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14 Brands Similar to Calvin Klein

Person wearing Calvin Klein underwear

Cavin Klein is one of the best-known names in fashion, a hugely poplar designer label that is worn by royals, celebrities, CEOs and fashionable people everywhere. You can see it on Instagram and on the red carpet. Calvin Klein fashion ranges from super casual to totally formal and includes every style and dress code in-between. It’s a high-end brand that isn’t extremely expensive, so almost everyone can wear something from the CK label. There’s a lot that sets this brand apart but there are many qualities that make CK similar to other luxury labels. Learn more about the brands similar to Calvin Klein that can give you some of the same fashion qualities you like about the CK label.

History of Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein was always interested in fashion. As a young man, he attended the High School of Industrial Arts. In 1960, he studied higher education at the Fashion Institute of Technology. In 1961, he got his first paying job in the fashion industry as a copyboy. By 1963, he was a recent graduate and a full-time employee at a company that made dresses.

Calvin Klein branded jeans close up waistband

When he asked for hundred dollar raise and was denied, Klein quit his job. For most people, that would be a bad idea. For Calvin Klein, it was a super smart career move. He had several other jobs in fashion over the next few years and by 1967, he had launched his own label.

Calvin Klein hosted his first fashion show in 1970. From there, as you know, Klein rocketed to success. His name became linked with high fashion and gorgeous clothing of all kinds. Today, the CK brand makes clothing for men and women.

The brand also makes clothing for children. You can get any piece of fashion from Calvin Klein, right down to underwear. The brand also makes fragrances, accessories and shoes. CK is linked to everything in fashion. If it’s wearable, it’s carried by this label.

Finding Brands Similar to Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein makes underwear, activewear, casual T-shirts and sexy cocktail dresses and formal wear that’s stylish enough for celebrities to strut around wearing it. This is a high-end brand that’s affordable enough for many people to be able to buy at least one CK-branded item.

Calvin Klein jacket close up look

Calvin Klein has great style and a huge selection but this brand is not completely one of a kind. There are many brands similar to Clavin Klein that have some of the same qualities you love. Find these brands and start expanding your wardrobe to create all kinds of looks using all sorts of labels you love.

Armani (More Expensive)

Armani, designed by Giorgio Armani, is associated with high fashion and traditional Italian style. This clothing is cut to fit close to the body, flattering the figure and the natural lines and curves of the human form. Armani is associated with expensive luxury fashion that looks incredibly stylish.

The brand is perhaps most famous for making suits but the Armani label can be seen on all types of clothing, including blazers, dresses, knits, outerwear, T-shirts, blouses, dress shirts and everything else you can wear.

A|X ARMANI EXCHANGE mens Classic Crew Logo T-shirt T Shirt, Black, X-Small US

Armani also carries a huge line of accessories, including belts, gloves, wallets, jewelry of all kinds and of course, plenty of bags. Even in casual styles, Armani style has a very tailored, highly stylized look to it. The catalog is full of black and white designs made with richly textured fabric, materials like leather and wool and silk. Colors and patterns are used carefully in these designs, with simple fabric quality and design leading the way.

Armani clothes have a more professional or semi-formal look to them, overall, though this brand makes fashions for all occasions, from the most casual to the most formal events.

The pricing at Armani is what you would expect from a high-fashion brand. Compared to Calvin Klein, Armani prices are more expensive. Calvin Klein works to be a more affordable high fashion label than many other famous labels. Armani is one of many high fashion brands that is more expensive than Calvin Klein clothing.

Brooks Brothers (Similar Pricing)

Brooks Brothers is associated with suit style. This label is one of the most well-known when it comes to suit fashion but actually, Brooke Brothers makes a huge range of fashion for men, women and children that includes all the wardrobe staples you might need to wear. Brooks Brothers goes way beyond professional fashion, though this brand is heavily associated with stylish office wear.

Brooks Brothers Mens Regent Fit All Cotton The Original Polo Button Down Oxford Shirt (Large, Powder Blue/White Stripes (Light Blue Logo))

Shop Brooks Brothers for knitwear, pants, suit separates, outerwear and casual items like pajamas ad T-shirts. This label makes dresses, skirts and everything you want to wear, including a huge line of accessories that includes belts, shoes, jewelry and outfit accents of all kinds. Brooke Brothers even makes jewelry. Whether you’re at the office or out running errands, Brooks Brothers makes clothing to help you look great while you’re doing it.

This brand has a style that’s associated with timeless elegance. Brooks Brothers doesn’t really make trendy clothing, Rather, this label designs classic looks, timeless styles that can be worn any time. Brooks Brothers is somewhat more conservative, compared to other fashion brands. This is elegant style that has a classy and classic look in all items, even in the most casual pieces.

