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12 Brands Similar to Crocs

Person wearing Croc like shoes

Crocs has become famous all over the world for just one product: shoes. The word Crocs is synonymous with the word shoes at this point. It’s well-known that they’re comfortable, colorful and everyone is wearing them. You can take your Crocs anywhere and they’re going to feel good. But are there brands similar to Crocs? Does the unique design of Crocs mean that this brand is unlike any others, or can you find similar brands if you know where to look? It’s time to answer questions about this brand.

History of Crocs

It truly feels as though Crocs have been around for ever. Any day now, you’ll hear a story about some Egyptian pharaoh who was buried in Crocs and scientists have only recently unearthed him. But the truth is, Crocs have only been around for about 20 years. This company has been in business since the early 2000s.

The very first pair of Crocs was introduced to the public in 2002 in Florida. Since that day just over two decades ago, hundreds of millions of Crocs have been purchased.

The distinct design and wide range of colors have compelled Crocs to the top of the ladder of fashion success. This brand is incredibly well-recognized and beloved by millions. Celebrities, presidents, some of the most high-profile people around the world have worn Crocs.

What Are Crocs, Anyway?

Crocs with branding on beach

Are Crocs really so unique? What even are they?

Crocs are a type of clog, a shoe style that originated in the Netherlands. Originally, they were made of wood. They could be stuffed with straw for insulation. They were simple, inexpensive and durable, perfect for the Dutch farmers of the day.

Crocs are never made from wood. Rather, they are constructed with foam or plastic. However, the Crocs design still resembles the traditional clog forms of shoes gone past and they still have the same slip-on, easy-to-wear style that so interested the Dutch farmers in the 1800s.

The Beach was the first Croc shoe design, unveiled at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show as a boating shoe. Every pair of shoes the company brought to the show was purchased. Crocs were an overnight success.

Pair of Croc like shoes in the sand


Crocs have become incredibly popular and interestingly, are still widely worn by working people who spend a lot of time on their feet. Crocs are seen often in hospital and clinical environments where they are widely worn by workers here. Factory workers and restaurant workers also commonly wear Crocs. Millions of these shoes have been sold and worn.

But are there other brands similar to Crocs? Is this brand truly one of a kind, or is that just the story that keeps you going back to Crocs again and again? It’s time to find out how other brands stack up against Crocs, a giant of the fashion industry.

Finding Brands Similar to Crocs

Crocs has definitely made a famous name for itself very quickly, relatively speaking, but his brand isn’t the only one that makes comfortable, casual footwear that people love. There are many brands similar to Crocs, so you don’t have to stick to this one brand.

Amoji (Less Expensive)

Amoji Garden Clogs Garden Shoes Shower Slippers Sandals Yard Gardening Beach Water Plastic Rubber Comfortable House Indoor Summer Adult Female Male AM161 Black Size 10 Women/8 Men

Like Crocs, Amoji specializes in making footwear for men, women and kids. Specifically, they specialize in making clogs. There’s a big selection of different styles here and all the styles are available in multiple color looks.

In addition to clogs, Amoji also makes flip-flops and sandals in men’s sizes. All the styles are made to be stylish and lightweight, casual and comfortable.

Amoji clogs are less expensive, on average, than similar styles you can find at Crocs. Like Crocs, this brand has a wide selection of styles and colors available, so you can shop around to find exactly the look that’s going to suit your personal style best.

Birkenstock (More Expensive)

Birkenstock Men's, Boston Soft Footbed Clog Habana Brown 41 M

Like Crocs, Birkenstock is best known for footwear. This is another famous footwear brand that has made feet their business but Birkenstock has a huge product range of different shoe styles. This brand really makes sandals, something Birkenstock is so well known for that the word “sandals” is used practically interchangeably with the brand name.

There are many different options for footwear here, including clog styles. However, Birkenstock clog designs differ from Crocs in that they are made with leather, fleece, fur and various materials, rather than the foam that Crocs uses for literally all of their footwear.

The chic designs and easy-to-wear styles of Birkenstock definitely stand out, although they still have that classic clog silhouette. Pricing here is somewhat more expensive than Crocs due to the premium leather and other materials that Birkenstock integrates into its footwear designs.

Chacos (Similar Pricing)

Chaco Women's Zcloud 2 Sandal, Solid Black, 8

Chacos makes shoes for men, women and kids, including designs for all sorts of different activities. Chacos makes boots, sandals, flip flops and addictive, stylish shoes in lots of different styles. Chacos also carries a huge selection of clogs in many different styles and materials. That includes designs made with foam.

There are many styles at Chacos that are similar to Crocs. The shoes here are made in a huge variety of colors and styles, with lots of different options so you can choose a pair that’s going to perfectly match your own personal style.

Chacos clogs have similar pricing to like items you can find at Crocs. Are the two comparable in other ways? Only your feet can judge.

