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13 Brands Similar to Everlane

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The classic, casual fashion offered by Everlane has taken this young company from a little-known online clothing store to a worldwide name in style. The stylish clothing and timeless looks at Everlane, not to mention the huge selection of different items, has made this a popular shopping stop in the online and physical worlds. If you’re looking to expand your style, look to brands similar to Everlane to continue filling your wardrobe with classic, stylish looks.

Who is Everlane?

Everlane took the fashion world by storm in a very short period of time, becoming a huge name in shopping soon after its 2010 founding.

Everlane began as an online company selling menswear. From here, the company launched a pop-up store in New York, began a delivery partnership with Postmates, and even created its own mobile app. You could say it grew pretty big pretty quickly.

Clothes in a store

By 2017, permanent Everlane stores started to open, and soon, they were in countries around the world. That kind of growth in a few short years is incredibly impressive. It’s fair to say that Everlane is a major player in the fashion game. The company’s particular brand of classic, casual fashion is a message that has resounded with style watchers.

Everlane distinguishes itself from other brands by promoting that it maintains ethical factories and provides radical transparency in regard to its supply chain. The company has also made several environmental commitments, including eliminating almost all virgin plastic from its products in 2021. All the factories where Everlane jeans are made are “clean” factories. This means they exceed environmental regulations and use sustainability to help make the world a cleaner place.

Specializing in casual fashion, Everlane offers a huge selection of clothing of all types, including shoes and accessories. But Everlane puts a big focus on denim, maintaining a huge line of denim jeans and a special sizing guide at its online store. Everlane has made a big commitment to providing quality jeans, which are made with non-toxic stretch fiber, organic fabrics, and recycled materials.

Everlane also uses high-quality fabrics in some of its clothing. This includes cashmere, silk, Peruvian Pima cotton, and other fabrics associated with luxury. If you believe that fashion should both feel good and look good, Everlane styles will probably appeal to you.

But Everlane is a success for one reason: people want casual fashion. And when you’re looking for ways to expand your style, you have lots of options.

Finding Brands Similar to Everlane

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There’s a huge selection of stuff to buy at Everlane. They sell everything from bags to tanks to bodysuits to dresses to underwear to outwear, not to mention the accessories and shoes to go with all of it. There are many brands similar to Everlane that offer many of the same elements you love about Everlane clothing.

Add these brands to your list of places to shop in person and online, and you’ll always be able to find the stylish, comfortable looks you love.

Aday (More Expensive)

Lee Women's Missy Relaxed Fit All Day Straight Leg Pant, Black, 14

Selling a large catalog of clothing for stylish 20- and 30-somethings, Aday offers classic fashion in everyday casual to semi-formal styles. The clothes you find here are similar to the items you’ll discover at Everlane.

Like Everlane, Aday has made several commitments toward being ethical and practicing environmental responsibility. The company’s website says that all factories and mills are carefully selected, as are the suppliers. All suppliers used by the company use energy-efficient or renewable energy manufacturing practices designed to reduce environmental damage.

Aday was started by two friends who wanted to provide professional, stylish clothing for women. They wanted to sell clothing for women who need comfortable clothing that looks good. That’s exactly who the brand appeals to, and that’s why many women love Everlane fashions like Aday, too.

Aday doesn’t offer the huge selection that Everlane does. In fact, it’s part of the company’s philosophy. Their idea is to encourage buyers to re-use and re-wear different fashion items to create all kinds of looks, doing more with less. Their styles are meant to be versatile and to pair well together in lots of ways so that you can create many looks with just a few items.

The pricing here is higher, on average than what you will find at Everlane. The strong commitment to sustainability practices and the fact that Aday is still a newer and smaller name in fashion compared to Everlane makes prices at Aday a little higher for shoppers.

Alex Mill (More Expensive)

Alex Evenings Women's Tea Length Sequin Mock Dress (Petite and Regular Sizes), Navy, 14

The everyday fashion at Alex Mill is simple and elegant, like the items you will find at Everlane. These fashions are casual and comfortable to give you a look of effortless style, a quality Alex Mill shares with the Everlane product line.