Brooks Brothers fashion is priced similarly to Calvin Klein style. Though it’s a luxury brand, Brooks Brothers strives to be more affordable than other high fashion labels. This brand also has sales where items may be deeply discounted, so you can get a bargain on high fashion styles sometimes. Watch the website for good deals and you could get your Brooks Brothers fashion for a proverbial steal.

Buck Mason (More Expensive)

The fashion at Buck Mason is exactly what you would expect from a brand with a name like Buck Mason. This is more rugged high fashion, clothing that’s designed for everyday, casual wear. The catalog here is full of neutral colors and Earth tones in soft, wearable fabrics like knits, cotton blends and wool. The clothes here are touchable and comfortable and they just look casual and laid-back, unlike high fashion items that look like you can’t completely move your arms while wearing them.

Legendary Whitetails Men's Big & Tall Tough As Buck Long Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt, Loden, Large Tall

Shop here for dresses, outerwear, sweats, T-shirts, all the casual items you wear on a regular basis. The style here is trendy and classic, built with traditional silhouettes that can be worn any time and still look fashionable. Buck Mason makes clothing for men and women. Buck Mason also makes a line of accessories to help you complete all your high-fashion looks.

The pricing at this brand is slightly more expensive, on average, than the prices you’ll pay for similar items at Calvin Klein. Buck Mason’s price tags may be a little higher than CK but this is still more affordable fashion when compared to other brands on this list.

Diesel (More Expensive)

Casual fashion is the style you’ll find at Diesel, a brand that makes a huge range of everyday items in all the trendy styles. Shop here to find jeans, jackets, dresses, tops, sweaters and shoes and accessories to finish all your looks perfectly. If it’s cool and it’s casual fashion, it’s going to be at Diesel.

Diesel Men's 46mm Crusher Lightweight Nylon Digital Watch, Color: Silver, Black Logo (Model: DZ1914)

The Diesel label makes fashion for men and women and it makes it all in casual style. The catalog is full of denim, cool sneakers and fun colors and patterns. You can find everything here, all the pieces you need to create any casual look you like. When you want to look like you don’t care about fashion while being totally and completely fashionable, Diesel is the brand for you.

The fashion at Diesel is only slightly more expensive than what you’ll pay for like items at the CK label, which keeps this brand in the more affordable range when it comes to high fashion-type style.

Gucci (More Expensive)

Gucci is one of the first names you think of when it comes to Italian fashion. This brand is associated with high fashion and sleek style. Gucci is famous for handbags and for having highly recognizable branding. However, this brand definitely isn’t limited to just one type of fashion item. Gucci makes absolutely everything in fashion you could possibly wear or carry to create a gorgeous look.

Gucci Women's Matelasse 90s Rectangular Sunglasses, Black Black Grey, One Size

Shop this brand for everything from lingerie to swimwear to activewear to cocktail and evening wear. You can get a T-shirt or a business suit, something that came straight off the runway or something to lounge around in. Gucci makes a huge range of shoes and accessories as well, not to mention the bags the brand is famous for. No matter what type of look you want to create for what type of occasion, you can do it with the fashion from this label.

This is trendy, high-fashion Italian style made with bright colors and beautiful patterns in flattering and comfortable designs. Gucci doesn’t just make trendy clothing, this is one of the brands that sets the trends for other designers.

This is a famous name in the world of high fashion, a luxury brand associated with some of the finest fashions you can find anywhere. Gucci’s prices definitely reflect this reputation, and you will pay more for items from this label, compared to the less expensive prices you’ll pay for similar items under the Calvin Klein label.

Guess (Similar Pricing)

Do you believe that fashion should be eye-catching? Do you love velvet, leather, fur, fashion that looks glossy and colorful? If this is you, then your brand is Guess. This label has been associated with young, trendy, colorful, eye-catching fashion for decades. Guess is stylish and modern and hot, with style that captures what people are wearing right now and designs that help to define what people are wearing right now.

GUESS Womens Manhattan Beltbag belt bag, Mocha Logo, One Size US

Like Calvin Klein, Guess is priced to be affordable. This is fashion that’s designed for just about anybody to have. Guess is priced so that just about anyone can afford to have an item from Guess and own a little piece of a high fashion label for themselves. Because the brand makes such a big range of items, it’s even easier to own something branded with the famous Guess questions mark logo.

This brand definitely makes enough fashion items to choose from. Shop Guess to find any piece of fashion you might want to wear, including intimates, swimwear, activewear, hoodies, jackets, tops, dresses, denim, T-shirts, everything from the most casual fabric to formal gowns. Guess is also famous for making handbags. This brand is responsible for some of the most popular and iconic handbag styles of all kinds, in fact. Guess also makes shoes and accessories in all different styles, including jewelry, sunglasses, watches and fragrances so you can even smell fashionable, too.

