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15 Brands Similar to Michael Kors

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Michael Kors is one of the biggest names in fashion. Not only is the Michael Kors brand seen everywhere, Michael Kors himself is known for reality TV and for being a famous fashion designer. This is a standout brand that everyone recognizes and many people love to wear and carry, in the form of the popular Michael Kors purse and handbag designs. But there are brands similar to Michael Kors if you’ve got an eye for designer fashion, gorgeous purses and clothing you love to wear.

Who is Michael Kors?

Carrying a designer purse

You might recognize the name Michael Kors for any number of achievements. He has been a judge on Project Runway and he’s a high-profile fashion designer. But many might recognize the name from purses and handbags. Michael Kors purses and handbags are incredibly popular and the Michael Kors brand offers a big line of luxury products.

Michael Kors attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, though he didn’t finish. In 1981, he launched his first collection of women’s fashion. The brand took off and became incredibly popular. He began judging fashion on Project Runway in 2004, making the Michael Kors brand even more high profile.

Getting Luxurious

Michael Kors is a high-end luxury brand that is widely associated with expensive women’s handbags. However, Michael Kors also makes a huge line of fashion items that includes watches, shoes and clothing for men, women and children. You can get everything in the way of fashion here, from things to wear to things to carry to items you can use to dress up and complete your look.

The Michael Kors brand carries fashion that ranges from casual to professional to formal looks, with the shoes and bags to go with it. Michael Kors clothing is made in a huge range of colors that reflect the current trends. As a high-end designer, Michael Kors is one of the few who makes the trends. You will always find the latest, hottest fashion looks with Michael Kors because this brand is one of the trendsetters in the world of style.

The styles here are made in tailored designs meant to fit and flatter the body with high-end fabrics that drape and flow, provide texture and otherwise complete the design. But there are other high-end brands out there to try if you like Michael Kors.

Finding Brands Similar to Michael Kors

Are there brands similar to Michael Kors? There are many other high-end designers and brands that look like high-end designers you can start to wear if you like Michael Kors.

Armani (More Expensive)

A|X ARMANI EXCHANGE mens Classic Crew Logo T-shirt T Shirt, Black, X-Small US

Giorgio Armani is one of the most famous names in fashion and a favored brand among many. Famous for high fashion and fragrances, Armani is best known for creating red-carpet-worthy fashion, like evening gowns and tuxedos. This has been a leading name in the fashion world for decades and it’s considered a go-to source for formalwear.

Armani fashion is classic and elegant, with many designs appearing in basic black and white styles. Armani also makes jewelry, belts, eyewear, shoes and any type of bag you might want to carry, along with lots of other accessories that will enhance any outfit.

The prices at Armani are a great deal higher than similar items from Michael Kors. Armani is a very high-end designer brand and the prices here certainly reflect that.

Balenciaga (More Expensive)

Balenciaga BB0095S Black One Size

Balenciaga is associated with sophisticated, trendy fashion for women and men. Like Michael Kors, Balenciaga offers a big range of fashion items, including outerwear and purses. Balenciaga even makes activewear, something that sets it apart from other high-end brands that do not.

The fashion at Balenciaga is more expensive than Michael Kors. This is a high-end brand that is associated with high luxury and runway fashion, which means you will have to pay to wear these cutting-edge, eye-catching fashions.

Burberry (More Expensive)

BURBERRY Women's Tything Diamond Quilted Double Breasted Coat in Black Size Medium

Famous for its plaid patterns and its very posh name, Burberry makes a huge range of fashion items that includes every type of clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. Burberry has even more jewelry and eyewear, along with designer socks. You can even shop for fragrances at Burberry.

Like Michael Kors, Burberry maintains an extensive product line that includes purses, along with just about every other fashion item you might want. But unlike Michael Kors, Burberry is perhaps best-known for its outerwear. Burberry is famous for making trench coats. Burberry clothing has a sophisticated and elegant design, with styles that are often made in basic black and other neutral colors.

Burberry is more expensive than Michael Kors. Burberry is an old and well-established brand that has long been associated with high luxury and quality. The Burberry name is famous and you will pay a little more for the luxury of wearing this brand.

Coach (Similar Pricing)

COACH WOMENS City Tote In Signature Canvas (Brown Black)

Like Michael Kors, Coach is possibly most famous for making handbags. The distinct “C” logo and the signature slouchy, everyday style of Coach bags is immediately recognizable. Coach clothing fashion is all about everyday style, too. These clothes are meant to be casual and comfortable.

