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27 Stylish Pixie Cut Wigs

Explore the many types of pixie cut wig styles available for women. You can find versatile cuts and styles from human or synthetic hair as well as hybrid wigs that use a blend of hair.

A woman wearing wearing short pixie crop wig in red shade.

Hairpieces and wigs can contribute to numerous self-confidence boosts for both men and women. They can help cover up hair loss from chemotherapy, a receding hairline, a bad haircut, a lost bet to share your head. You can frequently change your look without altering your actual hair, a distinct advantage to wearing a wig.

While you might associate wearing a wig with long hair looks, you can find many hairstyles and haircuts represented among today’s wigs. Twenty-first-century options include rainbow colors, balayage, contrasting colored roots, and many other options.

You can obtain a wig or hairpiece using synthetic hair, natural hair, or a combination of the two types of hair called a blended or hybrid wig. Human hair costs the most with its wigs varying in price from $150 to more than $500. Synthetic wigs you can catch on sale for less than $50, but typically cost between $50 to $150.

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Table of Contents

Styling a Wig

Your wig order initially comes styled like the wig photos, not the photos of the model or actress wearing the hairpiece. You should not expect the wig to come out of the box the way it looked on the model. Scroll through the available photos on the website you shop. Most provide photos of each wig on a mannequin in its unstyled state.

You need to style the wig just as you would your real hair. If you do not know how to style hair, you will need to learn. You purchase the hairpieces for the cut, but they do not come already styled. Some of these hairpieces can only be worn the way they come since you cannot style them using heat. This applies to most synthetic wigs. If you want to purchase a lower cost hairpiece, but style it with heat, choose an HD synthetic option. You can use curling irons, flat irons, and the like on these, as well as human hair wigs.

Hairdresser applying a pixie cut wig to a woman client.

Perusing wig catalogs also produces some surprises. Many actors and actresses you probably did not know to wear hairpieces, do wear them and do so often. While you might have thought that they have superior tresses, as you find out by clicking through an online catalog, they have superior taste in shopping.

The never-out-of-style pixie cut provides a sophisticated short haircut that you can style in many ways. This haircut features a short, sometimes razored cut in the back with crown height and bangs.

While model Twiggy began the pixie haircut rage in the 1960s, it became a go-to look for many women from pop star Madonna to Broadway diva Liza Minnelli to screen star Dame Judy Dench. The short, piecey cut resembles a hat with lengthy, multi-layer bangs. The cut now comes in many varieties since hair designers added to its initial design. Each hair design includes the same basic components though:

  • Multi-layer, multi-length bangs,
  • Standard or shaved temples,
  • An occipital part of the shortened or elongated variety,
  • Raised or fluffed bangs.

The overall cut may appear disheveled or mussy, smooth, ultrashort, bright, or bouncy. Although typically a short hair cut, a longer variation does exist that works well with thick hair or those with a lot of hair volume. That variation is referred to as the pixie bob.

Rihanna wearing a tapered pixie cut with bangs during awards night.

All versions of this haircut look good on both younger and older women. A men’s version even exists although it can be tough to find it in a wig.

The pixie cut lets you wear the hair with the face open or partially covered by a long bang. The ears typically show in this cut, but you can have long strands in the crown and bangs that let you cover the ears, if desired. The hair cut creates crown volume which helps those with thinning hair achieve the illusion of thicker hair.

If you want to borrow from the boys, you can have the hair in back shaved with lines, geometric shapes, or your favorite football player’s jersey number. Hey, The Boz did it with his Mohawk in the 1980s; you can do it with your pixie cut now.

Keira Knightly during Sundance festival wearing a pixie with bangs.

Choose your style of pixie haircut based upon your face shape. This kind cut provides such a variety that a pixie exists to complement each face shape.

Oval shape: choose the fey bow pixie to complement an elongated or oval face and large features.

Triangle shape: Choose the fluffy crown height of the pixie cut that uses long bangs or oblique bangs that cover a wide forehead and accentuate the cheekbones,

Circle or round shape: Choose a pixie cut with asymmetrical bangs that reach the cheekbones or fall just below it.

Rhombus shape: Choose a close-cropped top pixie cut with little crown volume and a long or short bang.

Trapezoid shape: Choose a pixie cut with voluminous bangs to hide a narrow forehead.

Who does the pixie cut not suit?

Some ladies should not wear the pixie cut. It does not suit their facial features. You should avoid this hairstyle if you have a short neck, small facial features, broad shoulders, thin or no eyebrows, or large or prominent brow ridges. Curly-haired women will find this an unsuitable choice, but those with wavy or straight hair can easily wear this.

