even though my hair is white now. It used to be this long, and this is probably why this particular wig reached out to me.

LA Wig Company

1. Jon Renau Alison Lace Front, Monofilament Synthetic Wig

Alison by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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If you’ve ever seen Downton Abbey, you’ll remember that Michelle Dockery (Mary Crawley) got a haircut later in the show. In the 1920s, this was a shocking thing: women never cut their long tresses. However, Miss Dockery’s cut framed a stunningly pretty face and looked glamourous as well.

This lace front monofilament wig is ten and three quarters inches at the crown, seven and a half inches at the sides, and three and three-quarters inches at the nape. It comes in several shades of blonde, red, brunette, and several shades of black. Miss Dockery’s jet black is included.

I chose this wig for the list for its quality, its cut, and because any woman who wants to look like Mary Crawley will wear it with flair and style.

2. Noriko Angelica PM Synthetic Wig

Angelica PM by Noriko from LA Wig Company.

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After reading about all these wigs, ladies might just say what the heck, let’s just go for it. Let’s go red, let’s go long and curly and wavy. Let’s go all out. Well, girls, this wig is for you.

This synthetic wig has good natural movement, is layered, and falls to around mid-back. The face will be softened with waves. The crown of the head will hold its height all day no matter what you get up to.

The front is eight inches, the crown 16.2, and the nape 16 inches. It comes in exotic shades like crimson jamberry, brown, blonde, and black.

This wig made the list due to not just its quality, but its beauty, its elegance, and its style. If you’re going to go for it, this is the wig for you.


Lace Front

1. Wigsbuy Lace Front, Ten Inch, Wavy Synthetic Hair Wig

Custom Fabulous Medium Length Haircut from Wigsbuy.

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Obviously, there are hundreds of hairstyles for women. However, if you narrow it down, it comes down to smoothly styled, messy-wavy, and wildly curly. The messy-wavy style, made famous by some Hollywood actresses, is that free-spirited, catch me if you can kind of look. This wig begins with a lace front cap with a length of ten inches. The wavy synthetic hair looks completely natural beginning with roots and many shades of blonde, red, brown, and black. I chose this wig for your consideration because its young, carefree look appeals to every woman.

2. Wigsbuy Lace Front, 20 Inch, Wavy Human Hair Wig

Long Curly Black 100% Indian Human Hair from Wigsbuy.

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What’s better than a carefree wavy-messy hairstyle? Well, a long one, of course. For girls who just can’t rock short hair, the lace front cap features 20 inches of human hair falling out of it in a riot of waves down to the shoulder blades. Real human hair can be cut and styled like, well, real human hair. You’ll have lots of shades from which to choose like blonde, red, auburn-brown, brown, and black. I chose this wig because long hair gives a girl a certain air, and it’s fun and sexy.

3. Wigsbuy Lace Front Eight Inch Human Hair Bob With Side Part Wig

Bob One Side Part White Straight Human Hair from Wigsbuy.

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In the smoothly styled department, no one is smoother than Helen Mirren. Whether she’s playing Queen Elizabeth II or a wily detective, her short white blonde hair is always perfectly styled. This eight inch, side part bob is human hair coming from a lace front cap. You’ll have choices in color from the lightest to the darkest blonde, brown, red, and black. You’ll have fun with this look, because if Helen Mirren looks so sleek wearing it, then you can, too. And you can part it anywhere you wish.

4. Wigsbuy Lace Front 18 Inch Human Hair Wig

Dolly Parton Hairstyle from Wigsbuy.

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One wig you can wear with pride brings to mind the distinctive style of singer, actor, and philanthropist Dolly Parton. That high teased top, the bangs, and the curls that lay gently on the breast as she sings one of her mega-hits certainly would look good on you. Its 18 inches of synthetic hair falls from a lace front cap. The color choices blend lighter shades of blonde with darker shades of blonde and brown on brown, straight light or dark auburn red, brown, and black. This style has become iconic over the years, and I hope you enjoy how you’ll look.

5. Wigsbuy Lace Front Synthetic 14 Inch Curly Wig

Beyonce Haircut Dark Root from Wigsbuy.

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In the completely opposite direction is the happy-go-lucky, me settle down?, wildly curly hairstyle. It’s fun, it’s flirty, and it’s totally Beyonce. This particular wig features 14 inches of synthetic ombre hair falling from a lace front cap. It only comes in the ombre blonde color, but that’s a lot of fun. Just ask all the single ladies. I chose this wig for your consideration, because we all need an outlet for our fun, flirty side. So get out there, hit that club, and don’t pay him any attention.


How Long Will Your Wig With Staggered Part Last?

Human hair wigs with staggered parts last from one to three years with proper care. Synthetic wigs only last up to six months due to the heat applied it the fibers in styling the wig.

How Should You Store Your Wig With Middle Part?

Storing your wig with a middle part properly contributes to its longevity. The first and most important thing to do is clean your wig before you store it. Don’t put it away damp, because it will attract mold and mildew, dust and dirt. You wouldn’t put your laundry away dirty, would you? It’s the same thing.

Store your wig away from direct sunlight. This weakens the fibers or natural hairs. The best place for your wigs is your closet. Clean it out if necessary. Make sure small children and pets, most particularly cats, can’t get to your wig. They’ll destroy it.

Invest in good quality hairnets. The ones your mother wore to church on Sunday to keep her do in place will do the same job for your wig. Get the right size hair net for the style of your wig and gently apply it before storing it in a cool dry place like your closet.

Keeping your wig in the box it came in is the best storage method. If you no longer have the box, fold the wig from ear to ear and store it in an appropriately sized plastic zip bag. Keep it in a cool dry place like a closet.

How Do You Put On A Ready To Wear Wig With Side Part?

Before donning the wig, your hair will need arranging. Short hair can simply be brushed back. Longer hair will need to be pinned up with bobby pins or a barrette. Now you’re ready to put on your wig.

You’ll be putting the wig on in a front to back manner. Hold the wig by the nape and tip your head toward your chest. Place the front of the wig above your eyebrows and pull it back until it rests just beneath your natural hairline.

Push the wig back until it fits comfortably. Position the sides at the ears, but don’t cover the ears. Tuck in any loose hairs. Secure the velcro tabs at the back of the wig to fit snugly to your head. Now you’re set.

How Much Do Wigs With Parts Cost?

The cheapest wigs with side, middle, or staggered parts begin at $29.99 and go up the scale to decent quality beginning around $299.99 and on up to excellent quality wigs at over $1,000.00. This doesn’t mean that any wig from $200 or $300 is bad quality. LA Wig Company’s Raquel Welch wigs are in this price range, and their quality is outstanding.

What Is A Wig With An Invisible Part?

An invisible part isn’t necessarily invisible. Used in ethnic wigs, the hair is layered in the wefts to make it look like the hair is growing out of the actual scalp without using your actual hair.

Does Anyone Make Wigs With Parts For Women With Small Heads?

Yes. Most all wig makers make the caps of wigs with any location of parts for those with small heads. Look for a description that says “petite” and with a cap size of 20 to 21 inches. Measure your head beginning at the hairline and going around your head. Then match the size to a wig you like.


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