Also like Michael Kors, Coach has a huge selection of products that includes clothes, purses, accessories and shoes. You can find a ton of different options for stuff to wear here.

Coach has similar pricing to Michael Kors. Both brands are known for being high-end and they are definitely designer fashion but both these brands also strive to provide more affordable luxury fashion. While some designer names charge thousands of dollars for a single item, you can get Coach items for hundreds, maybe even less.

Diane Von Furstenberg (Similar Pricing)

DVF Diane Von Furstenberg Women's Gray Plaid Double Face Wool Wrap Coat (M)

Diane Von Furstenberg makes fashion with a fun, funky twist. Expect to see a lot of colors and patterns and a distinctly retro flair when you shop for clothing from this designer brand. Unlike Michael Kors, which offers a huge range of items that includes shoes and accessories and jewelry, along with clothing, Diane Von Furstenberg specializes in women’s fashion only.

You can’t get shoes or accessories with this brand but you can get a gorgeous selection of different clothing styles to choose from. Diane Von Furstenberg has similar pricing to Michael Kors. So if you like fashion with a bit of funky flair and lots of vibrancy and color but don’t want to spend more than you’d spend at Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenberg should definitely be on your shopping list.

Dior (More Expensive)

Ch.Dior J'adore/Ch.Dior Edp Spray 1.0 Oz (W) 1.0 Oz Edp Spray 1.0 Oz [Health and Beauty]


Dior has an enormous selection of fashion items, something the brand has in common with Michael Kors. You can truly find everything here, including every type of bag you might want to carry, tons of different accessories, more shoes than you could actually ever wear and everything in the way of clothing you could ever want.

Dior’s brand is trendy everyday fashion. See what’s new at Dior to see what’s new in fashion. You’ll find a great selection of everyday clothes, semi-formal wear and even formal wear, all in the latest styles.

Dior also has a big selection of jewelry to choose from, including a huge variety of watches. This is something the brand has in common with Michael Kors. Dior is a famous name in fashion that has dressed the world’s biggest celebrities. The brand is associated with luxury high fashion. Dior has been a major designer label for decades, with a long and well-established reputation.

Fashion from Dior is more expensive than the products you can find at Michael Kors. Dior is a very well-known name in fashion that is considered to be among the most popular luxury brands and people are willing to pay top dollar to wear it.

DKNY (Similar Pricing)

DKNY girls Casual 2PC Skirt Set, Off White, 8 US

DKNY, or Donna Karan New York, is a leading brand in hip, trendy, hot fashion for young customers and the young at heart. You can find all the latest looks here and you can find plenty of them. DKNY has a big selection of items to wear that includes swimwear, tops, dresses, jeans and all the casual fashion you might want to wear whenever you want to look super stylish and cool.

DKNY also has a big selection of bags, shoes and even home goods, along with a big selection of men’s fashion. This brand carries the hottest and newest fashions in all the different types of clothing you want to wear. The pricing here is similar to Michael Kors and like Michael Kors, this brand has all the newest designs. Add DKNY to your shopping rotation to expand your wardrobe with all the latest designer styles.

Givenchy (More Expensive)

GIVENCHY Red Refracted Logo Embroidery Hoodie (Small)

When you want to look super casual but also extremely high-end, there’s Givenchy. This brand is all about providing luxury fashion, with a catalog that’s full of graphic T-shirts, dresses with bold silhouettes and anything else you might want to wear, from jeans to knits to hoodies. There’s a big selection of bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories here, too, something the brand has in common with Michael Kors.

Givenchy makes fashion for men, women, kids and even babies, with all the shoes and accessories and bags to go with. When you shop here, you’ll end up paying more for items of a similar type you can find at Michael Kors. Givenchy is associated with the most trendy, high-end luxury style, which often costs more.

Kate Spade (Similar Pricing)

Kate Spade New York Carson Leather Convertible Crossbody Shoulder Bag Handbag, Warm Beige Multi

Kate Spade has a huge selection of fashion of all kinds, including dresses, sleepwear and matched sets. This is classic casual fashion that has a clearly retro vibe. Kate Spade clothing is all about vibrant, lively patterns and lots and lots of color. Pink, green, red and blue are all over the extensive product catalog.

You can also find a huge selection of jewelry, accessories, shoes and bags from Kate Spade, all with the same classic, traditional design feel. Kate Spade fashion has a lot of clean lines and structured style. Like Michael Kors, Kate Spade offers a full range of clothing and fashion to wear. The two brands also have similar pricing, so you can pay about the same amount for similar items across both brands.