The look does not suit the wallflower or shy types. Its super short look provides elegance and requires dignity and self-confidence to carry off properly. You can seemingly subtract a few years from your age by wearing this look. It draws attention to the face and emphasizes your facial features. It works best on those with great eyes and an aristocratic nose.

This easy to care for look requires little styling time. This alone makes iFit a favorite of women over the age of 40 since they lead busy lives and prioritize spending little time on silliness. Fancy hair and makeup tend toward frivolity, but a sophisticated hairstyle that requires little to no work to put together quickly becomes a favorite.

The Two Components of a Wig

A wig consists of two parts – the hair and the cap. The designer attaches human, synthetic, or hybrid hair to the cap. You put the cap on just as you would a skull cap or knit cap in winter, pulling it onto your head snugly. Some hairpieces slip-on, using an elastic band to hold them in place while others attach to the head with glue or clips.

If you are new to wearing wigs, some hairpieces allow for long-term wear such as two weeks at a time. These typically use glue to hold them into place so they, like Maury’s Wigs in “Goodfellas,” do not come off in the wind or swimming pool. You should not wear a wig for more than two weeks at a time since your scalp and existing hair need time to breathe.

Human, Synthetic, or Hybrid Hair

A brown short wig

Long ago, you could only purchase human hair wigs which made hairpieces the purview of the wealthy. Today, synthetic hair and hybrid hair wigs offer a low-cost and mid-range option.

Synthetic hair provides the lowest cost option. You cannot use heated styling implements on synthetic wigs. It will melt them. On the other hand, if you purchase an HD synthetic hairpiece, the materials used to simulate actual human hair and you can use heat to style these wigs. The term hybrid wig does not refer to an alien hybrid from “The X-Files.” It refers to a wig that mixes human and HD synthetic hair which reduces the cost while providing the possibility of heat styling.

You can typically obtain a synthetic wig in fun colors such as raspberry or icy blue. Human hair wigs come in normal colors since they come from someone’s actual head. These individuals sell or donate their natural hair, also referred to as virgin hair since it has never been permed, straightened, or colored using chemicals.

Types of Wig Cap Construction

Many types of wig caps come attached to the hair, but they do not all work or wear the same. The cap design determined how the wig fits and whether it looks natural. While you can and should shop online to enhance your selection, you should try on each cap type at a local store. This lets you decide which fits most comfortably and provides you the most natural look.

Lace Front Wig Caps

The most natural hairline comes from wearing a lace front cap. This is the kind that Beyoncé wears. The hairline of the lace front cap reaches from temple-to-temple or ear-to-ear. This type lets you wear updos and pin the hair back from your face or slick it back. The ear-to-ear cap works best for this versatility. Caps loosen after long-term wear – months or years. Take it to your stylist for tightening. You cannot be rough with a lace cap because if it tears, the wig could fall apart.

Capless Wig Cap

This open-cap or wefted design uses an elastic band. The designer attaches the hair to the elastic. This cap type provides cool wear during summer, but its design adds to a height of the wig and its volume.

Monofilament Wig Cap

The monofilament design uses a lace cap material, but rather than machine creation, a designer physically hand ties each piece of hair to the cap. The crown of these wigs takes on the look of natural hair growth and you can part the wig hair in any spot.

Hand-tied Wig Caps

Another type of hand-tied wig, the four-way stretch cap provides the most styling choices. These luxury wigs typically use natural human hair and take about 40 hours to construct.

In summary, when perusing our list of the top 25 pixie cut wigs, you will find a variety of types. These types of wigs include:

  • Regular human hair
  • Remy human hair
  • Synthetic
  • 100% hand-tied
  • French drawn top
  • Front lace
  • Full lace
  • Capless
  • Monofilament

The Top 27 Pixie Cut Wigs

Some human hairpieces use ethnic hair. Our first three options use African American hair in their design.

1. Short Pixie Cut Hairstyle Natural Straight Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Short Pixie Boy Cut Hairstyle from WIgsBuy.

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This short pixie cut wig uses natural straight human hair for its boy-style pixie cut. Six inches in length, it comes only in the hair color black. This option uses a lace front cap with a choice of capless cap open or closed weft.

2. Short Straight Full Lace Pixie Cut

Stylish Short Straight Full Lace Pixie Cut from WigsBuy.

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This sophisticated pixie look uses 100 percent human hair for this straight-haired style. This option uses a full lace front cap.

3. Boy Cut Hair Cropped Synthetic Wavy Wig

Boycuts Hair Cropped Synthetic Wavy Wig from WigsBuy.