The pricing at Guess and Clavin Klein are similar and these two high-end brands have a lot in common in the way of the range of both labels, as both produce every type of fashion in every imaginable style. Shop either of these brands to find any fashion item you want in designs that are going to be flattering and trendy.

Hurley (Similar Pricing)

Hurley makes the kind of clothing you like to lounge around in, stylish clothing that’s comfortable and wearable. Soft, casual fashion is what you’ll find at Hurley. Several items here are available in multiple color options and all the clothing here is made to be highly wearable.

Hurley boys Long Sleeve Hooded T-shirt T Shirt, Birch/Orange, Medium US

Shop Hurley to find fashion for men and women that includes swimwear, T-shirts, dresses, activewear, hoodies, jackets and all the items you wear on a regular basis. Hurley also makes accessories and interestingly, wetsuits and gear. Hurley makes a big range of activewear and loungewear, something that sets it apart from other brands on the list.

Hurley is fashionable but comfortable style, fashion that looks trendy that’s also wearable and practical. If you need everyday looks that are easy to wear, you need to fill your closet with Hurley. The pricing here is similar to what you’ll pay at Calvin Klein but the fashion here definitely has its own look.

Jack Threads (Less Expensive)

If you like your clothing to be cool and have a little bit of attitude, you’re going to like Jack Threads. This brand makes affordable style that’s casual and just plain cool. You can shop here to find all the classic band T-shirts you might want, along with sweatpants, outerwear and hoodies. You know, the essentials. Jack Threads makes a casual and comfortable style with graphic designs and a lot of color.

Levi's Men's Washed Cotton Hooded Military Jacket, Olive, Medium

This is cool clothing that injects some fun and life into any wardrobe, which is something people love about the Jack Threads brand. If your style is more casual and laid back and a little bit fun, too, start shopping more at Jack Treads.

The pricing here is even more affordable and less expensive than the prices you’ll pay for fashion under the Calvin Klein brand. Jack Threads also makes footwear and accessories of all kinds, the items you need to finish off all your outfits.

Kate Spade (More Expensive)

Kate Spade is a famous name in fashion, a label that is famed for making women’s fashion and all the items that go along with it. Kate Spade is one of the trendsetters in the fashion world. However, the brand focuses more on style with a vintage look. You’ll find a lot of classic silhouettes here and designs that draw inspiration from fashion’s past.

Kate Spade Bailey Textured Leather Crossbody Bag Purse Handbag, Warm Gingerbread

The catalog is full of color and patterns, as Kate Spade clothing is known to be eye-catching and lively in design. This is fashion that is meant to turn heads. Kate Spade makes all sorts of different fashion items for women, including dresses, tops, jackets, matching sets, sleepwear and swimwear.

However, Kate Spade is best known for making handbags. This is how the brand truly made a name for itself and to this day, Kate Spade is associated with accessories. You can also find jewelry and shoes from this brand. Kate Spade is based in New York and the brand is known for a particular sort of New York style that features a lot of black and white and classic fashion silhouettes.

Kate Spade prices are somewhat more expensive, on average, than the prices you will pay for similar items at Calvin Klein. This brand is known for its polished and pretty look, with a classic eye for detail and a love of vintage patterns. If your style is a bit retro, Kate Spade is a perfect brand for you.

Kenneth Cole (Less Expensive)

Kenneth Cole makes an interesting selection of items. You can shop here to find fashion T-shirts for men and women, along with jewelry, accessories and high heels. This brand has a lot of fragrances and little embellishments to finish off all your looks. You can also find luggage at Kenneth Cole.

Unlisted by Kenneth Cole mens Slim Fit Solid Dress Shirt, White, 15 -15.5 Neck 34 -35 Sleeve US

But if you really like T-shirts, you can find plenty of reasons to come back to this brand again and again. Kenneth Cole makes cool T-shirts with graphic images and text that make a statement. So if you want to fashion statement that really has something to say, get a look at this brand. Kenneth Cole, like Calvin Klein, makes fashion that is trendy right now that speaks to what people are wearing and thinking.

This brand’s product line isn’t nearly as extensive as some others on this list but Kenneth Cole is up and coming in the fashion world. For now, the prices at this brand are more affordable and less expensive than what you will pay for similar items at Calvin Klein.

Lucky Brand (Less Expensive)

What’s trendy and hot and young and fun in fashion? Just go shop with Lucky Brand to find out. This brand specializes in making casual everyday wear that looks like the stuff that people want to wear. Like Calvin Klein, Lucy Brand makes a huge range of products that includes a whole lot of different fashion items.

Lucky Brand Men's Venice Burnout V-Neck Tee Shirt, American Navy, X-Large

Shop here for jeans, T-shirts, blouses, knits, sweatshirts, jackets, activewear, dresses, pants, swimwear, sleepwear and lots more. There are a lot of different accessories to choose from here, including fragrances, belts, jewelry and handbags, just to get started. Lucky even makes roller skates, which is an interesting addition to this label’s product line.

