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13 Brands Similar to Dr Martens

Pairs of Docs style fashion boots

Dr. Martens, known simply as “Docs” in popular fashion, are a highly recognizable and well-known brand that is famous for making durable and beautiful shoes and boots that are perfect for everyday wear. Doc Martens have a distinct look and a lot of features aimed at helping feet feel comfortable and perform better but this is not the only brand specializing in the feet. Many brands similar to Dr. Martens create footwear that has characteristics in common with Docs.

Who Is Dr Martens?

Person wearing yellow fashion boots

The year was 1945 and the war had come o an end. World War II was finally over and the world was celebrating. Dr. Klaus Maertens was 25, a young soldier going home to Munich. His foot was broken and the leather footwear available to him was incredibly uncomfortable.

Maertens designed an air-cushioned sole as a prototype and shared the design with Dr. Herbert Funk, a former classmate and a mechanical engineer. The two decided to go into business together. They got some discarded rubber and used military supplies and in 1947, began creating their footwear.

The story took another twist years later in 1959. Maertens and Funk had come up with the ingenious idea to advertise their footwear in other countries and took out ads in magazines all around Europe.

Bill Grigg was a third-generation footwear maker who kept up-to-date on shoe news. He found an ad for Dr. Maeterns air-cushioned soles in a shoe trade magazine and he reached out to ask Maertens about using his cushioned sole.

A New Design

Person wearing red Doc Martens style shoes

Grigg played around with the design from there. He adjusted the heel, added a rounded upper and added the contrasting yellow stitching, which has become a hallmark of the brand. He even re-branded the sole as Airwair. He also changed the spelling Maertens to Martens in 1960.

Now, he was ready to introduce an iconic item into the fashion world: the 1460 eight-hole boot. Made with gorgeous oxblood leather, the boot was made in a factory in Northamptonshire that is still in business today. Other companies also licenses Dr. Maertens footwear to sell in Europe but it was the Grigg Group that turned Dr. Martens into a famous footwear brand.

Dr. Martens became extremely popular as a work boot, purchased widely by post office workers, police officers and factory workers. Later, they became a fashion symbol for the counterculture and caught on with young people. It continues to be an extremely popular brand that is worn for its looks, its performance and its durability.

Finding Brands Similar to Dr Martens

Dr. Martens, “Doc” Martens, have a distinct look that makes them highly recognizable. These boots are known for having style, comfort and durability, a trifecta that makes them very impressive. But there are brands similar to Dr. Martens, either in style or design or in another way. Explore these brands to find lots more footwear you can love.

Bates (Less Expensive)

Bates Men's 8" Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military Boot, Black, 9.5 X-Wide

Before they became a big deal in the fashion world, Doc Martens boots were mostly enjoyed as working boots. Bates still makes working boots. This is not a flashy or super famous brand but if you like work boots, then you know the name Bates.

This brand specializes in making work boots and shoes of all kinds for men and women. Bates even makes an entire line of footwear specifically for first responders. They made waterproof, safety toes, military-style boots and tactical boots, along with other styles. You can even get dress boots at Bates, along with socks and accessories.

Anyone who needs work boots or shoes of any kind can turn to Bates to get the features, the comfortable design and the safety they want. Unlike Doc Martens, Bates is not considered to be a fashionable or stylish brand. The footwear is well-made and nice-looking, but Bates has not made the leap into high fashion as of yet.

The pricing here is less expensive than what you will pay for Dr. Martens styles of a similar type.

Birkenstock (Similar Pricing)

Birkenstock Men's, Boston Soft Footbed Clog Habana Brown 41 M

Birkenstock is a name most famous for making sandals but this brand has expanded over the years to include all kinds of footwear, including boots. Mae with gorgeous oiled leather, Birckentuck boots have the famous cork sole and comfortable design that put this brand on the map in the first place.

Birkenstock makes a huge range of boot styles for men, women and children, including work-friendly styles and styles that have a distinctly fashionable look. Boots here have lots of different features and they’re mostly made in shades of black, brown, beige and gray, neutral colors that match whatever you want to wear.

