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Do Flannel Shirts Go Well With Jean Jackets?

Flannel shirts and jean jackets are two of the men's usual wardrobe staples. When combined together, they create an interesting appeal. See the different ways on how to style them and which events should you consider this style.

Man wearing denim jacket over a flannel shirt.

Yes, I think you should pair flannel shirts with jean jackets. The question is not whether these two clothing items for men go well together, but rather whether they should be paired outside of a cattle ranch, and the answer is an unequivocal yes. Stick with me, and I’ll tell you why.

Flannel Shirts and Jean Jackets are Staples

Denim jackets hung in the wardrobe.

Both these items are staples in any man’s wardrobe. Flannel is a long way from only being red plaid worn by red necks, and a denim jacket is a versatile piece. You can pair both together with a plain white tee for a layered look or separately. Jean jackets from white to black can be paired with polo necks, jumpers, pullovers, and shirts.

Plain flannel shirts in natural colors work well for off-duty casual in cooler climates, and a plaid flannel shirt has a certain rugged appeal.

Canada Goose Jackets

We all know that a flannel shirt is a staple when it comes to casual men’s style.

Plaid flannel shirts are found predominantly in earth tones in a wide range of colors, from business black to forest green and our classic red. Red flannel pairs particularly well with your medium wash jean jacket and a white undershirt. Read more about how to wear flannel shirts in different styles here.

And how to wear jean jackets in different ways here.

Denim Revival with Texture

Man wearing a denim jacket over a white shirt.

One of the reasons you should invest in a good jean jacket and at least one plain and one plaid flannel shirt is that the runways were full of denim for men in the Fall season this year. They layered, they deconstructed, and they ripped. Texture and comfort take a turn, and this is where the coziness of flannel comes in.

The world is in quite a state, and with more people working from home, there is a desire for coziness that is still functional but not out of place if you need to make a mad dash to the office for an oh-so-important in-person meeting. Don’t be afraid to wear your jean jacket with different looks. For some ideas, check out this link.

The denim revival is going strong this season.

Walking Western

Man in a western outfit with a red plaid shirt and cowboy hat.

You’ll be seeing some nostalgia dressing with Y2K-inspired looks, and I suggest that you lookout for a pair of your own cowboy boots. A cliché exists for a reason. Sometimes it just works, and we’re repeatedly seeing the return of certain fashion items in different guises, but nothing works so well as good tailoring and good fabric made to last.

Maybe that’s why Wrangler has been going strong since 1947 with jeans, jean jackets, and flannel shirts, including the Western-inspired snap shirt. I could seriously make a joke about buttons that snap open here, but I won’t.

The return of Western was evident on both the men’s and women’s catwalk.

Reversing the Trend

Wrangler Boys' Big Western Lined Jacket, Sherpa Rustic Blue, X-Large

Another trend to try is reversing the jean jacket and the flannel shirt, changing it up with a flannel plaid jacket and denim shirt. Head on over to Amazon to see if a flannel plaid jacket catches your eye. If that is a step too far for you, you can also look out for denim jackets lined with plaid flannel, creating extra warmth and a pop of color to your outfit.

Shearling Jean Jackets and Flannel Shirts

Man in a shearling jacket and flannel shirt leaning against the brick wall.

Bring your A-game when it comes to layering, and don’t pair tight jackets with loose flannel shirts, which will disrupt the masculine silhouette this style combo provides. Because a flannel shirt is predominantly a Fall/Winter staple, it pairs well with a jean jacket with shearling accents. I would pair this with dark jeans and chunky boots, and this combo will keep you warm all winter long.

Layer your jacket with other pieces for warm and stylish fits

For the Younger Crowd

Man wearing a leather jacket and flannel shirt tied above his jeans.

With the return of 90s grunge and dopamine dressing, jean jackets are still a classic go-to piece. Jean jackets with patches and logos, chains, and a flannel shirt tied just above your low-slung jeans allow you to channel skateboard chic. Don’t overdo the patches and logos and if you do tend that way, keep the rest of the layers simple. And finally, make sure your on-trend items fit correctly.

Dress bold patterns and colors with simple outfits for a balanced look

Wrapping Up!

Two men in flannel and denim jackets having a discussion in the office.

To recap, yes, flannel shirts pair well with jean jackets. The Americana aesthetic of denim and flannel is timeless. Durable fabrics and clothing for the working man and rugged outdoorsman. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your inner woodsman by making sure your closet has that classic flannel shirt and jean jacket combo.

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