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This boy’s style pixie cut provides wavy synthetic hair. Eight inches in length, it comes only in the hair color black. This option uses a lace front cap with a choice of capless cap open or closed weft.

4. Short Pixie Boy Hair Cut with Human Hair and Full Lace Wig

Boy Cut Short Pixie Cut from WigsBuy.

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This boyish pixie cut frames the face with its asymmetrical cut. It uses human hair for a realistic silverish gray-haired look with dark roots. This pixie wig, available only in the hair color shown, features a no part style. Its curly pixie look can be washed out with shampoo and re-styled, but you must use cold styling implements so, you do not burn the synthetic hair. You should have a shaved head or very short hair because this hairpiece measures just eight inches. Its full lace cap comes in your choice of an open or closed weft.

5. Pixie Boy Cuts Capless Wig

Pixie Boy Cuts Straight Natural Black With Bangs from WigsBuy.

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Another boy-styled pixie cut, this style uses straight synthetic hair cut shorter on one side. The asymmetrical cut also features bangs. It comes only in natural black and reaches a six-inch length. This option uses a lace front cap with a choice of capless cap open or closed weft.

6. Boy Cut Pixie Straight Synthetic Hair Women Wig

Boy Cut Pixie Straight from WigsBuy.

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Another boy styled pixie hair cut this hairpiece uses synthetic straight hair for its sophisticated look. Its light natural blonde color suggests a youthful exuberance. While you can wash and style this wig because it uses synthetic hair, you cannot use heat styling on it because it will melt the hair. The capless design of this wig provides a single hairline with your choice of an open or closed weft.

7. Short Pixie Cut Lace Front Wig

Short Pixie Cut from WigsBuy.

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Choose this short pixie cut with bangs crafted from straight human hair for a wispy look. It reaches a ten-inch length. This option uses a lace front cap.

8. Short Pixie Cut Natural Straight Synthetic Wig

Short Pixie Cut from WigsBuy.

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Reaching ten inches in the back with piecey bangs in front, this synthetic hairpiece lets you have short, straight hair even if you were born with curly hair. This option uses a lace front cap.

9. Short Pixie Cut Synthetic Hair Wig

Short Pixie Cut from WigsBuy.

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Choose this longer pixie cut that reaches ten inches when you want to go short but wear a feminine style. This option uses a lace front cap.

10. Pixie Boy Cut Natural Straight Human Hair Wig

Pixie Boy Cut Natural Straight from WigsBuy.

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Go shorter with this eight-inch length pixie cut crafted from naturally straight human hair. This option uses a lace front cap.

11. Short Pixie Cut Straight Synthetic Hair Capless Wig

Short Pixie Cut from WigsBuy.

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Go ultra-modern and easy care with this super short six-inch in length pixie cut wig using straight synthetic hair. This option uses a capless cap.

12. Halle Berry Pixie Boy Cut Capless Cap Wig

Halle Berry Pixie Boy Cut from WigsBuy.

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Yes, Halle Berry wears wigs, so if you ever wanted her hair, you can have it! Choose this super-short six-inch in length layered pixie cut with a side part and straight bangs. This wig uses synthetic hair with a capless cap.

13. Pixie Cut Shaggy Short Straight Synthetic Capless Wig

Pixie Cut Short Shaggy Hairstyle from WigsBuy.

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Choose this short and shaggy synthetic hair wig for a straight-haired, fun style. This option uses a capless cap.

14. Pixie Cut Natural Straight Synthetic Hair Capless Wig

Pixie Cut Natural Straight Synthetic Hair from WigsBuy.

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This mid-length look gives you eight inches of hair with which to work crafted from naturally straight hair. This option uses a capless cap.

15. Pixie Bob Style Synthetic Hair Lace Front Cap Wig

Women's Pixie Cut Straight Bob Style from WigsBuy.

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This ten-inch-long pixie bob cut wig lets you experience the best of both haircuts that flatter every woman. This option uses a lace front cap.

16. Brown Color Short Pixie Cut Human Hair Straight Lace Front Wig

Brown Color Women's Short Pixie Cut from WigsBuy.

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Only in brown hair, this longer pixie length uses 100 percent human hair. This ten-inch-long option uses a lace front cap.

17. Blonde Color Short Pixie Cut Straight Human Hair Lace Front Wig

 Blonde Color Short Pixie Cut

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Go blonde with this ten-inch-long straight human hair wig. This option uses a lace front cap.

18. Pixie Cut Short Straight Synthetic Hair Capless Wig

Natural Looking Women's Pixie Cut from WigsBuy.