The prices at Birkenstock are similar to what you’ll pay for items like these boots at Dr. Martens, so you won’t spend any more by adding this brand to your shopping rotation.

Blundstone (Similar Pricing)

Blundstone Unisex Super 550 Series Boot, Model 585, Rustic Brown,5 UK/6 M US/8 B(M) US

Like Doc Martens, Blundstone is a famous name in boots. Even the pricing here is similar to what you will find when you shop Dr. Martens. Blundstone offers a big selection of boots for men, women and kids, including a who line of work styles.

Blundstone makes boots in classic designs that have traditional styling. These boots are made in neutral colors with some exceptions. A few styles have interesting pops of color and little additions to make the designs stand out. Shop Blundstone for dress boots, sneaker boots, lace-up designs and more.

This brand also sells accessories, including socks and boot care items. These designs are work-friendly but with a touch of fashion appeal as well, something else Blundstone has in common with Dr. Martens footwear.

Bruno Marc (Less Expensive)

Bruno Marc Men's Dress Sneakers Casual Lace-up Oxford Formal Shoes Black Size 10.5 M US GRANDPLAIN

Bruno Marc makes footwear in all styles, from gorgeous oxfords to fur-lined snow boots to casual loafers. You can find all sorts of office-ready styles here, including different types of oxford and many styles of laced boots. Bruno Marc also makes a whole line of both casual and fashion sneakers, along with belts and wallets to go with them.

This brand makes footwear for men, women and kids. The footwear here has a high fashion look to it, something this brand has in common with Doc Martens. These styles are made for both performance and for style, so if you like Dr. Martens you will probably enjoy Bruno Marc designs, too.

The footwear here is less expensive than what you’ll pay for similar items at Doc Martens, so you can get even more fashion for less. This is footwear for all kinds of work, whether you’re in a professional formal office or you have to get out in the cold to battle the cold and snow to do your job. You can find it all here and you will find that all of it is designed for style as well as function.

Danner (More Expensive)

Danner Unisex-Adult Mountain 600 4.5", Brown/Red-Suede, 9D

Danner is a big name in high-performance boots. If you’ve ever searched for hiking boots or hunting boots, you probably already know this brand name. And if you’re not fairly serious and quality work and performance boots…well, you might not be familiar with Danner. This brand specializes in boots that perform and function. The styles are definitely made to be attractive but they don’t have the high-fashion flair that people love about Doc Martens.

Danner makes boots for men and women in lots of different performance styles. Shop here to find footwear for working, hiking or hunting. There’s also a huge range of military and tactical styles here as well. This brand also offers a line of boots that were made in the U.S., a feature that isn’t always easy to find in fashion.

You can also find boot care accessories, footbeds, laces and other footwear accessories here, including socks.

Fluevog (More Expensive)

Miz Mooz Louise Ankle Boots for Women - Ladies Handcrafted Leather Booties - Short & Low Cut w/Zipper & 1" Heel (Red - 9)

If you want boots and footwear that’s all about being fashionable, Fluevog has got you covered all day. This is the brand you go to when you want stylish footwear that’s going to get noticed. Shop here to find footwear for men and women in all kinds of different styles.

Fluevog carries fashion shoes and boots of all kinds, including tall styles,, heeled styles, platform motorcycle boots and boots with a bit of a cowboy flair. This brand makes sandals, high heels, shoes and sneakers of all kinds, too. This is a one-stop place o shop when you want fashionable footwear of any type.

Fluevog makes footwear in a range of colors and heel heights. This is fashion footwear and this is why the pricing at Fluevog is more expensive, on average, than items you will find at Dr. Martens.

Grenson (More Expensive)

Grenson Fred Boot Brown - Brown - 7

The footwear at Grenson really stands out. The designs are meant to catch the eye and the styles here come in a huge range. Grenson makes footwear for men and women, along with accessories like belts, wallets, laces and even fragrances, among other styles.

Grenson is a fashion brand that makes footwear in designs made to turn heads. Shop here for hiker boots, formal shoes, loafers, sneakers, slippers, sandals and any other type of fashionable shoe you can think of. These shoes are made with vibrant colors, shining leathers and other standout features that make all of these designs truly stand out.

