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I Bought the Canada Goose Journey Boot – This is My Review

Wearing Canada Goose Journey Boots

Once I had a taste of Canada Goose wear, I got hooked.  You can see all my Canada Goose articles and reviews I’ve written here. I have many more coming.

I started with Canada Goose winter jackets, then vests, knits, rain jacket, toque, gloves and finally tried their footwear when released.  I started with the Journey Boot.

I’ve now had Canada Goose Journey Boots for one full winter and am coming into winter number two.

Canada Goose Jackets

What are the Canada Goose Journey Boots designed for?

The Journey Boot is a hiking boot designed for wet conditions.  It’s fully waterproof  It’s a very rugged, sturdy boot that I wear in snow, rain and even if dry.

I also think they look pretty cool so I wear them around town when it’s wet or there’s snow/ice on the ground.

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Are they good for wet conditions?

Yes, these boots are fantastic for wet conditions. Half the boot is solid rubber.  

How about icy/snowy conditions?

Also good for icy conditions thanks to the rugged tread.  If you’re dealing with deep snow, these aren’t your best boots. I’d look at wearing the Snow Mantra boots instead (or similar such as Sorel snow boots which I also have and love).

How about dry, warmer conditions?

They’re okay but not my first choice for these conditions. The rubber makes them quite a bit heavier than most other hiking boots so you might prefer something lighter. I typically do.

What are the Journey Boots best for?

For me, I love them when it’s wet and or icy conditions on the ground.  They’re warm, offer excellent tread for slipper conditions and they’re waterproof.

How well do they tie up?

The upper portion for the laces are hooks which I’m not wild about.  I find when trying to lace up, the laces slip out of the hooks.  My preferred way of wearing this is to lace up lower down and wrap the laces once around the ankles then tie the bow.  

Check out the lace hooks:

Canada Goose Jounrey Boot lace hooks

Are these boots comfortable?

Yeah they are comfortable (warm and dry) but they are very, very heavy. Each boot weighs almost 3 pounds (2.96 pounds to be precise).  Check it out:

Canada Goose Journey Boot on the scale weighing almost 3 pounds

I would say the weight makes them a less than optimal hiking boot… for me.

The Design

The design has grown on me.  At first I wasn’t wild about it; it’s definitely a unique look for a boot. But the more I wear them, the more I like them so that now I wear them often around town during the winter.  

I’m very happy I chose the white and grey; this is the most striking color in my opinion.

Are they durable?

Heck yeah. These are tough, well-made boots. I’ve had the almost a year and you can see they’re in great shape still.  No signs of any problems with them.

What kinds of pants do the Journey Boots go with?

I wear them with jeans, cargo pants and any weather-resistant pants such as ski or snow pants.  They do not go with dress pants.  Athletic wear? Depends on the design.

Are these boots worth it?

Objectively, no, not really.  I’m loathe to say this because I’m a huge CG fan. I own something from every type of clothing they sell and it’s amazing.  However, these boots have a few too many problems for my liking. I still wear them regularly because they are great in certain conditions and they look cool but the weight and lacing issue is a problem.  I also can’t deny the cache factor wearing Canada Goose. It’s a solid luxury brand.

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Canada Goose Journey Boot Photos

Here’s a collection of me wearing these boots and close-up photos:

Canada Goose Journey Boot bottom tread

Wearing Canada Goose Journey Boot with lightweight jacket

Side view of the Canada Goose Journey Boot

Top view of the Canada Goose Journey Boot

Inside step view of the Canada Goose Journey Boot

Interior of the Canada Goose Journey Boot

Rear view of the Canada Goose Journey Boot

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Canada Goose Outer wear