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Are Ugg Slippers Comfortable?

You sometimes wonder if buying UGG brand shoes and/or slippers is worthy to buy. This article may help you in deciding whether to buy it or not.


UGG boots on the table

The UGG brand is famous for selling wool-lined leather slip-on booties unique to sheep farmers in Australia. The brand also produces a line of shoes, slippers, and house socks that feature items with the UGG wool and brand logo. While the UGG slippers are quite expensive compared to other shoes you might wear as house shoes, with a price tag of $100 or more for a pair, they are worth it.

I love slipping on the wool-lined furry UGG slippers that I have for one of many pairs of house shoes I wear around the property. Of course, UGG slippers can also be worn in public without anyone batting an eye. Here are the other reasons why you need to buy some UGG slippers today and start enjoying more foot comforts.

They May Look Like Wooden Dutch Clogs

UGG boots on the table

But they certainly are not nearly as hard to wear. If you love the look of the Dutch clogs made out of wood, but could never imagine wearing such a heavy shoe, this is the reason UGG slippers are made. You have the fashion of a slip-on clog that is functional and easy to wear. Yet you are also provided with a super fluffy toe box and shoe bed in which to support your feet.

It’s a win-win and the reason why I gave up the Nineties throwback of wooden clogs in favor of the UGG slipper.

Keep in mind these UGG slippers are not always Dutch clog style. The slippers are available in slide-on and moccasin styles. With the UGG Ansley Slipper, the shoe is completely fitted around the foot bed. However, this is not technically a slipper that you can slip your foot in.

Yet the moccasin style Ansley Slipper by UGG can serve as a suitable replacement if you want a slipper with more stability compared to a slide-on slipper.

They Look Like Bedroom Shoes

Along with being very similar to the Dutch clog, UGG slippers look like something you would wear as a house shoe. In fact, if you wanted to wear this brand of slipper for a house shoe, you’d be in the same boat as a lot of UGG owners. While the shoes are overly filled with dyed sheep fur that is 100 percent wool, you can get away with wearing them around the house.

The UGG slipper shoes also have a rubber sole that is not overly thick. This prevents the shoe sole from rubbing against the threads of carpeting or rugs. As a result, you get just enough traction to protect you from slipping on the flooring indoors without ruining everything you walk on.

Hardwoods are hardly going to be a problem now that you have some super well designed slippers to protect your feet. 

As such, the UGG slippers look and feel like bedroom shoes—whether or not you wear them indoors or out in public. Again, we are focused on comfort here, and not on the style of what you look like from the ankles down. If the topic of this content were whether or not UGG slippers are sexy, there would be a totally different conversation happening right here.

They are Anti-Microbial and Remove Itch-Causing Bacteria

 Tasmian Slipper by UGG

Source: UGG

If you suffer from foot odor, the benefit of wool as an anti-microbial means less foot stench. The wool lining works to soak up the foot sweat that breeds bacteria and mildew. You are left with a softer and drier foot than you would be if you wore just a sock, and certainly a drier footbed compared to that of a leather lace-up boot.

This makes UGG slippers more comfortable as you are not dealing with athlete’s feet and other foot fungi due to a warm, moist slipper environment. Reducing foot itch due to bacteria is another reason why UGG slippers are a more comfortable option. Keep in mind, this is thanks to the all-natural 100 percent wool lining.

If you were to use a fake UGG slipper without the wool lining, or with a polyester replacement, then you would not experience this same comfort factor. The wool is also repellent against ticks, fleas, and other bugs, which also improves the comfort rating of these slippers.

When UGG Slippers are Not Comfortable

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Start with the fact that UGG slippers are slippers, which means these shoes do not have a back to them. If you have snippy little dogs called ankle biters, or you live in a cold climate, that back end is going to leave your heel exposed.

That is not comfortable and may be where the pushback is coming from for some slipper shoppers. There is simply the extra benefit of having a back to a shoe, even a slipper worn around the house.

Also, if you are going shopping or walking around town in UGG slippers, due to the fact they lack a back, you will experience some discomfort. This is common when wearing slide-on shoes like slippers, clogs, or flip-flops. These shoes do come with an optional back strap, as you can see here:

Choosing UGG Slippers for Climate Control

There is also the condition of the wool in the UGG slippers, which is overly fluffy and warming. This is a thick insulator that serves well in cold climates where snow and subzero temperatures are the common denominators. But if you live in Miami? Well, you are not exactly freezing down there in the Florida sunshine.

Therefore, you are not going to get the same joy out of slipping your freezing toes into cozy UGG slippers that are always the perfect temperature.