Grenson footwear is more expensive than what you’ll pay for Doc Martens because this footwear is made with a high-fashion look.

Hawkwell (Less Expensive)

Hawkwell Women's Combat Boots Fashion Side Zipper Buckle Ankle Booties,Black PU,8 M US

The catalog of footwear at Hawkwell is full of bright colors and everyday designs. Shop here for work shoes and hiking designs that are high performance, for nursing shoes or oxfords or for casual styles that you can wear anywhere. Hawkwell has a nice collection of athletic shoes as well.

These shoes are casual and trendy, made with fashionable colors and designs that represent what people are wearing in popular fashion. Keep checking this brand often for new styles so you can stay up on all the footwear trends.

The pricing at Hawkwell is less expensive than what you’ll pay for footwear at Doc Martens.

Keen (More Expensive)

KEEN Men's Targhee III Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boot, Black Olive/Golden Brown, 13 2E (Wide) US

If you like work-ready footwear, you will like everything you can find at Keen. This brand makes footwear for men and women in a big range of styles and designs. Keen makes performance footwear for work, hiking and other activities that require you to use your feet. Keen footwear is designed with comfort and gripping technology to create footwear that feels good ad supports your steps. Keen has this in common with Dr. Martens, footwear that is styled for both comfort and grip.

Keen footwear is not made for style. This is serviceable, functional footwear that is well-made and designed to be attractive but these are not designs that appear frequently on her ed carpet or the runways. However, if it’s performance you want then Keen has go that for you and it’s got in a wide range of colors. Keen makes footwear in just about all shades, so you can find ways to express your style with this brand.

The footwear at Keen is more expensive than the prices you will pay for similar items at Doc Martens.

Lugz (Less Expensive)

Lugz Men's Fringe Fashion Boot, Black Durabrush, 11 D US

Like Dr. Martens, the Lugz brand has a very famous feature: the soles. The entire brand was named for the gripping soles associated with this footwear, in fact. Lugs makes work-ready and high-performance footwear designed to support steps and absorb shock. The famous soles provide gripping traction across a variety of terrain types.

Lugz makes boots, sneakers, work shoes and canvas styles for casual wear. Lugz also makes safety footwear for professionals who work in dangerous environments for their livelihood. The styles here come in a range of neutral colors, mostly in shades of black and grown, and they’re made with quality material and classic styling. Lugz footwear creates designs with traditional silhouettes for men, women and children.

The footwear here is less expensive than similar styles you will find at Doc Martens, so you can get even more footwear for your money. Lugz footwear is comfortable and made to perform but it also has some stylish flair as well. If you like the work-ready appeal of Doc Martens and all the performance features, you will probably like Lugz footwear as well.

Sketchers (Less Expensive)

Skechers mens Afterburn M. Fit fashion sneakers, Black, 10.5 US

Sketchers, like Dr. Martens, has a reputation for being very stylish performance footwear. Not only dos Sketchers style appeal to the likes of fashionistas and celebrities, but it’s also made with high-performance, gripping soles that absorb stepping shock and make everything you do on your feet a little more comfortable. When it comes to combining performance and style, Sketchers has a lot in common with Dr. Martens.

Search Sketchers for footwear styles for men, women and kids. Many styles at Skechers are made with various types of technology, features like breathability, machine washability, slip-resistance, water-repellency and more. Skechers shoes are made with a huge range of comfortable technologies as well, including designs with air-cooled memory foam insoles, max cushioning designs and more.

The Skechers look is mostly neutral color shades in a mix of classic and modern styling. This brand has never shied away from using the latest footwear technologies and experimenting with different materials to create footwear designs. Shop at Skechers to find the latest in footwear tech in the designs that represent the looks that people are actually wearing. Even celebrities have embraced Skechers, with many super famous names being spotted wearing the brand.

Skechers footwear is less expensive than items you can find at Dr. Martens, so you can get footwear even more affordably here. Sketchers also makes a wider range of footwear styles, with many casual designs in addition to its work-ready styles.