Kate Spade is a popular high-end brand that’s associated with dresses, purses and all things women’s fashion. That’s because Kate Spade specializes in women’s fashion. The fun colors and classic look of Kate Spade is a bit different from the trendy looks of Michael Kors clothing, but this brand has a distinct high-end, designer look that shows. If you like designer fashion, give Kate Spade a good look.

Prada (More Expensive)

Prada Tessuto Nylon Black Camera Bag Crossbody 1BH089

Prada is one of the most famous designer brands. It’s always seen on the runways and it’s a go-to place for elegant designer fashion that’s perfect for professional wear and everyday wear. If you like a super stylized look that reflects all the latest trends, you will like Prada.

Like Michael Kors, Prada has a big collection of fashion that ranges from T-shirts and sweatshirts to outerwear, dresses and skirts to denim ad leather pieces. Prada also makes shoes, bags and accessories of all kinds, including jewelry. You can even find home goods and pet accessories at Prada, along with fragrances and sunglasses.

Prada is a high-end fashion brand that often limits its run of specific fashion to maintain exclusivity. It’s a famous designer label that’s known to provide luxurious items and those items command a high price due to the design name, the exclusivity of the products and the known quality associated with the Prada brand.

Ralph Lauren (More Expensive)

POLO RALPH LAUREN Men Long Sleeve Pony Logo T-Shirt (TanHeather, L)

When you think of designer fashion, you probably think of Ralph Lauren. This brand has a lot in common with Michael Kors. Ralph Lauren also sells everything fashion-related. That includes a huge variety of clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, fragrances and sunglasses. Ralph Lauren also makes belts, wallets and a huge line of handbags. In other words, you can definitely get all the fashion you want here.

Fashion from Ralph Lauren is classic and simply elegant in design. You’ll find a lot of floral patterns, flowy fabrics and flattering silhouettes. Ralph Lauren has a lot to offer in the way of sophisticated, timeless style. Ralph Lauren clothing isn’t necessarily trendy but it is always fashionable and has a distinctly high-end look to it. The luxury fabrics and attention to design definitely show in Ralph Lauren products.

The fashion at Ralph Lauren will cost you more, on average, than items from Michael Kors. Ralph Lauren is a luxury brand that is known the world over with a designer that is practically a household name. Ralph Lauen is famous for another designer line: Polo, a brand that specializes in athletic fashion. His name alone gets a lot of attention and respect…and money!

Rebecca Minkoff (Less Expensive)

Rebecca Minkoff Women's Janine Sweatshirt, Black, XS

Bright color, lots of texture and the most cutting-edge style is what you can expect from Rebecca Minoff. The fashion here is meant to catch the eye. You’ll see a lot of leather, silk and knit items. Rebecca Minkoff makes everyday fashion, shoes and accessories for anyone who wants to look stylish and turn heads because that’s what you’ll be doing in the fashion from this brand.

The Rebecca Minkoff brand, like Michael Kors, sells a huge range of products. This brand has accessories, jewelry, handbags, shoes, fragrances, even home items. You can get everything you want to wear at Rebecca Minkoff…and all of it will be slightly edgy and super trendy. This brand is all about having the latest stuff, not about having classic fashion.

Rebecca Minkoff makes affordable fashion, so the items you can find here are less expensive, on average, than similar items at Michael Kors. If you want the high fashion look but you don’t want to pay the high fashion price, Rebecca Minkoff is a great place to start shopping.

Steve Madden (Less Expensive)

Steve Madden Women's Amulet Ankle Boot, Black, 9.5

Patchwork denim, rhinestones, leather and bold fashion are what you will find under the Steve Madden brand. Steven Madden sells everyday fashion that’s super hip and trendy, along with bags and accessories. You can find fashions for men, women and kids here.

Steve Madden, like Michael Kors, also sells other fashion items, including washes, sunglasses, jewelry, belts and various accessories. Steve Madden is best known for shoes and footwear. The collection of footwear from Steve Madden is extensive.

The clothing and accessories from Steve Madden are less expensive, in general, than similar items from Michael Kors. This is more affordable high-end fashion, something that appeals to lots of customers who want to look trendy. If you like the cutting-edge, trendy style of Michael Kors but if you want to pay a bit less for your fashion, try seeing what’s available at Steve Madden.

Tom Ford (More Expensive)

Tom Ford FT5178 Eyeglasses-001 Shiny Black-50mm

Tom Ford, like Michael Kors, doesn’t specialize in any one particular area of fashion. This brand pretty much sells all things fashion. You can find jackets, dresses and clothing items in all colors here. The Tom Ford brand literally makes everything you can wear, right down to your bra.