The selection of items at Alex Mill isn’t s vast as what you find at Everlane, and the clothing here is mainly available in one of a few colors: black, navy, mustard, blue, olive green, and gray. However, the items do stand out for their sleek style. Alex Mill clothing can create a lot of stylish office looks.

Alex Mill upcycles their unsold inventory as part of its overall commitment to being environmentally friendly. Alex Mill also recycles leftover sampling fabric from factories, turning them into laundry bags and tote bags. The company also makes masks and shirt dresses with leftover fabric.

Alex Mill started in 2012 with a line of men’s shirts. The company was created by Alex Drexler, son of Mickey Drexler, the CEO of J. Crew, another famous name in clothing. Today, Alex Mill offers a huge range of items, all made with imported cotton. These clothes are meant to look comfortable and feel comfortable.

Like Everlane, Alex Mill clothes are made for fashionable people who want to look stylish while feeling good in classic, casual stuff wear. Clothing from Alex Mill is more expensive, in general than similar pieces you can find at Everlane. Alex Mill focuses on creating high-quality clothing, which requires higher production costs that directly equal higher pricing for buyers.

Aritzia (Similar Pricing)

18500 Kapuzenpulli-Sand-L

Aritzia has a big catalog of professional-looking, stylish clothing. These clothes have a lot of tailoring, and they look high-quality. Made in a range of conservative color tones and designed in simple, elegant styles, Aritzia clothes look a lot like the items you can find at Everlane.

There’s a huge range of casual to semi-formal clothing in classic style here, which is exactly what you can find at Everlane. Pricing between the two brands is similar, too. You can find the same type of items at Everlane and Aritzia for close to the same price.

Aritzia started as a standalone boutique inside of a department store in Vancouver, Canada, in 1984. The little boutique had a simple goal: sell beautiful clothing. Now, there are more than 100 Aritzia boutiques in North America.

The wide selection of casual, fashionable clothing at Aritzia appeals to the same professional, stylish group of shoppers that enjoy Everlane.

AYR (More Expensive)

AYR Women's The Supercool Tee, White, L

Selling flowing dresses, figure-flattering jeans, button-down blouses, and all kinds of everyday items that look stylish, AYR specializes in a casual fashion that’s about feeling good. The product line features a lot of creams and soft blues in clothes that are comfortable and classic. The styles here are a little more casual than in the Everlane catalog, but the goal is the same: provide an easy-to-wear casual style.

AYR has grown steadily in popularity since it was first created in 2014. The brand stands for “All Year Round” and AYR prides itself on providing all-season clothing. AYR has obtained a sort of cult following, becoming well-known among fashion watchers. Multiple celebrities have fallen in love with the classic, pretty styles from AYR. Some of the world’s most fashionable women swear by the brand, showing off items they’ve purchased from AYR.

Because of its boutique nature, AYR is more expensive, in general, than Everlane clothing. AYR produces clothing on a smaller scale, which means each piece costs a little more to make than clothing that is mass-produced. Both brands appeal to professional, stylish women in their 30s who want to feel good while wearing classic, elegant clothes.

Cold Laundry (Less Expensive)

LAUNDRY BY SHELLI SEGAL Women's Cold Shoulder Paisley Dress, White Multi, 2

Within one year of being founded, Cold Laundry became a popular name in fashion. It was founded in 2019 by a husband and wife. They never had any professional training or schooling in fashion, but they knew they loved fashion. Cold Laundry focuses on clean, simple fashions without a lot of frills. Their product line includes hoodies, sweaters, T-shirts, polos, and everyday clothes in shades of beige, cream, blue and gray.

The elegant, stylish clothes look a lot like the items you can find at Everlane. However, ColdLaundry’s pricing is less expensive than Everlane. The minimalist designs and simple colors are not expensive to produce, which keeps prices low.

Like Everlane, Cold Laundry appeals to stylish 20- and 30-somethings who want to look and feel good in clothes that are elegant and pretty. You can get all sorts of different items here to create many everyday looks.

Cotton Citizen (More Expensive)

Cotton Citizen Womens Tokyo Crop Sweater, Xs

Cotton Citizen focuses on the very simple. casual fashion, just like Everlane. But at Cotton Citizen, it’s all about color. Bright colors, rich colors, deep colors, all the clothing here is offered in a variety of hues, in addition to more standard shades like white and black. The designs are simple and elegant, and highly wearable, made for stylish comfort.

