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20 Things to Know Before Buying Hugo Boss Apparel

This is a close look at a pair of Hugo Boss shirts on display.

The Hugo Boss label is emblazoned in the collective consciousness as a symbol of power and success. Each piece is designed with attention to detail and quality.

From suits to hoodies, wearing a Hugo Boss piece will instantly make you feel more powerful.

Hugo Boss has lines for men and women. The men’s lines feel very masculine. The women’s lines are feminine and powerful. The company strikes a beautiful balance between tradition and trendy.

What do you know about Hugo Boss apparel? Have you considered entering the high fashion world and purchasing Hugo Boss clothing?

Here are 20 things you should know about this high-end clothing line before you decide to make a purchase.

1. The Lines Can Be Confusing

We’ll start here because it made my head spin when I began looking at the company. Hugo Boss had many lines for different lifestyles and preferences.

However, determining if you need a black or a green or an orange can be daunting. In an effort to make things simpler, the lines were changed in 2017. Here’s the former lineup.

Hugo Boss lines included:

  • Boss Black – Men – classic est. 1970
  • Boss Black – Women – classic est. 2000
  • Boss Orange – Men – Lifestyle est. 1999
  • Boss Orange – Women – Lifestyle est. 2005
  • Boss Selection – High-end English tailored wear est. 2003
  • Boss Green – Men – formerly Boss Sport – golf-style est. 2003
  • Boss Green – Women – Active sports clothing est.2010
  • Hugo – Men – European style est. 1993
  • Hugo – Women – European style est. 1998

2. Streamlined Branding

In 2017, the designer label reverted back to two main brands, sort of. Boss Orange and Boss Green are now under the Boss label. You’ll still find orange and green used, but it’s more subtle. Look under the Boss label on the logo to see which collection it belongs to. On the tags of Green and orange pieces, the logo is underlined in their respective color.

Boss offers men and womenswear for all occasions. It has a focus on quality and tailoring. It provides a classic yet modern look.

Hugo is a fashion-forward brand. The men and womenswear collections have a bit of edge and attitude. Created for those who want to stand out from the crowd, you’ll find elegance along with a sense of casual ease.

3. Hugo Boss Has a Dark Past

This is a close look at the Hugo Boss storefront showcasing the logo display.

In World War 2, the founder of the company, Hugo Ferdinand Boss, manufactured nazi uniforms. After the war, he was stripped of the right to run a business. His son-in-law took over the company.

4. The Brand Came Clean

In recent years, the company decided to be open about its dark past. It sponsored research conducted by historian Elisabeth Timm. When the research was complete, the brand donated $5 billion to a compensation fund.

In an age where internet apologies and cancel culture are the name of the game, the forthrightness of the German company is impressive. The decision to “put their money where their mouth is”, perhaps more so.

5. Different Types of Workwear

Before Hugo Boss became the high fashion label it is today, it created uniforms for police and postal workers. It’s strange to think of the luxury brand creating anything but top-of-the-line clothing for the fashion-conscious, but these uniforms kept the business afloat until 1971.

The transition from uniforms to suits wasn’t an overnight endeavor. Orders for suits began coming in during the 1950s, while the majority of their business was uniforms.

In fact, the company began by making industrial protective clothing in the 1920s. Uniforms and rainwear were also staples during this time. From these humble beginnings, an iconic fashion brand was born.

6. Hugo Boss Changed Men’s Suits

This is a close look at the inside of a Hugo Boss store.

Before Hugo Boss began making menswear, suits in Germany were often made from heavy stiff fabrics. The brand began its serious foray into suits in the 1960s.

Instead of the heavy fabrics, they accustomed German men to, these suits were made from lightweight Italian fabric. This revolutionized men’s suits in the country.

Today, Hugo Boss suits are made from several fabrics, including Italian linen and camel hair.

7. The First Attempt to Launch a Women’s Line was Unsuccessful

The fashion label attempted to launch a women’s line in 1987. 11 years later, they launched the Hugo women’s clothing line. In 2000, the Boss women’s label was launched.

Like the Boss man label, Boss woman is a luxury brand designed with classic tailoring and casual lines.