Lucky makes fashion for men and women and it makes it in styles that are casual and trendy. This is where you go for distressed jeans, graphic T-shirts and all the everyday items that are fun to wear. The prices at Lucky Brand are less expensive than what you’ll pay for similar items at Calvin Klein. Lucky is a hip, hot brand that makes cool, trendy everyday styles. Lucky doesn’t have that high fashion gloss of other brands but it definitely has the trendiness of other high fashion labels.

Michael Kors (More Expensive)

When it comes to setting fashion trends and creating style tone for the rest of the world to follow, Michael Kors is right up there with the best. Michael Kors is known for high fashion items that includes casual wear, like denim and sweatshirts and T-shirts, to formal wear, like red carpet-ready dresses and sexy cocktail wear. Come here for swimwear and activewear or for great-looking professional clothes that are designed to knock ’em dead, so to speak.

Michael Kors is high fashion for all occasions and the brand makes all items, something MK has in common with Calvin Klein. Shop here for jewelry, shoes and handbags, along with all the accessories you want to wear and all the items you need to complete all your outfits. Michael Kors makes a huge range of fashion for all occasions and it makes designs that are flattering and highly trendy, all qualities that this brand has in common with Calvin Klein.

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Signature PVC Medium Logo Chain Crossbody Flight Bag (Vanilla)

Michael Kors isn’t afraid of color. In fact, some items here are available in multiple color options. This brand is known for glitz and glam. You’ll see a lot of metallics and shiny items here. Michael Kors uses a big range of fabric types, too. This brand has a lot in common with Calvin Klein, from the flattering silhouettes to the range of styles to the trendy look of the designs.

The pricing at Michael Kors, however, is more expensive than what you’ll pay for similar items at Calvin Klein. This high fashion design is highly in demand, something that makes the price of items higher than other brands.

Ralph Lauren (More Expensive)

Ralph Lauren is a famous name in fashion that’s every bit as recognizable as Calvin Klein. This brand is associated with high style and preppy fashion. This is classic, conservative clothing that’s available in multiple color options and an absolutely huge range of styles.

POLO RALPH LAUREN Waffle Long Sleeve Crew Andover Heather/Cruise Navy Pony Print LG

Shop Ralph Lauren to find all the classic items you need for your closet, including T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, sweatpants, jeans, swimwear, sleepwear, blouses, dresses and of course, polo shirts. Ralph Lauren is famous for its polo shirts, though it was ultimately a different fashion label that invented this classic wardrobe item.

Ralph Lauren also makes shoes, handbags and items for children and babies, along with home goods. This is a lifestyle brand that carries a huge range of items. Ralph Lauren fashions are more expensive, on average, than the prices you will pay for similar items at Calvin Klein. This is a well-established and well-known high fashion brand that’s associated with expensive style, something that makes the price higher.

Versace (More Expensive)

Versace is famous for runway fashion and high-designer style. This is a name you’ll hear on the red carpet and at all the glitzy events. Versace makes clothing that’s worn by royals, A-list celebrities, the world’s richest and most fabulous. It’s also worn and enjoyed by fashionistas of all kinds.

Versace Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette Spray for Women, 6.7 Fl Oz

Versace makes clothing for men, women and children that includes dresses, jackets, blazers, blouses, T-shirts, denim and activewear. You can get casual clothing or the most formal outfits here, not to mention all the bags, shoes and accessories you might want to go along with it. Versace also makes underwear and loungewear, along with swimwear and beachwear. Like Calvin Klein, Versace makes an enormous product range that includes home decor, jeans and everything you want to wear.

This is a famous high fashion brand that makes extremely stylish and sexy clothing in classic and vintage styles. Versace uses bright colors and rich textures, wild patterns and eye-catching designs to make the fashion here truly stand out. Versace clothing is known for being flashy and often, for showing a little skin. This is designer clothing that looks like high fashion designer clothing, stuff that’s runway-ready.

Because of Versace’s name and strong association with luxury style, items from this brand are more expensive than items at Clavin Klein and other items you can purchase from similar brands. Versace is one of the more expensive luxury brands out there but many people are willing to pay the price.

Wearing Brands Similar to Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is famous for fashion of all kinds and it’s loved all over the world for its trendy styles and affordable high fashion. This brand is known for its logo, for its easy-to-wear style, even for its underwear. But there are brands similar to Calvin Klein that have some of the same qualities you like.

Calvin Klein cologne turned sideways black backgroun

Get to know more about these other fashion brands to expand your wardrobe through fashion knowledge. The more you know about style, the better you’re going to be at creating amazing style.


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