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Choose this natural looking synthetic hair wig with bangs and a super-short six-inch length. This option uses a capless cap.

19. Jon Renau Annette: Lace Front, Monofilament Synthetic Wig

Annette by Jon Renau from LA Wigs Company

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Available in numerous colors, you can wear the Annette wig to show off a short pixie cut that provides a classy look perfect for a sophisticated woman. The lace front uses a natural looking hairline and the monofilament feature lets you decide where to part the wig. This provides greater styling options in wig you cannot heat style. Available in an average cap size only. This option uses a lace front single monofilament cap.

20. Jon Renau The Ruby: Synthetic Lace Front-Open Cap Wig

Ruby by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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The short, sexy Ruby look uses a Renau only feature – the SmartLace front which makes the wig look as if it was your naturally hairline growth. Its open cap lets your head breathe. This option uses a lace front cap, but only comes in average size.

21. Jon Renau Mono Allure Pixie: Synthetic Double Monofilament Wig

Mono Allure by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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The loose layers of this short pixie cut use straight synthetic hair that looks like natural hair. This option uses a double monofilament cap but only comes in average size.

22. Jon Renau Petite Robin: Double Monofilament Synthetic Wig

Robin-Petite by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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The loose layers of this short pixie cut use straight synthetic hair that looks like natural hair. This option uses a double monofilament cap, but only comes in average size.

23. Allure Jon Renau: Straight Synthetic Wig

Allure by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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This classic pixie cut uses synthetic hair for a polished, fashionable look. It has slightly longer sides than the other styles, but a short nape of the neck. This option uses a basic cap, but only comes in average size.

24. Pixie Cut Side Part Short Length Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Pixie Cut Hairstyles Women's Side Part from WigsBuy.

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Choose this mid-length pixie cut if you want a little swing to your short hair look. This eight-inch-long look uses a side part and bangs to provide greater versatility. This option uses a lace front cap.

25. Gabor: Upper Cut Wig

Upper Cut Wig by Gabor® from

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Choose this short, chic wig with lovely layered waves when you want a soft, feminine, short cut. Gabor offers 24 colors available. This option does not specify its cap type.

26. Raquel Welch: Power Wig

Power Wig by Raquel Welch® from

Check Latest Price

Embrace the power of one of comedy’s most successful ladies, Carol Burnett, in this whimsical, edgy homage to the short pixie cut wig she wore for years. Although it comes in 34 colors, the red that was Burnett’s signature color is our favorite. This option does not specify its cap type.

27. WIGSHOP: Asia Wig

Asia Wig by WIGSHOP® from

Check Latest Price

Look at the worldly sophisticate wearing this edgy pixie cut wig featuring razor-cut layers romanticized with feathery pieces. This option uses a monofilament cap.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you have a pixie cut with a natural hair wig?

Yes! This haircut works beautifully with all ethnicities and you will look perfectly natural wearing a natural hair wig cut in this fashion.

What is a layered pixie cut?

A layered pixie cut simply creates all over layers rather than just layering the bangs. It provides crown height and volume.

Can the pixie cut wig be combed down over the top of the ears?

You may be able to comb the bangs or side pieces of a pixie cut wig down over the tops of your ears. Typically, this hair cut shows off the ears. If your ears stick out, this cut of wig may not work for you. (You might look into the pixie bob cut though as it provides greater versatility.)

How do you make a pixie wig look natural?

The easiest way to wear this short hair wig is to have short hair yourself or a shaved head. You could also have very thin hair and pin it up in a low bun or chignon to hide under the wig.

How do you curl a short pixie?

Make sure you have an HD synthetic or human hair wig first. Practice styling the wig before you need to wear it out and about. You may find it more comfortable to place it on your head and style it as you would your natural hair, using heated curling or straightening irons.

Another alternative is to place it on a mannequin’s head and style it as if you were doing another individual’s hair. Only trying both options lets you decide which works better. You can typically use cold styling on any wig. This refers to pin curls, soft rollers, twist rollers, etc.

Does a pixie cut age you?

A pixie cut wig achieves the opposite effect. The pixie look makes a woman over the age of 40 look younger. The cut is well known for seemingly making the woman look up to five years younger.

How do you know if you look good with a pixie cut?

If you already have bangs, you could pin up your hair in the back and style your bangs like a pixie cut front. This gives you a ballpark idea. You could also try a few pixie style wigs at your local store to determine if you like the look on yourself. You can then peruse online stores to determine the style you would like.

Is a pixie cut wig worth it?

Whether you have no hair, short hair, or long hair, obtaining a pixie cut wig provides you an additional hairstyle to wear besides that which you can wear with your own natural head of hair. If you have long hair, you can pin it up beneath your wig and achieve a short-haired look without needing to cut your hair.