Timberland (More Expensive)

Timberland Men's 6 inch Premium Waterproof Boot, Wheat Nubuck, 9

Timberland may have more in common with Doc Martens than any other brand on this list. Like Doctor Martens, Timberland footwear is known for combining high style with work readiness. This brand is famous for making performance boots that also reflect trendy styles that people want to wear.

Timberland footwear is made in a huge range of colors and styles, with many items being offered in more than one color option so you can tailor each style to fit your personal fashion sense. Like Doc Martens, Timberland footwear is made with a ton of different features and technology. That includes timberland’s anti-fatigue technology and waterproof designs.

This brand makes footwear for men and women. Timberland is known for its classic styling. Timberland makes boots with rounded toes in ankle-high designs, primarily, with slight heels and a distinct profile that identifies the brand of the footwear right away. However, Timberland also makes footwear in other styles, including sneaker styles, mules and more.

The catalog of items here is extensive and there are truly footwear styles for everyone, including work-ready designs. The pricing at Timberland is somewhat higher than what you will pay for similar boot styles at Dr. Martens.

White Mountain (Less Expensive)

WHITE MOUNTAIN Shoes Bari Leather Footbeds Clog, Black/Suede W/Faux Fur, 6 M

White Mountain makes fashion footwear of all kinds, including styles that are made to look like high-performance footwear. With this brand, however, it is more about looks and style than performance, something this brand doesn’t have in common with Doc Martens.

Shop here for styles for all genders and personalities. The different styles available under this brand include boots, clogs, mules, heels, flats and sandals. White Mountain makes footwear in a huge range of different colors, too. The catalog of items here is large enough to keep you busy looking at stylish footwear for a good long while.

If you want footwear that others are going to notice inf un colors and trendy designs, White Mountain is the brand for you. The prices here are less expensive than what you will pay for fashionable footwear at Dr. Mrtens, so this is a good option when you need to save a little money on your stylish footwear.

Wearing Brands Similar to Dr Martens

Doc Martens have a lot of features that stand out. The design, the technology, Doc Martens definitely has a lot to brag about as a brand. But there are brands similar to Doc Martens that give you some of the same stuff you like about Dr. Martens. Explore what these other brands have to offer and fill your closet with the perfect footwear.


People wearing fashion shoes

You’ve probably already learned a lot about Dr. Martens and rand similar to Docs. But there is still a t to know about this iconic footwear brand. We got the answers to the most frequently asked questions bout Docs, so get all the info you need to have about wearing these boots.

Are Doc Martens waterproof?

Dr. Martens boots and shoes are usually water-resistant to some degree but many designs are not fully waterproof. Styles that are made to be waterproof will be labeled as waterproof.

Are Doc Martens non slip?

Many styles of Doc Martens are slip-resistant, though some styles are not. Typically, slip-resistant designs will be marked as such.

Are Doc Martens comfortable?

According to multiple reviewers, Doc Martens are very comfortable.

Can Doc Martens get wet?

Many styles of Dr. Martens footwear are designed to be water resistant, which means they can tolerate some water and moisture. However, you should let your Docs soak in water. If you have to splash through the water, do it. If you have to wade through some water, this might damage your boots.

Can Doc Martens be worn in the snow?

Doc Martens have a pretty good tread to give you traction even on the ice and snow, but they aren’t designed to provide a strong grip on snow and they are not insulated to provide warmth. If you need snow and ice boots, look for Dr. Martens styles that are optimized for this weather or turn to a brand similar to Docs to find exactly what you need.

Can Doc Martens be resoled?

Dr. Martens soles are incredibly distinct. The yellow stitching used to bring the soles and the uppers of Doc Martens boots immediately recognizable. This visible stitching is the result of a specific method of putting soles on footwear known as Goodyear welt construction.

This method of sole attachment uses stitching, which could be replaced by a cobbler. However, adhesives (glue) and heat are both used to secure the soles. Doc Martens can be resolved by a skilled cobbler but it will not have the same strength and water resistance as a pair that is factory new from Docs.

Can Doc Martens be business casual?

Doc Martens are made to have good looks as well as to provide comfortable performance for your feet. Many styles of Dr. Martens could be considered to be business casual wear. Remember that you need o wear closed-toe shoes, not athletic or basketball shoes, in order to be business casual.


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