The Hugo woman features trend-setting attire with the same quality and tailoring you expect from the brand. You’ll find a casual style that can go from popcorn on the couch to date night effortlessly.

8. Hugo Boss Didn’t Receive an Ecstatic Welcome in America

Hugo Boss is an American icon, so it may be surprising to know that they didn’t initially receive a warm welcome. They launched their clothing line in America in 1976.

Consumers were unsure of this German brand. Hugo Boss began a marketing campaign using Sylvester Stallone. This helped solidify the company’s reputation for refinement and manliness.

9. Forbes Hugo Boss Review

Of course, this is far from the only Hugo Boss review, but it might be the most important. Shortly after its U.S. debut, Forbes’s glowing review helped popularize the brand.

The Forbes review stated that Hugo Boss represented the successful professional, with a “hint of macho”. This became a key part of the brand’s American image.

In the late 70s and 80s, macho was in. Appearing macho and classy at the same time was the epitome of high fashion.

10. The Right Cut

The fit of a suit is arguably more important than the quality of the suit itself. Tailoring is the ideal choice, but having a suit completely hand-tailored is out of the average consumer’s price range.

One of the things that put Hugo Boss on the map, and continues to aid its popularity is the cut of the suit. A trained eye can look at a Hugo Boss suit and recognize the brand simply from the cut.

It’s more modern and stylish than some other brands like Brooks Brothers. It offers the perfect way to stand out from the crowd in your office.

11. The 3 Suit Cuts

This is a close look at a couple of Hugo Boss shirts in hangers.

Hugo Boss Suits come in three cuts.

These are:

  • Regular fit
  • Slim fit
  • Extra slim fit

Regular fit features a straight-cut jacket with a slightly tapered waist and wider shoulders. The trousers have a high rise and plenty of room in the thigh. This classic Hugo Boss suit is perfect for business wear.

Slim fit is designed to provide a tailored look and a smooth silhouette. It features slim-fit trousers with a lower rise, narrower shoulders, and slim sleeves and lapels. The jacket is tapered at the waist.

Ultra-slim fit provides a tailored look for slim men. It has narrower softer shoulders, slim-fit trousers, narrow sleeves, and a closely tapered waist.

To get the perfect fit, Hugo Boss offers made-to-measure suits. This allows the suit to be adjusted to your measurements, to create a one-of-a-kind look and feel.

In addition to being made to your measurements, made-to-measure suits allow you to choose many of the details. This includes the lapels, buttons, and cufflinks. For even more luxury, your signature can be stitched inside the suit.

12. Hugo Boss Went Public in 1985

Hugo Boss went public in 1985. By 1986, they had more worth than all other German menswear companies combined.

In 2015, the remaining Hugo Boss shares were sold to the public. Investors received a 2.3x return on their investment, which came to 2.5 billion Euros, or 2.7 million dollars.

13. The 3 Lines of the 90s

The flashy macho look fell out of favor as the 80s changed to the 90s. Hugo Boss launched three clothing lines to fit the changing times, each targeted to a specific demographic.

Hugo, Boss, and Baldessarini, along with a new CEO, allowed the brand to stay at the top of the industry amidst changing fashion trends.

14. Each Suit Has 200 Pieces

This is a look at the various products of Hugo Boss on display at a store.

Each Hugo Boss suit is comprised of 200 individual pieces. The company uses a combination of modern and traditional tailoring techniques to ensure high quality and modern appeal in every piece.

Suits are made at the original headquarters in Germany. Some pieces, including the under the collar, are still stitched by hand.

15. The Top of the Global Apparel Market

By 1996, the majority of Hugo Boss’s sales were outside Germany. Hugo Boss had become a top competitor in the global apparel market.

In addition to popularity in the U.S., the luxury brand began to see success in Asia.

16. You Can Buy Hugo Boss in Store or Online

You can use the Hugo Boss store locator to find a Hugo Boss store near you. This gives you the complete experience, with sales associates to guide you to your preferred style and fit.