You gain the ability to wear both long-haired and short-haired looks whenever you want to wear either. For any fashion-forward woman, this makes the $50 to $500 investment worthwhile. Anytime you cannot make it to the stylist for a cut, blowout, styling, etc. you can simply wear the wig and look great without much or any effort.

Can you wear a wig every day?

Yes and no. you should not continually wear a wig for an extended period because your head needs time to breath. Your own hair needs oxygen and washing. You can wear the wig out and about during the day and evening, then take it off once you return home for the day.

You can also wear some hairpieces for up to two weeks at a time, but you then must remove it, and clean it and your own head of hair or head. You still have to give your scalp a break every couple of weeks even if you shaved your head completely or have gone bald, for example from chemotherapy.

What kind of wig is best for beginners?

Alas, there is no beginner’s wig. You can start with any type you like. Whichever cap form feels most comfortable on your head is the right one for you so long as it also provides you with the appropriate hairline desired.

How do beginners wear short wigs?

If you have never pinned up your hair by yourself or do not know how to style a relatively flat bun or chignon, consult with your hairstylist. Your stylist can help you get ready for wearing a wig. They can also style the wig for you when you want to do something special with the pixie look.

Are pixie cuts high maintenance?

Far from it; stylists consider pixie cuts some of the easiest care haircuts. Most versions of this cut provide what stylists call a “wash and go” look. That means that you shampoo it, then comb it or simply tousle it. Natural hair cut this way can dry on the go, but you would need to clean, dry, and comb a wig, then let it dry naturally before wearing it.

Can you wear a wig without a wig cap?

There is a cap design called capless however it merely uses a cap style that includes an elastic band and utilizes less material than the other designs.

What is the glueless wig cap?

Some designs of hairpieces you can wear without gluing them into place. These typically use elastic to fit into place. If you want to wear a wig long-term, you must glue it into place with specially made wig glue that does not harm the wig or the hair beneath the wig.

How do you make a wig not look fake?

Some hairpieces such as the pink or blue or purple-colored synthetic wigs, are meant to look as wildly fake as they are. On the other hand, if you purchase a $500 human hair wig in your own hair color, you probably want it to look as if you simply got a haircut.

Placement on the head, the method of attaching the hairpiece, the quality of the materials, especially the hair, and how you style it all contribute to how realistic the wig looks when you wear it. If you practice with your stylist placing it on your head and attaching it plus either masking your own hair or working your own hair, such as your bangs, into the look, you can achieve a very real looking result.

Does anyone have issues with wearing these wigs and also wearing glasses?

Wigs attach either temple-to-temple or ear-to-ear. The cap sits just above the ear tops so wig wearers do not have an issue wearing sunglasses, reading glasses, or sight-correcting glasses.

How do you choose the correct lace color?

More expensive wigs offer lace front caps in a range of colors. Some only come in brown or black lace, but many designs offer hair-colored or scalp colored options. This lets you match it to your natural state.

What does short hair say about a woman?

Depending on the style, short hair says a woman wants a carefree haircut or a sophisticated look. While longer hair typifies romance and youth, short hair speaks to a woman on the move. She has places to go and people to see, things to accomplish, and no time for frivolity such as hairstyling.

What are the best hairstyles for short hair?

A pixie haircut or pixie bob cut or a bob cut, offer the greatest versatility and ease of care. You can wear any of those cuts in a number of ways. Look for a wig that keeps the back short so you stay cool in any weather but provides interest in the front with bangs or choppy pieces in front or at the crown. Most short hair looks let you curl them one day, slick them back the next. You can use gel or mousse to fluff the hair and add height and volume. On the busiest days, you can simply wash and go.

Why are some wigs so cheap?

Synthetic hair costs less than a human hair. You make an infinite amount of synthetic hair while a finite number of people have the virgin hair required to make a wig and fewer of those people want to sell or donate their hair.

What is the best haircut for a chubby face?

Choose a chin length or shorter bob cut wig, but avoid the pixie cut since it requires good cheekbones to carry off. You could try on a pixie bob cut wig to see how it looks on you. This merger of two of the most popular short haircuts for women provides the best of both cuts.

What is the removable elastic band?

Some wig caps let you remove the elastic band that edges the interior of the wig so you can more comfortably wear the hairpiece. Not all caps allow this, so carefully read your manufacturer’s information. If you remove an elastic band from some wig designs, you ruin the wig. That is because some capless designs attach the hair to the elastic band. Removing it rips the lower portions of hair out.


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