Clarks (More Expensive)

Clarks Women's Ashland Lane Q Slip-On Loafer, Black, 9 M US

Clarks makes clogs and mules for women, specializing in a specific type of shoe the same way Crocs does. There’s a huge selection of slip-on styles here with all sorts of different designs and features. Clarks makes mules and clogs that are lined for warmth, cushioned for comfort or made with recycled materials, among other different options you can choose.

Some styles here are also made in multiple color options. Many of the shoes here have classic profiles but there are heeled designs and more untraditional designs, too. If you like Crocs or clogs in general, you’re going to like the wide selection of mules and clogs you can find at Clarks.

The pricing here is more expensive than the cost of similar items at Crocs. That’s because Clarks uses more expensive materials in their shoes, such as premium leather. Other styles here, like the ones made out of canvas, are even more affordable than similar styles you can find at Crocs.

Dansko (More Expensive)

Women's Professional Printed Leather Clogs - Liberty (EU-37/6.5 US)

Dankso specializes in shoes and mostly, they make clogs and slip-on styles. These shoes are made for comfort and for good looks with lots of different designs, colors and features. There are waterproof styles here, designs made for professional wear and stylish, fashionable clog styles of all kinds. Dansko has a huge selection, something else the brand has in common with Crocs.

Many styles here come in multiple color options, so you can find the style and color that sits you. There are even heeled clog styles here for when you need to put a bit of a sexy spin on your work shoes.

The prices here are more expensive than similar items you can get at Crocs because these clogs are made to look fashionable and stylish. These are clogs that can go to the office or even to a semi-formal event.

Frye (More Expensive)

Frye Women's Melanie Slip On Sneakers, Cognac, 7.5 M US

Along with a huge selection of different types of footwear and accessories, Frye makes fashion clogs for women in multiple styles and color options. From classy heeled styles to classic clogs to super modern designs, Frye carries a vast selection of footwear options, so you can find a perfect pair to match whatever else you might be wearing.

You can find lots of different styles and options here to suit your entire wardrobe. Frye is slightly more expensive than Crocs, so you will pay a little bit more when you buy clogs here.

Huckberry (More Expensive)

Unisex-Clogs, Anti-Slip Clog, Classic Clog, Neutral Colors (Pink, Numeric_9)

Huckberry, unlike many of the other brands on this list, makes an enormous range of products that include bags, hats, knives, watches, accessories and clothing of all kinds. This brand specializes in casual, everyday clothing and clothing made for active lifestyles. But along with all the other stuff Huckberry does, there’s a whole line of slip-on style shoes here that induces clog designs.

The slip-on shoes here are made for active feet and cool, casual style, something that the brand has in common with Crocs. The pricing at Huckberry is somewhat more expensive, on average, than Crocs.

Merrell (Similar Pricing)

Merrell Men's Core Hydro MOC Water Shoe, Black, 12

Merrell makes an absolutely huge catalog of shoes, from sneakers to boots. There are shoes for all kinds of activities here, including trail running styles and barefoot shoes, too. But if you look at the slip-on style Merrell offers for women, men and children, you’ll see how much this brand has in common with Crocs.

There’s a big selection of clog-style slip-on shoes here for men, women and children. Merrell makes clog-style slip-ons in a huge variety of different color options and classic designs. Crocs, centuries-old moccasins by Native Americas, you can see how these styles helped inside the designs at Merrell.

Even the pricing here is similar to Crocs, so you won’t spend more when you choose to shop here. And if you choose to shop here, you’ll find lots of clog-style shoes that you will absolutely love.

Old Navy (Less Expensive)

Masbird Sandals for Women Casual Summer Womens 2021 Fashion Flower Beaded Flat Sandals Summer Beach Travel Slippers Flip Flops

Old Navy is best known for affordable, stylish everyday clothes but Old Navy makes a selection of clogs, too. Like the clothing selection, the clog selection at Old Navy is varied. Get a pair of clogs made in suedes or leather, foam or plastic. They have perforated designs that are similar to Crocs and many of the clog styles here come in multiple color variations.

Old Navy makes clogs for men, women, kids and even babies. The pricing at Old Navy is less expensive than similar items you can find at Crocs. Old Navy is known for affordable, easy-to-wear fashion. That goes for the brand’s clog styles, too.

Saguaro (Less Expensive)

SAGUARO Womens Mens Garden Clogs Shoes Casual Slippers Unisex Quick Drying Sandals Summer Anti-Slip Beach Shoes Black

Saguaro makes beach shoes, barefoot shoes and water shoes for men, women and children. Like Crocs, this brand specializes in making high-performance shoes that can get active and keep feet comfortable. There’s a big range of different shoe styles in many different colors here, so you can find exactly what you need to show off your personal style.

The active lifestyle shoes here have a lot in common with clog silhouettes, though you won’t find traditional clog designs at Saguaro. If you’re looking to supplement your shoe wardrobe with some different types of activewear shoe styles, this is the perfect place to start shopping.

