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Apple vs Samsung Smartwatches

Samsung makes really good smartwatches for its own line of smartphones as Apple does. So should you bother going off-brand?

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 vs Apple Watch Series 5 main screen

Apple Watch Series 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch3

The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is a very good smartwatch that I really like, but if I could pick between the two, I’d go for the Apple Watch Series 5.

Why? Because on most aspects, the Apple Watch’s software is still superior to Samsung. For example, Apple’s Siri beats Samsung’s Bixby. The two voice assistants are really miles apart, although recent improvements to Bixby make those miles fewer and fewer.

On hardware, the Apple Watch Series 5 is superior in its size. You won’t find such a full feature smartwatch smaller than the 40mm version of the Apple Watch Series 5. But in terms of professional look, I’d say the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is truly much more professional looking. It also has Samsung’s unique rotating bezel, which has been on most recent Samsung smartwatches except the Samsung Galaxy Active2.

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Apple Watch 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy Active2 Smartwatches

Apple Watch Series 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Active2

The Apple Watch Series 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Active2 are flagship watches from Apple and Samsung which means that their features are actually very competitive.

I found the Apple Watch Series 5 to be a very modern, compact and feature rich smartwatch while the Galaxy Active2 to be close, but not as good.

But honestly, let’s put it this way: the biggest deciding factor for you would be whether or not you use an Apple iPhone. If you don’t, then there’s little point of paying a premium for the Samsung Galaxy Active2 since you will lose so many features.

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