The catalog of items at Cotton Citizen is fairly extensive, with lots of different options in pretty, elegant, straightforward styles. This is a no-frills approach to fashion where good craftsmanship and beautiful color stand out. Cotton Citizen offers exclusive fashions and limited items as it markets itself as a more high-end brand. This does make the price of the average item at Cotton Citizen more expensive than a similar item at Everlane.

Like Everlane, Cotton Citizen creates fashion for young professionals who want to look good without a lot of fuss and without being a slave to every passion style fad. The style is comfortable and simple but modern and fashionable, which are all features that shoppers enjoy in Everlane clothing.

Like Everlane, Cotton Citizen has a huge selection of denim fashions available. And while not every item here is made with 100 percent cotton, you will see this fabric in most of the items here. Coton is a natural fiber that is breathable, lightweight, and machine washable, which makes it a great material to use for all sorts of different items.

Eileen Fisher (More Expensive)

Eileen Fisher Womens Boxy Sweatshirt, Xs, Brown

Eileen Fisher’s fashions are elegant and stylish, simple but beautiful, much like the clothing you find at Everlane. These clothes are casual and professional and made to be comfortable. They have the same timeless look as the clothing you can find at Everlane. Designer Eileen Fisher has been a well-known name in fashion for decades.

The clothing here is made with more high-end materials than what you can find at other retailers. You will see a lot of cashmere, wool, and other quality fabrics in the extensive product catalog. Eileen Fisher makes clothing for women of all ages who want to be sophisticated and stylish, timelessly fashionable. These are effortless looks that are simple but stylish.

On average, clothing from Eileen Fisher is more expensive than similar pieces at Everlane. Eileen Fisher’s goal of creating clothing to last means that extra care is put into the construction of these clothes. Eileen Fisher also works to maintain a low carbon footprint and a circular design principle in which old clothing is recycled and turned into new items, part of a zero-waste goal the company has for the future.

Shoppers who like the casual style of Everlane and want to support a company that’s making strides toward being eco-friendly will enjoy everything Eileen Fisher has to offer.

Lee (Less Expensive)

Lee Women's Flex Motion Regular Fit Bootcut Jean, Royal Chakra, 14

Lee specializes in denim. Everlane has a big focus on denim, so the two brands do have many similarities. Like Everlane, Lee focuses on casual, everyday style and simple, comfortable fashion. Clothing from Lee is machine-washable, easily wearable, and durable. Lee is a well-known name in fashion.

The clothing styles at Lee are a little more casual than Everlane, but like Everlane, it does offer a huge variety of fashions to choose from. There’s a lot of denim here, of course, from jeans to jackets to dresses and more, but Lee also has blouses, T-shirts, and lots of other items as well. Lee also makes an eco-friendly product line that is designed with recycled fabric and other sustainability features.

Lee was founded in 1889 by Henry David Lee, who established the H.D. Mercantile Company in Kansas. The company purchased and sold groceries. He opened a garment factory in 1912, selling overalls and work jackets. Lee went on to become one of the best-known names in casual fashion, and the company is thriving to this day, still offering up fashionable everyday clothes for people who want affordable, comfortable style.

Lee clothing and jeans are made for people of all ages who like the casual everyday style and timeless looks, just like Everlane. Lee clothing is mass-produced, so it is less expensive, on average than Everlane and other similar brands. Lee’s massive popularity and many factories and distribution networks make it easier for this brand to send its products around the world and keep prices affordable.

LNA (More Expensive)

LNA Women's Millar Rib Jumpsuit, Black, XS

The clothing at LNA is young and hip. Like Everlane, this brand focuses on casual style, but these pieces are super trendy and fashionable. The clothing here appeals to young, stylish people with designs that are a little bit sexy. These items are made for everyday wear, and they’re made for casual fashion, just like Everlane.

LNA was created in 2007 with a single idea: to create a man’s-inspired T-shirt for women. By giving simple pieces of fashion the high-end treatment, LNA has set itself apart as a hot style brand that’s full of trendy, modern takes on classic fashion pieces. The clothing here is a little edgier and a little trendier than the items you will find at Everlane, which have a more classic and even conservative look, as compared to styles at LNA.