The pricing here is less expensive than what you will find at Crocs, so you can play around a little and try a few different styles to see which one fits you best.

Skechers (Less Expensive)

Skechers Women's Go Walk Joy Sneaker, Black, 10

Skechers became famous for its highly distinctive designs, often built on top of a thick, gripping sole made for traction and tread. This brand is famous for athletic shoe styles of all kinds ut actually Skecher makes an entire range of different footwear styles, including clog and slip-on styles.

There’s a huge selection of clogs available under the Skechers label, including designs with ventilation holes like the classic Crocs and designs with the classic thick Skechers sole. The clog styles here are less expensive, on average, than similar styles you can get at Crocs.

Viakix (Similar Pricing)

Viakix Siena Walking Sandal - Ultra Comfortable Womens Sandals With Support

Viakix makes sandals for women in multiple colors, styles and sizes. The sandal silhouettes here are definitely close to the classic shape of clogs and they’re made to be supportive and comfortable, something Viakix has in common with Crocs.

These sandals are made for active lifestyles to cushion and support feet during hiking and other activities. Viakix has its own distinct look and like Crocs, the brand has stuck with this basic design to create multiple styles to suit all fashion personalities.

The prices of shoes here is similar to the clogs you can get at Crocs. So if you feel like mixing up your shoe style a little, but not too much, Viakix is the perfect brand for you.

Wearing Brands Similar to Crocs

Crocs has made a strong name for itself with its signature shoe style that are comfortable and high-performance. But Crocs definitely isn’t the only brand of its kind. There are many other brands you can try if you want to expand your shoe wardrobe. Take a look at all of them and fill up your closet with all the clog shoe styles you might want to wear.


Pile of Croc like shoes

Crocs may be one of those brands that is everywhere, a shoe style that seems to be ubiquitous. However, there’s still a ton of stuff to know about this brand. We searched online for the most commonly asked questions about Crocs and we found the answers, so you can get all the info you need about this brand.

Are Crocs non-slip?

Cros are worn as workwear all the time. They feel good, they perform well and they’re highly comfortable. What’s not to like? But while Crocs have a distinct look and they’re certainly durable, original Croc styles were not made o be slip-resistant. Some newer styles of Crocs, however, are made with slip-resistant outsoles.

To be sure you’re getting the non-slip feature you need to make sure it’s included in the description of the shoes.

Are Crocs good for your feet?

Crocs have actually stirred up some controversy and some debate. Some sweat by them, while others say that Crocs are actually terrible for your feet. What’s the real truth?

Because of the design of the shoe, Crocs do not hold your feet securely in place. Your feet slide around in them and your toes can push up against the toe of the shoe, which can damage the nails on your toes. This can cause ingrown toenails and can even cause the nail to lift up off your toe, which is certainly not ideal.

Crocs don’t have a lacing system to keep them secured to your feet. Because they’re slip-ons, Crocs change your stride and the way you use your feet. You end up subconsciously gripping the shoes with your toes to keep them in place while you step. This can lead to plantar fasciitis, tendonitis or hammertoes if you wear Crocs quite frequently.

However, Crocs only cause problems for your feet if you’re doing a lot of walking or being very active in them. Crocs are a great choice for people with mobility issues, pregnant women, diabetics and people who have wide feet.

Can you put Crocs in the dryer?

If you ever look at any Care information about Crocs, you might find that the company recommends not putting them in the drier. But what does that mean, anyway? You probably put clothes that say “dry clean only” in the washing machine all time.

Crocs can shrink in the presence of heat. Putting them in the dryer, leaving them out in the sun or exposing them to heat can create shrinkage.

In other words, it’s not advisable to put Crocs in the dryer.

Can you paint Crocs?

Crocs are already made in a huge variety of colors and patterns but they can be dyed to custom color shades if you like. To do so, you add spray paint to lukewarm water and dip Crocs inside.

Where are Crocs made?

Though Crocs are synonymous with American culture, most Crocs are made in Vietnam.

How should Crocs fit?

Crocs are meant to slip right on your feet and give you a lot of moving room. That means it can be pretty hard to know how they’re supposed to fit. According to the official website, Crocs should conform to your foot to fit securely with little slippage as you walk. Your heel should be secure in place and the sides, top and arch of the shoe should hug your foot.

However, Crocs should not put pressure on your feet. They shouldn’t feel tight or restrict your feet in any way.

Who invented Crocs?

Crocs was founded by Scott Seamans, Lyndon “Duke” Hanson and George Boedecker, Jr.

Why are Crocs so popular?

Think about the first time you saw a pair of Crocs. Did you think they were strange? Crocs look kind of funny, when you think about it. You might not notice now that you’re used to them, but Crocs do have an odd look.

However, the comfort and practicality of the shoes seem to win out over all those super-stylish shoes out there. They are incredibly comfortable, available in a huge range of colors and they’re super easy to wear. They’re also affordable and easy to buy in lots of places. Put it all together and this creates one pretty popular shoe.


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