You won’t find the Hugo line in Boss stores, however. The Hugo line is the more affordable of the two, and the company has made the move to further differentiate the two lines.

Department stores like Macy’s and even some athletic stores carry Hugo Boss clothing as well. You’ll find casual wear and other wardrobe essentials at these retailers.

However, you can also purchase Hugo Boss online. Online shopping offers convenience, and you can read reviews before you make a purchase. You can find apparel at online retailer Amazon. You can also purchase directly from the Hugo Boss website.

17. Hugo Boss Accessories

This is a close look at the shoes and accessories of Hugo Boss.

One of the best things about Hugo Boss is the selections the Hugo Boss label offers. Clothes can easily be mixed and matched, so you look great even if you don’t have the best fashion sense.

Another plus is the number of accessories sold by the company. You’ll find everything you need for your wardrobe. Hats, watches, ties, scarves, and bags are a few of the accessories.

Sure you can purchase them from another fashion brand, but sticking with the same brand offers continuity. You’ll have the signature Boss style throughout your ensemble.

18. Hugo Boss Relies on a Creative Team

Some luxury brands rely on a main creative designer. However, if the designer becomes the face behind the brand and then leaves for another fashion house, they may take a part of their customer base with them.

Innovation is another consideration. When a team works together, there are plenty of fresh ideas. The brand maintains its signature style, without becoming defined by a particular look or trend.

There are challenges to operate without a creative figurehead, both in terms of marketing and creation. Hugo Boss has struck an interesting balance, working with high-profile brand ambassadors for a short time.

This approach brings personality and connection to the customer base, without attaching itself too closely to one name. Liam Payne and Chris Hemsworth are recent brand ambassadors.

19. There are Knockoffs

When it comes to purchasing Hugo Boss, or any luxury brand for that matter, you should be aware of how to spot knockoffs.

Hugo Boss is synonymous with quality. Check hems and buttons for the loose thread. Buttons should be sewn neatly with a thread that matches the shirt.

You’ll find a care label and a security label in addition to the logo label which is sewn into the shirt. Check that the security label matches the swing tag.

Jeans will have a leather Hugo Boss belt tag. It should be stitched perfectly, and the embossed logo should be even.

When it comes to suits, look at the tailoring and stitching. It should fit very well and be perfectly tailored.

Hugo Boss uses exacting attention to detail. If you notice small details missing, it could be a knock-off.

20. Celebrities Love Hugo Boss

Celebrities are trendsetters. We all want to know what and who they are wearing. And then, we want to wear it too. Celebs have certainly helped make Hugo Boss the household name it is today.

We once had to wait for our favorite stars to grace our tv screens or read about their fashion choices in the newspaper. Now, their fashion sense is at our fingertips anytime we like. Even better, the styles they wear are often accessible to the public, for the right price.

The luxury label is well known for its suits and tuxedos that frequently grace red carpet events. Gerard Butler and Ryan Reynolds are often spotted in a Hugo Boss suit and are vocal fans of the fashion house.

Women love Hugo Boss as well. British royals Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have both sported Boss womenswear. Kylie Jenner is an avid wearer of the label. Music superstars Christina Aguilera and Taylor Swift also love the Hugo Boss look.

Hugo Boss Apparel FAQs

What is the quality of Hugo Boss suits?

Hugo Boss suits are high quality. However, the quality will vary based on the line and material. Hugo Boss offers 100% virgin wool suits, cotton, linen, silk, and a wool polyester blend. Full canvas suits made from camel hair are released in a limited run each year and offer the ultimate in quality.

What are the differences between a shop, store, and outlet of Hugo Boss?

A shop can be considered a boutique. These are Hugo Boss stores. You’ll only find Boss clothing and not the less expensive Hugo line. Shops have the latest items, often ahead of the coming trends. Stores are usually department store retailers. These stores may have the same quality clothing, but will usually be a season behind the Boss shop.

Outlet stores offer the steepest discounts, but also the lowest quality. Clothing for outlets may include minor mistakes or inferior materials. They will also be farther behind seasonally. Many Hugo Boss looks are timeless, so outlet shopping offers the opportunity to purchase Boss merchandise without the Boss price tag.