Tom Ford also sells watches, eyewear and clothing for men and women that includes a huge line of accessories. Shoes and bags of all kinds, along with belts and jewelry, are all part of the extensive product catalog at Tom Ford.

You can find even more fashion at Tom Ford than at Michael Kors, as Tom Ford also carries a huge line of makeup products. The fashion here is more expensive, on average, than the products you can find at Michael Kors.

Yves Saint Laurent (More Expensive)

Yves Saint Laurent Y For Men Eau de Parfum, Multi, 3.3 fl.Oz

Yves Saint Laurent, popularly known as YSL, is a leading name in trendy fashion for professionals and hip people who like wearing the newest styles. In fact, the product line here changes frequently to reflect the current season and the current hot looks in fashion.

You can find a lot of items in basic black here made with high-end materials and sharp lines that create distinct silhouettes. The fabrics here are sleek and high in quality, something you expect from a designer brand. YSL carries many items, including shoes, handbags, belts, sunglasses, jewelry and other accessories. Like Michael Kors, there’s a huge range of products here for women and men.

The prices here are more expensive than the items you will find at Michael Kors. YSL is known for having the very latest looks and being incredibly trendy, a reputation that costs a little bit more.

Wearing Brands Similar to Michael Kors

High fashion boots

Michael Kors is a high-end brand with a lot of name recognition and a distinct flair for modern, elegant style that’s always on trend. But there are brands similar to Michael Kors that have their own look and some that might even look a whole lot like Michael Kors. Explore these other brands and start expanding your wardrobe with a bunch of new styles that have a lot in common with the Michael Kors styles you already like.


High fashion outfit no head

There’s actually a lot to know about designer fashion. For starters, why is it so expensive? You might have these questions and many more about the various brands similar to Michael Kors and to the Michael Kors brand itself. We found the most commonly asked questions about Michael Kors and got the answers, so you don’t have to wonder anymore.

Are Michael Kors bags leather?

Whether or not your Michael Kors bag is leather is unknown until you examine the bag or the specs that go along with the bag. This is because not every single Michael Kors bag is made with the exact same material.

Many Michael Kors bags are made with saffiano leather, a type of leather made from calfskin that has a wax finish. This is a durable but soft and flexible leather that is water-resistant and scratch-resistant. It’s high-quality leather and one that has become associated with the Michael Kors brand.

Some Michael Kors bags, however, are made with polyurethane, which has a similar texture to leather but is actually a synthetic material. Polyurethane is far less expensive than leather and it doesn’t have all the same qualities as leather. You also clean and maintain both materials quite differently, so it’s important to know what your Michael Kors bag is made from.

Can Michael Kors purses be repaired?

Michael Kors purses and handbags, along with many other designer bags, can be repaired. Shoe and leather repair companies know how to make repairs to luxury handbags. An experienced repair company can reseal handles, repair or replace hardware, clean the inside and outside of bags, refinish the color, repair or replace zippers and re-stitch seams.

High-end bags and luxury goods are made to last and to be highly durable so in many cases, these items can be repaired to extend their life even further. Use a professional service to have your high-end bags and other items repaired and they will continue to look beautiful and perform perfectly for many years to come.

Where are Michael Kors products made?

Though the company is based in New York, Michael Kors items are made in the People’s Republic of China, India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, India and the Philippines. No Michael Kors products are made in the U.S.

Why is Michael Kors so expensive?

Person wearing a designer outfit

Michael Kors is a designer brand and that means it costs more than items that don’t have a famous name attached to them. Since this is a luxury brand, a great deal of time goes into the design and manufacture of Michael Kors items. Premium, high-quality materials are used, such as high-end leather, cotton, silk, cashmere and other expensive fabrics. Every item is carefully made to be durable. After all, people aren’t going to pay such a high price for items that are not extremely well made.

Another reason that Michael Kors items cost so much is the exclusivity. Designer brands like Michael Kors and brands similar to Michael Kors limit the number of items they produce in order to maintain elitism. If only 500 people can own a certain bag design, that makes the bag a little bit more special and it makes some people want that bag even more. They’re willing to pay a higher price to have it.

The famous designer name also helps makes items more expensive, whether you’re buying at Michael Kors or one of the high-end brands similar to Michael Kors. Celebrities, royalty and famously wealthy people wear Michael Kors fashion and other designer labels. This makes those brands much more popular, which makes the prices get bigger and bigger.


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