Clothing from LNA is made in the USA from natural fibers, all part of LNA’s commitment to ethical responsibility. Choices like this make the items here a little more expensive, on average than the pieces you can find at Everlane. If you like clothing that’s a little bit more trendy, LNA is a good shopping option.

Oak + Fort (Similar Pricing)

Carhartt Men's Fort Long Sleeve Shirt Lightweight Chambray Button Front Relaxed Fit,Blue Chambray,Medium

With a gorgeous selection of professional looks and a range of clothing in soft colors like cream and tan, Oak + Fort has made a name for itself in sophisticated, stylish clothing for young professionals. The clothing here is similar to the simple and stylish pieces you can find at Everlane. The designs are fashionable and modern but also classic, so you can wear them through many different seasons as fads in fashion come and go.

The clothing here is a little bit trendy and a little bit edgy but still classic and professional. Like Everlane, Oak + Fort carries a huge selection of items, including jewelry and accessories, in addition to all the clothing. There are a lot of items here, and you can find many different things to buy. For those who like an inclusive shopping experience where you can buy everything you want and find plenty of stuff to browse, Oak + Fort is a good option.

The idea behind Oak + Fort is to provide affordable luxury clothing that looks good. It feels high-end and looks like high-end fashion, but Oak + Fort clothing has similar pricing to Everlane. The company’s whole philosophy is to give you a luxury look and feel at pricing that anyone can afford. After all, great fashion isn’t just for celebrities.

Pact (Similar Pricing)

Pact Double-Gauze Daily Top Black XS-SM

Pact sells organic clothing made in simple, comfortable styles. Pact’s simple take on style is similar to the pieces you can find at Everlane. Selling T-shirts, dresses, sweaters, and other items made with organic materials in pretty colors and designs, Pact stands out for its sustainable approach to fashion. Among environmentalists and those who get involved in social causes, Pact has been on the radar for a while.

Pact began as an activist organization in 1971, launching many projects over the years dedicated to helping people in need all over the world. The clothing line includes everything you can wear, from underwear to outerwear and all the layers between. Pact also has a line of maternity wear, a line of kids’ wear, and a line of home goods.

Pact partners with Fair Trade-certified factories, and the company is Certified Organic through the Global Organic Textile Standard. Pricing at Pact is similar to the prices at Everlane so that you can buy similar items at each for about the same price. The straightforward, casual styles at Pact are also similar to Everlane, so this is a good addition to your list of favorite brands.

Reformation (More Expensive)

Porsha Williams Favorites Clothes, Ladies Dresses Casual Boho Dress for Women Maxi Reformation Top 6 Women's Printing V-Neck Sleeveless Sexy Split Dress Tie-Dye Gradient Solid (L, Navy)

Professional, sophisticated style for 20- and 30-somethings who are fashionable but not frivolous? This is what you’ll find at Everlane, but this is also what you’ll find in the huge selection of items from Reformation. Comfortable, casual clothing that’s made with a lot of style in gorgeous colors is everywhere you look when you’re shopping here.

Founded in 2008, Reformation first focused on selling vintage clothing. The company has expanded to include its own large product line packed with pretty items. Reformation works with the Fair Labor Association, recycles fabrics, and focuses on ethical and sustainable fashion practices. Taking extra steps like this makes Reformation clothing, on average, somewhat more expensive than similar items you can purchase at Everlane.

If you like a style that pops with lots of color in stylish, professional looks and comfortable designs, Reformation has plenty to offer. The style is a lot like Everlane, but Reformation takes even more steps toward being socially conscious, which highly appeals to some shoppers and turns your fashion into a talking point as well.

Tove (More Expensive)

Roxy Women's Oceanside Pant, True Black Medium

If you like high-end style that has a simple look and you enjoy professional, casual fashion, Tove is for you. Like Everlane, the clothing here is made for everyday wear. Well, if you wear designer clothing every day. Unlike Everlane, which is made to be affordable fashion for everyone, Tove sells signature pieces that are carefully crafted and made to be high-end. The clothing here is not made to be accessible to all, like Everlane.