What kind of formal clothes can you find from the Boss collection?

For men, the Boss collection offers suits, tuxedos, trousers, and jackets perfect for the office or a formal event. The women’s Boss collection includes dresses, formal coats, trousers, sweaters, and trouser and skirt suits.

What kind of casual clothes does Hugo Boss make?

Both the Boss and Hugo brands offer an array of casual clothes. This includes business casual shirts and trousers, athleisure wear, casual dresses, hoodies, and t-shirts.

Does Hugo Boss sell jeans?

Hugo Boss sells jeans in a variety of fits and styles. You’ll find unique details and structured cuts that look great from the Hugo and Boss brands.

What is Hugo Boss loungewear?

Hugo Boss loungewear is designed for comfort without sacrificing style. Jogging pants and shorts, trouser shorts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and t-shirts make up the men’s loungewear collection. While womenswear isn’t labeled as loungewear, you can still find track pants, comfortable hoodies, t-shirts, and other lounge items.

Do Hugo Boss shoes run a size small?

Hugo Boss shoes generally run a size bigger than average. If you choose to order shoes online, use the shoe chart provided by Hugo Boss. The chart uses measurements so you can ensure you get the right size.

Do Hugo Boss shirts run small?

Hugo Boss shirts are known to run a size small. However, this will depend on the collection and cut off the shirt as well. It’s best to use the fit guide anytime you are ordering from Hugo Boss to get the best fit. You can also check out reviews for the item you are interested in. You should be able to find reviews that mention how the shirt fits.

Does Hugo Boss have sales?

Hugo Boss shops have seasonal sales, including a Black Friday sale in America. In the U.K., you’ll find a Boxing Day sale. Department stores that carry Hugo Boss also have seasonal and Black Friday sales.

Can you wash Hugo Boss shirts?

Each Hugo Boss item comes with specific care instructions. Generally, you can wash shirts in cold water on the delicate cycle, using a detergent designed for delicates. You can also wash them by hand. Lay flat or hang to dry.

Why is Hugo Boss so expensive?

There are a few reasons why Hugo Boss is expensive. First, quality. Their clothing is made from quality materials with high attention to detail. Second, their cuts and the fit they provide are hard to beat. The third reason is the one most commonly given, without proper consideration for the other two.

The brand adds to the price. Hugo Boss is a luxury clothing brand. Luxury items are valued partially by how expensive they are. A higher price tag adds to the perceived value of the item. It’s exclusive. Lastly, the style Hugo Boss offers looks great and makes fashion easy.

How often should you wash Hugo Boss apparel?

This depends on what you are wearing and what you are doing. If you aren’t getting the clothing dirty, you should be able to wear it at least twice before washing it. You can extend the wear time of shirts by adding an under-shirt.

If you are concerned about perspiration or bacteria, but the clothing doesn’t have visible dirt that needs to be removed, you can simply put the item in the freezer. This kills any bacteria that could harbor odor and will make the clothing feel fresh and clean.

What is the difference between ready-to-wear, made to measure, and tailored suits?

Ready to wear, also known as off-the-rack suits, are designed to be purchased and worn with little to no alteration. These are the least expensive suits, but they lack individuality. Made to measure suits use a base pattern that is then adjusted based on the customer’s specifications and measurements. A fully tailored suit, or bespoke tailoring, is designed solely for the individual. It requires the most effort and skill, and it is the most expensive type of suit.

Does the range include underwear and sports clothes?

Hugo Boss has underwear t-shirts and tank tops, as well as boxers and boxer briefs for men. They offer a range of sports clothing as well, including tracksuits. They do not sell women’s panties or bras, but they do carry lounge and sportswear.

Where are Hugo Boss clothes made?

HUGO BOSS factories are located in Metzingen (Germany), Radom (Poland), Morrovalle (Italy), and Izmir (Turkey). 83% of their products are produced by independent suppliers in subcontracting and merchandise business. Hugo Boss provides a map with all subcontracted production sites, so you can see where and who makes the clothing. The map is updated regularly and shows Hugo Boss’s commitment to quality and transparency.