Tove uses natural, organic, and recycled fabrics and works to keep its carbon footprint minimal. This clothing is made to be luxurious, high-end fashion, and the price very much reflects that. Tove is much more expensive than similar items at Everlane. But if you want a more high-end version of Everlane-like fashion, Tove is the perfect answer for you.

Wearing Brands Similar to Everlane

There are many brands out there that offer classic, sophisticated, smart fashion that’s casual and stylish, like Everlane.

There are a lot Everlane offers that you can find with many brands similar to Everlane, so you’ll never have a shortage of places to shop. See what similar brands have to offer and see all the fashion that’s available to fill your wardrobe with the looks you want. Because being stylish never goes out of style.


When it comes to style, there’s a lot to learn. We’ve found the most frequently asked questions about Everlane and the answers, so you know what you need to know about wearing this brand and wearing brands similar to Everlane.

Fashion items on a white background

Are Everlane clothes good quality?

Everlane has a good reputation among buyers and many positive reviews. The company is cited often for making high-quality clothing out of high-quality materials, and Everlane does put an emphasis on using quality materials and construction methods to provide good quality clothing to customers.

Everlane does strive to make high-quality clothing that is made to be worn several times. The whole idea of everyday fashion is to wear it again and again, so Everlane clothing is designed for this purpose.

Is Everlane a high-end brand?

Everlane sells high-quality clothing made with good materials in fashionable styles. The clothes here have a distinctly elegant look to them, but Everlane is not a high-end brand. Everlane does not focus on exclusivity or on the most expensive fabrics and materials. Instead, Everlane provides affordable fashion that anyone can wear.

However, there are brands that are similar to Everlane that do provide a more high-end shopping experience. You can also find brands similar to Everlane that are even more affordable. There are many options out there when it comes to casual fashion.

Where are Everlane clothes made?

As of 2020, Everlane operated 33 factories. This included 20 in Asia, 12 factories in Italy, and one apiece in Spain and Peru. As the company grows, more locations in more places around the world could open up.

Wearing a stylish outfit

How do you get the right size of Everlane jeans? Are they true to size?

Everlane offers a huge line of denim jeans in many different styles and fits. But with such a huge selection available, things can be pretty confusing. So how can you get the right size of jeans for you?

Everlane jeans are specifically styled to flatter certain parts of your body. This includes the high-waisted style that’s meant to define your waist and show off your figure. The cheeky style is made to emphasize your rear end. The mid-rise size is made to flatter slim, more athletic body types.

Finding the style of jeans you should wear is one thing, and Everlane makes that part easy, but when it comes to sizing, that’s not so easy. The trouble is that there really is no “true to size” when it comes to jeans or when it comes to shopping at all. Manufacturer sizes vary across brands, so you may not wear the same size from one store to another.

If you aren’t going to try jeans on in person before you buy them to make sure you get that perfect fit, you need to take your measurements so you can match them to the manufacturer size chart and find the right size jeans this way. Taking your measurements is as easy as using a soft, flexible tape measure.

Wrap the tape measure around your waist in a straight line, all the way around. You want to place the tape measure around the smallest part of your waist. Do not pull the tape measure tight, and don’t let it be loose and hanging or saggy.

Next, you want to take an accurate hip measurement. This time, wrap the tape measure around your body by going around your hips. You want to measure the widest part of your hips. Remember again not to pull the tape measure too tight or let it hang loose. Use a mirror or a friend to help you, so you get an accurate measurement.

With the right body measurements, you can get the right size of jeans every single time. This way, you will always get a pair that fits and looks good on your body. Because what’s the point of wearing jeans unless they look amazing on you?

How often does Everlane add new styles to its stores?

Feel like you’ve already seen it all? Everlane adds new clothing styles to its stores, both online and in person, on a regular basis. Often, Everlane will put many items that were already in stock on sale when new styles are introduced into the catalog. That makes it worthwhile to look out for the new styles as they appear because it means you can get other items for a discounted price.

Because Everlane focuses on timeless fashions, even buying items that were already in stock doesn’t mean you’ll be wearing looks that are outdated.


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